100 Sights and Sounds to See and Hear after a Battle

RPGNow - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 10:40
100 Sights and Sounds to See and Hear after a BattlePublisher: Azukail Games

Following a battle there will be many different things to see and hear on the battlefield itself. This supplement provides 100 different things for characters to see and hear, some that will occur immediately after the battle itself and some which may take place over the following days or weeks.

Most are suitable for any pre-gunpowder medieval battlefield but a handful would require the presence of magic to explain. Some might be potentially dangerous for characters. Other descriptions may be too graphic for younger players, as battlefields can be a place of brutality and horror.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here is a sample result:

A small pile of broken wood with a twisted metal rim is only identifiable as having once been a shield by the parts of an emblem that can still be seen on what used to be the front, and its former owner’s severed arm to which it is still strapped.

One page is the front cover, one the front matter and around one page is blank and the introduction.

Price: $0.99
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August 19, 2017: Report From The Munchkin Tavern

Steve Jackson Games - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 10:15
I'm just back from my Friday night signing at the Munchkin Tavern. Thanks to everyone who came by and said nice things! The Tavern is one of my most fun things every year, and it's great to see people enjoying it along with us.

As promised, Gen Con 50 has been packed. We've seen a lot of old friends and many, many new faces as well. I've had a lot of meetings and press interviews, and have even found time to teach a game here and there. (Hey, did you know we have a prototype of Munchkin Magical Mess at the show? No? Well, be sure to ask to play it at our booth tomorrow!) (As for Conspiracy Theory . . . I'm not allowed to say anything, but talk to Steve. Don't tell him I told you to. Fnord.)

Munchkin Tavern Munchkin Tavern Munchkin Tavern

Our in-booth team and our events crew have been incredibly busy, too, with demos of Muertoons, Port Royal, Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe, Munchkin Spell Skool, Dungeon Fantasy RPG, and even Super Kitty Bug Slap! Plus our two dice tables that are getting a workout all weekend. We've had a lot of excited people looking in our display case at all our upcoming releases. Hunter shot a Facebook Live video to show you a little of what Gen Con has been like.

It's hard to believe the convention is already half over . . . it feels like it just started. I still have tons of games to buy, darn it!

And if you're at the show, make sure you come by booth 1413 and say hi. We'll know if you don't. Fnord.

Andrew Hackard

Warehouse 23 News: Rush Dungeons, Kill Monsters, And Grab Treasure!

Quickly create fantasy heroes and arm them for battle. The Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game Pre-Order Bundle gives you both the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game and Dungeon Fantasy GM Screen. This full-color screen keeps the action moving with tables and modifiers at your fingertips, and provides a quick first game using the two booklets that speed up character creation and advancement, and provide 13 ready-to-play characters! Get a jump on storming some dungeons. Pre-order yours at Warehouse 23.

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FS2: Repercussions (Fantasy Grounds)

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 Repercussions (Fantasy Grounds)Publisher: Rob Twohy

Suspicions that the newly born Lady Lismere may be a hag baby have spawned whispered rumors. These rumors have caught the attention of anti-hag activists across southern Dimgaard. Danger and intrigue abound. Can heroes be found to put the situation to rest? A Dungeons and Dragons® 5th Edition Adventure to take 1-8 2nd level characters to 3rd level. Episode two of Fey Secrets.<o:p></o:p>

PDF Version available here... 

The Fey Secrets Story Continues...

 A Newborn Celebration (Fantasy Grounds)  Repercussions (Fantasy Grounds)

Price: $3.99
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Starfarer's Companion

RPGNow - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 08:25
Starfarer's CompanionPublisher: Rogue Genius Games
A Companion to Adventure Across the Stars!

An expansion to the Starfinder Core Ruelbook, adding both classic character concepts and brand new options to expand the variety in your fantastic galaxy!

  • Races – Aasimar, Catfolk, Deoxyians, Dhampirs, Grippli, Ifrit, Kitsune, Kobolds, Mechanoi, Nagaji, Oreads, Samsarans, Suli, Sylphs, Tengu, Tieflings, Undine, Vanaras, Vishkanya, and Wayangs!
  • Classes – Updated versions of the Bard, Cleric, Magus, Paladin, Ranger, and Wizard!
  • Companions – Paladins and rangers have lots of cool companion options.
  • Feats – Support feats for the new class options, plus fun possibilities for characters of any race or class!
  • Computers – New modules and upgrades, plus tons of pregenerated computers to save GMs and players both considerable effort!
  • Starships – More options, and lots of pregenerated Starships to drool over!
  • Spells – 7th, 8th, and 9th level spells, plus lots of old favorites brought into the Starfaring Age!

And More! All ready for any campaign, but including the flavor needed to integrate smoothly with RGG’s Blood Space setting, the background flavor in the Starfarer’s Companion can be a stand-alone adventure ground, or just Another Place in the Galaxy of Your Games.

