The Mechanist Class

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The Mechanist ClassPublisher: The Smiling Bandit

Do your games need more crazy technological widgets and absurd techno-babble? Are your players itching to grind up goblins and orcs with mechanical weapons? Do you want someone besides wizards to have fun blowing up large portions of your game world?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then look no further than the Mechanist class!

The mechanist is a class created for gamers that want just a little more technological tomfoolery in their game setting. They create wondrous gadgets, and powerful weapons to aid them in their ever-expanding exploration of the world. 

Included in this book, is the mechanist class itself, over 20 gadgets available to build, and statistics for primitive firearms available for your techno-terror to use.

The class is built for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, but I am working on a Pathfinder version as well, so stay tuned!

Price: $3.00
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Age of Warp Star chart

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Age of Warp Star chartPublisher: Valianttheywere

A hex map style Star chart centred on the solar system.

Price: $2.00
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Cat Cradle - Mayhem Terminus Campaignbook

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Cat Cradle - Mayhem Terminus CampaignbookPublisher: Flying Tiger Comics

CAT CRADLE provides everything needed to run a campaign set in a small town called Cat Cradle, in which refugees from fairyland rub shoulders with Local humans, and where it is very difficult to leave town... The fog closes in...

CAT CRADLE is a paranoid dystopian game incorporating the illogical elements of science fiction and supernatural genre shows, paranoid science fiction and public domain stories of fairyland. It contains detailed entries for characters, locations, items and some truly strange monsters and aliens.

Mayhem Terminus is an OSR 2d6 game. It sets out full rules for generating a character with many different optional statistics and special abilities.

Price: $1.00
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Libram of Magical Equipment

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Libram of Magical EquipmentPublisher: GenIsys Games

Whether Magic is plentiful or rare in your campaign, there are those that have power, and they want to control these items. They also want to deprive their adversaries of getting them. For this reason, anyone who creates magic items usually have a protector, either a king, church or other powerful organization that can protect them from those that would seek to exploit them.

Crafters of Magic create items in trade for that protection. Some strike out on their own and try to defend themselves, but someone usually tries to take advantage of them. Most freelance crafters deal only in potions and scrolls to avoid forced servitude.

Price: $4.00
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Libram of Magic Item Creation

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Libram of Magic Item CreationPublisher: GenIsys Games

This is a small guide to crafting magic items in the GenIsys System. It is packed with examples and charts to guide you through the work. 

Price: $1.50
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Character Sheets

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Character SheetsPublisher: GenIsys Games

8 page Character sheet. There is an Excel version also that calculates most of your character points and other things.

Price: $1.00
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Debt Is Only The Beginning

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Debt Is Only The BeginningPublisher: Jacqueline Bryk

The classic image of a mage is a wealthy scholar, usually male, sequestered away in an ivory tower. Surrounded by books, familiars, and strange instruments of all sorts, he is content to perform his experiments and work his rituals in pleasant solitude, knowing that the outside world will never intrude on what is truly important.

Would that you could have that. Ivory towers don’t come cheap nowadays. You’ve maybe heard of a friend of a friend who crashes on his uber-rich friend’s ivory-colored silk couches, but you couldn’t afford so much of a swatch of the couch fabric, let alone the penthouse in which the couch sits. There are still some mages in the one percent. You’re not one of them. The best you can do is throw yourself on their tender mercies.

Maybe you’re an apprentice. Maybe you’re running from something, or someone. Maybe you just needed a cheap spot to crash until you can finish school in the city. For whatever reason, you found yourself signing your soul away on this lease to one of the fat cat casters. It’s not too bad, you have hot water and a bed of your own and maybe even a kitchen. It’s within your price range, which is a miracle. Good thing, too; if you don’t make rent by the end of the year, it’s gonna be your ass handed over to the Goetia or the Faerie Courts or whoever’s weird sigil was on the contract you signed.

But hey, you’ve dealt with worse, right?

