TITechCorp Flyer #6

RPGNow - Fri, 05/25/2018 - 23:23
TITechCorp Flyer #6Publisher: Tiger Paw Press

Are you tired of your agents having inferior weapons?

Tired of your lackeys falling like flies to the superheroes of the world?

Tired of those dim witted Until agents having better equipment than your agents?


Then you have come to the right place here at TITechCorp we are dedicated to creating the best weapons, armor and other equipment money can buy.


So stop by today and pick up the latest blaster or force belt and get a jump on those pesky do-gooders.


And remember your satisfaction is guaranteed or we won’t see you again.


Small list of equipment to add to your Champions campaign includes Hero Designer files.

Price: $1.99
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N.O.W. The Modern Action Roleplaying Game v1.2

RPGNow - Fri, 05/25/2018 - 20:55
N.O.W. The Modern Action Roleplaying Game v1.2Publisher: EN Publishing

[Download a 12-page preview!]


  • Elite spies fight ninjas on snow-covered rooftops.
  • Martial-artists perform incredible chi-powered feats.
  • Technology-laden burglars infiltrate wealthy corporations.
  • Mutants with extra-ordinary powers hide themselves from the public.
  • Soldiers of fortune help those who cannot help themselves.
  • Dark vigilantes prowl the night, hunting cowardly criminals.
  • Artificially enhanced operative work deep behind enemy lines.
  • Rugged explorers uncover ancient ruins and long-lost treasures.
  • Lone crusaders investigate crimes where the authorities cannot.

Play a secret agent, a weary investigator, an elite hacker, or a shadowy ninja. Are you a roving reporter, a kung-fu expert, or a weathered soldier? Dozen of modern careers await you!

This roleplaying game allows you to create and run adventures in any modern setting, from the late 1800s to the 21st century.

  • Four heritages (Human, Mutant, Augmented, and Chosen) and dozens of careers from lawyers to ninjas which allow you to create any modern character with a fun, intuitive life-path system.
  • A wide variety of modern equipment, from the weapons of WW2 to the high-tech gadgets of secret agents. Drive an Aston Martin DB5, brandish a Magnum .45, or use an experimental jetpack. 
  • Full rules for running the game, including fast but tactical combat, environments, and extended martial arts and vehicle rules.
  • Extensive guidelines for building your own contemporary game setting, including rules of creating careers, foes, and more, with discussions concerning genre, themes and technology.

Whether you're an elite team operating undercover, a military unit, a group of vampire hunters, or apocalyptic survivors, N.O.W. has you covered!

This is a What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. core rulebook.

Price: $10.00
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GURPS Classic: Undead

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 UndeadPublisher: Steve Jackson Games
You're Dead, So Now What?

Get GURPS Undead, the complete "book of the dead" for GURPS!

Undead covers everything from subtle hauntings to undead necromancers, from Gothic vampires to the brain-eating zombies of the B-movies. Inside you'll find a history of the undead, guidelines for creating your own undead (including animals, plants, microbes, and even vehicles), and a dozen classic undead archetypes with variants and sample characters. You'll also get extensive advice on how to use the undead dramatically as scenery, plot devices, monsters, villains, or heroes. In addition, Undead features discussions of many related topics, including tombs, death gods, embalming, funerary rites, grave robbery, necromancy, pathology, souls, the afterlife, spells, symbolism, and more. In short, everything you need to inject new life into your undead.

What are you waiting for? Life is short . . .

Price: $7.99
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The AADA Vehicle Guide Volume 2

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The AADA Vehicle Guide Volume 2Publisher: Steve Jackson Games
Know Your Enemy . . . Again!

Technology does not stand still. New models, new configurations of familiar models, and new vehicle accessories continue to revolutionize the field of autoduelling. For this reason, the AADA has chosen to publish The AADA Vehicle Guide Volume 2. This handy guide includes:

  • Over 130 more Car Wars vehicle designs – each fully described and illustrated
  • Over 100 options, and in-depth guidelines for customizing your own
  • Stats for Sedan and Camper body types
  • Comprehensive index of Car Wars vehicles, from the first ADQ to The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide, Volume Four: Australia

With this guide, you can once more keep the pedal to the pavement and your finger on the trigger. Stay safe!

Price: $4.99
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Hail the Gauntlet!

Paizo - Fri, 05/25/2018 - 19:00

Hail the Gauntlet!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Thank you to everyone who donated to Paizo's 2018 team for the Gauntlet charity tournament. Team Paizo fought hard in Tak, but a catastrophic Valeria round tumbled us towards the bottom, and we clawed our way back up to 11th, and almost as high as 8th, with an awesome performance on the final Puzzle Hunt round. Thanks to all of you, including an incredible last-minute donation over $1,000, we also unlocked an astonishing number of blog segments revealing further secrets about previously blogged classes. This will be a monster-length blog, so strap in for a long ride!

