Avalon Battle Tiles, 15’ Cave Passages

RPGNow - Sun, 05/20/2018 - 14:22
Avalon Battle Tiles, 15’ Cave PassagesPublisher: Avalon Game Company

Avalon is proud to present a series of 2D battle tiles for use in your games, be it an RPG, tabletop miniature, or for use by publishers and gamers in designing dungeon layouts.


Each set of these tiles comes as a layered PDF, allowing you to turn on or off set features on the tiles.  This allows you to create hundreds of possible tiles from the single set.


Add to that the ability to buy more sets and combine them together and you have a great new tool at your fingertips for generated dungeons and environments for your gaming needs.


Each tile is set to a square equaling 5 feet, so you can use your collection of miniatures or paper models right sway.



This is a layered PDF product and you will need a PDF reader that allows the use of layers to fully incorporate this product.  Avalon recommends that you have Acrobat 6.5 or higher, but any PDF reader that allows the use of layers will do just fine.  These are large files because we have given you the best resolution and tons of options on each tile, so expect a longer download than you would normally have with an Avalon product.


This set offers a series of 15’ wide cave passages, which includes features such as:

Torches, Lit and Unlit, and added Torch Light Glow

Slime, crystals, mushroom, multiple levels and other nasty things.


Publishers Notes

These tiles may be used by publishers for their products, either as a PDF or in print.  These tiles may be used to design maps and dungeon layouts in your products, either as a map or as a tactical battle tile.  You may not, however, republish these tiles by themselves or as part of a collection.

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May 20, 2018: Gaming Clubs

Steve Jackson Games - Sun, 05/20/2018 - 13:21
Are gaming clubs still a thing? Are you a member of a club? Or a group that isn't a formal "club" but gets together regularly? How often do you meet and what do you play? How many members? What else should I ask?

I'd thought about doing a poll, but this is such an open-ended question . . . Please log in to the forums (link below) and tell me about your group, or regrettable lack of group, as the case may be.

Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Upgrade Your Quest!

Love your game of Munchkin Quest and want to add something new?

Munchkin Quest: Portal Kombat adds magical gates between rooms. Move to the other side of the dungeon in the blink of an eye, or stay where you are and throw stuff through portals across the board! Get it on Warehouse 23 today.
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Pierun Łognisty - Nowe klasy

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Pierun Łognisty - Nowe klasyPublisher: Skavenloft

Dodatek do Pioeruna Łognistego, wprowadzający dwanaście nowych klas postaci (bajarz, furiat, harcownik, pancerny, sokolnik, szeptucha, wiedźma, wilczarz, wołchw, wróż, zduchacz i zwiadowca). Stanowi znakomite urozmaicenie rozgrywki, pozwalające uczestnikom na wprowadzenie do niej nowych, niezwykłych postaci i wypróbowanie ich możliwości w starciu ze stworzami.

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Outdoor Tiles: Seasonal Trees

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 Seasonal TreesPublisher: Dungeon Channel

A high quality collection of 450+ top-down trees with so many variations in seasons and time that they are a perfect fit for any outdoor situation. Whether you're slaying an Owlbear in the forest or chasing after Zombies a fateful night in the cemetery, we've got you covered. Included you'll find:

2 Species of Trees

  • Spring, Fall and Winter (Bare) seasons
  • Daylight, Dusk and Night times for every season
  • 120+ variations for each specie
  • LQ version up to 4x4 tiles per tree (140px per square tile)
  • HQ version up to 8x8 tiles per tree (140px per square tile)

2 Species of Mushrooms

  • Daylight, Dusk and Night times
  • 5 Clusters of each and a Single version for fine control

Sample Images below. Originals have transparency and top-down shadows for easy positioning, click for details:

Broadleaf Spring

Broadleaf Fall

If you would like to use the trees in a commercial project, contact me for additional details.

In case you're also looking for high quality dungeons, Dungeon Tiles: DM Essentials is the perfect building set. It features a collection of over 150 high quality procedural tiles to quickly create your own realistic dungeons. Every single floor tile is different with varied levels of wear for a unique design.


Happy Mapping!

Price: $4.99
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Maximum Xcrawl: Celebrity Pro-Am Crawl

RPGNow - Sun, 05/20/2018 - 04:39
 Celebrity Pro-Am CrawlPublisher: Goodman Games

Reach for the stars…and team up with them for your next adventure!

