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Cards for Koku Update Posted

Fri, 09/19/2014 - 14:00

The Imperial Bank of Rokugan is glad to announce that the Cards for Koku list has been updated. Now available are:

  • Bayushi Toshimo (IVE)
  • Determined Challenge (IVE)
  • Doji Soeka (IVE)
  • Favors (IVE)
  • Inexplicable Challenge (IVE)
  • Isawa Hibana (IVE)
  • Iweko Honor Guard (IVE)
  • Jiramu’s Court (IVE)
  • Kaiu Nakagawa (IVE)
  • Matsu Misato (IVE)
  • Minikui no Oni (IVE)
  • Mirumoto Yasushi (IVE)
  • Oriole Imperial Vanguard (IVE)
  • Political Standoff (IVE)
  • Regal Furisode (IVE)
  • Sanctioned Duel (IVE)
  • School of Wizardry (IVE)
  • Seeking the Way (IVE)
  • Small-Time Bully (IVE)
  • Sudden Movement (IVE)
  • Suikotsu (IVE)
  • The Sun Returns (IVE)
  • The Turtle’s Shell (IVE)
  • Utaku Izimi (IVE)
  • Utaku’s Destiny (IVE)
  • Vengeful Populace (IVE)
  • Yoritomo Matsuo (IVE)

To place orders, log into your Imperial Assembly account at

As always, please make sure your address is correct before making any purchases. Thank you.

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A Message from the Brand Lead

Fri, 09/19/2014 - 13:36

Hi Everyone,

Rob Vaux here. As you may know I’m the new Brand Lead for L5R. We’ve been hard at work getting up to speed on the situation with Legend of the Five Rings, as well as integrating myself and several other new team members into the system. I’ve been fairly quiet on the public forums so far; partially because of that, but also because we wanted to prepare some fairly big announcements.

2014 L5R Worlds Is a red-letter day on our calendar: for the first time we’re going to publicly discuss our plans for the game over the next two years, and start to address some of the many questions that fans have. It won’t be a small announcement: we have some grand ideas for L5R and we think you’re going to be very excited by them. Worlds represents an ideal opportunity not only to show them to you, but also to solicit your input on them and let you tell us where you think the game needs to go.

We have placed a lot of pressure on ourselves to get our new plan ready for the players by then. Because of that, and because of the logistics involved, we’ve not yet decided on all of the team members who are going to go to the event. I can promise you, however, that those there will be a voice directly connected to the development of the game and that they will be there both to present our vision and to interact with attendees on their ideas for L5R

I have been working on making sure I can attend and I know that others are still a possibility. But again, we’re still exploring the best way to make this all happen and to give Worlds attendees the input – and impact – that they deserve. We hear your concerns and we know you don’t express them lightly. I ask you to bear with us a little longer. We’re sure you’re going to love the things we have to show you.


Rob Vaux
Brand Lead, Legend of the Five Rings

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L5R Worlds Event Kit Pre-Order

Thu, 09/18/2014 - 14:16

Are you coming to L5R Worlds in Sheffield, England? If so, this is your chance to pick up the Summer Exclusive L5R Event Kit. Each kit contains:

2014 Gen Con Playmat

  • 10 boosters of the A Line in the Sand (Ivory Legal) expansion
  • 1 exclusive playmat featuring stunning Conceptopolis art
  • 1 card storage box beautifully illustrated by Conceptopolis
  • This item is only available for Pre-Order. Do not order if you do not plan to attend Worlds.

Just head over to our online store and order one today. You’ll be able to pick the kit up at the event. We look forward to seeing you there!

Note: If you are not able to be present at the event, please do not order this item!

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Winter Court IV Has Much in Store!

Wed, 09/17/2014 - 18:30

The planning and preparation for our upcoming Winter Court 4 online role playing event continues. Player applications closed on September 7; we received 193 applications, of which about 160-170 will be accepted. We’ll be starting to send out emails shortly to all applicants regarding the status of their acceptance. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who applied. Every application was thoroughly reviewed and scored by multiple Game Master staff. The decisions were difficult, but for a variety of reasons, we simply couldn’t accept everyone who applied.

The next major milestone is going to be the assignment of characters to players. Some will get assigned “canon” or “carded” characters; those are characters who have cards in the CCG, or who have write-ups in the various L5R RPG supplements (or both). These folks will get a chance to take on the role of a well-known character and play him or her, adding new strife, conflict and events to their stories. Other players will be assigned “homebrew” characters; these are brand-new characters, created by these players, who will become new additions to the story of Rokugan. Some are likely to even make appearances in the CCG and/or the RPG, meaning that next time around, they’ll be the “canon” characters for people to play!

As we approach the actual launch of Winter Court 4 on or about December 1, we’ll be revealing more about the story and what the stakes will be for those battling it out in the Imperial Court of Rokugan. Winter Court 4 will have a major influence on which of Empress Iweko’s sons–Seiken, favored by the Traditionalist faction, or Shibatsu, backed by those called Progressive–will ascend to the Throne once his mother has vacated it. If you’re a member of the Imperial Assembly with a paid subscription, then you’ll be able to learn much more about what’s coming in Winter Court in an update article in the Imperial Herald. In any case, in my next post here, I’ll describe how those of you who will be spectators to the political shenanigans of Winter Court will be able to keep track of what’s going on, and how you might even be able to get involved (albeit in a small way, of course!)

In the meantime, may the Fortunes be with you.

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2014 L5R Floor Rules – Effective October 1st, 2014

Tue, 09/16/2014 - 22:08

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

Below you will find a link to the 2014 Floor Rules PDF that will be going into effect as of October 1st, 2014. It is highly recommend that Tournament Organizers, and Players alike, read through to familiarize themselves with.