Fighter Combos: Randyll and Solveig

Luis Loza

I've always been a big fan of martial characters, which was fully solidified by one of my favorite characters, who happened to be a fighter. One of the big things I love about the fighter in Pathfinder is his ability to do just about anything in combat. With the right set of feats, a fighter can be anything from a typical sword and shield-wielding knight, to a spear master who leaps across the battlefield to defend his allies, to a light-footed master of the rapier. When I got a chance to join one of the playtest games here in the office, my first thought was to put this new fighter to the test. A lot of it felt the same, as the fighter was gaining lots of feats, but it turns out there was much more to the fighter this time around.

The Fighter Class Preview previewed several fighter feats and class features, but one thing it didn't mention was fighters' ability to string together attacks to make powerful combinations. They do this through abilities that let them Fan attack or press the offensive—abilities with the open trait must come before any other attacks, and those with the press trait must come after you've already made an attack. Fighters can also enter stances, which are one of the most common types of open abilities, and grant various powerful benefits for the duration of the encounter or until you enter another stance. A bastard sword switch-hitter can appreciate the debuff potential of following up an Intimidating Strike (which is neither an open nor a press ability) with Shatter Defenses, a press ability that stacks various penalties on an intimidated foe, or Combat Grab, a press ability that uses your open hand to grab a foe and simultaneously attack with the weapon in the other hand. Between those options and your ability to make your opponents flat-footed with critical hits, you can significantly reduce the AC of monsters so your lower-accuracy allies can take them down. With all of these new abilities in mind, I created my first fighter, Randyll. He was a master of the bastard sword with a penchant for yelling and rushing into combat. He would use the versatility of his bastard sword to his advantage, switching between a one-handed grip and a two-handed grip to use whichever feat was best for the situation, granting him a surprising amount of versatility.

Unfortunately, due to his recklessness, Randyll was not long for Golarion. In his place, I created Solveig, an Ulfen shield maiden entirely dedicated to defending her allies. She's fared even better. A shield fighter with a flail is all about careful tactical placement on the battlefield. If you're standing in the right spot, you can block for your allies with Shield Warden, and the flail critical specialization effect of knocking enemies prone can keep enemies right where you want them, even on an open battlefield. With Shielded Stride, you can even Stride at half speed with your shield up, ignoring reactions that trigger off your movement. The Shield Paragon stance is an open ability that gives you the benefit of a raised shield for the rest of the battle, an extremely powerful advantage. Solveig is a complete shift from Randyll's combat style. Her movement is calculated and her defense is unmatched (at least by the rest of the party!). By the time she had avoided close to 10 attacks in a row, I was in love with the fighter. I had found that same feeling that I had in Pathfinder First Edition and I could tell that there were so many possibilities with different weapons, armor types, and of course, all the new fighter feats. But there are so many amazing feats—how can your fighter take all the ones he wants? And how do you make sure you have the one you need for the day's adventure? The fighter's 9th-level Flexibility feat grants a different feat each day, and that increases to two flexible feats with Improved Flexibility at 15th level. This also means that, counting those two flexible feats, fighters have the most class feats in the game! Let me just say that playing the fighter in the playtest has only further solidified my love for the class. The fighter is awesome and continues to be awesome in Pathfinder Second Edition. In fact, if I were told I could play only fighters for the duration of the playtest, I would be happy. There's so much the fighter can do that I don't see myself running out of ideas any time soon!

Cleric Domains of the Mox Gauntlet

Andrew White

Thanks so much to everyone who helped us get this far! Your generosity is hugely appreciated, and we did our best to represent you accordingly at this weekend's showdown. And as a special reward to those of you who made your donations in the name of Team Cleric, here's a sneak peek at more of what's coming for everyone's favorite energy channelling, undead-neutralizing, wound-healing bludgeon enthusiasts!

If the Mox Gauntlet was a deity, what domains would it have? A gauntlet is a symbol of Might, the donations are a form of Wealth, the charity this year helps Families, and each year there's usually a final round shrouded in Secrecy. So let's talk about the domain powers that a cleric of the Gauntlet might be able to cast. The Cleric Class Preview already included unity, but the Family domain also has the basic power soothing words, which dispels emotion effects on a target; this is actually extremely strong because as a power, it's always heightened to your highest possible level. This means it's quite tricky to keep up emotion effects on a Family cleric's allies, and you'll probably never need to prepare remove fear. Might has two options that are really good for heavily armored and high-Strength clerics. The basic power athletic exploit lets you ignore your armor's check penalty and movement speed reduction when you really need to, and enduring might is a reaction that reduces damage based on your Strength modifier and your cleric level. The Secrecy domain has forced quiet, which limits the target's voice to a hoarse whisper, making it much harder to raise an alarm. Even a successful save against forced quiet still affects the target for 1 round (though the effect might last as long as 10 minutes on a critical failure!). Secrecy's advanced domain power, safeguard secret, has a 1-minute casting time but thereafter grants you and all willing allies in range an enormous conditional bonus to skill checks (almost always Deception) to conceal a specific secret you pick, and to saving throws against spells that seek to ferret out that specific secret. These benefits last indefinitely until you use the spell again. Finally, Wealth's basic power, acquisitive's fortune, is sure to make you popular with every business owner in the city and with allies who like to make money during downtime. Once cast, it allows the target to reroll any critical failure on their check to Perform a Trade in the next 24 hours. As the name implies, it's a fortune effect. The domain's advanced power, money talks, allows you to substitute coin currency for any sort of cost with a value measured in monetary value. So for instance, if you needed a vase worth 100 gp, you could just use 100 gp. This is particularly handy when you're away from a settlement and suddenly need a bizarre item for a cost that you wouldn't have thought to bring along; the Wealth cleric has you covered.