The Inaugural Celebrity Pro-Am Crawl is about to debut, and you’ve been invited as one of the teams. This is your chance for fame and fortune. Or at least the opportunity to hob-nob with fame and fortune as celebrities from every walk of life take their turn inside the arena for this charity event.

And since it’s being done for charity, you shouldn’t expect anything tough. After all, these folks aren’t trained the way that you are. They can’t handle the extreme dangers that appear in a standard crawl. So, this should be a cakewalk, right?

Oh, and just because there is a new DJ making her debut–an ex-celebrity named Carley Danger–that’s no reason to worry, is it? Everything is going to be just fine…

Hang on…it’s going to be a bumpy ride…

Price: $4.00
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Maximum Xcrawl: Las Vegas Crawl

RPGNow - Sun, 05/20/2018 - 04:37
 Las Vegas CrawlPublisher: Goodman Games

An Adventure for Character Levels 6-8 

In Xcrawl, the players are superstar athletes taking their chances in a live-on-pay-per-view death sport. It’s a modern-day world with a fantasy twist, and the game is simple. The Dungeon Judge, or DJ, creates an artificial dungeon under controlled – but lethal – conditions. The players go through the dungeon and try to fulfill whatever conditions the DJ puts forth in order to win. Xcrawl is a sport and the challenges are created, but the danger is no less real. If you die, you die!

Las Vegas and Xcrawl have a long history. It’s the city that loves to gamble, and Xcrawl offers plenty of angles to bet on! In this deadly crawl, DJ Outrageous Fortune gives the heroes the chance to test their mettle in a fun-loving adventure filled with Vegas spirit. Giant roulette wheels and deadly dice games are in the cards, along with a Trojan horse, an addictive T-rex in withdrawal, and a giant gorilla throwing flaming barrels. Visit the city of lights – and see if you come home alive!

This is a stand-alone adventure that can be played with only the core d20 books! Pregenerated characters are included.

Published in cooperation with Pandahead Publishing.

Writer: Brendan LaSalle
Cover Artist: Jeremy Mohler
Interior Artist: Cliff Kurowski
Graphic Designer: Alvin Helms

GMGP1009, 64 pages

Price: $4.99
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Maximum Xcrawl: IndyCrawl

RPGNow - Sun, 05/20/2018 - 04:34
 IndyCrawlPublisher: Goodman Games

An Adventure for Character Levels 6-8

In Xcrawl, the players are superstar athletes taking their chances in a live-on-pay-per-view death sport. It’s a modern-day world with a fantasy twist, and the game is simple. The Dungeon Judge, or DJ, creates an artificial dungeon under controlled – but lethal – conditions. The players go through the dungeon and try to fulfill whatever conditions the DJ puts forth in order to win. Xcrawl is a sport and the challenges are created, but the danger is no less real. If you die, you die!

Visit scenic Indianapolis for racing, basketball, and now Xcrawl! The citizens of Indianapolis are known for their love of mayhem, be it a fiery crash on the racetrack or a nice brawl on the basketball court. So it comes as no surprise that the world’s most famous blood sport is quite popular in Old Indy, and charismatic DJ HoosierDaddy has emerged as a popular leader in Xcrawl.

The DJ has teamed up with a devious leprechaun to create IndyCrawl, a challenging new crawl featuring evil fairies, twisted satyrs, and other horrors hailing from the myths and legends of Old Europe. Interspersed with the fey are other whimsical encounters, such as the now-infamous Gummi Golem!

Published in cooperation with Pandahead Publishing.

Writer: Brian Clements
Cover Artist: Brad McDevitt
Interior Artists: Brad McDevitt

GMGP1011, 33 pages

Price: $6.99
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Publisher's Choice - Black & White: Tavern Patrons 2

RPGNow - Sun, 05/20/2018 - 04:28
 Tavern Patrons 2Publisher: Fat Goblin Games
Publisher's Choice -Quality Stockart Black & White: Tavern Patrons 2

This selection of quality stock art includes a collection of black & white illustrations showing various tavern patrons. These images are 1/4 (around 5x7) page in size (600dpi tiff) and in black & white.

The set includes:

  • Toasting Man
  • Tavern Bard
  • Mug Chugger
  • Woman holding pint

Publisher's Choice Stockart is provided to aid new publishing companies in creating high-quality publications by providing the design essentials to compete with larger competitors. In addition, the line is perfect for adding fresh new content to the seasoned publisher's art library and aiding in keeping design budgets manageable.

Artwork License: A PDF copy of our license is included, allowing our customers to alter or modify any illustration in this set, in addition to rules on crediting, etc.

