100 Names of Elder Gods

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100 Names of Elder GodsPublisher: Art of War Games

This PDF gives you 100 different realistic sounding names for gods in your Cthullu or lovecraftian style games

Price: $0.50
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D-Percent - Quick Sword Description Generator

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D-Percent - Quick Sword Description GeneratorPublisher: Black Falcon Games LLC

D-Percent – Quick Sword Description Generator is a multi-list tool allowing you to build detailed swords on the fly!  Generate variation among swords carried by enemies, found in treasure hoards, recounted in legend, and otherwise introduced into your campaign.  Roll on one, two, or all the tables as needed!  This will allow you to determine Blade Design (shape and number of edges), Blade Features, Blade Material, Condition, Cross Guard Design, Grip, Pommel, and Scabbard in moments! 

Your players zigged when you expect a zag. They asked you a question you didn't anticipate. You want to add details and avoid being repetitive. You need a ready supply of random generators! Welcome to D-Percent, Black Falcon Games' line of ready-to-use lists of themed items. Simply roll d%, consult the chart, and you have a handy detail right on hand!

This product is not specific to any particular game system, instead taking a neutral generic stance.

Look for other exciting Black Falcon Games products that save you time and energy, allowing you to focus on building stories and adapt to your players' ideas and decisions!

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Dungeon Dressing: Archways

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 ArchwaysPublisher: Raging Swan Press
A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible GM's Resource by Brian Gregory Tired of dungeons lacking in verisimilitude? Want to add cool little features of interest to your creations but don't have the time to come up with nonessential details? Want to make your dungeons feel more realistic? Then Dungeon Dressing is for you! Each instalment in the line focuses on a different common dungeon fixture such as stairs, pillars or pools and gives the harried GM the tools to bring such features to life with interesting and cool noteworthy features.  This instalment of Dungeon Dressing presents loads of great features to add to the archways in your dungeon. Designed to be used both during preparation or actual play, Dungeon Dressing: Archways is an invaluable addition to any GM's armoury! Dungeon Dressing: Archways presents:  One table providing detailed descriptions of an archway’s appearance and characteristics.  One table presenting additional archway features such as fungal growths, discarded equipment and more!  Two clever archway-based traps (CRs 5-9) along with several additional variant traps. For free samples head over to ragingswan.com/archways This product is a Dual Format PDF. The downloadable ZIP file contains two versions, one optimised for printing and use on a normal computer and one optimised for use on a mobile device such as an iPad.Price: $1.99
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Mutants & Masterminds Power Profile #39: Dream Powers

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Mutants & Masterminds Power Profile #39: Dream PowersPublisher: Green Ronin

Each Power Profile takes a look at a particular type of super-power in Mutants & Masterminds game terms, putting together the effects and modifiers from the Hero's Handbook to present different abilities associated with that power, from offensive and defensive to movement and utility. It also discusses different power descriptors and how they affect game play, as well as features and complications associated with the power. It's a ready-made guide to creating new heroes and villains for your M&M game!

Power Profile #39: Dream Powers

"To sleep, perchance to dream..." Dreams have been omens and harbingers throughout history and power over dreams means near-omnipotence in that misty nighttime world of sleep and imagination. Dream Powers range from crafting cunning illusions to nightmares able to traumatize, or even kill.

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Supporting Cast: 80 Encounters in a Bar

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 80 Encounters in a BarPublisher: Art of War Games

This PDF gives you 80 different realistic Bar Encounters for your games

Price: $1.00
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Treasures of NeoExodus: Euhudi’s Sacrificial Knives (PFRPG)

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 Euhudi’s Sacrificial Knives (PFRPG)Publisher: LPJ Design

In the ancient Wyldlands of Bal, a savage people worshiped their terrible god through bloody human sacrifices. Here, the Brotherhood of Khayne survived for centuries, both in the jungles and in the city-state Xehitoch. It wasn’t until the height of Euhudi’s time as high priestess that the rest of the world would come to know just how bloody their handprint on society would be…

The Treasures of NeoExodus: Euhudi’s Sacrificial Knives is created for use with your NeoExodus: A House Divided campaign setting home gaming for the Pathfinder RPG. The Treasures of NeoExodus series focus on creating unique and interesting magical and mundane items that you can use in your NeoExodus home games that give you more a personal connection to the item. This PDF comes with a background and history of Euhudi’s Sacrificial Knives, its special mundane and/or magical qualities plus magic item containing detailed information and blank versions of the cards. Everything you need to incorporate Euhudi’s Sacrificial Knives into your character’s background and your gaming sessions is here making them even more appealing, special and personal. 

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Citadel of Evil

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Citadel of EvilPublisher: Robertson Games

The Citadel casts a dark shadow from it's mountain. Can you find a path to the top and rescue your kinfolk? For levels 1-3.