Debt is Only The Beginning is a rules-light tabletop dealing with magic and uncertain living situations, and was originally published for Avery Alder's Rentpunk Game Jam.

Price: $5.00
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Rusgorod: Bridges

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 BridgesPublisher: Finger and Toe Models

Finger and Toe Models announces the release of the 28mm card stock Rusgorod: Bridges.  Head into the wilds of Old Europe’s East.  Walk the dark forests of Baba Yaga and the peasants who feared her during a time when wolves were free to stalk the streets at night.  But in a forest clearing there’s a dark and poor small town, Rusgorod.  Included are three bridges from Rusgorod’s history.  Small bridges built for Baba Olga so she could get across the village’s little stream on her healing rounds. The old bridge of rickety wood that spanned the river to the north of town, and the town’s pride: the new stone bridge, a gift from the Tsar of Muscovy.

The old bridge and the new bridge are modular so you can cross anything from a seasonal stream to a mighty river in flood.  While they were designed for the eastern European Rusgorod series, they'll work for just about any setting with old bridges.

Remember, every Finger and Toe model comes with SMOOSH ASSURANCE: if ya’ll smoosh your Rusgorod: Bridges, a new one waits your summons from hard drive and printer.

Price: $4.00
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Wizard Class Preview

Paizo - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 19:00

Wizard Class Preview

Monday, May 21, 2018

With Paizocon getting underway in just a few days, we wanted to round out our previews by looking at the final class that you will be able to play at the show. So, without further delay, it's time to look at the wizard!

Wizard Features

If you are building a wizard, everything starts with your key ability, Intelligence. Having a high Intelligence gives you a boost to the DCs of your spells, and it gives you more skill choices at 1st level.

At 1st level, you begin play with a spellbook containing 10 cantrips and eight 1st-level spells, giving you a wide variety of spells to draw upon when you prepare your magic each morning. Starting out, you can prepare four cantrips and two 1st-level spells each day. In addition, you also select your arcane school at 1st level, which grants you one extra spell slot of each level that you can use only to prepare a spell from your chosen school. You can compare this to the cleric, who doesn't get extra spell slots, but instead gets a narrow ability to cast extra heal or harm spells. Your school also grants you a school power that you can cast using a pool of Spell Points. Take a look at the nifty power you can pick up from choosing divination as your school. (Remember, that [[A]] code you see indicates that this is an action, and it will be a snazzy icon in the final rulebook!)


Concentrate, Divination, Fortune

Casting [[A]] Verbal Casting

Range 30 feet; Targets one willing living creature

Duration end of your next turn or until dismissed

You glimpse into the target's future. Roll a d20. When the target attempts a Perception check, saving throw, or skill check, it can use the number you rolled instead of rolling, and the spell is dismissed. Casting it again dismisses any active diviner's sight.

Even if you don't roll so great, it might still help avoid a critical failure on a vital saving throw.

You can forgo selecting an arcane school, instead choosing to be a universalist. This grants you a bonus wizard feat and extra uses of your arcane focus.

Speaking of which, all wizards gain the ability to place some of their power into a designated item called an arcane focus. You can drain the power from that focus once per day to cast any one spell that you have already cast without spending another spell slot. Universalists get to use this ability once for each level of spell that they can cast!

As a wizard goes up in level, they gain more spells that they can cast (either one extra spell of their highest level, or two of a new level) and their proficiency at spellcasting also increases. They start as trained, but rise to the rank of legendary at 19th level.

Illustration by Wayne Reynolds

Wizard Feats

Wizards have never had too many class features to choose from to help distinguish them from one another, so when it came time to design feats for the wizard, it was a clear opportunity to add some variety to the class.