The Starfarer Companion is written by Alex Augunas and Matt Morris, with the assistance of Matt Banach and Owen K.C. Stephens.

Price: $19.95
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Colours of Magic: Brown 5e

RPGNow - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 06:45
 Brown 5ePublisher: Plot Device

Colours of Magic: Brown Fifth Edition Update

A Spectrum Shift: Chromatic Arcana Product

Length: 5 pages + licence

In some worlds, Magic may not be seen as a force in and of itself. In some philosophies, magic can not be classed by types of effect, like Evocation, Illusion or Abjuration. Instead, it might be seen as a result of fundamental aspects of arcane metaphysics.

One such theory holds that all magic is a result of the principles of Colour.

Brown is the colour of the broken earth and chopped wood. Wherever the hand of man (or any other technically minded race) seeks to mould the universe for its own benefit it can be seen. It is concerned with crafting the elements and manipulating the forces of the universe.

Those that devote themselves to learning Brown magic can create things out of thin air, harden or weaken materials and create and manipulate fields of force. 

Included in this product:
- 3 new Class options, one for each of Cleric, Sorcerer and Wizard
- a reclassification of one eleventh of the spells of the players handbook

This product is an update to the colours of magic series based on 5th edition. If you are interested in both the 5th edtion re-classification and the 3.5 edition version, a discount is available for the alternate product on purchase. 

Spectrum Shift: d20 fantasy from a slightly twisted perspective.

Price: $1.50
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Darringmoor Dart # 11

RPGNow - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 06:28
Darringmoor Dart # 11Publisher: Friends of Eldoria

Spice up your game or just have a good read!

The Darringmoor Dart is a newspaper set in Darringmoor. This publication contains plot hooks, advertisements and commentary on recent events in the city and surrounding areas.

The Dart is published by the infamous gnome Elly Tinkin who is always on the hunt for a good story.

In this edition Saint Castefin Fawick has been appointed to deal with the undead problem in the city.

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Quorull: City of Guilds

RPGNow - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:44
 City of GuildsPublisher: Friends of Eldoria

"Beware the warrior from Llan, for he fights with a quill as his sword and a ledger as his shield, yet he can defeat us all with one stroke"

A famous saying amongst those who have dealings with the Guilds of the Llanish capital of Quorull

Quorull: City of Guilds is a highly detailed module for a fantasy role playing campaign which provides information on a fantasy medieval port city which is the economic hub of the thriving Kingdom of Llan. It is a place that is rich in both culture and prosperity, dominated by the Llanish merchant guilds, which are constantly scheming to maintain control against the noble factions who oppose them. The module comes complete with the background history of the region, its traditions, politics and religious institutions. It also provides a GM with a complete overview of Quorull and includes a wealth of information concerning major NPCs, events and plots for the GM to get their players involved with.

"Quorull: City of the Guilds" is a fantastic resource for GMs who looKing for an urban environment to plan a few adventures or simply wants a base of operations for their party to return to in between quests. In addition to providing you with scores of entries of detailed administration buildings, inns, guard posts and stores (and the NPCs who live and work there) "Quorull" is seething with intrigue and dark plots, designed to intrigue your players and allow you to create a complete adventure based upon the premise provided.

While this book is written as a supplement for a GM who is running a campaign based in the fantasy role-playing world of Eldoria, there is nothing stopping you from transplanting any of the material contained in this book to your own alternate setting. The book contains side-bars briefly explaining Eldorian specific information, which is fully detailed in the major resource books "The Encyclopedia Eldoria" and the "Reliquarium Eldoria".

"Quorull: City of the Guilds" has been written using the Pathfinder RPG but it is light on rules and is easily adaptable to other systems.

Price: $6.00
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Legendary Planet for Starfinder is here!

Legendary Games - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:15
Launch day is here for the newest sci-fi sensation, the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, and Legendary Games is right here for you! First and foremost, you can kick off the amazing Legendary Planet adventure saga, To Worlds Unknown for Starfinder! From an interplanetary prison break and race against time, you land on a crossroads world and […]
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Into the Depths of GenCon Week with Legendary Planet!

Legendary Games - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:15
Today we are excited to release the latest chapter in the Legendary Planet adventure saga for 5th Edition, the incredible aquatic invasion epic, The Depths of Desperation (5E)! Journey to the water-world of Vareen, where the implacable bil’djooli have mounted an all-out assault in the name of the Ultari Hegemony and their dread masters. Your […]
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Stars, Planets, and a War-torn Water-World Await!

Legendary Games - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:15
First of all, we are excited to unleash the latest new world of adventure for you in the epic Legendary Worlds series by Legendary newcomer Joel Flank! In Legendary Worlds: Melefoni, pollution and strife rage on a war-torn water-world between the survivors of a fallen colony and the aquatic natives in this ready-to-play planet, available right […]
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The Fleet Arrives on 5E Friday!