The Rogue's Hidden Tricks

Katina Davis

Although I'm not particularly stealthy in real life, I've always enjoyed rogues and their stealthy ways because I figured they were most like how I would actually behave in an adventure setting. Instead of barreling headfirst into a fight and counting on being able to chug a bunch of potions afterward, the rogue is more calm, calculated, and precise. What's the point in drawing attention (and attacks) to yourself when you can tiptoe in, get the job done, and sneak away unscathed? Never let your opponents know how strong you are, and they will always underestimate you.

Even after the Rogue Class Preview, the rogue was hiding some of her sneakiest tricks. What did you expect? One thing about the rogue that's different than in Pathfinder First Edition is the rogue's focus on slippery mental defenses. In addition to the Cognitive Loophole feat mentioned in her preview blog, the rogue gains the slippery mind ability, which makes her a master at Will saves. Add in double debilitation, the ability to apply two debilitations to a foe at once, and you have a good sense of the rogue's odd-level features. But there are so many feats still hiding in the shadows. While the first blog focused on ways to get sneak attack, the rogue also has some fun ways to play with the action economy, including drawing and attacking with a weapon as a single action, or Stepping and Striking at a -1 penalty with the same action (in either order, perfect for flanking, entering reach, or forcing your foe to take an action to reach you). The rogue also has a pair of feats that allow her to poison weapons more easily, keep her poisons from being wasted, and create a bunch of doses of a very simple poison for free each day (this also works great with an alchemist on the team to make some really powerful poison for free every day). For those interested in traps, you can gain Trap Finder, which makes finding even the most devious traps easier and protects you against them, and Delay Trap, which can give you the time you need to escape the area when you accidentally set off a trap. However, unlike in Pathfinder First Edition, engaging with traps as a rogue is your choice.

All right, those feats were cool, but what about some high-level options? Sense the Unseen is a reaction you can use when you Seek that lets you automatically learn the location of unseen creatures in the area, no matter how well they were hidden. You still can't see them, but it's a good start! Cloud Step allows you to step so lightly that you are essentially weightless when you are Striding, allowing you to walk over water or air and avoiding pressure plates until you finish moving. Perfect Distraction allows you to use smoke and mirrors, decoys, and other tactics to make it seem like you are somewhere you aren't, perfect for leaving a decoy right after you hide. If you have Legendary Deception, you can even gain Reactive Distraction and use the decoy as a reaction to avoid an enemy's attack or other ability. Afterward, it takes a bit of time to set up your next decoy, but it's worth it! Trickster's Ace lets you jury-rig magic item resonance and stolen magical energy to set up your own magical contingency each day, similar to the spell. And finally, Hidden Paragon lets you go completely invisible, even beyond the sight of true seeing, see invisibility and the like and impossible to outline with even glitterdust, faerie fire, or similar magic!

Take That, Evil!

Mark Seifter

The Paladin Class Preview was centered around alignment and the paladin code, with some extra helpings of spells, healing, and defenses, but there's more to paladin options than that. Sometimes you just want to put on your Gauntlet and beat evil down. So, this section is all about offense. Retributive Strike, first mentioned in the paladin blog, is a good way to add onto your damage while enfeebling enemies that dare to attack your allies, and all paladins have access to it at 1st level. Another ability all paladins receive is the righteous ally, a holy spirit that assists you from 3rd level on. There are three righteous allies to choose from (and you can take the Second Ally feat to gain another): blade, shield, and mount. Naturally, the blade righteous ally is the most offense-focused of the three, inhabiting your weapon (which you are free to change each day), and giving it the benefits of a property rune for the whole day. This starts with some simple properties like disrupting and ghost touch, but you can use feats to gain the benefits of more powerful runes; for instance, you can make your weapon dancing, allowing the spirit in your blade to attack on its own. The first major blade righteous ally feat is Blade of Justice, which is parallel to the Pathfinder First Edition paladin's smite evil—you declare a target to face judgment and deal extra damage to evil foes. Although Blade of Justice deals less damage than smite evil, it can be used as many times as you like as long as you have the actions for it. And the real kicker is that this extra damage is good damage, which means that creatures like fiends that are weak against good abilities are going to take a lot more damage.

Speaking of how offense-focused paladins can wreck fiends, there's also Aura of Faith, a feat that makes nearby good allies' first attacks each turn deal 1 extra good damage against evil creatures (and of course, this can become quite a bit higher when applying a fiend's weakness!). But there's also a smiting ability every paladin gets that can ruin a fiend's day. Holy Smite deals persistent good damage equal to your Charisma modifier to evil creatures you hit with any Retributive Strike, which can apply extra damage round after round if the creature has a weakness to good. Instrument of Zeal is the last in the series of badass offensive abilities for the blade righteous ally: when you score a critical hit with your weapon, either with a Retributive Strike or against your Blade of Justice target, you gain an additional die of damage and the target is slowed 1 on its next turn, which can put it in a really tight spot! There's another fun way every paladin can increase a party's offense, particularly if the group stands in a tactical formation. Aura of justice is a class feature all paladins get that allows you to take a penalty to any Retributive Strike in order to allow all allies within 10 feet and in reach of the monster to make Retributive Strikes of their own! If you find your group often uses this to create a mega-chain reaction, you can later take the Aura of Vengeance feat to remove that extra penalty when you use aura of justice.