Get Involved and Art for Less! https://www.patreon.com/fatgoblingamesPrice: $11.95
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Maximum Xcrawl: Dungeonbattle Brooklyn

RPGNow - Sun, 05/20/2018 - 04:26
 Dungeonbattle BrooklynPublisher: Goodman Games

An Introductory Adventure for 1st Level Characters 

stand-alone adventure – includes pregenerated characters! All you need are the core d20 books.

Remember the good old days, when orcs were just orcs, dungeons were just dungeons, and bone-sucking pit slime did 1d6 damage, just like everything else in your campaign world? Well those days are good and gone, sucker. Xcrawl is a world of sell-out superstar adventurers, corporate-sponsored action and live-on-pay-per-view mayhem. Enter at your own risk because if you die… YOU DIE!

In Dungeonbattle Brooklyn, the players are young, untested Xcrawl players united by their hopes to go professional. Participating in the first Full Lethal Division IV event, these rank newcomers eager for their first taste at the games might be getting into more than they can handle! The players face orcs, rust monsters, a monstrous scorpion – and Klyriodizka, the geriatric chain-smoking medusa who just needs to pack in one more crawl so she can retire!

Rules Set: Pathfinder (compatible with Maximum Xcrawl)

Writer: Brendan J. LaSalle

GMGP1008, 23 pages

Price: $2.00
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Infinite Space: Stellar Cartography 04 – Delta Quadrant

RPGNow - Sun, 05/20/2018 - 02:03
 Stellar Cartography 04 – Delta QuadrantPublisher: LPJ Design

Space is a dangerous place. It’s wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. And you play amazing space battles if the Infinite Space Stellar Cartographer series. Infinite Space Stellar Cartographer takes your Starfinder game into outer space and the stars providing you with exciting visually stunning maps for your gaming table. Infinite Space Stellar Cartographer gives you the ability to play the amazing space battles you have seen in your favorite TV series and movie right at your home. The Infinite Space Stellar Cartographer  04 – Delta Quadrant contains 8 different stellar quadrant systems for your starship battles with hexes or use with all of your starship miniatures. This sourcebook contains:

  • 8 stellar maps measuring over 75 inches wide and 50 inches high in 72 DPI JPGs, perfect for Virtual Tabletop.
  • 8 stellar maps measuring 17 inches wide and 11 inches high (US Tabloid sized) in 300 DPI PDFs, perfect for large scale printers; and these maps are also placed on 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches high (US Letter sized) in 300 DPI PDFs for home printing. 

Play the space battles you always wanted to in your Starfinder game at a price you can easily afford!

Price: $3.99
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TinyZine: Issue 3

RPGNow - Sat, 05/19/2018 - 23:39
 Issue 3Publisher: Gallant Knight Games

The third issue of TinyZine, the Gallant Knight Games e-zine is here! New bits for Gallant Knight Games in a small, fun, and affordable package!


  • Letter from the Editor: Alan Bahr
  • A new Heritage, The Minotaur! Suitable for Tiny Dungeon 2e and Tiny Frontiers: Revised
  • A new Heritage, The Glitterbug! Suitable for Tiny Dungeon: Hatchling Edition and all other TinyD6 games!
Price: $2.99
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Steam Gun Howitzer

RPGNow - Sat, 05/19/2018 - 22:19
Steam Gun HowitzerPublisher: Xerbath

This set contains a hot Dwarfen (or Orcisch) Steam Gun Howitzer, to show all unwelcome guest the big hammer.

The set consists of STL-Files, made for 3D printing, to be used for table-top-gaming scale 28mm and 25mm (1:64 and 1:72)

Price: $9.99
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Rocket Pig Games Hobgoblin Hexer

RPGNow - Sat, 05/19/2018 - 20:26
Rocket Pig Games Hobgoblin HexerPublisher: Rocket Pig Games Inc.

Rocket Pig Games is a leader in the 3D industry. We specialize in creating 3D printable files that work on your home or public 3D printer. If you are looking for unique and flawless 3D printable files to create miniatures, modular terrain, and props then look no further! We have yearly Kickstarters! Follow our progress on our website or on Facebook.

This model does not come with supports. You will need to generate them with the software of your choice or use Autodesk Meshmixer which is free.

hobgoblin hexer

These are the settings we have used to get perfect prints on our printers. Printers vary as do different types of filaments and how prints behave in different types of weather! You will need to get comfortable with your printer and how it prints in the hot, cold, and humidity. Regardless of the printer you choose, I recommend keeping your room cool and dry. I also, highly recommend using Hatchbox PLA. It may cost a bit more but it’s 100% worth it. Seriously.