The 2014 World Championship, held in Sheffield, United Kingdom, will use the prior Floor Rules edition that was used for the 2014 Kotei Season and the North American Championship at Gen Con.

Any 2014 Fall Tournament Season Event, and Stronghold Store Level Events, held on October 1st and later will follow the new updated Floor Rules that are linked below.

We have an article on the Imperial Herald detailing some specific changes, and that can be found HERE.

2014 Floor Rules: October 1st, 2014 

Floor Rules Reference Page

I look forward to the future of the Legend of the Five Rings tournament scene, and how we will all jointly work together to continue to improve this great game we all love!

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A Line in the Sand, Part 1

Mon, 09/15/2014 - 00:18

The first in a series of fictions depicting the events of the CCG expansion, A Line in the Sand!


A Line in the Sand, Part 1

By Shawn Carman

Edited by Fred Wan


Four months ago, the Lion provinces…

In past generations, the pass that allowed passage through the Spine of the World Mountains into the southern Lion provinces had been vast enough to allow a massive army to move through. Beiden Pass had been collapsed generations ago, however, and no living samurai had memory of it any longer, its existence relegated to historical texts and works of literature. The much smaller Shamate Pass had been discovered later, large enough for only a caravan or perhaps a single legion at most to move through, and only then moving in a very narrow formation that would take a ridiculous amount of time to move through it. Militarily, it was not a viable means of circumventing the mountains. Shamate Pass, for all it was valued by both Lion and Scorpion, was good only for trade and travel.

Akodo Iketsu stifled a sigh as she nodded to her men to allow a group of Unicorn merchants to pass through, their goal some insignificant village on the border of the Shinomen Mori. Their business there, she felt sure, was extremely important to them, and most likely to no one else anywhere in the Empire. Iketsu suspected that her petition to be reassigned to the Colonies would soon be approved; the campaign of the Lion Champion in that distant land seemed to have caused the clan to reassess its presence there, and an increase in troop allocation was imminent. Unfortunately, that knowledge, while somewhat comforting, did little to alleviate the tedium of her current duties.

Her men summoned the next group waiting to move through the pass. It appeared to be a pair of magistrates and their attendants, based on the mons the two samurai bore on their kimono. A Kitsuki and a Tsuruchi, she reflected, resisting the urge to roll her eyes. Now she appeared to be in the middle of some trite play, with a duo such as that. Iketsu chastised herself inwardly and promised that she would spend an extra hour at the shrine this afternoon praying for patience and humility.

There was a scrabbling of stones in the pass as the wind dislodged some small rocks and they scattered down the pass. It was a familiar sound, so much so that the Lion warrior scarcely noticed it anymore. She only noticed it this time because of the reaction it drew from the two magistrates she was observing at the waystation.

The Kitsuki cocked his head to the side, listening intently, his expression severe.

The Tsuruchi glanced up at the mountains, his unwavering gaze taking in details that she felt sure she would never be able to discern. He stared for only a moment, then cast a knowing glance to the Dragon at his side. They both nodded, almost imperceptibly.

“Wait,” Iketsu said suddenly, cutting off one of her men in mid-sentence as he was preparing to send the magistrates forward. She walked over to face the two men, standing in their path. “What is it?” she asked.

Once more the two men looked at one another, perhaps communicating in a way she had never experienced outside of the throes of battle, when you knew what the man at your shoulder was doing even without seeing it, without him telling you. “It would not be our place to meddle in the affairs of the Lion Clan,” the Kitsuki said politely.

Iketsu frowned and switched her gaze to the Mantis. “What is it?” she repeated.

“Men,” the Mantis said. His voice was flat, completely without emotion, as if he were simply describing the weather. “Men moving in the rocks. I’d guess half a dozen or so.”

Fire blossomed in Iketsu’s chest, although whether it was anger that someone would dare creep so close to a Lion waystation or shame that she and her men had not detected them on their own she was not sure. She drew her blade. “Into the rocks,” she said calmly.

To her own ears, her voice sounded as dead as the Mantis’s.


* * * * *


Slightly less than four months ago, the highways near the Imperial City..

Ikoma Shungo’s features remained completely impassive. “As I have told you numerous times, I am not concerned with what your papers say. I am concerned with the contents of your caravan, and I will not allow you to pass until I am completely satisfied that there is no reason for said concern. If you take issue with this, I suggest you have your lord write my lord a sternly worded letter. I am certain that when Dairuko-sama returns from the Colonies, she will make it her highest priority to assuage your hurt feelings.”

Soshi Kitaiko’s perfectly controlled expression was a mirror to Shungo’s painted calm, even without the detailed fox mask she wore. “You have inspected every cart in the caravan. We have been held here for three hours. Whether you care or not, you can see that our papers convey the urgency of our cargo. Times are lean in the Scorpion lands, and we are needed to resupply the forces at the Second Pit.”

Shungo smiled very slightly. “Well, then, in that case…” He turned to the other Lion. “Search all the carts again.” He turned back to the Scorpion. “Our search has already revealed what we needed to know. But if, by our vigilance, we can make your fellow Scorpion uncomfortable or even, Fortunes forbid, place them in harm’s way, well as a Lion I consider that not only my duty but my privilege.” He smiled more broadly. “Search them all again,” he repeated to the others. “Slowly.”

Kitaiko winced. “Oh my,” she said with a sorrowful shake of her head. “I wish you had not said such a foolish thing.”

Shungo’s eyes narrowed. “And why, pray tell, was that a foolish thing?”