Lets start out with a few classic concepts. At 1st level, you can pick up a feat that allows you to spend your reaction to counterspell any spell someone else casts as long as you currently have that spell prepared. If that isn't to your taste, you can take a wizard feat to recruit a familiar instead. Every day, you can select a pair of abilities to give this loyal companion, some of which grant you boons as well. At high levels, your familiar can even grant you an additional spell slot, as long as it is 3 levels lower than the highest-level spell you can cast. At 8th level you can select from a series of feats that enhance the power of your arcane school, increasing your pool of Spell Points and granting you an extra spell you can cast using that pool. One of my favorites is the necromantic power called life siphon, which lets you draw some of the magic from a non-cantrip necromancy spell you cast to regain 1d8 Hit Points per level of the spell.

Not surprisingly, the wizard also has a lot of feats to choose from that modify the spells that you cast. While many of these metamagic feats will be familiar to veterans of the game, allowing you to extend the reach or widen the area of a spell, for example, others are new. Conceal Spell lets you add an action to a spell as you cast it to hide the fact that you are casting. Focus Conservation is an action you can add to any spell that you cast by draining your arcane focus, and it lets you drain your arcane focus again the next round, casting another spell as long as it is 2 levels lower than the spell you just cast. Better still, you can keep using this feat as long as you have lower-level spells to cast. For example, if you start out draining your focus to cast cone of cold (a 5th-level spell dealing a wicked 11d6 cold damage to all your enemies), you could follow it up next round with a fireball. If you use the feat again, you could drain focus again on the following round, casting any 1st-level spell you had already cast.

As a wizard rises to the highest levels of power, their feats grant them more and more options when determining how to best utilize their spells. Effortless Concentration gives you a free action at the start of each round to concentrate on a spell you have cast, freeing you up to use all 3 actions normally. Superior Focus gives you another use of your arcane focus. Quick Preparation lets you swap out spells you have already prepared in just 10 minutes. At 20th level, you can pick Spell Combination, which lets you combine two spells into one terrifying attack that you can unleash on one unfortunate foe.


One of the biggest ways you can customize your wizard is in your spell selection, so it's probably worth looking at a few signature wizard spells to see how they work. Let's start with one of the most iconic spells of them all.


Evocation, Force

Casting [[A]] Verbal Casting or more

Range 120 feet; Targets one creature

You send a dart of force streaking toward a creature that you can see. It automatically hits and deals 1d4+1 force damage. When Casting this Spell, you can increase the casting by a Material Casting action, a Somatic Casting action, or both. For each component you add, increase the number of missiles you shoot by one. You choose the target for each missile individually.

Heightened (+2) You shoot one additional missile with each action you spend.

Magic missile shows off a couple of interesting options in the wizard's arsenal. Casting a spell can be done in a number of ways using a variable number of actions. While most of the time this is through metamagic feats, it can also come from the spell itself. Adding casting actions to magic missile gives you more missiles to throw. In addition, a wide variety of spells can be prepared using a higher-level spell slot, giving you a better effect without having to refer to an entirely different spell. (You can find out more about that in the All About Spells blog.) That means you can prepare magic missile as a 9th-level spell and spend three actions casting it for 15 missiles!

Another important aspect of picking spells for your wizard is to balance what saving throws they allow and what effects you can get depending on the results of the save. For that, let's take a look at a spell that might instantly kill a foe.


Death, Emotion, Fear, Illusion, Mental

Casting [[A]] Somatic Casting, [[A]] Verbal Casting

Range 120 feet; Targets one living creature

You create a phantasmal image of the most fearsome creature imaginable to the target. Only the spell's target can see the killer, though you can see the vague shape of the illusion as it races forth to attack. The effect of the killer is based on the outcome of the target's Will saving throw.

Success The target is frightened 1.

Critical Success The target is unaffected.

Failure The target takes 8d6 mental damage and is frightened 2.

Critical Failure The target is so afraid it might instantly die. It must attempt a Fortitude saving throw; if the target fails, it is reduced to 0 Hit Points and dies. On a successful Fortitude save, the target still takes 12d6 mental damage, is fleeing until the end of its next turn, and is frightened 4.

Heightened (+1) The damage on a failure increases by 2d6 and on a critical failure by 3d6.