Here's what is working really well with Hatchbox PLA: 
TEMP: 195 (40-55 for bed depending on season) 
SPEED: 60 mms 
INFILL: 15% (for tiles) 

Price: $4.99
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Sins of the Father

RPGNow - Sat, 05/19/2018 - 20:19
Sins of the FatherPublisher: Jacqueline Bryk

A multigenerational hell. The Barbatos family has a deep dark secret, and it’s not the embezzling, the murders, the incest, or the rampant narcissism. Each generation, the cousins gather to decide which of them will sell their soul for the good of the family. It isn’t just figurative language about the evils of money perverting the souls of those who do what it takes to make it. No, the Barbatos family is in bed with the Devil in the most literal of ways. Someone must sell their soul on Christmas Eve, or the family business goes to hell.

Sins of the Father is a 7-player, multi-character freeform LARP stretching over three generations. The PDF includes character sheets and variant rules.

Price: $3.00
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Thieves' Guild Map

RPGNow - Sat, 05/19/2018 - 19:57
Thieves' Guild MapPublisher: Jade Tower Studio

Thieves' Guild Map

The Thieves' Guild is a map for use in fantasy roleplaying games. It is a 24 inch by 24 inch,  top-down, two-dimensional map of a one-story thieves' guild set in a medium or larger city, scaled for 28mm-ish figures. There are both gridded and ungridded versions provided. The gridded version is also included in a PDF, & can be printed on six 8.5 by 11-inch (U.S. standard) pieces of paper (cardstock is recommended). The guild contains detailed interiors and can greatly increase the atmosphere of your game - at least for your thieves. There's a Thieves' Run included in the guild that provides a number of challenges to would-be members.

A PDF is included with an Introduction; a labeled version of the map for easy reference; a description of of each area as well as the Thieves' Run (generic, for easy use with different game systems); and advice on printing the maps.

Map Credits: Some of the images are by DarkByDezign & Avalon Games (used with permission).

Price: $0.79
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Alessia Promo PDF - The Kickstarter FAQ

RPGNow - Sat, 05/19/2018 - 19:08
Alessia Promo PDF - The Kickstarter FAQPublisher: Storm Bunny Studios
The World of Alessia logo

The World of Alessia is a high-fantasy campaign setting that combines Wuxia, science fiction, and magic-driven technology. It is a massive world where magic and technology coexist peacefully, impacting every aspect of life, from the Healing Houses of Sillias to the Great Towers of Xin. It is a land where Fyrean Genies meet with Asrian Wardens and The Gangs of Khatu push their Drifters across the desert sands, seeking resources and victims of every kind.

Celestial Monk of the Light

Alessia is a world where the gods, in an act of unification, merged into a singular pantheon – forming The Path of Light. It is a land where medical advancements, evolution, and ki energy form not only a methodology to achieve progress, but instead form a way of life. For the people of Alessia, the path to success is girded with honor, hard work, bravery, and a need to do good.

a dragonsworn monk stands holding his green, glowing blade. His gold scales demand retribution.

Alessia is a land at the height of its glory, held aloft by the Four Pillars of LightMercy, Truth, Hope, and Courage. It’s churches largely unified and its clergy working in unison, the people of Alessia enjoy what others think is only an illusion –  a slowly blossoming utopia. But Alessia is not without its challenges. Having suffered an ecological disaster that would have ended smaller planets, it’s taken the people of Alessia nearly a thousand years to pull themselves up from the viscera of the War of the Sovereigns; from the decaying Galgaræ to the Shadows of Venn, the once-vanquished forces of darkness creep again, slowly pushing against the Ring of Heaven, hoping to find purchase in Alessia once more. 

an image of a green scaled female dragonsworn monk holding a bardishe

Today, the Empire of Xian and its Imperial Peacekeepers stand the watch, fulfilling their ancient compact with the citizens of Alessia. Working in unison with most of the Path of Light, these two forces have set out to keep Alessia safe, sound, and a bastion of hope for another millennium –  no matter what.

This free, 17-page PDF shows you more of the larger world of Alessia, giving you a look at some of the new mechanics the primer introduces, as well as much more lore. If you've been following the World of Alessia Campaign Primer Kickstarter launch since last week, we hope this new PDF gives you a better idea of what we have in store!