“Because,” Kitaiko explained, “my yojimbo Akagi will not like it, not at all.”

The Lion warrior cut his eyes over to the very large, very unpleasant looking Scorpion who had been surveying the entire process with an extremely bemused expression throughout the entire affair. Shungo could not help but notice that the man’s expression was no longer evens lightly amused. “Why should I care?” he demanded, although he sounded far fiercer than he actually felt in that moment.

“Are you a father?” Akagi asked.


“I am.” Akagi drew himself up tall. “My son serves in the Scorpion forces at the Second Pit. I am very proud. You, however, do not seem to care if he lives or dies in the execution of his duties.”

“That’s true,” Shungo confirmed. “I do not care.”

“Then for once,” Bayushi Akagi said, “I am not the biggest fool in the room.” And then he headbutted Shungo with sufficient force that there was a heavy crack, like a branch breaking beneath the weight of too much ice during the winter.

Shungo dropped to one knee, blood spraying from his face like a fountain. Against his will, his eyes flooded with water so badly that he could not see. But he could still hear the sounds of shouting and steel being drawn. Of blood splattering the ground.

Of death.


* * * * *


Bayushi Nitoshi, Champion of the Scorpion Clan, strolled through the hallways of Kyuden Baushi seemingly without a concern in the world. His demeanor was that of a carefree man, but those advisors who trailed behind him glanced at one another warily, all too familiar with the notion that Nitoshi-sama’s moods were rarely so obvious. He was examining a piece of fruit he had selected from a bowl in one of the chambers they had passed recently. “Remind me how this entire unpleasant matter started, would you?”

His elder advisor bowed his head. “The matter is entirely preposterous, my lord. By sheer happenstance, one of the Lion checkpoints at Shamate Pass was host to a pair of magistrates, a Dragon and a Mantis by our reckoning, who happened to spot some of our operatives in the mountain range nearby.” He clucked his tongue. “They were accustomed to the obliviousness of the Lion, and were sloppy. They have been… disciplined.” He shrugged. “Regardless, this set the Lion on edge and they began paying closer attention to our caravans.”

“The ones from the Imperial City, I presume,” Nitoshi interrupted. “Bound for the Second Pit?”

“Yes, my lord. As you may be aware, the Lion have been charging ludicrous tariffs since we have had to increase our trade caravans through their lands. They inspected one and discovered that our vassals were transporting significantly more goods than they had declared on the inventory. The situation… deteriorated from there.”

“Yes,” the Champion said casually, “and the situation continues to deteriorate, I understand?”

The advisors glanced among one another again. “Yes, my lord,” one among them finally said. “The skirmishes at Shamate Pass are almost a daily occurrence, and our sources in the Imperial Court believe that the Otomo will grant the Lion leave to seek satisfaction in the name of the Empress very soon.”

“Doubtless as you have planned, my lord!” the youngest among the advisors said.

Nitoshi stopped in his tracks and turned slowly, regarding the young man intently, then turning to the eldest among the advisors. “Who is this?” he asked conversationally.

The old man winced. “My wife’s great-nephew,” Shosuro Yasumasa explained. “Forgive me, my lord, I…”

“I am Shosuro Ts…” the man started.

Nitoshi moved so quickly that no one saw him move. He simply appeared next to the young man, a small blade in hand. The metal was pressed flat against the man’s face and his voice died instantly. Nothing had changed about Nitoshi’s demeanor, but up close, it allowed the young would-be-advisor to see the haunting emptiness in his eyes. “If you ever speak in my presence again,” the Scorpion Champion said cordially, “it will be the last time you speak.” He smiled and withdrew the blade. “You must be the greatest fool ever to walk the mortal realm,” he observed. “No sane being ever desires the Lion to attack them. That is the absolute worst folly that can be conceived.” He paused for a moment, then turned to Yasumasa. “We will of course imply otherwise to outsiders, but for now we need to distract the Lion as much as possible.”

Yasumasa nodded. “The conflict between the heirs in the Colonies, my lord?”

“Interesting,” mused Nitoshi, “but no. Too distant, too disconnected. No, the Lion are creatures of strategy and tradition, but also of barely suppressed rage and emotion. We must give them something to be incensed about. Something that will cause them to react rather than to think.”

Yasumasa bowed his head. “If I may, my lord, I think I have a suggestion. If you wish to incense the Lion, then there are certain targets that I think they will react very poorly to once attacked. It will force them into a more emotional state of mind before they take their next action.”

“Excellent,” Nitoshi said. “Emotion is weakness, after all.”


* * * * *


The Imperial Court of Toshi Ranbo, present day…

Bayushi Fuyuko had listened for almost half an hour as the Lion delegation had railed against the Scorpion for any number of offenses, some of which were legitimate, many of which were imaginary. Fuyuko had mentally revised her impression of Lion court representatives; upwardly, no less. The Ikoma who had led the presentation had begun calmly enough, but his rhetoric had increased tempo and passion as he progressed. Clearly his training with the Ikoma bards had tempered a natural talent and forged an impressive weapon indeed. She looked forward to crossing blades with him, metaphorically speaking, in the future. Unfortunately, this particular duel was unlikely to achieve the result she was hoping for. Still, there were moves left to make, and it would be interesting to see how everything developed.

Finally, the Chancellor nodded to her, the court prepared to hear her rebuttal. “With all due respect to my esteemed colleagues among the Lion delegation, this is a matter of naked aggression against the Scorpion Clan, committed by the Lion to placate their long-standing disdain for my clan, and which is based upon an incident of singular aggression for which they have repeatedly attempted to blame the victim.”