Legendary Games - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:15
Today we are excited and delighted to bring you the next installment in our fantastic 5E product series for pirate-themed and nautical campaigns, Treasury of the Fleet (5E)! This awesome assortment of over 30 brand-new magic items is perfect for any campaign sailing the seven seas in search of adventure, or during an aquatic interlude […]
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Welcome to Legendary Worlds!

Legendary Games - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:15
As the Legendary Planet Adventure Path rolls to its conclusion this summer, we are here to open up new worlds of adventure for you today, with our latest product line: Legendary  Worlds! Each one of these dynamic and delightful destinations provides you with a richly detailed planetary gazetteer, including history and geography, with important people, places, […]
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The Final Forest Friday! And a whole new world is coming!

Legendary Games - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:15
Today brings the debut of the final book in our Forest Kingdom product line, and it’s been a long time coming. Here at last, Royal Tournaments! This book is an encyclopedic accessory for all manner of festival and tournament events, from mock battle like archery and jousting (along with boxing, tag-team wrestling, and more) to […]
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Star Wars™: Legion

Fantasy Flight Games - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:15
Published 18 August 2017 | Star Wars: Legion Star Wars™: Legion

Announcing a Miniatures Game of Infantry Battles in the Star Wars Galaxy

“It was I who allowed the Alliance to know the location of the shield generator. It is quite safe from your pitiful little band. An entire legion of my best troops awaits them.”
–Emperor Palpatine, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Shouts and screams echo around you—the din of pitched battle. The air smells acrid from blaster fire as lasers hiss past your squad. A scout trooper roars past on a 74-Z speeder bike, weaving between trees and firing at someone you can’t quite see through the underbrush. You raise your blaster and fire in the same direction, hoping to avoid any shrapnel. Ahead, you see Darth Vader, towering over a group of fallen Rebels strewn across the forest floor. He flicks his lightsaber forward, and your platoon charges…

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Star Wars™: Legion, a new miniatures game of infantry battles that invites you to join iconic heroes and villains, lead your troopers into battle, and battle for the fate of the Star Wars galaxy. With Star Wars: Legion, you can build and paint a unique army of miniatures. You can command your troops in battle and devise masterful tactics. And you can conquer your opponent’s army to bring victory to the light side or the dark side!  

With thirty-three unpainted and easily assembled miniatures, and all the cards, movement tools, tokens, and terrain that you need for battle, the Star Wars: Legion Core Set is the perfect way to bring Star Wars battles to your tabletop.

If you’re here with us at Gen Con 50 in Indianapolis, head to our booth to get your first taste of Star Wars: Legion, but in the meantime, read on!

Charge into Battle

Star Wars: Legion casts you as a commander in the heat of battle, pitting the Empire’s finest against the ragtag forces of the Rebellion. You’ve received your objectives from high command, and the tactics that you execute in battle will determine if you can restore freedom to the galaxy or crush the resistance of the Rebel Alliance forever.

The heroes, villains, vehicles, and squads of troopers that you command are the heart of your army, and each round, you’ll command your units to press your advantage. Whether your unit is a squad of Stormtroopers or a salvaged Rebel AT-RT, each unit can take two actions to march across the battlefield, launch a devastating attack, take careful aim, dodge away from enemy fire, take a moment to recover, or hold their action until the optimal moment.

Movement in Star Wars: Legion is fast and organic as you maneuver your troops around the battlefield using jointed movement tools. Unlike many miniatures games, you don’t need to measure movement for every miniature in a unit! Once you’ve measured movement for your unit leader, you simply pick up the other soldiers in the unit and place them in cohesion with the unit leader.

Not only does this make movement fast and intuitive, it lets you strategically position your troops to take cover from blaster fire or control strategic terrain. Sending your Stormtroopers charging into just the right place to line up a devastating crossfire or catching your opponent’s forces between Luke Skywalker and a powerful AT-RT walker are some of the game-changing moves that can turn the tide and decide the fate of the galaxy in any game of Star Wars: Legion!

Movement and positioning are important, but you’ll need to send your troops forward if you’re going to defeat the enemy army. Combat in Star Wars: Legion is driven by the weapons each soldier wields—whether you’re firing blasters, throwing grenades, igniting vehicle-mounted flamethrowers, or drawing a lightsaber. For every attack, you’ll choose the weapons you want your soldiers to use, adapting to the evolving battlefield by choosing between a blaster and a rocket launcher, for example.

Each of the four Rebel Troopers chooses to use an A-280 Rifle, contributing a total of four black dice to the attack. The 74-Z Speeder Bikes unit will roll a defense die for each hit.