An old school one-page dungeon including dungeon maps and descriptions for 29 locations.

This purchase includes both a PDF version suitable for reading on your computer, iPad or iPhone (with bookmarks) and a special 'PocketMod' PDF version for printing. The PocketMod version lets you create your own  4.25" x 2.75" sized game books from a single sheet of paper.

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Deadlands Reloaded: Blood Drive 3-Range War!

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 Blood Drive 3-Range War!Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment

Blood Drive 3: Range War! is the final adventure in a series that spans one of the longest, most danger-fraught cattle drives in the Weird West! Head ’em up and move ’em out as your posse becomes hardened trail hands fighting for their cattle, their land, and even their lives!

Head ’em up and move ’em out! Your cowpokes are joining one of the longest, most danger-fraught cattle drives in the Weird West—spanning two countries, a war-torn no man’s land, and the Sioux Nations! Along the way, they’ll cross paths with virtually every major railroad, bloodthirsty border raiders, Indian war parties, and of course, nightmares of the sort found only in a land ravaged by the horrors of the Reckoning. They may make an ally or two, as well as at least one dogged enemy. Range War! is the last of three in the Blood Drive series in which your posse tries to establish their own ranch in the face of lingering vengeance, Science gone truly Mad, violent competition, at least two major rail lines, and the most uncooperative cattle you ever herd tell of.

The Blood Drive series is a complete campaign. Each adventure starts and ends in such a fashion that if you want to use it by itself without the others in the series, you can easily do so. In fact, they’re perfect for getting a posse from one part of the Weird West to another if that’s what you’re looking for, Marshal. Used together, the three combine to take the heroes from greenhorn cowpunchers to hardened trail hands fighting for their cattle, their land, and even their lives!

Range War! is not a complete game. It’s a supplement for the Deadlands Reloaded setting for the Savage Worlds game system.

Price: $9.99
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Era Of War: Camel Faav

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  Camel FaavPublisher: Grey Matter Games

ERA OF WAR: CAMEL  FAAV is the first 3D model offered by Grey Matter Games.  This model has the unique way of being assembled as a 3D model, OR a 2D model.  This is an industry FIRST!  If you are looking for some models that are as fast on the battlefield as they are to build, then this model is for you!

Another feature that this model has is in it's 3D version, there is a large bed (approx. 1 1/2" X 1") that can carry various miniatures, or other items.  It is even strong enough to be able to carry METAL figures!  (Don't believe me, there is a picture in the manual showing a metal figure and the wheels aren't even bowing)!

This model is released in a single "light grey" model that would be easy to color if someone wanted one in a different colr scheme.

Practical uses for the CAMEL:

  • Running items across enemy lines
  • Fast Assault choice for ERA OF WAR (or other table-top games)
  • Transport to recover an item or person of interest
  • Clearing rubble, terrain, wreckage or debris from roads
  • Removing small structures
  • Carrying soldiers into zombie-infested areas
  • Carrying zombies OUT of human-infested areas
  • Picking up milk from the supermarket

ALL of this for the low, low price of just $1.75 USD!


Price: $1.75
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Justice Wheels #13 MAKO Commander [ICONS]

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Justice Wheels #13 MAKO Commander [ICONS]Publisher: Fainting Goat Games

For the crowd-pleasing ICONS rpg, comes JUSTICE WHEELS

Justice Wheels #13 features the MAKO Commander, (leader of an top secret, water-based, highly organized terrorist organization) and his flying shark submarine. Included (for free!) is a MAKO trooper in a battle-pod.

This PDF contains the ICONS stats, images, and paper miniatures for one character and their signature vehicle along with tips for using them as either a hero or villain in your game.

Price: $1.00
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Ferrous - AoV Solo (M&M3e)

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Ferrous - AoV Solo (M&M3e)Publisher: Xion Studios

BrandXIntroducing the "Brand X" imprint of Xion Studios! Under Brand X, we will publish third-party authors & creators who provide quality content and are looking for a publishing platform from which to operate. Creators retain all of their rights to their creations, and benefit from Xion's publishing connections. Best of all, fans get more quality merchandise to enjoy!


Acts of Villainy: Solos is a semi-weekly spotlight on villains created by Sketchpad Studios. Every release will focus on a new, creepy, wicked, vile, murderous villain for enjoyment in your new or existing adventures! Pit your heroes against these baddies, and enjoy endless hours of adventuring!

Acts of Villainy: Solos -- get yours before they get you!

Price: $0.99
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'Tis the Season

Fantasy Flight Games - Wed, 11/21/2012 - 20:08
The Fantasy Flight Games Holiday Sale Has Begun!

The Fantasy Flight Games Holiday Sale is back for 2012! Hurry to our webstore to browse our selection of included games before the sale is over; it runs from November 21st through December 3rd.