Behold the Gauntlet!

The Gauntlet is a powerful magic item fought over by champions since ages long past. We will now reveal the powers of the Gauntlet in a Pathfinder Playtest-compatible form. Behold, the Gauntlet!

The Gauntlet Item 18





Price 24,000 gp

Method of Use worn, gloves; Bulk L

Activation [[A]][[A]] Operate Activation

This mighty adamantine gauntlet was forged by the legendary artisans of Mox from the Card Kingdom and is inscribed with hidden runes of great power. The Gauntlet boosts your might and enhances your strategy to a razor's edge. You gain a +5 item bonus to Athletics checks and Warfare Lore checks. When you invest the Gauntlet, you either increase your Strength score by 2 or increase it to 18, whichever would give you a higher score.

While wearing the Gauntlet, you gain a +2 conditional bonus to damage rolls on unarmed attacks against minotaurs.

When you activate the Gauntlet, you slam the ground, creating the same effects as an 8th-level earthquake.

While you have invested the Gauntlet, if anyone offers you a challenge for the Gauntlet and the challenge is fair, you must accept that challenge, though you can finish any life-threatening or time-critical task before doing so. Once someone has won the Gauntlet from you in a challenge, you must wait 1 year before you can challenge them again to regain the Gauntlet. If the Gauntlet is stolen, sold, traded, looted from a corpse, or obtained in any way other than being won in a fair challenge, it vanishes instead, perhaps returning to the vaults of Mox.

A Familiar Disguise

Mark Seifter

Familiars, the traditional fuzzy friends of wizards and witches, are extremely popular in Pathfinder, especially among those who are fans of animals or cute things. While many classes gained access to familiars in later books, including the archetypes I wrote for Familiar Folio (my first-ever author credit for Paizo), plenty of characters have access to familiars from the outset of Pathfinder Second Edition's playtest. Not only can wizards take a feat to gain a familiar even if they also have an arcane bond, but alchemists can also gain an alchemically created familiar, and druids can gain a leshy familiar. But the most surprising and awesome feature might send our fans who love both gnomes and familiars (hmm, who could that be?) into a spiral of gnomes: there is a gnome ancestry feat to gain a familiar regardless of your class.

So enough about who can get familiars—how do they work? As someone who loves building familiars and getting exactly the type of animal that fits my concept, I was sometimes stymied when my ability to choose a familiar was locked behind how many low-power creatures that would be useful mostly only as familiars could be fit into the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary schedule. In the playtest, you won't have to wait for Bestiary 5 to have a flying fox. Familiars have always been magical creatures forever altered by your magic, so why not capitalize on that to allow for more variety and flexibility than ever before?

In the playtest's familiar system, you get to pick from a variety of powers that either allow the familiar to gain special abilities, like flight or speech (yes, you can have a talking cat, or a talking winged cat) or that grant special benefits to you, including extra spells and delivering your touch spells at a distance. You can normally swap those powers each day as part of your daily preparations, which allows you some awesome flexibility for your familiar, though a familiar that would naturally have any of these special abilities (like an owl's flight) always has that ability locked in. So if you need your rabbit to be able to swim for the next day's adventure, you can do that, or you can grant your leshy wings of flower blossoms. For the playtest, we started with around 10 different powers, but I imagine the list will expand over time and we might create feats for familiar-friendly characters to gain more powers than usual or to unlock particularly strong powers.

So we know about powers, but what about a familiar's base statistics? Your familiar uses your full saving throw modifiers and AC, with a set 4 HP per level, so it has better defenses than familiars had before. Familiars are adept at Perception, Acrobatics, and Stealth, counting as trained characters of your level and adding your spellcasting key ability modifier (this isCharisma if you have only innate spells, like the aforementioned gnome non-spellcaster). For other skills, they have the modifier of an untrained character of your level, meaning that after a few levels, their skills are far beyond what a simple animal could achieve.

Whew, that was an epic-length blog. Thanks again to everyone who donated to the Gauntlet to support Wellspring in their efforts to assist the homeless, and if you liked how much content was in this blog, be sure to post and thank all the donors as well!

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Calculated Risks Episode S2E5: Dying to Get Out

RPGNow - Fri, 05/25/2018 - 18:34
 Dying to Get OutPublisher: Aegis Studios

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 5 of Calculated Risks, in which we play Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition!

IN THIS EPISODE: The party must overcome a crypt full of zombies, Anu's decaying Uncle, and Gurius's ennui.