This spell is perfect for removing a lower-level foe from a fight, but it has the chance of greatly hampering a higher-level foe as well. The frightened condition reduces by 1 each turn, but it applies a penalty to almost all of your checks and rolls until it does. You will find interesting choices like these throughout the arcane spell list. While most will be familiar to a Pathfinder veteran, there are a lot of new spells to explore as well, from grim tendril to chromatic wall, so your wizard will be ready for anything.

Well, that wraps up our look at the wizard. If you want to give this class (or the alchemist, cleric, fighter, paladin, or rogue) a try, make sure to stop by PaizoCon (this weekend), the UK Games Expo (early June), or Origins (mid-June), as we'll be running demos during all three conventions!

Jason Bulmahn
Director of Game Design

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Clone Farm

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Clone FarmPublisher: Goblinoid Games

You wake up in an isolated facility.

You don’t know who you are.

You don’t know why you’re there.

You don’t yet know what fate awaits you.

You will come to know very soon.


CLONE FARM is a new INSTANT ADVENTURE game, which follows in the footsteps of SANDMAN: Map of Halaal. CLONE FARM uses the same simplified version of the Pacesetter System. It is a self-contained adventure game, complete with scenario and game rules, and is meant to be played in one game session.

This adventure game is styled after the over-the-top VHS style of the 80s and 90s, meant to be consumed and enjoyed before moving on to the next title. More titles in this series are forthcoming!

Price: $3.99
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Dragon Age #2

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Dragon Age #2Publisher: IDW Publishing
From the game called “the best story-driven RPG in the world” (PC Gamer) and bestselling author Orson Scott Card (Ender’s Game, Ultimate Iron Man) and Aaron Johnston, the epic tale of Dragon Age continues!

Gleam, child of a powerful mage and a ruthless templar, is now grown with powers of her own. Can she stop the Darkspawn from murdering her adopted family?

Intended for readers 15+

© Electronic Arts Inc.

Price: $1.99
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'Let's Delve'

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'Let's Delve'Publisher: The Forge Studios

'Let's Delve' consists of maps and handouts of various dungeons.

Each map from the set provides an excellent starting point for GM to make an interesting encounter or one shot adventure for one evening play. Each product in the line consists of notebook for a GM and handouts, which can be printed and presented to players.

Price: $3.00
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One Shot World (Beta)

RPGNow - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 18:26
One Shot World (Beta)Publisher: Yochai Gal

What Is This?
One Shot World is a hack of the excellent Dungeon World RPG that removes most of the long-form mechanics and replaces them with simple rules designed to facilitate one-shots and short campaigns. This initial release is for the beta rules, which are 100% playable.

What's Changed?

  • Playbooks have been simplified down to just a few background and core moves, as well as a few optional advances.
  • One Shot World uses the standard Dungeon World basic moves, though some have been tweaked to facilitate a shorter game.
  • Alignment and Bonds are replaced with questions that serve a similar function.
  • Rations and encumbrance are gone, and wealth and equipment are simplified.
  • Racial moves have been removed in favor of a playbook-specific backgrounds, which provide a package of ability score bonuses, moves and starting equipment.
Included are the core rules, playkit & playbooks, starters and supplements intended to make your one shots shine!  This game is (and always will be) FREE OF CHARGE. Price: $0.00
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Publisher's Choice - Black & White: Hero Set

RPGNow - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 18:01
 Hero SetPublisher: Fat Goblin Games
Publisher's Choice -Quality Stockart Black & White: Hero Set

This selection of quality stock art includes a collection of black & white illustrations showing various illustrations of an adventurer's journey. These images are 1/4 (around 5x7) page in size (600dpi tiff) and in black & white.

The set includes:

  • Taking Job at the Tavern
  • Descent into the Cave
  • Opening the Gate
  • Tentacle Attack

Publisher's Choice Stockart is provided to aid new publishing companies in creating high-quality publications by providing the design essentials to compete with larger competitors. In addition, the line is perfect for adding fresh new content to the seasoned publisher's art library and aiding in keeping design budgets manageable.