Something for Every Gamer

Enter the world of Warhammer: 40,000 and play as the blasphemous Horus or the Emperor himself in Horus Heresy, or stick to the fantasy style of Warhammer with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Plug into the mysterious cyber-noir dystopia of Android, or search for treasure on an expedition to an uncharted land in Isla Dorada. Conquer Italy in Ventura or head for the New World in Letter of Marque. Add to your existing forces with sales on a wide array of Tannhäuser and Wings of War miniatures.

If you’re looking to curl up with a good book this holiday season, then you’ll be happy to note that all of FFG’s novels are on sale as well. Let terrifying tales take you to the brink of madness in the setting of Arkham Horror, or walk the streets of London in the shoes of a reincarnated dragon in the world of Fireborn. Further explore the alternate history of the first World War with Tannhäuser novels, or dive deeper into the intrigues of Android.

So whether you want to join up for an expedition in The Adventurers: Pyramid of Horus, or you’re more wiling to take your chances in Texas with Black Gold, there are plenty of great titles included in the Fantasy Flight Games Holiday Sale!

Local Customers: If you live in the Twin Cities area, visit the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center, where the same great inventory is available. Note: Webstore orders cannot be shipped to the Event Center, and no products will be reserved.

Retailers: Log into our B2B (Business to Business) store to enjoy the sale for yourself! Don't have a B2B account? Contact our sales department at sales@fantasyflightgames.com

Head to our webstore now to start the holidays off right!


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Ash Law: 13th Age at ZOEcon

Pelgrane Press Ltd - Wed, 11/21/2012 - 20:02

13th Age at ZOEcon - the Dwarf King's Body DoubleRob Heinsoo wasn’t the only GM representing 13th Age at ZOEcon in Seattle. Ash Law (The Reliquary) gives his convention report:

The Dwarf King’s Double’s Second Beard

Our session started with me standing outside the room at ZOECon giving away books. That’s right, I had a load of old game books and was just giving them away! We inherited a ton and while the wife and I picked out the cool or rare stuff (original box set D&D!) we were left with a random assortment of games and supplements that we had no space for. However, plenty of gamers felt differently and classic games found new homes. It was like Christmas, only with less elves and more geeks.

Talking of elves and geeks, I rounded up five players for 13th Age. We ended up with three elves: an elf wizard, an wood elf ranger, and a dark elf sorcerer. Added to the party were a stalwart dwarven fighter and a halfling thief.

At the start of the game I had a good long think about why the group was together. Everyone had a positive icon relationship to the Dwarf King … except the halfling. The halfling had as his One Unique Thing (a neat 13th Age mechanic that lets you shape the world) that he could perfectly imitate a dwarf, and as a background had put 5 points into “I braved untold dangers to steal the Dwarf King’s favorite magical drinking tankard”. Wow – with a cool background like that, adventures just write themselves! So there they started, with the ‘heroes’ being bought in to find the Dwarf King’s missing tankard, and the halfling being bought in to the grand hall in chains.

The dwarf fighter Bristlebeard (as played by Stan!) had as his One Unique Thing that he was the Dwarf King’s body double. Not only did he turn up at official functions when it was too troublesome for the Dwarf King to attend, but he was the second dwarfiest dwarf alive. Naturally Bristlebeard was appointed party leader, with the elf wizard acting as ‘parole officer’ for the halfling.

The group set out to find the mysterious strangers to whom the halfling had sold the sacred tankard, and discovered (thanks to the wood elf ranger who had as a background “Famed Far And Wide As A Tracker [4 points]”) a trail leading northwards to the most northerly of dwarven forts. Worse, the tracks were of a small orc army.

Hitching a ride with the ladies of a dwarven ‘comfort wagon’ due to visit the fort (“Who can resist Bristlebeard’s charms? No dwarf woman – that’s for sure! [3 points]”) the party made quick time towards the fort, as the drow rode ahead on his beast (One Unique Thing: “I have a loyal giant battle tick”). The drow’s keen eyes spotted orcs in the fort, and worse the orcs had spotted them. The drow sorcerer rode back and the party came up with a plan … Bristlebeard and the drow would distract the orcs, while the wizard, ranger, and halfling rogue slip round the back of the fort.

I had the sneaking characters make some Icon Relationship rolls. Both the ranger and the wizard succeeded on rolls for their positive relationships with the Prince of Shadows. We decided that they had attempted to rob this fort in the past as a one-off job for the Prince of Shadows, each of them disguised and unaware of the other’s identity as part of an elaborate heist that didn’t quite work. Not only did they know the layout of the fort but they knew the best place to climb over the back wall.