Rarities of the Realms NOW IN PRINT:http://www.dmsguild.com/product/216245/Rarities-of-the-Realms

Xanathar's Extraordinary Vault NOW IN PRINT: http://www.dmsguild.com/product/237842/Xanathars-Extraordinary-Vault

MONSTERS OF THE GUILD: http://www.dmsguild.com/product/234150

Rangers of Ghelspad: /product/241262/Rangers-of-Ghelspad
Master of the Scaled: /product/241587/Master-of-the-Scaled

Bob's latest release: Magicka Serrella - A Book of Magic http://www.dmsguild.com/product/240170/Magicka-Serrella--A-Book-of-Magic

Dungeon Tales #2 is seeking DMs Guild adventures! If you are a creator of color, a female creator, or an LGBTQ creator WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Send an inquiry to newdungeonadventures (at) gmail (dot) com

Dungeon Tales #1 is NOW AVAILABLE at http://www.dmsguild.com/product/239004/Dungeon-Tales-1

A Fistful of Coppers is now an ELECTRUM BEST SELLER on DMsGuild at http://www.dmsguild.com/product/234947/A-Fistful-of-Coppers

Starring: Alina Popescu, Mihai Suteu, R.P. Davis

Gamemaster: Travis Legge
Associate Producer: Corey Frang
Executive Producer: Steve Heiden

If you prefer video, you can watch the episode on YouTube below! Please be sure to like, comment, share & subscribe!

This episode is set as Pay What You Want. If you like what you hear, and would like to help us make more of these, please consider dropping a few coins (or dollars) into purchasing this episode. You can also support future episodes of this show while getting sneak peeks and other perks by supporting Travis Legge on Patreon!

Price: $0.00
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Back to the Dungeon!

AEG - Fri, 05/25/2018 - 17:56

Response to Thunderstone Quest has been phenomenal. It currently has an 8.3 rating on BoardGameGeek. It received three Top 20 placements in the BGG Most Anticipated poll.

Since Rewards from the Kickstarter were delivered around the world we’ve received a constant stream of questions about how to join the adventure.

We’re extremely pleased to announce that Thunderstone Quest is returning to Kickstarter in June. The next Kickstarter will feature the most requested new feature from the first Kickstarter: Solo/Co-Op rules which feature all new ways to defeat the Guardians before they destroy the Village. It will also feature the 6th Quest, What Lies Beneath. And for those who missed the first Kickstarter but are ready to strap on their swords and wands the Champion Reward will return for new Backers as well!

Over the next several weeks we’ll be sharing with you more information about the Kickstarter including the specific date and time it will launch, more details about the Solo / Co-Op system, and new cards from What Lies Beneath.

A few questions we can answer right now:

YES! Epic Thunderstone will be supported by the new content, and the Epic Add-on for the Champion Reward will be available in the Kickstarter.

YES! You’ll be able to buy more Premium Sleeves to keep your cards protected.

YES! The Champion Reward will be identical to the Champion Reward in the first Kickstarter.

YES! We will make the Solo/Co-Op Rules available as a PDF on the Thunderstone Quest website.

We are looking forward to rejoining our friends from the first Kickstarter and adding many new companions in June!

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[Fate Core]Improbable Tales: Helicarrier Heist

RPGNow - Fri, 05/25/2018 - 17:37
 Helicarrier HeistPublisher: Fainting Goat Games

Who doesn’t love a helicarrier?

The venerable flying fortress has become one of the most iconic settings within superhero media. Whirling turbines, tons of armed troops, and the constant peril of crashing to earth make a helicarrier into an ideal setting for a superhero game.

In this adventure, the heroes infiltrate the flying HQ of a super-science criminal organization.

Their mission will be to steal a dire world-ending device and escape without getting caught. (So, essentially, this scenario is the last act of a superhero heist movie. The fun part - where everything goes sideways.)

Helicarrier Heist is a short scenario, designed to be played in an evening or two. Included are several pre-gen characters to get the action started quickly.

This adventure is complete in itself - but does contain some references to the setting in the Super Villains Handbook.

Price: $2.99
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La Toile

RPGNow - Fri, 05/25/2018 - 16:32
La ToilePublisher: Cliff Hanger

Des décès soudains se multiplient ayant pour seul point commun de frapper des personnes ayant servies de modèle à un peintre talenteux quoiqu'obscur.

Saurez vous comprendre ce qui se trame et éviter le pire ?

Price: $0.00
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May 25, 2018: Announcements For September

Steve Jackson Games - Fri, 05/25/2018 - 16:29
September is going to be chock-full of big releases, including a spin on a classic, a new edition of a veteran in our lineup, a classic reprint, and a brand-new dexterity game. Let's get into it! Munchkin Side QuestsMunchkin Side Quests

Take the scenic route with a new way to play any Munchkin game! 

When you need a short detour from the business of killing monsters and betraying your friends, try Munchkin Side Quests! This 30-card expansion can be added to any of your Munchkin games, and it's illustrated by Ian McGinty (who has previously drawn for the Munchkin Collectible Card Game and Munchkin Magical Mess). Get secret in-game goals that you can complete to cash in for a reward AND, just maybe, surprise everyone with a new way to win the game! IlluminatiIlluminati

The classic game of conspiracies gets an update and face lift!