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    Order of the Amber Die--The Azlant Odyssey, Part 3

    Paizo - Sat, 05/19/2018 - 19:00

    Order of the Amber Die—The Azlant Odyssey, Part 3

    Saturday, May 18, 2018

    Those Adventure Path marathoners from the Order of the Amber Die are back again with a report from their play through of Pathfinder Adventure Path #123: The Flooded Cathedral! If you've missed the first two installments, check them out here: Part 1 and Part 2. As usual, there be spoilers! Read the following at your own risk!

    By the third volume of an Adventure Path, we have usually acquired a pretty definitive feel for the locale and some of the themes of a particular AP. The Flooded Cathedral became the adventure where we really felt like we were deep in the ruins of Azlant in the most literal sense. Remains of the empire were everywhere, and we got to explore the most awe-inspiring structure yet: a massive cathedral so time-worn that it was now partially lost to the waters. We couldn't stop to gawk too long though, for we were in a race against time to recover dozens of kidnapped colonists from the machinations of their new aboleth master!

    To enhance immersion, we decided to focus on the feel of submerged dungeon crawling. Black curtains blocked out light from the room, with illumination provided by lava lamps possessing underwater hues, and a strobe light was used for the parts of the cathedral where the lighting was malfunctioning. Elsewhere on the islands of Azlant, Black Scrolls Games helped us bring the landscape to life with their outdoor map tiles.

    Highlights from "The Flooded Cathedral"
    • One of the most unsettling parts of adventuring in ancient Azlant involved encountering former inhabitants of an age gone by. Wraiths known as hollows—spirits whose pride kept them from fleeing Earthfall—inhabited an area of the island where the trees and soil were left still blackened from the cataclysm. They paced us for hours, until the darkness provided by some ruins allowed them the chance to strike, hoping to sap our precious egos.
    • The treasures of Azlant are as enticing as its lore, and we couldn't resist braving s a shiver of great white sharks to explore the Hall of the Heroine, which contained a statue of the Azlanti heroine Savith. In our very own sword-in-the-stone moment, only a human had the strength to wrest the sword of Savith from her grasp, and this glowing aberration-bane keen longsword became single greatest factor in our defeat of Onthooth, the aboleth in the final encounter.
    • The outer temple grounds contained a breathtaking 100-foot-tall statue of Amaznen that had crashed to the ground long ago. Before our scholars could satiate the pages of their logs, a tough fight began, possessed of wave-by-wave action against ugothol defenders. What increased the complexity was the combination of three lanes of engagement, and that each wave of faceless stalkers was armed differently, including the dreaded mutilators, who hit the hardest. We won it decidedly, by making sure they couldn't break our line: two of us held the left side on the smashed head of the statue, two held the right amongst some crumbling walls, two scampered up onto the statue itself, and the last provided air support in the form of lightning bolts.
    • Intensity peaked as high as the volume of Hans Zimmer's "Supermarine" when we faced off against one of the first ulat-kini ever created. To take things up another notch, we should add that we were we far from air, a retinue accompanied it, and this immense creature carried an equally large crossbow of the crab. Our GM shocked us a couple of times by using the reposition combat maneuver to place us in the path of a malfunctioning electrical altar. This win went to Valeros's aquanaut abilities and Ezren's aqueous orb spell.
    The Odyssey

    Author Mikko Kallio gifted us with one of the most interactive and unique dungeon crawling experiences we've ever come across. Not only did a submerged ruin provide its own challenges, but also there were several objectives to be accomplished within the cathedral, and these stood alongside our main goal. Aoinse, the awakened clockwork servant and former cleric of Amaznen, became our friend and guide throughout the delve—she won't be forgotten. True to any Odyssey, the treasures have been equally epic, as it took more than thirty years of playing this game to finally come across an apparatus of the crab!

    Character Deaths
    • Merisiel paid for her curiosity when she approached a perfectly intact table standing alone inside a broken tower. She'll tell you it was the magical haversack resting upon the table that she couldn't resist. Karnax, the mimic with slayer levels, showed his delight in having visitors to the island by surprising the rogue, studying his target, and finishing her in two hits before the party could act.
    • While attempting to turn the temple's power generators on, we found ourselves in a fierce encounter with lightning elementals where every square of movement mattered. Unfortunately, our party roster included a locathah with a 10 foot movement, Kyra with a 20 foot movement, and a hobbled clockwork companion in tow. Kyra sacrificed herself to help the rest escape, but not before we lost Oorka the strix as well.
    • As we explored a haunted sacristy, Valeros fell victim to a murderous command effect and tried to claim the spoils for himself. It didn't help that the fighter was being played by Erick, who has more blood on his hands from other PCs than anyone in the Order. With a stellar critical hit of 73 points of damage, he added Koloshkora to his list.
    Best Quote From Marathon 3

    (Following an encounter with chaos beasts, our wizard suffered from a Wisdom score of 4.)