Just as important as choosing which weapon you use is choosing when to attack. If your opponent is taking cover behind terrain or prepared to dodge your attack, then it may be better to reposition your unit and maneuver your forces to create a better opportunity for your onslaught. The choices you make will govern the fates of your soldiers—but if you lead them wisely, then victory is assured! For more information about movement and combat, visit the Star Wars: Legion minisite and keep an eye out for future in-depth previews.

Command Your Troops

To win the battle, your troops will need to move and attack, but first they need orders—and that can be challenging at times during the heat of battle. Luckily, you have your army’s commander to ensure you can activate your units at the critical times.

While every unit you control on the battlefield will activate each round, the command system for Star Wars: Legion presents you with the opportunity to outmaneuver and outthink your opponent. Adapting to the changing tides of battle is one of the things that separates truly great commanders from lesser officers. 

You can find more details about the command system and ordering your troops on the Star Wars: Legion minisite and in future articles!

Build Your Army

Like other miniatures games, Star Wars: Legion also gives you the chance to build a unique army. Before the game begins, you’ll select the exact heroes, villains, troopers, and vehicles that you want to use. Within the Core Set alone, you already have choices to make with thirty-three miniatures, including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Rebel Troopers, Stormtroopers, an AT-RT, and 74-Z Speeder Bikes.

While the Core Set gives you everything that you need for your first battles, you’ll find even more options as you expand from there. You may choose to build an army that uses swarm tactics with large numbers of troopers, or you may focus on the improved armor and firepower of vehicles, but whether you’re planning a small-scale skirmish or a pitched battle between dozens of units, the game allows you to build an army that fits the way you want to play.

The choices and customization don’t stop there, either. Every unit in Star Wars: Legion has the option for you to tweak it to fit your preferences and playstyle with upgrade cards. You may upgrade Darth Vader with the ability to throw his lightsaber, load a rotary blaster onto your AT-RT, bring heavy weapons specialists into your trooper unit, or equip your 74-Z Speeder Bikes with long-range comlinks. No matter how you upgrade your units, every upgrade card is another step to making your army different.

And of course, perhaps the most entertaining step of army building for many players is to paint and customize your miniatures! All Star Wars: Legion minis come unpainted, so after you assemble your army, you’ll be able to paint them to create a truly unique army and bring the Star Wars galaxy to your tabletop. Although you don’t need to paint your army, many players find it more enjoyable to play with a painted army—and we’ll have plenty of articles and video tutorials to support your painting in coming months, including help for beginners. Even if you’ve never played a miniatures game or painted an army before, the Star Wars: Legion Core Set is the perfect entrypoint to the hobby.

Build. Command. Conquer.

Your troopers’ boots are on the ground, and battle is about to be joined. If you’re with us at Gen Con 50 in Indianapolis, head over to the Fantasy Flight Games booth to be among the first to experience the infantry battles of Star Wars: Legion!

Take command of your forces and give the order to charge—the Star Wars: Legion Core Set (SWL01) is scheduled to be released in early 2018. Head to your local retailer to pre-order your copy today, or you can place your pre-order with FFG here!

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A Most Suitable Teacher

Fantasy Flight Games - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:15
Published 18 August 2017 | Legend of the Five Rings LCG A Most Suitable Teacher

The Results of the Kiku Matsuri Story Choice

Chase the sun. Discover the world.
-Iuchi Wayfinder

The Kiku Matsuri has come to pass! Yesterday, a grand parade of samurai marched forth and threw open the doors to Rokugan at Gen Con 50. The Opening Ceremony was a spectacle unto itself, calling forth loyalties long held and inviting new devotees to pledge their sword to one of the seven Great Clans. Attendees were welcomed into a world where honor is stronger than steel, and celebrated the unveiling of our newest Living Card Game®, steeped in its story: Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Many attendees had the honor of participating in the largest Gen Con event ever hosted by Fantasy Flight Games, the Kiku Matsuri tournament. With over 700 tickets claimed, it was a monumental first opportunity to play with the new Legend of the Five Rings Core Set. Players contructed a Starting Deck, and stepped forth to fight for their clan. Glory was won, and incredible prizes were awarded to all.

$(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 501, innerWidth: 550 }; $('#117F7').colorbox(opts); }); After five rounds of play, those who remained undefeated stood triumphant, and the prestigious title of Hatamoto was bestowed upon them all. This position of honor for a player carries many continuing benefits, but achieving this promotion at the very first tournament also awarded a unique opportunity to help determine the outcome of the first story choice.

These Hatamotos were faced with a difficult decision. Last week's short story, Smokeless Fire, detailed a petition to the Emperor from the Phoenix Clan. Believing they had forseen a great danger in the use of meishōdō, the mysterious name magic learned by the Unicorn Clan, Lady Kaede asked that its use be outlawed. This would have powerful ramifications throughout the kingdom, but so would the alternative: The Emperor could compel the Unicorn Clan to teach their secrets to the Hidden Guard, and bolster their defenses against the unknown.