Illuminati was an instant hit when it was released in 1982 and won the Origins Award for Best Science Fiction Boardgame. It has been Steve Jackson's signature title ever since.

This second edition updates some references and gives a pulpy, graphical revamp courtesy of Lar DeSouza (Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition, Munchkin Collectible Card Game).  Two to six players compete to take control of groups ranging from the FBI and CIA to the Dentists, increasing their wealth and power for further takeovers, until one rules supreme. Every player has different victory conditions! No ploy is too devious, no stratagem too low, as you scheme your way to victory. Blob LobberBlob Lobber

Lob gobs of blobs!

Blob Lobber is a fast-paced card game for 2 to 4 players where players take turns flinging Blob cards. If your card lands with a Bomb showing, you claim all the enemy Blobs beneath it . . . but if more Blobs turn up, your opponents may be able to Bomb more Blobs than you! Grab your friends and lob some cards! SPANCSPANC

SPANC is back in print, just in time for the 10th anniversary! Life is good when you're a Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirl. Enjoy a life of larceny and mayhem as you embark on one Caper after another. Defeat every challenge the galaxy throws at you, from the Friendly Guard Puppies all the way to the Fiendish Death Trap. Pick up Toys (and the occasional Poolboy), grab more Loot than anyone else, and watch your tail . . . because the other catgirls want what you've got!   Lovingly illustrated by Phil Foglio, SPANC is a fast-paced card game of space pirates, amazons, ninja, and catgirls. All at once.

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Learn The Ropes As A Swashbuckler!

Learn some of the ropes of the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game – or teach a new player – while you're having an adventure! Pyramid #3/104: Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game contains "Trapped in the Living Tomb," a complete, ready-to-play solo adventure. Here, you'll uncover the secrets of a strange predicament . . . or die trying! This issue also features more goodies to help you prepare for your crypt-crawling career. Download it today at Warehouse 23.
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The Mecha Hack

RPGNow - Fri, 05/25/2018 - 15:55
The Mecha HackPublisher: Absolute Tabletop

Please Note: The Mecha Hack has everything you need to play! This game is based on The Black Hack, but it’s a full, standalone game, and does not require any additional products in order to use.

Suit up with The Mecha Hack!

If you’re a fan of Gundam, Robotech, Pacific Rim, BattleTech, or Transformers, this is the rules-lite robot RPG you’ve been waiting for.

The Mecha Hack is a tabletop roleplaying game of titanic warmachines and their intrepid pilots, made with The Black Hack.

The Mecha Hack is fast, fluid, and fun, with a focus on cinematic, narrative gameplay inspired by anime and other mecha properties. Inside this A5-sized, 40-page book, you’ll find the complete Mecha Hack ruleset; four mecha chassis and four pilot archetypes; over a dozen add-on modules for your unique mecha; GM tools and mission generators; more than 30 enemy statblocks; printable monsters, mechs, and objects; and so much more!

  • Jump into a full, standalone mecha RPG with everything you need to run a variety of missions – from all-out war, to stealthy skirmishes, to base defense, and more.

  • Overcome challenges with a speedy and simple d20 roll-under resolution mechanic.

  • Form-fillable character sheet PDF and printable A-stand paper miniatures included!

  • Build your own unique mecha by choosing your chassis, pilot, and modules.

  • Customize your mecha with tons of add-on options: weapons, armor, and consumables.

  • Battle more than 30 unique enemies, including hostile mecha, monstrous kaiju, enemy factions, and more.

  • Capture the tone of the super robot genre like never before with simple rules for overheating reactors, supporting allies, and tactical combat with cover and difficult terrain.

  • Prep games in minutes using the robust GM tools with mission generators and sample challenges.

  • Discover the mini-setting of Lodestar Alpha – a war-torn world of the far future.

  • Enjoy gorgeous, thematic art by Brandish Gilhelm of Runehammer Games.

Build your mecha. Form a fireteam. Drop into the combat zone.

It’s time to suit up, pilots.

Price: $6.95
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"I Can't Go To PaizoCon 2018" Survivors Kit [BUNDLE]

RPGNow - Fri, 05/25/2018 - 15:37
Publisher: Little Red Goblin Games
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Alternate Paths: Divine Characters 2- Odd Gods
Regular price: $6.39
Bundle price: $0.87
Format: PDF
The Sequel You Have Been Praying For! Alternate Paths: Divine Characters has a sequel! This time dive into a plethora of odd gods, weird and wonderful subsystems, and new classes! Overview: 31 new deities, 5 new base classes (avatar, demonologist, hermit, priestess, and valkyrie), a slew of divine “worship” feats, new divine spells, the new “soul room” & “godcrafting” optional subsystems, and 2 new races (sacred dead and takeem). Base Classes: Avatar: With a crash of lightning you transform into a replica of your deity! This not only grants you supernatural abilities related to your deity but the transformation itself can be quite deadly! Demonologist: Using dark powers against themselves is just your average day for a demonologist. ...