    Ezren: Excellent hit Marissa, watch out for the other elemental!

    Merisiel: It's Merisiel...

    Ezren: Nice throw Melanie, behind you!

    Merisiel (dodges): It's Merisiel, old man.

    Ezren: Sorry Maria, I won't make that mistake again!

    Current Situation

    We managed to defeat the aboleth and recover the colonists (mostly) intact. Through diplomacy and action, our network of friends and alliances among the current inhabitants of ancient Azlant now includes: Mordant Spire elves, wyrwoods, locathah, strix, and even some clockwork compatriots. We were able to raise our companions from the dead, and things look good as we prepare to spend what looks like an extended amount of time underwater. Equipped with our newly reconstructed apparatus of the crab, we're ready to set out across the ocean toward the next destination in our odyssey: the underwater city of Talasantri!

    More Content

    For character builds, questions about The Azlant Odyssey, additional content and more, see our thread on the paizo.com messageboards!

    Follow Order of the Amber Die on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube!

    Adam Daigle
    Managing Developer

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    Skryba Końca Świata nr 8 05/2018

    RPGNow - Sat, 05/19/2018 - 18:50
    Skryba Końca Świata nr 8 05/2018Publisher: Legacy of the Empire

    Nowy numer Skryby Konca Swiata jest już tutaj. Od tego wydania nasze pismo będzie nieco grubsze. Znajdziecie w nim:

    • kolejne części cykli  Symbol Jelenia i Super bohater;
    • kolejny pełen akcji odcinek Róży Laine. pod tytułem Pierwsza Krew;
    • dwa ciekawe eseje, jeden poświęcony rolnictwu, a drugi nietypowej broni, wypelnione opisami, pomyslami na sesje i opcjonalnymi zasadami;
    • przygodę Zemsta, poświęconą Rodowi Gryfitów;
    • Imperium Podzielone: obszerne sprawozdanie z odcinka czwartego oraz zapowiedz spoleczny i politycznych niepokoi w Lidze Północnej.;
    • Wieści z Imperium, czyli raporty z lokalnych kampanii!
    Price: $2.00
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    DG1f The Dungeons of Grimhold Keep: Shimmering Pool

    RPGNow - Sat, 05/19/2018 - 18:38
     Shimmering PoolPublisher: New Realms Publishing

    Enjoy great savings on all our titles during our Mother’s Day Sale.

    A shimmering light radiates from the depths of a large pool of water that sets in the center of the room.

    The Shimmering Pool is an expansion pack for The Dungeons of Grimhold Keep, and brings you 9 special cards for the Shimmering Pool encounter area within DG1 The Dungeons of Grimhold Keep. Although specifically designed to be used with Universal Adventures Adventure Module DG1 The Dungeons of Grimhold Keep, these cards can be used wherever you want to place the Pool.

    Like all Universal Adventures Adventure Modules, The Shimmering Pool is a generic supplement, suitable for use with any fantasy rpg, and can be played solo or with a group, with or without a GM. The product is highly re-playable and the cards can be combined with other cards in the series, or with other Universal Adventures products, to create additional adventures.

    For more Universal Adventures products visit the Universal Adventures product page.

    For more Adventure Modules visit the Adventure Module page.

    Price: $1.45
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    Medieval map 22: Yappadlezaar

    RPGNow - Sat, 05/19/2018 - 18:34
     YappadlezaarPublisher: CoolStuff

    You want a really beautiful map for your adventures? Here it is... Check it, love it, and get it!!

    This is a place where all the greenies can live together. Indeed, goblins, orcs, trolls, whatever, they are all welcome in this tolerant piece of territory. There is no racial dominance in Yappadlezaar, no real "kingdom" either: the cities are all independant, which doesn't mean there is no conflict or war...

    The volcanoes belt which lies east of Yappadlezaar makes it impossible for the sunlight to go through the heavy clouds that are always covering all the land. Only some mushrooms can survive in this climate.

    Price: $1.00
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