Artwork License: A PDF copy of our license is included, allowing our customers to alter or modify any illustration in this set, in addition to rules on crediting, etc.

Get Involved and Art for Less! $11.95
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Ewen's Tables: Epic Superhero Stuff

RPGNow - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 17:47
 Epic Superhero StuffPublisher: Yaruki Zero Games

Not for the first time (specifically, for the second time), we have a collection of tables relating to superheroes, but this time more to do with epic superhero stories and titles for comic books!

  1. Superhero Comic Events: Want to have a big crossover that possibly alienates fans? Then it's time to shake things up with the Genesis Gauntlet, Rise of the Reign, or the Savage X!
  2. Superhero Comic Titles: What're you picking up on New Stuff Day at the comics shop? Personally I want the new issues of The Mighty Doctor Fist, The Ridiculous Redpool, and The Uncanny Squirrel Witch!
  3. Superhero Teams: So, you've got a bunch of superheroes together, but you aren't sure what to call yourselves. Maybe try being the X-Friends, the Young Flight, or the Secret Mutants!
  4. Superhero Locations: But where will these stories take place? Have epic adventures in locales such as the Gothamverse, Crime City, or the Venom Zone!

These and thousands more possible random results can be yours with this PDF and a couple of six-sided dice!

Price: $1.49
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Princess of the Universe

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Princess of the UniversePublisher: Fantasy Heartbreaker

Get ready for action figure fantasy in the tradition of She-Ra and He-Man!


Here you stand, bearing arms in the name of Virtue against the arrayed villains of the distant planet Eidolon.

You have great powers, and great responsibilities, and you are entirely up to the challenge of both.

The challenge to be...


Experience action figure fantasy the way you always wanted.

Epic Heroism.

Snake Queens.

Queer Inclusion.

Warrior Bears.

Time to be part of the greatest franchise that never was!


Princess of the Universe includes the setting of Eidolon. We describe Eidolon both during the Curse Age (the battles between Valoria, Princess of Courage and her nemesis Evil Eye, Wicked Witch of Wisdom) and the Hope Generation (where your heroes become the Champions of Virtue to defend Eidolon against past and future threats)!

Play a snake queen from Ophidia Pax! A robot from Automata Infinita! Or even a toughened survivor of the Blighted Lands!


Princess of the Universe uses a brand-new (but extensively playtested) system to deliver all of the action you'd expect from playing with your favorite toys. Build an action-figure-worthy protagonist with risky, core, and apex powers, using them to build bigger dice pools and determine the consequences of your actions. Create anything from a Heroic Battle Bear to an Evil Reptilian Time Rebel.

And remember how the highlight of old cartoons was the villains and their dysfunctional banter? You'll make both heroes and villains, while the Game Master takes control of the archvillain, in charge of coming up with vile schemes for her henchmen to carry out and the heroes to thwart!

Yes, the GM gets to do the Skeletor voice.

Included in Your Purchase

PDF purchases include a PDF core book, a form-fillable PDF character sheet, and simple colored dice assets to make using VTTs like Roll20 easier.

Print purchases include a print, softcover core book with a copyable character sheet in the back.

Combo purchases include all of the above.


Rose Bailey is the creator of Cavaliers of Mars, the longest-serving developer of White Wolf's Vampire, and a prolific writer on all kinds of games! Rose wrote the rules and setting.

Cynthia Celeste Miller is the designer of Cartoon Action Hour and other intensely genre-driven games. She designed the logo and wrote additional sample characters.

Made Possible By

The many backers of Rose's Fantasy Heartbreaker Patreon!

Price: $6.99
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Fate Horror Toolkit

RPGNow - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 17:36
Fate Horror ToolkitPublisher: Evil Hat Productions, LLC

Something lurks in the shadows...

Maybe it’s a masked killer, or a creature from the unknown depths, or a psychotic porcelain doll. Or maybe it’s just a cat, and the threat stands right behind you!