Alternate Paths: Martial Characters 2: Fight Smarter
Regular price: $6.39
Bundle price: $0.87
Format: PDF
Take Your Game To The Next Level! Introducing the sequel to Alternate Paths: Martial Characters! In this entry we explore new ways to make combat less linear by presenting new rules and options that allow you to "fight smarter" not just "hit harder". Classes in this book follow the same design ethos as classes like rogues, rangers, and even vigilantees. This book examines things like using combat maneuvers, skills in combat, and noncombat options to give players toolboxes of options to fight in a less linear fashion. We hope that by the last page you come away with enough options and new material to turn your typical Pathfinder game into something more complex and compelling! This book is designed with the very experienced player in mind as it presents alternate ...

Alternate Paths: Prestige Classes
Regular price: $5.59
Bundle price: $0.76
Format: Watermarked PDF
Make Prestige Classes MEAN Something! Early in Pathfinder we are introduced to the concept of “prestige classes”, classes we need to qualify for in order to enter. These are seen as goals and many people work towards them. Unfortunately, not all prestige classes dovetail nicely with base classes and they were largely supplanted by archetypes, hybrids, and alternate classes. A prestige class should be a reward and, while they should not be inherently stronger than a base class, should at least be on par with them and offer some interesting roleplaying opportunities. Prestige Classes: Afflicted: Lycanthropes rejoice! You can tame your inner beast and use it to fight worse things that go bump in the night! Bereaved: Grief got you by the heart? Living only for that ...

Dilettante Base Class
Regular price: $2.39
Bundle price: $0.32
Format: PDF
 (Sung to the tune of “If You Are Happy And You Know It”) “If you get distracted and you know it play this class! If you multiclass and you know it play this class!! If you get bored with one class and you really want to show it, play this class! " The Dilettante is a base class that gets the 1st level ability of other base classes (and later on, some prestige classes). There is more to it than that (variable ability scores, unique saves, two different chassis, etc) but that's a whole lot of chaos in a very small package! Technical Page Count: 7 (1 cover, 1 credit, 1 OGL, 4 content) Optimized: PDF Bookmarked: No ...

Dragoon (Base Class & Lore)
Regular price: $6.99
Bundle price: $0.95
Format: Watermarked PDF
A New Class for a New Game! “The Mewthian Disaster, a catastrophic event that killed millions, was perhaps the single greatest tragedy we have ever benefited from. They called it a disaster. I say it was a crucible that forged the weapons righteousness needed to survive.” --Schola Dimus Rigan, “On the Mewthian Fallacy” Short Version: You are a quasi-immortal soldier bound to a set of haunted armor by a dragon god. The Mewthian Dragoons are the result of a tragic war on a graveyard planet reserved for the most ancient of space dragons. Those servants of the great wurms who died were resurrected to continue the fight when their dragon died. Now they are legion- organized into sacred orders and dispatched across the galaxy to combat evil wherever it rears ...

Forces of Red Sector (Combat Content for Starfinder!)
Regular price: $6.39
Bundle price: $0.87
Format: PDF
Expanded Combat Content for Starfinder! This book provides support and expanded rules for martial characters in the Starfinder Roleplaying Game. The book specifically focuses on soldiers, operatives, and solarians. It also details the martial and military organizations of Red Sector- ideas that can be used for any Starfinder game. Finally, it provides two new martial classes for Stafinder: the Oni and the Savage. Though couched in “Red Sector”, that is just set dressing and the rules provided are designed to be able to function in any setting or game. Using Red Sector in Your Game... or Not This book is written in a setting neutral fashion; you can use any of the content found in this book regardless of it you use Red Sector in your game. No mechanics are related to...

Regular price: $7.19
Bundle price: $0.97
Format: PDF
The Gonzo Book  When titling this book, we had to find an appropriate phrase, and “gonzo” was the only one that gave us a perfect fit. This book looks at the Pathfinder system as being more malleable in terms of inspiration and tone; that is to say, designers and players can use this book to inject a heavy dose of other genres and aesthetics into what would normally be a traditional (somewhat Tolkien-inspired) fantasy game. That being said, these classes are a bit “out there.” Over the years we’ve all played or ran (or thought of playing/running) a quirky game that did not quite mesh with the established tropes and deviated from the standard source material. Maybe you played a spelljamming quasi-scifi magic punk game, a dying earth game, a l...

Red Sector Races
Regular price: $2.99
Bundle price: $0.39
Format: PDF
This racial guide for Starfinder converts and reimagines 22 of Little Red's most popular races from Pathfinder as scifi races! It also introduces "Red Sector", a large and dangerous sector of space where many of these races can be placed (though it is not required). Welcome to Red Sector Red Sector is a densely populated sector of space that is home to a sector-wide organization know as the League of Worlds. They are unaffiliated but generally cooperative, as much as such disparate species can be civil with each other, and have open trade and little else between each other. The sector got it’s name because the large number of red dwarf stars as well as an abundance of red stars (stars in the L & T spectral type). They have no formal central authority except for a...

Total value:$44.32Special bundle price:$6.00Savings of:$38.32 (86%)Price: $44.32
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[SUPERS RED]Improbable Tales: Helicarrier Heist

RPGNow - Fri, 05/25/2018 - 15:22
 Helicarrier HeistPublisher: Fainting Goat Games

Who doesn’t love a helicarrier?