Meanwhile Bristlebeard convinced the orcs that he was in fact the Dwarf King, and proceeded to moon them with his ‘second beard’. With the orcs distracted and terrified the sneak attack squad climbed in the back, and the halfling got to try out another neat part of 13th Age – “Fail Forward”. The halfling failed his climb roll so I gave him the option – succeed on climbing up but fall off the top of the wall into the courtyard, or climb up but get his coat stuck on a nail and have to free himself. He chose to fall face-first into the courtyard and down he went!

The orcs spun around to see the sneak attack squad getting into position, but before they could react the drow sorcerer charged forward on his riding tick. He hit two orcs with a blast of firey magic, and I pointed out to the player that he might want to use his racial special ability – drow are renowned for their cruelty. Laughing, the player added extra damage to his successful attack and sent orcs screaming off the palisade wall into the courtyard below. Then his tick climbed the fort’s defenses with the sorcerer on his back!

A ten-round fight followed, and I would spare you dear reader from the boring bits, except there weren’t any. In the next half hour the heroes made derring-do, buckled their swash, roared battle cries, and at one point the wood elf jumped sideways off the fort while firing his bow four times, John Woo style. 13th Age really has cool classes. Really cool.

The wood elf ranger was firing arrows, followed by more arrows, and then heck, some more arrows. The halfling was rolling around the place, stabbing and firing his bow. The dwarf stomped around the place, kicking crotches and falling into defensive stances. (He missed a lot, but hey, even when a dwarf fighter misses he can still kick real hard and drop back behind his shield). The elf wizard teleported around the place and put orcs to sleep. The sorcerer … he ‘sorcled’ the heck out of everything with fire and ice and lightning (from the back of a giant bug).

After the battle the party entered the still smoldering ruin of the fort’s forge to discover the Dwarf King’s magic tankard and a magic sword, around which the bodies of the slain dwarves of the fort were arranged in the pattern of a rune. With the sorcerer and the wizard blasting ice magic to make everything safe, Bristlebeard the dwarf rushed in to disrupt the ritual.

Alas, it didn’t work. A demon-thing erupted from the ground and the orcs arose as zombies. While all this was occurring, the drow sorcerer had fabulous magic powers revealed to him as he held aloft the magic sword and loudly proclaimed  “I have the power”. There was lightning, a ghostly castle appeared, and the drow’s giant riding tick gained armor.

Another furious battle followed, the dwarf holding the demon-thing at bay while the others fought the evil orc zombies and the sorcerer ‘bravely’ had his tick drag him out of combat and help him run away. It turned out that the whole thing was secretly a ploy by the drow to seize control of the sword that the dwarves had kept hidden in their obscure northern fort, a sword that he knew about because of his connections to the Prince of Shadows – and with that another playing piece was promoted in the great game between the Icons.

With grins around the table we called it a day. Drow are sneaky, halflings and dwarves rock, and elves channel the spirit of John Woo.

If all this sounds like a fantastically good time to you, pre-order 13th Age today.


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Get Some! Fantasy Warfare: The Legions of Rome Army List

RPGNow - Wed, 11/21/2012 - 19:44
 The Legions of Rome Army ListPublisher: Art of War Games

When the Legions where swept into the vortex that deposited them into this strange new world they had only the knowledge they carried with them inside their own heads. They could make or repair banded mail armor, gladius sword and pugio daggers, pilum javelins, spears, care and feeding of thier horses and how to build seige engines like the scorpion ballista and onager catapults from nothing but raw timber.

A Legion is an organization created for one thing, slaughter. It is a well oiled engine of destruction. At it's core are three lines of heavy infantry supported by light cavalry, archers, slingers, javelin armed scouts and lots of siege engines. It is meant for long campaigns and its legionnaires are a rough a tumble crowd or ill educated plebs led by the educated Patricians and kept in line by hard, disciplined Centurians.

Get Some! Fantasy Warfare is about getting your models out and playing an enjoyable wargame for a couple of hours with your buddies. It is NOT about WAAC (Winning at all Costs) but about designing an army that fits your collection and play style as well as the background for the Universe you are playing in. Tactics and Command should play the pivotal roles in the battel as well as a little bit of Luck and NOT pimped out units. Armies should be a mix of Melee, Ranged and Magical/Monsterous units. Each should check some of the power of the others in the rock, paper, scissors kind of way, which is similar to actual warfare.Above all remember the

GOLDEN RULE: When in doubt about a rule roll a d6 4+ you are right otherwise your opponent is right. Bottom Line, use some common sense when dealing with strange situations and don't be an A--hole.