“Slander,” the Lion said, scowling.

“The Scorpion have freely admitted that we were, in fact, attempting to circumvent unjust Lion tariffs. My Champion has offered his apologies for that, despite that he possessed no knowledge of the practice. When a Lion patrol discovered this fact, however, they became aggressive and eventually violent. Regrettably, the yojimbo affiliated with the caravan were forced to defend themselves.”

“A preposterous lie,” the Ikoma countered.

“Your impugnation of my kinsmen is most impolite,” Fuyuko said in her most condemning tone. “Their testimony has been very clear on the matter, and there has been no countering testimony from your kinsmen.”

“All those present at your most dishonorable ambush were slain,” the Ikoma countered.

“The circumstances of which are impossible for us to ascertain save for the testimony of honorable samurai who were present, in service to their clan and their Empress.”

“Honorable samurai?” the Ikoma scoffed. “There are no honorable samurai remaining who were present when the incident took place.”

Fuyuko stifled a sigh. Even the sharpest of Lion were still hopelessly dull, and this discussion was going to continue in a circular manner, there was no question of that. Unless something unusual were to happen, she was wasting her time. And worse, she was making herself look ineffective to others in the process, which was an inexcusable exercise she could not afford.

“Chancellor, may I be allowed to speak to this matter?”

The Scorpion courtier turned to see a trio of young attendants standing close together. Foremost among them was a young Crane woman of some repute; Fuyuko had already studied her due to her expectation that she would come to be a formidable force in the court. Doji Natsuyo was her name, and at her shoulders stood Kirtuki Kira and Isawa Kido. Kira was a sharp-eyed young man who said little but saw much, and Kido was an acolyte of Air; such individuals were often seconded to the court and could prove most problematic under certain circumstances.

Receiving acknowledgement from the Chancellor, the dainty Crane courtier continued. “There is much here that remains as yet unknown, and despite the demands of honor in regards to avenging a slight against one’s clan, honor also demands that we respect the wishes and the deeds of our ancestors. Many great Lion and Scorpion have managed to forge peace in previous generations. Can we do less than attempt to follow in their footsteps? My illustrious colleagues from the Dragon, the Phoenix, and my own clan all seek to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, for how does the spilling of samurai blood honor service to the Divine Empress? With the utmost respect and honorable intentions, we request the opportunity to mediate in this matter, to find some alternative to another war that will claim countless lives of the Divine Empress’s great servants among the Lion and the Scorpion.”

Fuyuko fanned herself lightly, careful to keep her fan in front of her face. It was not to conceal her expression, but rather to convey the impression that she was concealing an expression of relief or gratitude, or whatever one wanted to imagine might be there. Regardless, she knew full well that the Lion would not accept or benefit from mediation, and allowing any one of those other clans, much less all three, to meddle in the affairs of the Scorpion would lead to nothing beneficial, so in that, of course, the Lion and Scorpion were in agreement. Still, it would be better to make the Lion appear as though they were the ones uninterested in the attempt, more so than her.

“Your offer is very gracious,” Fuyuko said politely, bowing. “Please understand that I will need to send word to my Champion. I would not presume to speak for him on such unexpected business. It would be improper.”

The Ikoma did not hesitate. “The Lion have no interest in mediation. Only satisfaction.”

Fuyuko nodded to herself. The Lion would likely receive approval from the Otomo for action against the Scorpion by the end of the week, if not the day. Now she had limited time to use this opportunity before it became even more unpleasant. What the Lion did not realize, indeed what they never seemed to realize, is that once they were given leave to seek satisfaction, there was no reason the Scorpion could not do the same.

And they were already ready.

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New Imperial Assembly Launches

Sun, 09/14/2014 - 15:49

The time has come. The new Imperial Assembly has launched. Go to to visit this fantastic new site. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to see some or all of the content, depending on your subscription status:

  • if you have an existing Imperial Assembly (IA) account, and you remember your login credentials–that is, the email address you used to register for the IA and the password you created for it–you can use the “Login” link at the top of the screen to go to the login page and enter your credentials. This should log you in and give you access to all of the site’s content, including the paid content of the Imperial Herald;
  • if you have an existing IA account, but you don’t remember your login credentials, you can use the “Login” link at the top of the screen to go to the login page, then use the “I Can’t Access My Account” link to recover your password. Once you’ve followed the instructions, you should be able to log in and see all of the content, including the Imperial Herald;
  • if you aren’t sure if you have an IA account, or you otherwise have trouble logging in, send an email to and we’ll help you out as soon as we can–probably within 24 hours
  • finally, if you don’t have an IA account, you can sign up for one by following the link on the front page called “Go The FAQ Entry About How To Become A Fully-Subscribed Member”. You’ll find all of the instructions there about how to join

If you aren’t logged in, or aren’t a fully-subscribed member, you’ll still have access to all of the site’s free content. However, we strongly recommend you get yourself logged in as a fully-subscribed member, so you have access to all of the site’s features, including the Imperial Herald, and also get the periodic “goodies” that come with membership, such as new and cool promotional cards for the CCG that come four times per year. Membership costs $30 US per year, or $15 for six months, if you live in North America, and $40 per year or $20 for six months if you live outside North America. As for existing memberships, they’re still “frozen”; we aren’t going to start the clock ticking on expiry again until January 1, 2015. So, for the time being, please disregard any Expiry Dates shown in your account.