The venerable flying fortress has become one of the most iconic settings within superhero media. Whirling turbines, tons of armed troops, and the constant peril of crashing to earth make a helicarrier into an ideal setting for a superhero game.

In this adventure, the heroes infiltrate the flying HQ of a super-science criminal organization.

Their mission will be to steal a dire world-ending device and escape without getting caught. (So, essentially, this scenario is the last act of a superhero heist movie. The fun part - where everything goes sideways.)

Helicarrier Heist is a short scenario, designed to be played in an evening or two. Included are several pre-gen characters to get the action started quickly.

This adventure is complete in itself - but does contain some references to the setting in the Super Villains Handbook.

Price: $2.99
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Saga Stock (Attack Space Shuttle)

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Saga Stock (Attack Space Shuttle)Publisher: Peter Saga

Attack Shuttle Stock Art

Created specifically for budget-minded publishers who need quality artwork at a reasonable price!

PNG (no background), PSD (layers) format at 300 dpi print output resolution for excellent print quality.

Terms of License:

*All publishers and individuals alike may use these images for commercial or private use but may not use it for resale as stock artwork.

Price: $1.99
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Azathoths Antwort

RPGNow - Fri, 05/25/2018 - 14:10
Azathoths AntwortPublisher: Pyromancer Publishing

Azathoths Antwort

Rollenspiel in der Welt von H.P. Lovecraft

Ein sehr regelleichtes Rollenspiel, insbesondere für Horror-One-Shots, wenn das andere Lovecraft-Rollenspiel zu unhandlich ist.

Price: $1.17
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Azathoth's Answer

RPGNow - Fri, 05/25/2018 - 14:06
Azathoth's AnswerPublisher: Pyromancer Publishing

Azathoth's Answer

Rules-light roleplaying in the world of H.P. Lovecraft

A very rules-light roleplaying game suitable for horror one-shots, when this other H.P.Lovecraft game is too bulky.

Price: $1.00
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Remembrance - Modulo 1B

RPGNow - Fri, 05/25/2018 - 11:22
Remembrance - Modulo 1BPublisher: Artie Navarre

Città di Remembrance: è la Notte dei Morti e le maschere danzanti festeggiano nel cimitero tra banchetti e spettacoli. Nessuno ancora sa che tra queste si aggira una misteriosa presenza. In un incontro tra sogno e realtà essa consegna agli Avventurieri un misterioso cofanetto facendo loro tre raccomandazioni: non tentare di aprirlo, portarlo al Principe del castello e farlo in fretta perché orrore e sciagura incombono sul territorio dei Sette Comuni. Ma all'alba del giorno seguente i Nostri realizzano che non esiste alcun castello né tanto meno un principe che vi risieda! Solo una lunga indagine nelle profondità del sottosuolo tra le condotte perdute dell'acquedotto, le catacombe e gli inaccessibili sotterranei della biblioteca, permetterà loro di trovare la via per raggiungere la meta. Ma attenzione! Ciò che da epoche immemorabili vive confinato nell'abisso ha finito per romperne i sigilli ed ora è libero di debordare dalle mura che più non lo contengono col suo carico d'orrore e di morte!

Price: $2.34
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Par4 - Flagitious’ Feint

RPGNow - Fri, 05/25/2018 - 10:21
Par4 - Flagitious’ FeintPublisher: Adventures in Filbar

While enjoying some downtime in the coastal city of Forby, a disturbance catches your attention. You quickly discover that there is some trouble in the swampland to the north and the captains that navigate the area are quite upset. Is your group ready to get their waders on and figure out the problem in the swamp?

This information guide is easily adaptable to most any game and system. Set for a group of mid-level PCs and DM, it can be used with any ruleset with some tweaking! Save yourself some time and utilize it in your own campaign! Remember to follow @FilbarRPG on Twitter for special sales notices and other tidbits about our products.

Price: $2.00
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Eldritch Artillerist Class

RPGNow - Fri, 05/25/2018 - 08:06
Eldritch Artillerist ClassPublisher: Wayward Rogues Publishing

Eldritch Artillerists make pacts with entities beyond the void, gaining powers beyond time and space. These abilities manifest in a variety of ways, often as potent ranged weapons or armors. 

A complete 1-20 base class for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game.

Price: $3.99
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Forest of Starving Spirits

RPGNow - Fri, 05/25/2018 - 08:02
Forest of Starving SpiritsPublisher: Wayward Rogues Publishing

 Explore the haunted remains of Endiel Forest, the forsaken kingdom of the gruesome ghastlord Mortalbane. Once a vibrant wildwood where the ancient elves lived in harmony with nature, what's left of Endiel now is a shadow of its former glory, a rotten wilderness guarded jealously by an enigmatic horror known only as the Endiel Witch.

 Tread paths no mortal has walked in over a thousand years and uncover long-forgotten forgotten secrets in Forest of Starving Spirits, part four of the Ravenous Ruin adventure path.

 Forest of Starving Spirits is an adventure for 4-6 10th level characters, on the medium advancement track. 

Price: $3.99
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