Price: $1.00
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Catalyst and Hyper Hippo Productions to develop Leviathans Online

Catalyst Game Labs - Wed, 11/21/2012 - 19:20
The huge anticipation over online games in development for release in 2013 for the epic Shadowrun and BattleTech universes demonstrates that visually dynamic, story-driven realms wed fantastically with digital mediums. With the release of the years-in-development tactical combat game, Leviathans, … Continue reading →
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6 Orc Raiding Parties

RPGNow - Wed, 11/21/2012 - 18:32
6 Orc Raiding PartiesPublisher: Art of War Games

This PDF gives you 6 different realistic Orc Raiding Parties for your OGL games

Price: $1.00
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Killing Time

Paizo - Wed, 11/21/2012 - 18:00

Killing Time

by Dave Gross

Chapter Three: The Dead Prince

The intruder stepped out of the shadows. I stood, shocked by several simultaneous realizations.

Foremost was that he had employed magic to read my thoughts, thus causing my momentary dizziness and his echoing of my unspoken notion. My irritation with the Decemvirate paled in comparison to my outrage at the violation.

"You will never guess who I am." The intruder's voice was a sneer behind his golden mask.

Locking my gaze to his jaundiced eyes, I made a silent inventory of my weapons: riffle scrolls before me, the Shadowless Sword at my hip, and Arnisant at my feet. Yet for the moment, my most powerful weapon might be a sharp tongue. "Prince Kasiya of Osirion."

He choked. "How—?"

"You wear the funereal garb of the royal family of Osirion, with the addition of a few rather gaudy accessories." The latter caught my interest: the miniature chariot had to be a magical conveyance, and by the durable bindings—one crocodile hide, the other the skin of a large blue-skinned reptile—I inferred Kasiya's books contained arcana or similarly rare material. To my knowledge, Kasiya had not been a spellcaster when we last met. Of course, to his knowledge, neither had I.

"So my attire made it all too easy for you to guess my mortal identity. Still, you can hardly deduce the nature of my incredible return from death and entomb—"


"How could you possibly—?"

"You are smothered in the traditional burial ointments and herbs, yet not of sufficient quantity to disguise the stench of a ghoul or ghast. You are obviously tangible, so you cannot be a spectre, wraith, or ghost. You speak articulately, so your mental functions are no worse than they were in life. And let us be frank, Kasiya: You were never lich material."

"Prince Kasiya!" he sputtered, bloody flecks forming around the rim of his mask's mouth. He struck the table with such force that he left the impression of his fist in the mahogany. "You will address me as 'Your Highness.'"

As he raged, I slipped a pair of riffle scrolls into my coat pockets. I did the same again and put a third pair in my hands before he regained his composure.

"You are no longer a prince, Kasiya. You are a corpse, a carcass, a cadaver—a casing of dead flesh. You have sunk lower than the grave, become more common than dust. 'Kasiya' is too much name for you."

"You, a mere count, dare speak to me with such insolence? You should bow to the ground and grovel for mercy, for I have bided my time for decades, mastered the arts arcane, plotted every calculation for the singular purpose of—"

"Revenge." I yawned into my palm, holding the riffle scroll between my fingers like one of those loathsome cigars with which Radovan used to annoy me. It was, I thought, a rather good semblance of nonchalance—so long as Kasiya did not notice the trembling of my fingers. "Vengeance is the common motivation for your ilk."

"Again you say 'common'!?" Kasiya sputtered. "And my ilk?"

"Vampires are as susceptible to pride as... well, as susceptible as princes. Dead ones."

Kasiya raised a bandaged hand to trace a symbol in the air. I recognized the gesture as the beginning of an incendiary invocation. As he cupped his hands around a growing spark, I dropped a riffle scroll and snatched another from my pocket. Its pages snapped across my thumb. I felt the arcane tingling of my counterspell wash away his nascent fireball.

"Not in the library," I admonished him. While he glowered, I dropped the expended scroll and slipped another into my hand. "After all, you too were a Pathfinder, once."

Kasiya's halting breath gurgled and broke into such a repugnant sound that it took me a moment to recognize it as laughter. "You hide your fear well. I had forgotten that you too enjoy some excess of pride."



His words struck like a dash of cold water. Either Kasiya had been spying on me for hours, or else—

No, I refused to believe my artless Osirian nemesis had gulled me with an impersonation of a member of the inner circle. Besides, it was inconceivable that a vampire could infiltrate the Decemvirate. Or so I prayed.

"You mentioned revenge," said Kasiya, rising confidence in his voice. "Tell me, Chelaxian, what in your infernal empire is a fit punishment for a man who betrays a prince and leaves him for dead?"

"Your implied accusation is false on both counts."

"How do you mean 'false'?"

Kasiya's mask cannot hide the horror he's become.

"First, I did not leave you for dead; you were in fact dead. Second, I did not leave your remains; I returned them to your royal brother, whose noble hospitality I repaid by withholding the true account of your treachery."

"Enough," said Kasyia. "It is time to make you suffer."

"In that you have already succeeded with your tiresome posturing."

Kasiya lifted the blue-bound book hanging from his girdle. He twisted open the latch and revealed the contents. In an instant I recognized the weird writing and detestable illustrations.