We’re really excited to finally be launching the new Imperial Assembly, and are confident you’ll be excited by this new and innovative way of communicating with the fans and players of L5R, too. We particularly hope you enjoy the launch content on the site–just remember that there is much more coming, including a series of strategy articles for the Imperial Herald about playing each of the clans in the CCG following the release of the A Line in the Sand expansion. As always, if you have comments, concerns or questions, feel free to email

May the Fortunes be with you!

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Siege: Heart of Darkness Twitter Contest Winner

Sat, 09/13/2014 - 18:11

Congratulations go out to Eric Roth who is the winner of our Siege: Heart of Darkness Twitter Contest. Eric has won a Siege: Heart of Darkness boxed set along with three copies of the Shabura promotional card.

We’ll be having more Twitter Contests in the future, so keep an eye for another chance to win!

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2014 World Championship Story Prizes

Fri, 09/12/2014 - 15:15

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

Below you will find the Story Prizes for the 2014 World Championship that is being October 10th – October 12th, in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Direct information for the World Championship can be found on the Official 2014 World Championship Website found HERE.

The Facebook page can be found HERE.


World Championships 2014 Main Event: Regent to the Throne

A Storyline Event for the L5R CCG

The Emerald Empire is a troubled land. Reports have reached the Imperial City of thedifficulties that have recently arisen within the Colonies, with the forces loyal to the two sons ofthe Divine Empress taking up arms against one another in an attempt to secure the dominance of their chosen scion. The Empress Iweko I is troubled by these accounts, having forestalled the declaration of her heir in an attempt to prevent jealousy or resentment from fostering in the breast of either of her sons, but now it is clear that the alternative is little better for the Empire.

Toward that end, the Voice of the Empress has declared that the Imperial personage will spend the Winter Court season in seclusion, contemplating the matter of which son will succeed her upon the throne of Rokugan. As she secludes herself, the Divine Empress has one final command for one samurai most loyal to her throne: rule in my absence.

The winner of this tournament may select any one samurai from his faction. This samurai will be hand-selected by the Divine Empress to rule as Imperial Regent during her period of seclusion. For the duration of Winter Court, this character will wield the power of an Emperor. How it is used, what the ramifications of such use are, remain to be seen, and will be shaped to a large extent by the nature of the samurai chosen by the winner.


World Championships Second Chance: Something Wicked…

A Storyline Event for the L5R CCG

Even in the most prosperous of times, there are dire omens that must be heeded. In Rokugan, there is one omen that is darker than all others, one sign that causes the faithful to rush to shrines and temples and pray to their Fortunes and ancestors of choice for guidance and protection. There is one portent that is so dire that there can be no room for interpretation, but instead its presence affords certainty that there are dark and terrible things upon the horizon.

The Porcelain Mask of Fu Leng has returned.

The winner of this tournament may select any one personality affiliated with his faction. That personality will be responsible for discovering the mask’s return to Rokugan, and will be among the first to realize what disaster looms upon the horizon.


World Championships Invitational: The Pearl Championship

A Storyline Event for the L5R CCG

Whispers have begun to reach Imperial City and the strongholds of the Great Clans of activities deep within the Shinomen Mori. The truth seems unbelievable, but can no longer be denied: the Naga are awakening once more. In previous generations, the Naga have been both valued allies and implacable foes of humankind, more often the former than the latter, but the recent activities of the Dark Naga have soured many on the true intentions of the strange serpent people who were so well known to their grandparents. That a new force with the power and military might of a Great Clan has suddenly appeared amid the people of the Empire is cause enough for many to be concerned, and the most powerful of the Divine Empress’s servants, the Emperor’s Chosen and the Jeweled Champions, have convened to determine how best to resolve the situation.

The winner of this tournament will determine the clan affiliation of the newly appointed Pearl Champion. This individual, granted authority by the other Jeweled Champions as well as their colleagues among the Emperor’s Chosen, is responsible for maintaining relations and familiarity with the Naga and their activities within the Empire. The Pearl Champion will be an active part of all Naga storylines and will become a prominent figure within the Empire, although there will be some who judge them because of their close association with a non-human


2014 World Championship Costume Contest – Sunday, October 12th

Judging will be done prior to the final awards ceremony, and wearing your costume during the day Sunday will be helpful!

Judges Grading Rubric: In advance of this years contest we are releasing the rubric that our judges will be using to score the costumes, and it can be found HERE.

It was created with the superb help, and expertise, of Giovanni Lina Aviles!

If you are thinking of participating in the contest please take a few moments to review the document as it will help you know exactly what the judges will be looking for during the contest.


1st Place will be receiving the following:

Their costume will be used as the centerpiece of a future Legend of the Five Rings card artwork in the CCG!

The details of which, and exact use, will be determined by the Design Team and the Art Director.

$100.00 Gift Certificate to the AEG Online Store.

CCG Product.

2nd Place will be receiving the following:

$50.00 Gift Certificate to the AEG Online Store.

CCG Product.

3rd and 4th Place will be receiving the following:

$25.00 Gift Certificate to the AEG Online Store.


Note: There are a number of side events occuring at the 2014 World Championship, so stay tuned for further story prize announcements in the near future!

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New Cards for Koku Coming

Fri, 09/12/2014 - 12:36

The Cards for Koku list will next be updated on Friday, September 19, 2014, at 7 AM PST. Check back then for the updates!

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Worlds Event Kit Reminder

Thu, 09/11/2014 - 12:49

Are you coming to L5R Worlds in Sheffield, England? If so, this is your chance to pick up the Summer Exclusive L5R Event Kit. Each kit contains:

2014 Gen Con Playmat

  • 10 boosters of the A Line in the Sand (Ivory Legal) expansion
  • 1 exclusive playmat featuring stunning Conceptopolis art
  • 1 card storage box beautifully illustrated by Conceptopolis
  • This item is only available for Pre-Order. Do not order if you do not plan to attend Worlds.

