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Winter Court IV PC Registration Extension

Sat, 08/30/2014 - 15:33

As you’re aware, the deadline for applications to the Winter Court 4 online role playing game event is this coming Sunday, August 31. However, the kami have told us that we have quite a few potential players who are struggling to get their applications completed in time; this, along the impact of GenCon on peoples’ time in August, and several other factors, have convinced us to extend the player application deadline by one week. Accordingly, the deadline for applications to be a player in Winter Court 4 is now midnight, Pacific Daylight Time, on Sunday, September 7. Applications submitted after that time won’t be considered. This gives you an extra week, so if you’re thinking of applying but aren’t sure you have enough time…well, now you do!

Again, the application itself, and the explanation around it, is available at

If you have any questions, check out the FAQ for Winter Court IV at (We hope to have the forums back online soon.)

You can also post any questions of your own there. May the Fortunes be with you!

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Win a Free Siege: Heart of Darkness

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 13:59

ShaburaWith Siege: Heart of Darkness hitting stores within the next couple of weeks, we wanted to give you a shot at winning a free copy of the boxed set, along with a playset of the Shabura promo, only being given at our Summer 2014 Events.

This contest is being run via Twitter (so you will need to have a free Twitter account.) Once you have your account, just head on over to

and enter. The contest runs from 8/29/14 to 9/12/14 and will close at midnight UTC. You may enter once each calendar day for the duration of the contest, so keep entering for a better a chance to win! The winner will be announced after the contest closes.

Best of luck to all who enter!

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What’s The Currency of War?

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 13:47

The L5R Team is excited to announce our newest Learn to Play product, The Currency of War. Coming in the fourth quarter of 2014, this package will provide everything two players need to learn to play Legend of the Five Rings.

Check out the product page for more details!

Full details on the product, including cardlists and legality will be provided closer to the release date.

Until then, plan how you’re going to pay for this war!

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Q4 Organized Play Kits

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 12:49

The fourth quarter 2014 Organized Play kit has shipped to stores. Check out what you can snag for participating and winning local tournaments between October 1 and December 31, 2014.

 Participation prize:

Block Supply Lines


Winner prize:

Back to the Front

Make sure you’re participating in your local events so you don’t miss these cards!

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L5R Worlds Event Kit Available for Preorder

Thu, 08/28/2014 - 12:30

Are you coming to L5R Worlds in Sheffield, England? If so, this is your chance to pick up the Summer Exclusive L5R Event Kit. Each kit contains:

2014 Gen Con Playmat

2014 Gen Con Playmat

  • 10 boosters of the A Line in the Sand (Ivory Legal) expansion
  • 1 exclusive playmat featuring stunning Conceptopolis art
  • 1 card storage box beautifully illustrated by Conceptopolis
  • This item is only available for Pre-Order. Do not order if you do not plan to attend Worlds.

Just head over to our online store and order one today. You’ll be able to pick the kit up at the event. We look forward to seeing you there!

Note: If you are able to be presenat the event, please do not order this item!

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To Do What We Must: A Novel Update

Wed, 08/27/2014 - 17:58

Hello everyone! My name is Robert Denton. As you may know, I am the current author of the upcoming L5R Interactive Novel. I consider this to be my first major writing project. As such, I am extremely excited about what is coming, and I will do my best to be worthy of the honor and vision of Rokugan this novel represents.

As previously announced, this novel will take several cues from the L5R player base to determine its course, and certain specific events will directly impact what happens in the novel. This isn’t just limited to players of the card game, but role-players and general L5R fans will get a chance to impact the novel as well! Even the upcoming Winter Court roleplaying play-by-post forum game will influence the events of the novel… ah, but I’m getting a little ahead of myself, aren’t I?

Let’s take a look at what’s impacted the novel so far. Earlier this year, we had a Facebook vote that determined that a spawn of Akuma no Oni would be featured early in the story. A tournament at Origins determined the identity of our novel’s protagonist, as well as impacting the story’s initial events. A Mantis deck won the event, and so our protagonist will be from the Mantis Clan. I can’t give away too much right now, but Wasp fans might be happy to learn that she is a Tsuruchi. One of the newest generations of Tsuruchi, she differs from her ancestors in that she is a samurai, raised to value Bushido where the original Wasps rejected it. Her struggle to balance the Wasp Code and her obligations as a Samurai will feature prominently in her character. Her story will entwine her with the events of the Empire at large, but at the same time, they will be largely separated from the storyline of the weekly fictions, forming an all-new story that can be enjoyed without extensive knowledge of the events in Ivory.

Oh, yes. I’d almost forgotten. The winning Mantis deck was also corrupted, running the dreaded Ogre Bushi and other Shadowlands cards. I should probably mention that this has factored significantly into our protagonist’s story. In what way, you ask? Patience, dear reader… all in due time.

A few months ago, we announced that during the course of the novel, an important Imperial would be detained in a sort of hostage situation. An Imperial Assembly vote determined who would dare to attempt such a thing! The winning faction was the Kolat. As a result, during the novel, one of the remaining groups of the shattered Kolat conspiracy will take a desperate but necessary gamble and kidnap an important Imperial.

Now I am pleased to announce that one of the GenCon events was planned to impact the novel as well! I’d long decided that the victory condition of the deck that won the Second Chance event would influence how our protagonist would resolve the aforementioned hostage situation. If the winning deck was a Military deck, then she’d achieve victory over the Kolat by force. If the winning deck was an honor deck, she’d negotiate a favorable outcome through diplomacy. And so on.