"The Lacuna Codex!"

"Ah!" Humor returned to Kasiya's sepulchral voice. "At last I surprise you."

In the hands of a powerful wizard, the rituals contained in the Lacuna Codex could alter the course of history. They were weapons so dreadful that the last prince of Ustalav hesitated to unleash its powers, perishing at the hands of Tar-Baphon before the hero Arnisant finally sacrificed himself to imprison the Whispering Tyrant. After recovering the Codex from that prince's tomb, I entrusted it to the Decemvirate.

And now Kasiya had it.

"What do you think of me now, Count Jeggare? With such power in my grasp, do I still amuse you?"

"Read me a bit."


"Anywhere will do. Perhaps that caption under that rather disgusting illustration."

"You test my patience."

"Surely you can read ancient Thassilonian," I said. "If not, this tome is of no more use to you than to a blind beggar."

I raised a riffle scroll, but before I could place my thumb upon its edge, Kasiya leaped over the table and struck me full on the chest.

His icy hand pressed down upon my heart. I slapped the golden mask from his face.

Where once Kasiya's face had been a study in Osirian beauty, it was now a patchwork ruin. The brown skin, once lustrous, now resembled a patch of moldering leaves through which writhed livid worms. His teeth floated in his lumpish jaws, irregular except for the prominent fangs peculiar to blood-drinkers. As I watched, his crooked nose wriggled back into place after my strike had flattened it against his cheek.

Kasiya lashed out again, tearing open my shirt. There on my chest lay the outline of his hand, white fading to the natural hue of my flesh.

"You life essence should be mine. How—?"

I had an inkling of the answer, but the time for badinage had passed. "Arnisant!"

The hound did not stir from his place near my feet. For an instant I felt the panic of imagining he were dead, but his chest moved, and I heard the steady groan of his snore.

Kasiya let out another horrid gurgle. "Your pet will not wake until you are dead. When I have finished with you, I shall let him dine on your corpse."

I snapped a riffle scroll. Kasiya drew an eldritch sign to ward off my spell, but I had not aimed at him.

My magic peeled away the enchantment that kept Arnisant asleep. I pointed at Kasiya. "Arnisant, hands!"

With a scrabble of claws on the floor, Arnisant leaped. Kasiya grasped the hilt of his khopesh while fending off the dog with his empty hand. He shouted and drew back the hand, one finger short.

Kasiya slashed his khopesh toward Arnisant. The blade missed, but he pummeled the hound with the weapon's butt. Arnisant fell back, choking on the putrescent finger. He coughed it up, and the gray appendage dissolved into slime on the floor.

I dropped the expended scroll and drew the Shadowless Sword, thrusting at Kasiya's exposed face.

He fell back with inhuman speed, yet my swift blade scratched his cheek. Black ooze welled up on his mottled skin.

I struck again. He grabbed at my blade, but I withdrew before he could capture it in his unholy grip.

Kasiya retreated, but only one step. He whirled the khopesh above his head, bringing it down in a blinding arc. I stepped back scarcely in time to avoid destruction. The heavy blade splintered my chair.

I unleashed another riffle scroll. Its magic tingled through my sinews. Poised for another attack, Arnisant uttered a querulous whuffle as he felt the spell affect him too.

Kasiya flew toward us, but now Arnisant and I matched him in alacrity. The vampire's sword struck empty air where I had stood an instant earlier. Arnisant blurred behind Kasiya, harrying his heels.

I circled the table, attacking Kasiya's exposed face at every opportunity. His parries struck hard against my blade, but they were hasty—he still feared attacks to his face and eyes. He feinted a leap onto the table but turned instead to cut at Arnisant.

"Arnisant, out!" Kasiya's blade scored a shallow cut across the hound's hip as Arnisant ran back. I stabbed deep into Kasiya's ham. His lunge faltered, but he staggered forward, recovering as abominable energies repaired his severed ligaments.

I pressed the attack. Kasiya retreated into the library stacks. With his free hand, he swept books from the shelves. They crashed over me, the dust of decades blinding me.

The creaking of a high shelf alerted me to the danger I could no longer see. Pushing books through the nearest shelf, I snaked through the towering stack even as it fell upon its neighbor. The massive shelves cascaded one against the other as I rolled back toward the tables at the center of the room. I turned to witness the ruin of the windows as the last stack fell against them, shattering the stained glass.

Beyond the broken window, the pink of dawn colored the eastern sky.

I repressed the impulse to taunt Kasiya. He still had time to kill me, if I were careless. Taking another riffle scroll in hand, I watched the open window, ready to slow his escape with a frost spell. Nothing moved above the roiling dust. Instead, I heard a crackle of flames from the direction of the door.