Just head over to our online store and order one today. You’ll be able to pick the kit up at the event. We look forward to seeing you there!

Note: If you are not able to be present at the event, please do not order this item!

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Environmental Corrections

Wed, 09/10/2014 - 04:27

Hello Samurai of Rokugan! Ahead of L5R’s World Championships and the Fall Tournament season, we have been evaluating the environment and we find we are quite happy with it, but there are a couple cards in A Line in the Sand that snuck through with some unintended interactions. Listening to your concerns and doing our own research into the matter, we have found the need to errata two cards.

Oboro is a fine card on her own in a Kobi Sensei Kolat deck. However, an abusive deck has appeared which uses lots of Kharmic cards to burn through its Dynasty deck fast, ending with a turn six Oboro bomb. Using effects that refill your Provinces face-up, it buys Oboro over and over on turn six and instantly wins. This is an interaction we are not ok with, and so we are issuing erratum as such. Oboro’s Invest trait will now read:

Invest [3]: If you have not used the Invest trait of an Oboro this turn, shuffle all your other copies of Oboro in play and in your discard pile into your Dynasty Deck. Gain a Conspiracy token for each Oboro shuffled.

Restricting Oboro to once per turn, it will slow down this deck a couple turns to a much more reasonable pace.

The next card we are issuing erratum on is Official Sanction. Official Sanction, again, is a card that is perfectly fine when used as intended. However, some decks are able to abuse it to an obscene level, straightening it again and again and again, allowing it not to be used once every full turn cycle, but instead four times every full turn cycle. As such, we are adding the following trait to it:

Card effects will not straighten this Item.

With this change, it will restrict Official Sanction back to a much more reasonable level, allowing players to use, but not abuse, the card fairly.

In our environmental analysis, we have found two other cards that we find to not only be problematic today, but remain so into Ivory 2 and 2015. An impact that is harmful enough to both the current and future environments that we feel we need to take action. As such, the following two cards are banned from Ivory and Ivory 2 constructed tournaments of all formats; arc, strict, and extended.

Advance Warning
Cavalry Escort

All of these changes are effective immediately.

We do not make changes lightly, but we will not hesitate to act when we feel it is necessary, and in the case of these four cards we felt we it was; both for today’s environment and the future environment. We shall continue to evaluate the current game state and if we feel there are more cards that need to be changed, we shall act on those as well, though we do not foresee any more changes before the World Championships. Thank you as always and enjoy the Fall Tournament season!

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To Do What We Must: A World View

Tue, 09/09/2014 - 13:03

In early May, we announced “To Do What We Must,” the interactive L5R novel slated for 2016, helmed by Robert “Spooky” Denton with input from fans just like you. At the time of the announcement, it was noted that fans would have multiple ways to influence the novel and the time has come for another interactive plot point!

Recently, we announced our Fall Tournament Series, with several major events across the globe. These events provide an excellent opportunity to see what fans of the L5R CCG are playing. With that in mind, Spooky and Seth Anthony, the L5R Community Organizer, will be reviewing the submitted decklists for common characters, trends, and themes. This data will be used to weave further interaction in the novel, potentially giving screen time to our most popular characters and locals.

Get those decks ready, as there is much story to be written, and you are the hero!

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New L5R Products Hit Stores Shelves Today!

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 13:05

It’s a big day for L5R! Stop by your Friendly Local Game Store today, where you’ll be able to snag a copy of Siege: Heart of Darkness (now in Stronghold Stores only) as well as some packs from our latest expansion, A Line in the Sand, now in full release.

We look forward to seeing you at the table!

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We want you to be a part of the new IA!

Fri, 09/05/2014 - 12:48

This is the third of our articles about the new Imperial Assembly website, and its subscriber content, the Imperial Herald, launching next week. Today, we’re looking at how you can be part of the Imperial Herald experience.

Since we’re moving to a digital, “blog-like” format for the Imperial Herald, we’re going to need content–quite a bit of it. Now, we’re pretty good at generating content ourselves, but we know that many of our fans are as familiar with the setting and the games as we are. Some of those are darned fine writers, and have insightful, intriguing or otherwise interesting things to say about the Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) games and setting. So, this is your chance–we’ve put out these guidelines before, but here they are again, with a renewed call for submissions. We want your content for the Imperial Herald; all you have to do is follow the guidelines below.

1. Articles must be about some aspect of The Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) series of games. This includes the Collectible Card Game (CCG) and Roleplaying Game (RPG), as well as any other games that use the L5R setting, such as “War of Honor” or “Ninja”, or any new games that may be developed using the L5R setting. We also encourage articles about aspects of L5R that you might not traditionally consider “games” or “gaming”, such as Live Action Roleplaying (LARP), costuming, or application of relevant, real-world subject to the setting (for example, the historical development and evolution of Japanese armor and weaponry and how it could be applied to RPG campaigns).

2. Articles can be about game strategies, discussions of mechanics, ways of playing better, aspects of the setting itself—essentially, anything you can imagine that would be of interest to fans of the L5R games and setting.

3. However, articles you submit may NOT include proposals for new cards, rules or game mechanics, nor should it include artwork. Such articles will be immediately rejected and deleted. There are avenues available for submission of, for example, artwork and proposals for new cards for the CCG and these, and not the Imperial Herald, remain the sole and correct way of making such submissions.