The prestigious Hatamotos conferred following the hard-fought battles of the Kiku Matsuri. They weighed the wisdom presented on both sides, and then voted on whether meishōdō should be forbidden in Rokugan or taught in service of the Empire. Their councel reached the Emperor as he sought the guidance of his most trusted confidants, and his determination agreed with their valued input.

The Decision

The Emperor has seen fit to allow the Unicorn Clan to continue practicing meishōdō, but officially requests their assistance in teaching its use to his Hidden Guard. They cannot refuse their ruler's command, but complying will require the sacrifice of more than just secrets.

We invite you to read A Most Suitable Teacher (pdf, 1.1 MB), the short story that details the outcome of the Kiku Matsuri story choice presented to the Hatamotos.

Live the Story

The story of Rokugan will continue on our website, and in upcoming Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game products. The next opportunity for a player to influence the story of Rokugan will be presented to the World Champion in November. They alone will decide which path the future will tread, after receiving the honorary title of Shogun!

Secure your Core Set and place in the three in-store events of the Launch Program by speaking to your local retailer today! Retailer pre-orders for the Launch Kit close on August 23rd, and the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Core Set (L5C01) will be released in Q3 2017!

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Defenders of the Aymhelin

Fantasy Flight Games - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:15
Published 17 August 2017 | Runewars Miniatures Defenders of the Aymhelin

The Latari Elves Army Expansion is On Sale Now


As certain death closed in around them, a bright, crisp horn resounded from the treeline of Watcher's Grove. It fell quickly into silence, the din of battle receding in the surprise of the harsh call, splitting the air like the dawn. The soldiers looked up from their weapons, finally recognizing the sound: an Elven horn, and their salvation.
     Watcher’s Grove erupted with reinforcements. Leonx sprang from the trees, ridden by glaive-wielding Elves. Archers rushed ahead, sending waves of arrows into the fray. Among them marched the scions: tall, living trees with angular bark and root-like limbs—the will of the forest made manifest. Roots burst from beneath the feet of the Uthuk to pierce their flesh or pull them into the earth as the waves of Elves advanced upon the now beleaguered enemy.

As the battle for Terrinoth rages on, the Latari Elves are called to leave the safety of the Aymehiln Forest to defend their homeland. A third faction now joins the battle for Terrinoth as Waiqar the Undying’s undead army stir in the Mistlands and the forces of the Uthuk Y’llan gather in the Ru Darklands. Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that the Latari Elves Army Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game is available now!

Masterful Warriors

The Latari’s warriors spend decades honing their crafts. Whether they are stringing a bow or mastering tactical maneuvers astride the mighty Leonx, the elves are the unmatched masters of combat.

The unseen assassins of the trees, the Deepwood Archers compose the core of the Latari army. From the boughs of the Aymhelin forest, this ranged unit acts most effectively at a distance, with a command tool tailored for deadly accurate ranged attacks and evasion. With the Precise 1 keyword, the Deepwood Archers know that no amount of cunning can save an enemy from the perfect shot.

The mighty Aymhelin Scions are imbued with the power of the Deepwood itself. Feeling enemy movements through their roots, the arcane forest sentries are absolutely devastating in battle. These high impact units use their roots to latch hold of enemies, inflicting immobilize tokens on any unit that they impact with or that collides with them. Drawing power from the earth that increases with the number of natural energy runes in play, the Aymhelin Scions will fight alongside the Latari until the safety of their forest is secured.

The swift Leonx Riders lead the Latari’s charge on the battlefield. This cavalry mounted on the ferocious felines native to the Aymhelin is among the most agile and adaptable in all of Terrinoth. Their primal natures are expressed by the Leonx Rider’s melee ability to spend two icons to add a mortal strike. While these nomads normally defend the outskirts of Latari territory, they will proudly band together to punish any who threaten those they protect.

At the head of the Leonx Riders is the Latari’s champion, Aliana of Summersong. Players who control the Latari may use Aliana to constantly confuse the enemy by switching her position with that of any other Leonx Rider. The hero’s predatory instincts grant her both the Impact 2 and Precise 1 keywords. Battling atop Wildcall, her loyal Leonx, Aliana of Summersong is prepared to face any threat to her people, whether it be an Uthuk berserker or Waiqar the Undying himself.

Power of the Forest

This expansion comes with sixteen Deepwood Archer miniatures, four Leonx Rider miniatures, one Aymhelin Scion miniature, and one Aliana of Summersong miniature, as well as a collection of new terrain pieces, tokens, and twelve available upgrade cards to enhance the Latari Elves' lethality on the battlefield. When used in combination with either the Runewars Miniatures Game Core Set or the Runewars Miniatures Game Essentials Pack, this expansion allows players to build their own army of elves, customized to their personal fighting style.