Kasiya released the fireball. As it flew toward me, it grew from the size of a pea to the circumference of a pumpkin. I leaped for Arnisant, trying to knock the dog flat on the floor.

The blast swept us both across the room.

My head rang with the explosion of dust. Burning pages flapped around us like fiery birds landing on a charred beach.

Kasiya stood before the door, unperturbed by the explosion. Retrieving his mask, he favored me with an ugly, eel-like smile. "This is the first of your punishments, Count Jeggare. Do not dare to hope that it shall be the last."

As he spoke, his features melted. So too did his flesh and garments, dissolving into a greasy cloud that seeped beneath the crack of the repository door.

Scrabbling to my feet, I grabbed the door handle and pulled. Locked.

Heedless of the flames rising around me, I collected my satchel and as many of the materials as I could find in the wreckage of the table. Happily, the scroll I required was one of those I recovered in the debris. I discharged its magic to open the door and stepped out of the smothering smoke into the cool air of dawn.

The hue of "Fire!" rang across the grounds of the Grand Lodge. Servants and Pathfinders poured out of the nearest buildings. A few lugged buckets, demonstrating the efficiency with which they had learned the menial lessons taught to burgeoning Pathfinders—lessons that I, by virtue of my noble birth, had been spared.

"Venture-Captain, you are injured." Timon thrust his bucket into the arms of another man and produced a handkerchief to press against my temple. By his fearful grimace, I saw he was glad of any excuse not to approach the inferno.

I took the handkerchief, grateful for the gesture but uncomfortable at the touch of a servant.

A Pathfinder, I reminded myself. Timon was not always a servant. I shuddered to imagine myself set down so low, a humiliation I had experienced recently. A growing light from the sky arrested my attention.

Another fireball fell toward us. Illuminated in its glow, Kasiya rode upon his now full-sized chariot, drawn by a pack of flying saluki dogs. Beside me, Timon gasped but stood paralyzed by fear.

Frantic, I fumbled with my satchel, eyes searching for the right scroll. My fingers found it, my thumb pressing against its unbound edge, and the blaze engulfed me.

Coming Next Week: Blood and waves in the final chapter of Dave Gross's "Killing Time."

Enjoying this story so far? Check out even more adventures of Radovan and Varian in the new novel Queen of Thorns, available now!

Dave Gross's adventures of Radovan and Count Jeggare include the Pathfinder Tales novels Prince of Wolves, Master of Devils, and Queen of Thorns; the novellas "Husks" and "Hell's Pawns"; and the short stories "A Lesson in Taxonomy," "A Passage to Absalom," and "The Lost Pathfinder," all available at paizo.com/pathfindertales. He also co-wrote the Pathfinder Tales novel Winter Witch with Elaine Cunningham, and has written novels for the Forgotten Realms as well as short stories for such anthologies as Tales of the Far West and Shotguns v. Cthulhu. Dave is the former editor of magazines ranging from Dragon to Star Wars Insider to Amazing Stories, and is currently a writer for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

Illustration by Carlos Villa

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Black Friday 2012 bundle [BUNDLE]

RPGNow - Wed, 11/21/2012 - 17:54
Black Friday 2012 bundle [BUNDLE]Publisher: Point of Insanity Game Studio

Available now until the end of November.

 Afterpeak Adventures 1: Shadows in the City
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You thought you were going to have a nice relaxing evening at the tavern. Then out of nowhere an injured man came crashing through the door. Before you knew it a figure in black threw a firebomb into the tavern and tried to burn it down. There goes your relaxing evening...

Welcome to Shadows in the City, an introductory adventure in a multi-part series for the Afterpeak Systemless Setting. This adventure takes place in the city of Oshkosh, though it can easily be adapted to other locations. Someone has been murdering doctors and the town guard has asked you to help find out why. Will you catch the ones responsible for this dastardly deed? Or will the guilty go unpunished? Choose wisely, because scores of innocent lives will be saved or taken based on your a...

 Afterpeak Adventures 2: Grave Danger
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The Conspiracy continues! You may have brought the ones responsible for killing the city's doctors to justice but now the mysterious Servants of Chaos have turned their attention to the city's religious leaders. Clerics of every faith have been found murdered and the city council has asked you to investigate. One question looms in your mind: why go after pastors and preachers? Are these acts of random violence or are the murders a part of a much greater plan?


 Afterpeak Adventures 3: Blight
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A hero's work is never done...

The Servants of Chaos, a mysterious cult dedicated to evil and destruction, have recently caused problems in your city. First they attempted to kill off the city's doctors. Then they went after the religious leaders. Then they sent a horde of undead. But as the city starts to recover a new danger arises. A contagious disease has swept through your community and claimed many lives. To make matters worse the team that was sent to a nearby community to bring back a cure has not returned. Once again the city council has asked for your help. In this wilderness advenutre for mid-level charcters you will embark on what should be a simple fetch quest. But in the life of a hero nothing is ever simple, right?