4. In general, we’d prefer that you not submit diagrams, graphs, tables and so on, unless these are fundamental to the presentation of your article. If they are, then you must use Microsoft Word .doc or .docx file formats only, and they should be embedded directly in the document. We may have additional requirements for such objects and will determine, at our discretion, what impact they have on word-count.

5. Articles must be submitted by email to You must put [IH Submission] in the subject line (including the square brackets), followed by the title of the article and your name, so it looks like this:

[IH Submission] How to Always Win the L5R CCG – John Doe

Failing to do so might cause your article submission to be overlooked , eaten by spam filters, etc. We assume no responsibility for “lost” submissions if you don’t conform to this requirement!

6. Ensure you include your name, full mailing address and contact email in the body of the email. If you wish to use a by-line name in the article that isn’t your real name (such as “Bayushi John” instead of “John Doe”) you may do so, but you still must provide your real name in the body of the email. You must also include the Submission Boilerplate (see below), by pasting it verbatim into the body of the email. The article itself must be attached as a file in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format, or .rtf format.

7. Articles must be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1500 words. They must written in a non-proportional font such as Times New Roman, with a 12 point font size, double-spaced, with 1″ margins all around. The article must begin with its title, centered on the page, with your by-line (that is, “By Your Name”) centered beneath that. The first line of each paragraph must be indented.

8. Please send us your best work. In addition to being well-written and something that will interest fans of L5R, we expect submitted articles to incorporate correct spelling and grammar. We understand that English isn’t the first language for many fans and certainly don’t want to discourage submissions from non-native English speakers. However, if an article doesn’t hold together logically, or contains too many spelling, grammar and other errors, we may have to reject it, or at least return it to be rewritten.

9. AEG may offer payment for your submission, of up to 2 cents per word. Whether such payment will be offered, and how much, will be determined solely by AEG and will be based on, but not limited to, the quality of the work, the extent to which it must be revised and edited and if you have previously had articles accepted for publication in the Imperial Herald. Our intent is to develop a “stable” of writers for the Imperial Herald over time, so payment at the full rate will likely be reserved for our regular contributors.

10. Some general advice—write an article that focuses on a single subject; don’t allow yourself to wander across subjects. Your article should have a beginning (introduce the subject and why you think it will be important or interesting for L5R fans), a middle (discuss the subject, presenting your information and making your case for why it’s correct, important and interesting) and an end (summarize what you’ve just said and wrap things up). The old adage, “Tell them what you’re going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you told them” is a good guide for article construction!

11. Finally, the legal boilerplate. By submitting an article for publication in the Imperial Herald, you are agreeing to the following text. You must indicate such agreement by pasting the following text VERBATIM into the body of your submission email:

I understand that unsolicited article submissions for the Imperial Herald and other intellectual property (collectively “the Work”) received by AEG is considered a gift of all the donor’s rights, title and interest in and to the Work (including copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights). I also understand that the Work is given to AEG for such consideration that AEG deems, in its sole discretion, to be appropriate, and that it becomes the property of AEG. AEG is in no way responsible to pay any additional transfer fees, licensing fees, royalties or any other consideration to the donor. Based on the above understanding, I hereby submit the enclosed Work.

Submissions are open. So get writing, and get those articles in!

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Empire Engine Design Diary

Fri, 09/05/2014 - 08:33

Co-designer Chris Marling offers a look into the development Empire Engine.
Click here to check out the featured article.

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Cypher Character Data

Fri, 09/05/2014 - 07:58

Cypher has made a big splash at GenCon so this is a great time for you to meet the characters of the game. Click here to check out their background stories!

In the corporate-ruled world of the near future, the nexus is a vast digital network that serves as both the backbone of the economy and the information pipeline that keeps the corporations in power. Faced with a constant stream of hacker attacks, a group of corporations created an artificial intelligence that could learn from the hackers themselves and discover security flaws before they could be exploited. The artificial intelligence, codenamed Cypher, evolved faster than its creators could have imagined. It gained sentience, went rogue, and became the ultimate hacker. Now Cypher is fighting the corporations themselves for control of the nexus. It’s a cyberwar on a scale never seen before, and its outcome will change the world.

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The Hub for All Things L5R

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 14:37

Yesterday, we announced that we will be rolling out the new Imperial Assembly website next week, and that it would be your primary source of news for all things Legend of the Five Rings. Today, a little more detail on the new Imperial Assembly (IA).

First, some things aren’t new at all. You will still be able to join the Imperial Assembly by subscription. In return for your subscription, you will have access to all of the site’s content. You will also be able to support your chosen Clan and Stronghold Store by specifying those with your subscription. If you are already a member of the IA, these things will simply carry over to the new site. As a member of the IA, you will also benefit from periodic, members-only opportunities, such as participating in clan votes that we may conduct from time to time. You will also continue to periodically receive promotional cards, like the ones that were previously delivered with the Imperial Herald. Finally, you will still be able to order “Cards for Koku” through the site, and keep track of your banked Koku.

So what’s new? Well, as mentioned yesterday, there is no longer a standalone publication called “The Imperial Herald”. Rather, the subscription-only content of the site will constitute the Imperial Herald (IH). The result will be a more dynamic “publication”, similar to a blog, which we can update with new content much more frequently than the old format of the IH would allow. It also allows us to offer a wider range of content–no longer constrained by the realities of a standalone publication, we can serve you, the IA members, articles on many more aspects of Legend of the Five Rings, including areas that haven’t seen a lot of attention in the past, such as the setting itself, costume-play and Live Action Role Playing. This greater amount and range of content means a need for more writing, and that’s another way you can get involved–by writing for the IH. More on that tomorrow!