Unique to the Latari Elves, this expansion includes Overgrowth Tokens which may interact with some game effects. Certain upgrade cards, such as Support Aymhelin Scion, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#15005').colorbox(opts); });  enhance a unit’s movement if they are within a certain range of overgrown terrain. By tapping into the elves’ connection to their environment, commanders are sure to achieve victory. No enemy can stand against the power of nature itself!

The Battle Rages On

Call the banners. Build your army of the Latari’s finest fighters and defend the Aymhelin from the forces of evil!

Pick up the Latari Elves Army Expansion (RWM14) at your local retailer or online today!

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Expansive Arsenal

Fantasy Flight Games - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:15
Published 17 August 2017 | Runewars Miniatures Expansive Arsenal

The Runewars Miniatures Essentials Pack is Now Available

The land of Terrinoth has been peaceful for centuries following the age of the First Darkness. What was once history faded into story, and story into myth. The mortals of the realm foolishly believed themselves safe. But as the people of Terrinoth forgot the threats of the past, evil began to stir in the Mists and the Ru Darklands. Now, the forces of darkness have returned and the only hope for realm is for the armies of mortals and elves alike to take to the battlefield once more.

As the fight for Terrinoth erupts once again in Runewars Miniatures Game, militaries expand their forces and require more supplies. Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce that the Runewars Miniatures Game Essentials Pack is now available!

Lay Your Battle Plans

The Runewars Miniatures Game Essentials Pack includes everything players need to expand their arsenal, from cards and dice to references and templates. With a cornucopia of components matching those found in the Core Set, players can build a powerful army from expansion packs and army expansions, further customize their card decks, and design more complex battlefields.

The components of the Runewars Miniatures Game Essentials Pack include:

  • Four terrain pieces with matching cards
  • Six objective cards
  • Six deployment cards
  • Thirty morale cards
  • Ten upgrade cards
  • Four reference cards
  • Four deployment markers
  • Eight objective markers
  • Ten wound tokens
  • Five energy tokens
  • Twenty-two boon and bane tokens
  • Twelve Unit ID Tokens
  • One Round Counter
  • Nine movement templates
  • Six attack dice

This pack both enables players to fight larger battles and provides backup components for pieces that may be lost or damaged in the chaos of battle. Fully compatible with the Core Set and expansions, the martial leaders of Terrinoth may use the Runewars Miniatures Game Essentials Pack to train their chosen armies with ten upgrade cards that can be added to the deck of any army in Runewars Miniatures Game. While Terrinoth falls under ever-increasing threat, players can now prepare for the oncoming storm as the armies of the Latari and the Uthuk Y’llan approach.

Conquer the Realm

The fate of Terrinoth rests on your shoulders. Will you save the realm or destroy it? Whether you choose the path of darkness or the that of the light, ensure that your forces are fully equipped to dominate the battlefields.

Look for the Runewars Miniatures Game Essentials Pack (RWM13) at your local retailer or online today!

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Star Wars Roleplaying Gamemat

Fantasy Flight Games - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:15
Published 17 August 2017 | Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Star Wars Roleplaying Gamemat

Bring Your Star Wars™ Roleplaying Games to Life

"Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design."
  - Emperor Palpatine, Return of the Jedi

Your team has prepared as much as possible for the coming conflicts. Your blasters are loaded, your speeches prepared, your minds quiet; all you wait for now is the signal to begin your heist, your trial, your rebellion. And now, you can be even more prepared to face the unmentionable odds your favorite iconic characters from the Star Wars™ galaxy have battled for generations with the Star Wars Roleplaying Gamemat, new from Fantasy Flight Games!

This 26” x 26” natural rubber gamemat is the perfect surface upon which to tackle any obstacles the galaxy (or your gamemaster) might throw at you, whether you're plundering ancient riches in Edge of the Empire, striking at a critical Imperial target in Age of Rebellion, or constructing your very first lightsaber in Force and Destiny. Not only does its natural rubber provide a pliable and durable surface perfect for rolling your skill tests upon, the gamemat is lined with all manner of helpful keys and graphics to enable quick and easy dice pool reading so that the game can continue flowing quickly and organically to its destiny.

Two of the gamemat’s sides are lined with a dice key so that you can quickly assemble dice pools using accurate in-game terminology and easily interpret the results of your rolls to keep the game moving. The helpful range band reference will keep your maneuvers in check as you advance upon your foe. Along the GM’s edge of the mat, players will find a helpful stylized initiative tracker that will keep their heads in the game as they plan their next action and enable them to prioritize lethal targets who may be acting sooner than the group would like. Additionally, there is a handy key for dice pool difficulty, allowing all players to easily assemble the dice for a Daunting Computers check, and quickly see what the available Destiny pool looks like in case they need that little extra push to succeed.