The Fate Horror Toolkit offers a variety of tools, mechanics, and hacks to help you develop thematic horror in your game. Explore what horror is and how to employ it effectively at your table. Learn how to develop horrific elements in Fate—a game system designed around competent, proactive characters not usually seen in horror. Pick from a variety of mechanics to easily design your own game about the things that go bump in the night.

The Fate Horror Toolkit is a Fate Core supplement. This Toolkit includes:

  • Extensive tools to make scary and effective horror adversaries and running Fate games where doom is inevitable
  • Modified and thematic compels designed to help up the suspense and visceral horror elements in your games
  • A variety of new aspect types such as legacy and intensity aspects to help develop thematic horror elements and define boundaries
  • A campaign framework for running horror stories based on teamwork—particularly good for younger audiences.

Fate Toolkits. All the tools to build your stage.

Price: $10.00
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Delverr's Keep

RPGNow - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 17:02
Delverr's KeepPublisher: Illusionist

At the entrance of the Below lies the remnants of an ancient keep which is still fortified despite all odds by abandoned remnants of Dwarven lineages called the Delverr.  This module is designed as an introduction to the Dwarven Epics campaign setting that includes these modules, 2D AdventureHex cardboard terrain tiles, 3D TerrainCrafter modular resin terrain tiles and VTT digital files that can be used with any VTT software..  

Price: $9.99
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Battlemap : Ledges, Bridges, Iron Spikes

RPGNow - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 16:57
 Ledges, Bridges, Iron SpikesPublisher: Christian Hollnbuchner

This full color battlemap is the 404th of a series featuring various terrains. This installment of the battlemap series features a large pit filled with iron spikes and the ledges and bridges that would allow crossing from one side to the other.

The map is 28 x 30 squares in size, with each 1 inch square scaled to represent 5 feet. It is provided in 12 segments, which need to be assembled, in a single PDF using the letter format.

The product has been updated to include a large gridless JPG image of the map, intended for use with VTT software. It is 2016x2160 pixels in size at 72dpi.

Price: $1.41
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Grokking the Difference: Jeff Tidball on Unknown Armies vs. Over the Edge

Atlas Games - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 16:22

People sometimes offer vague descriptions like ''It's about weird stuff' when they're trying to describe Atlas Games RPGs, especially Over the Edge and Unknown Armies. That kind of description is is accurate but insufficient, like describing a car by saying, 'Well, it's an object,' or describing Star Wars as 'a story.'
The perennial 'weird stuff' description especially falls down when it comes to describing how Over the Edge and Unknown Armies are different from each other. It turns out that there are as many ways to talk about the difference between those two games as there were people around the Atlas Games conference table on the day the question came up. Here's my personal take: 
Over the Edge is a game with international flavor that's best at telling stories about political conspiracies and outré behavior. It's about how people relate to each other in strange ways. Over the Edge has secrets that people keep from each other, but the secrets are MacGuffins — (sometimes conceptual, but still) around which dramatic relationships revolve, rather than ends in and of themselves.
Unknown Armies, on the other hand, is a game about occult knowledge and the secret underpinnings of the universe. It asks the question, 'What will you sacrifice for power, to reshape the world in your own image?' It's about how the protagonists define themselves. Its secrets are their own ends, things its characters must find out because their demons drive them to it. Although it can be played on a global scale, Unknown Armies retains a uniquely American outlook and feel even when it's taking place in the farthest corners of the globe.
Naturally, these generalizations have their shortcomings too! Neither definition is true for all aspects of their respective games' backgrounds. Over the Edge has secrets that primarily drive inter-group conflict, and Unknown Armies has outré behavior. But broadly speaking, if you were presented with a series of character or adventure summaries and had to use these definitions as your only working understanding of these two games in order to sort them, they'd guide you to a high degree of accuracy.
The best news? Both games are awesome! If you're only familiar with one, try the other. And if you've never played either of them, now you have a way to figure out which you'll explore first.
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