A few last points. First, not all of the content on the new IA site will be subscription-only. IA members and non-members will still be able to visit the site and enjoy free content, such as most Legend of the Five Rings fiction and new product announcements. The paid IH content will only be available if you log in, though, and for that you need to have a subscription, of course. For those of you who have IA memberships now, these have been “on hold” for quite some time; the clock has not been ticking down to their expiration. That will change shortly after the launch of the new site–the clock will resume counting down toward expiry. Don’t worry, though–we’ll let you know exactly when the clock restarts, and how long you’ve got remaining in your subscription before you need to renew.

Finally, above is another screenshot from the new site. Remember, there’s still placeholder text showing; that will be gone and replaced by real content when the new site launches. Likewise, the graphics may change. But this gives you a good sense of the look-and-feel of the new Imperial Assembly website.

If you have any questions or comments about the new IA and IH, there’s a thread open on the AEG forums where we’ll be offering answers and responses. And check back here tomorrow, September 5, for more details about how you can contribute to the Imperial Herald!

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An Improved Way to Get Your L5R News

Wed, 09/03/2014 - 12:40

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the launch of the new Imperial Assembly website. Next week, we will be rolling out the new site; today, and over the next few days, we’re going to give you a preview of what’s to come, and to tell you how you can get involved.

First of all, what all of us remember as the Imperial Herald–once a glossy magazine, then a “newspaper” style hardcopy publication, and finally a digital PDF–will undergo yet another transition. The Imperial Herald will essentially be the content of the Imperial Assembly website. All things related to Legend of the Five Rings, including the collectible card game (CCG), the role playing game (RPG), the setting, strategy articles, background articles, fictions, things related to other L5R games, costume play, live-action role playing (LARP)…all of it will be delivered to you through the Imperial Herald, on the Imperial Assembly website. Tomorrow, we’ll feature more details about all of this…for now, we’ve provided a screen-shot of the new site (above) to whet your appetite. Note that this screenshot still includes some place-holder text; don’t worry, that will be replaced with terrific new content when the site itself actually goes live. In the meantime, you can get a sense of the “look and feel” of the new site!

Check back here tomorrow, September 4, for more details about the new Imperial Assembly and Imperial Herald!

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2014 Fall Tournament Season Information Page

Tue, 09/02/2014 - 16:07

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

Below you will find the Event Locations, the Storyline Prizes assigned to them, and the dates for the 2014 Fall Tournament Season.

The details of each Storyline Prize can he found HERE.

Date Name of Event Format TO Name TO Email Location 20-Sep The Oracle of Water Ivory Arc Dimas Muira PADIS
Calle del General Álvarez de Castro,
18, 28010 Madrid, Spain 4-Oct The Oracle of Earth Ivory Strict LeAnn LaFollette Y2Komics 5276 Trail Lake Dr, Fort Worth Texas, 76113, USA 11-Oct The Shame of the Moto Ivory Arc David Hat Hat’s Games
3921 e. 29th st. suite 310
Tucson AZ, 85711, USA 11-Oct The Dark Oracle of Air Ivory Arc Diego Lastorta Centro Cultural La Toma – Tucumán 1349 – Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. 18-Oct The Last Tribe Ivory Strict Donovan Burger Elite Card Shop
7586 S 84th St
La Vista NE 68128, USA 25-Oct The Topaz Championship Ivory Draft John Hubbard Checkmate Games and Hobbies
6725 W Central Ave
Toledo, Ohio, 43617, USA 25-Oct The Oracle of Fire Ivory Strict Eoin Burke Gael Con, Ballsbridge Hotel
Pembroke Road
Dublin 4
Ireland 1-Nov The Emerald Championship Ivory Strict Anthony Padron Anthem-Games
5380 West Village Drive
Tampa, FL 33624 , USA 1-Nov Secret of the Sacred Stones Ivory Arc Eric Chatelois Grimoire du Jeu , 6968 sherbrooke est
Montréal Québec
Canada H1N 2J7 1-Nov The Dark Oracle of Earth Ivory Strict Andre Rinn Game It
Biegenstraße 39
35037 Marburg
Germany 8-Nov The Maniacal Slaughter Ivory Arc Benjamin Higgins Carnage on the Mountain
Killington Grand Hotel
228 E Mountain Rd
Killington, VT 05751, USA 15-Nov The Endless Hunger Ivory Arc Michael Michalowski MGLA
ul. Farna 6, Jaworzno, Poland 15-Nov The Dark Oracle of Fire Ivory Arc Michael Sturbaum Terracrux Games, 760 Commerce Street
Tacoma, WA 98401
USA 22-Nov The Oracle of Air Ivory Strict Heng Loon Cheah Comics Corner Damansara Jaya, 75A Jalan SS 22/23,
Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia 22-Nov The Dreamers Journal Ivory Strict Reginald Garth The Wizard’s Wagon
6372 Delmar Blvd
University City, MO 63130 29-Nov The Captives of the Dark Naga Ivory Arc Ron Kotwica Mr. Nice Guy Games
374A Mall Circle Drive
Monroeville, PA 15146, USA 29-Nov The Greatest Trip Ivory Strict Peter Ludovic Espace Culturel
Grande Rue
25640 Roulans, France 6-Dec The Blessed Guard Ivory Draft Stephen Franklin Hilton Garden Inn
1920 Ayrsley Town Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273, USA 6-Dec The Dark Oracle of Water Ivory Strict – Best 2 out of 3 Jim Chin Ronin Games and Hobbies
19601 Center St.
Castro Valley, California, USA


If anyone sees a discrepancy, particularly a Tournament Organizer for any of the Events, please send the corrected information to:

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