Players will also find the iconic art of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, drawing them into the narratives that their characters will be building over the course of their enthralling campaigns. The star field backdrop also keeps players firmly grounded in the vibrant and dangerous Star Wars galaxy.

Meet Your Destiny

You’ve assembled your team, you’ve been briefed on your mission. All that’s left is to pick up those dice and trust in the Force. Bring your Star Wars Roleplaying to the next level with the Star Wars Roleplaying Gamemat, now available from Fantasy Flight Games’ in-house manufacturing!

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A Valiant Deed

Fantasy Flight Games - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:15
Published 17 August 2017 | A Game of Thrones: The Card Game A Valiant Deed

Oberyn’s Revenge Is Now Available for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

“A valiant deed unsung is no less valiant.”
–Ser Garlan Tyrell, A Storm of Swords

The north reels in the gory aftermath of the Red Wedding. In a single day and night of misfortune, House Stark is left leaderless—usurped by the treachery of House Frey and House Bolton. Yet the Red Wedding was not the only dire plot that now grows to fruition in Westeros. For fifteen years, House Martell has plotted vengeance for the murder of Elia and her children—and with Oberyn Martell in King’s Landing, their chance for justice may have arrived. Now you have your chance to join these schemes and many others: Oberyn’s Revenge  is now available at your local United States retailer for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game!

In keeping with the key themes of the Blood and Gold cycle, Oberyn’s Revenge continues to offer support for the bestow keyword, as well as powerful new economy cards and new ways to spend your gold. You’ve had the chance to read Ryan Jones' writing about his champion card—The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due. Now, prepare to enact your own plots and schemes as you battle to seize the Iron Throne!

A Knight of the Realm

If any single House can lay claim to the ideals of knightly conduct in Westeros, it’s House Tyrell… but the veneer of honor is a perfect way to hide dastardly schemes. Now, in Oberyn’s Revenge, you’ll find two cards that aptly illustrate both sides of House Tyrell—the honorable knights and the power-grabbing intrigues.

Ser Garlan Tyrell $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#15072').colorbox(opts); }); (Oberyn’s Revenge, 83), the second son of Mace Tyrell, has a well-earned reputation as a paragon of chivalry and a worthy knight. Such a knight would undoubtedly inspire those around him to deeds of greatness, and in the game, Ser Garlan Tyrell is adept at giving your characters the strength they need to punch through your opponent’s defenses.

First, you’ll notice that Ser Garlan Tyrell possesses the bestow (3) keyword, inviting you to place up to three gold from your gold pool onto this card when you play it. Ser Garlan gets one additional STR for each gold on his card, but that’s not the only way you can use this gold—as an Action, you can discard a gold from Ser Garlan Tyrell to increase the STR of any Tyrell character by two! It’s also noteworthy that Ser Garlan Tyrell has renown, making him a natural fit for any Tyrell deck focused on snatching power and rushing for victory.

Obviously, increasing a character’s STR can offer powerful combos by standing Randyll Tarly $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#4838').colorbox(opts); }); (Core Set, 183) or intimidating stronger characters with "Lord Renly's Ride" $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#132ED').colorbox(opts); }); (Guarding the Realm, 24). It also works well with two of House Tyrell’s preferred agendas—inviting you to negate the downside of The Lord of the Crossing $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#7693').colorbox(opts); }); (The King’s Peace, 60) or win intrigue by five STR with "The Rains of Castamere" $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#89D5').colorbox(opts); }); (Lions of Casterly Rock, 45). Of course, Ser Garlan Tyrell’s triggers are limited to the gold on his card, but even when your gold waits unused on Ser Garlan Tyrell, it’s still increasing his STR and making him more difficult to stop.

In fact, increasing the STR of character in intrigue challenges is a crucial component of the second Tyrell card in Oberyn’s Revenge: Olenna's Machinations $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#1078C').colorbox(opts); }); (Oberyn’s Revenge, 84). Olenna’s Machinations can be played for two gold, and it offers a unique effect: you may initiate an additional power challenge this phase. A second power challenge and another chance to steal power from your opponent can be game-winning on its own—but this event isn’t limited to the one time you play it. Following in the theme of recurring events established across the Blood and Gold cycle, you can pay one gold to return this event to your hand after you win an intrigue challenge by five or more STR!