 Afterpeak Systemless Setting
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The naysayers were right...oil wells the world over have gone dry and civilization has collapsed into chaos. But from the ruins of war a new world is born. Magic is now humanity's ally as he seeks to rebuild the world that technology destroyed. Afterpeak is a Systemless Setting designed for use with any role playing game. It combines aspects of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and the Post Apocalypse genres without being confined by the stereotypes of these styles of play. Afterpeak includes information on gaming in this new world, a new system of magic to integrate into your campaign, supplemental material for the MADS role playing game, and dozens of new monsters to throw at your players. Do you dare enter the World of Afterpeak?

Please note: This is the only official version ...

 MADS Role Playing Game
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Have you ever wondered who has the toughest warrior? Or if your paladin with his magic sword can survive an encounter with a hostile alien horde? Care to see how your archmage would fair against a comic book supervillian?

MADS is a role playing game that can answer that question and many others. As a character conversion system it doesn't take a character from system A and convert it into a character from system B. Rather, it is designed to take the characters from system A and system B and convert them to the MADS system. MADS also includes its own character generation rules, guidelines for creating new skills and spells, and tips on how to use MADS in you gaming sessions. Best of all, your other game books do not become obsolete, as MADS is meant to supplement your favorite sy...

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Deathwatch: The Outer Reach

RPGNow - Wed, 11/21/2012 - 17:13
 The Outer ReachPublisher: Fantasy Flight Games

For as long as mankind has sailed the void of the Jericho Reach, it has been a place of danger and mystery. Evil slumbers in the forgotten places between the stars, and only the Deathwatch can stand before it.

The Outer Reach is an exciting supplement for Deathwatch! Revealing the secret dangers that lurk in the darkness between the stars, The Outer Reach gives players and GMs never-before-seen access to the enigmatic Dead Cabal, a mysterious circle of warrior-scholars who have devoted their lives to fathoming the unfathomable. What’s more, this arcane tome presents the lost history of the arrogant and merciless Necrons of the Suhbekhar dynasty, and it offers the latest intelligence regarding their horrifically imminent return. All this, along with details on various Suhbekhar warriors, in-depth looks at the worlds beyond the reach of the Achilus Crusade, and scores of useful plot hooks, makes The Outer Reach an invaluable addition to any Deathwatch library.

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Legends of Steel Barbarians of Lemuria and Dicey Tales [BUNDLE]

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Legends of Steel Barbarians of Lemuria and Dicey Tales [BUNDLE]Publisher: Evil DM Productions

 Dicey Tales #1
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Dicey Tales is a periodical that features articles supporting the Barbarians of Lemuria (BoL) roleplaying game. Our goal is to expand the reach of BoL beyond Sword & Sorcery into the full realm of the pulps. Every issue features official expansions of the BoL rules allowing the system to encompass all of the various genres of pulp adventure- Two-fisted adventure, Western, Outer Space, Lost World, and many more.

Issue #1 of Dicey Tales launches our two-part foray into the classic adventure pulps. With this issue of Dicey Tales the world of daredevils, soldiers of fortune, occult investigators and cloaked crime-fighters will now be fully incorporated into the BoL system.

New "Adventure Pulp" Character generation rulesNew CareersNew BoonsNew FlawsNew rules for...

 Dicey Tales #2
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Dicey Tales is a periodical that features articles supporting the Barbarians of Lemuria (BoL) roleplaying game. Our goal is to expand the reach of BoL beyond Sword & Sorcery into the full realm of the pulps. Every issue features official expansions of the BoL rules allowing the system to encompass all of the various genres of pulp adventure- Two-fisted adventure, Western, Outer Space, Lost World, and many more.

Issue #2 of Dicey Tales continues our two-part foray into the classic adventure pulps. With this issue of Dicey Tales we have included a pulp bestiary, information on enhancing "contacts" for your pulp campaign, and several new Boons and Flaws. In addition, we have also included a 1930's pulp adventure and two Sword & Sorcery adventures.

All offi...

 Legends of Steel - Barbarians of Lemuria Edition
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Evil DM Productions has teamed up with Beyond Belief Games to bring you Legends of Steel - Barbarians of Lemuria Edition. Now you will be able to adventure in the Sword & Sorcery world of Erisa with heroes created using the highly acclaimed and innovative engine from The Barbarians of Lemuria RPG.

The Legends of Steel campaign setting together with the Barbarians of Lemuria rules engine, promises to be the quintessential "rules light" Sword & Sorcery RPG package

Legends of Steel: Barbarians of Lemuria Edition will include the complete Barbarians of Lemuria rules and the complete Legends of Steel campaign world. with additional material such as:


New Boons New Flaws New Careers A Bestiary of Erisa Two ready to play ad...

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