With the option to make multiple additional power challenges throughout the game, you have the chance to skyrocket the power that you gain every round. Pairing this event with A Clash of Kings $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#65C0').colorbox(opts); }); (Core Set, 1) is a natural fit, and you may even use it in conjunction with The Red Wedding $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 418 }; $('#1E12').colorbox(opts); }); (The Red Wedding, 80) and “The Rains of Castamere” to utterly destroy your opponent’s Lords and Ladies. No matter what you use it for, who better to use in your second power challenge than a character with renown like Ser Garlan Tyrell? Then, you can use Ser Garlan’s inspiring ability to win an intrigue challenge and recur Olenna’s Machinations. Though the knightly chivalry and the underhanded intrigues of House Tyrell may seem disconnected, they can still work together, as two edges of the same sword. 

Wheels Within Wheels

With the death of Joffrey Baratheon, the Iron Throne is vacant—and every House has its eyes on this inestimable prize.

Choose your side and join the battle when you pick up your copy of Oberyn’s Revenge (GT20) at your local retailer today!

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All Sectors On Alert

Fantasy Flight Games - Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:15
Published 17 August 2017 | Android: Netrunner LCG All Sectors On Alert

Crimson Dust Is On Sale Now!

This is a priority alpha alert! Crimson Dust operatives have breached the dome! Oxygen levels are decreasing rapidly. Radiation levels will reach the orange zone within the hour. Nonessential personnel should head to their designated shelters ASAP. Engineering crews must report to the zones designated on their PADs. You will receive further instructions from your crew leaders in person.

Security teams Epsilon, Bravo, and Whiskey will develop a defensive position immediately and prepare for a frontal assault. Delta and Charlie teams should begin their security sweeps. We believe Threat Level Alpha targets may be in the vicinity.

All personnel are ordered to keep sensitive information off the comms. They may be compromised. 

Crimson Dust, the final Data Pack in the Red Sands Cycle for Android: Netrunner, is on sale today! Its sixty cards (three copies each of twenty unique cards) reveal the damage wrought on Mars by its history of conflict—and they provide Corps and Runners alike new tools for exploiting the chaos.

A World in Ruins

True-born Martians can never forget the price they paid for opposing Earth. They can see signs of it littered across the landscape. There are still battlefields covered in pock marks from exploded shells and burnt out manufacturing sites that were targeted from orbit. Vanadis Industries used to sell arms to the Clans before their operations were gutted by Earth forces. Now, the Clans scavenge their old armories for salvageable weapons that can help them resist the MCA.

Salvaged Vanadis Armory $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#D992').colorbox(opts); }); (Crimson Dust, 103) represents this legacy of Martian conflicts. After taking damage, a Runner can trash the newest Clan Resource to force the Corp to trash a number of cards from R&D equal to the total amount of damage they’ve taken that turn. This means that a Runner can respond to a Scorched Earth $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#125F').colorbox(opts); }); (Core Set, 99) strike by immediately forcing the Corp to trash four cards from R&D. Or, you might develop a more intricate strategy of dealing damage to yourself with cards like Stimhack $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#9BCB').colorbox(opts); }); (Core Set, 4) or Respirocytes $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#10851').colorbox(opts); }); (Crimson Dust, 102) before trashing the Armory on your own turn to force the Corp to dump cards into Archives.

A World Rebuilt

The Corps will never forget the price they paid to develop Mars—the long hours scheming, the endless stream of raw materials, and the billions of credits required to ship those resources—and they will accept nothing less than extraordinary returns on their investments.

The Weyland Consortium hopes to take a cut out of every corporations’ profits by erecting their Martian Beanstalk as fast as possible. A Beanstalk on the Red Planet to match their most famous investment on Earth would ensure that Weyland continues to dominate the interplanetary shipping business. But its extensive construction sites are also prime targets for Crimson Dust terror attacks. So, the largest Corp in the universe has made it a priority to construct potent new defenses.

Priority Construction $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#4E7A').colorbox(opts); }); (Crimson Dust, 118) highlights Weyland’s commitment to defending its investments, as well as its preference for improving its most tried-and-true ice. With Priority Construction, a Weyland player can install a piece of ice protecting a remote server and immediately place three advancement tokens on it. This means that, in a single turn and at the cost of a single credit, they could install an agenda like Posted Bounty $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#B673').colorbox(opts); }); (Core Set, 95) and defend it with a triple-advanced Asteroid Belt $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#70DB').colorbox(opts); }); (Order and Chaos, 12)—which it can rez for free!

Alternately, since Priority Construction allows the Corp to ignore all installation costs, a Weyland player could build a truly taxing server, three or four pieces of ice deep, by layering defenses like Mausolus $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 419, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#608').colorbox(opts); }); (Martial Law, 97) and Colossus $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 419, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#9D5F').colorbox(opts); }); (Terminal Directive, 48) that get a substantial power boost when they have three advancement tokens.

Will the Clans salvage their war-scarred world? Will the Corps finish building the unrestrained utopia for research and development that they can only dream of on Earth? Or, will the hardliners in the Crimson Dust reduce everything to rubble?

Pick up your copy of Crimson Dust (ADN48) today—and start building your world! 

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