As it happens, the winning deck was a Scorpion deck, and I am told the primary victory condition was Military. As a result, our hero will attempt to defuse the hostage situation primarily with arrows and punches. This is an especially interesting result to me, because it not only tells me how to advance this portion of the plot, but it also gives me a little more insight into the kind of person our protagonist is going to be. Does she answer most of her challenges in a more direct way? What would such a character do if placed within an important Winter Court? Could such attitudes eventually backfire? What kinds of challenges encourage a character like this to grow and evolve? Plot decisions like these give me little cues that I can use to hook future plot points into the protagonist. I’m interested to see how Ivory Edition shapes her character.

In the future, one might expect more votes, more “impact points” decided by tournaments, and maybe even a few surprises. While sometimes you’ll be forewarned, you won’t always see a novel impact point coming. So play like you mean it!

The Future Is Uncertain

While I have a general idea of where the plot of the novel is going to go, there’s still a lot that has yet to be decided. The Winter Court season will have a significant impact on what happens to our protagonist, as will the Kotei season. And while I already have a solid, cohesive plot mapped out, and I know generally where the novel’s story is going, I have built-in multiple chances for the story to be impacted by the players who participate in Ivory Edition, the Roleplaying Game, and beyond! Even how the novel ultimately ends will be influenced by you!

I hope you are as excited about this project as I am. I know this update is a little vague, but as the novel takes shape and more writing is accomplished, I’ll be able to share a little bit more about the plot of the novel and what it’s about! So keep an eye on this page for updates throughout Ivory Edition!

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Siege: Heart of Darkness – The Finale

Tue, 08/26/2014 - 03:54

The thrilling conclusion to the story of the Siege on the Second City by the twisted minions of the Dark Naga, as determined by the events of GenCon 2014!


The Siege of Darkness, Finale

By Shawn Carman & Fred Wan




The air was thick with smoke. The screams of the dying had abated, leaving only the sounds of determined battle. The streets ran red with streams, lakes, and rivers of blood, human and Naga mingled to the point that it was impossible to tell whose was whose. Corpses were everywhere. The distinction between samurai and peasant no longer mattered. The only thing that mattered was the number of human bodies and the massive corpses of the corrupted Naga warriors that were left twitching and writhing where they lay.

The peasant district of the Second City was gone. The worst of the fighting had been centered there, and the flames had consumed everything. Three times the Naga had taken the district. Twice the samurai had pushed them back and reclaimed it. After the third Naga charge, there was nothing to reclaim, and the samurai had fallen back to the other districts. All that remained were the charred remnants of buildings and a heart-wrenching sea of bodies, hundreds or thousands of lives lost in a battle that ultimately accomplished nothing.

The Askett prowled the ruins alone. He was given command over those who remained behind, tasked by his master with ensuring that no more humans arrived and gained entrance to the city through this region. It was a duty that Askett relished, for even though he was least among his master’s chosen, he was still chosen. The others still despised him, he could sense it beneath the surface of their minds. It did not matter. They feared the Dark Naga far more than they would ever hate him, and thus they would follow his commands despite their hatred. Somehow that made it all the sweeter.

The Askett’s tongue flicked out and tasted the air. There was a scent, something like a man but not quite. There were many strange scents in this strange land, things that Askett had never imagined, but this was unlike anything he had tasted since he had left the Empire of the cursed mammals that dared to defy his master. It interested him. It made him curious. It was not a sensation he was accustomed to experiencing. He had sent the others away to search other streets because he wanted to know what it was. He had spent most of his life hunting alone, and while he welcomed the company of his master’s other servants, he likewise relished time alone. It was his way.

There was a flash of movement to his left. It was as if the sun had glinted off of something, but instead of light, it had gleamed only a dark shadow. Askett turned toward it, but it was gone in an instant, and a sharp pain shot through his shoulder. With no real sense of concern, he glanced down and saw a long, shallow cut extending from his elbow to his shoulder. Superficial. It would not even slow him down, but it did deepen his curiosity. “Mammal,” he hissed, flicking his tongue again to taste the scent of the thing’s passing. “Strange.”

A figure appeared amid the smoke and haze, crouched on a fallen rooftop, seemingly well outside of Askett’s range. “You should not have come,” Goju Sawaki said. His voice was calm, undisturbed.

“You wish that we had not,” Askett rasped. “For it is your death that we bring with us.”

Aksett mimicked the laughter he had seen humans perform before. He doubted the sound was convincing, but the body motions of the act allowed him the deception he required. At the conclusion of the action, he flicked his hand and hurled a small blade. It was a tiny weapon, comparatively speaking, but his strength was beyond anything a human might ever manage. It struck the figure in the chest with the force of a mighty tree felled by lightning. The human somersaulted backwards and disappeared.

This time Askett’s laughter was genuine, although it sounded much different. He went to where the human’s body was to retrieve his blade, but when he rounded the fallen roof, he stopped. There was no body. His blade lay there in a pool of what might be blood, but which seemed more like shadow. The sheer volume of it assured him that his aim had been true, that his enemy could not have survived… but where was the body?

Death? came a whisper on the wind. If you think death is something I fear, then you have no concept of what we are capable of.

“You are dead,” Askett said forcefully. “This is some trick of spirit or sorcery, I know not which, but I fear neither.”

A flicker of movement to his right drew Askett’s attention, but when he turned, there was searing pain to his left side, as if another assailant had attacked the moment he turned. How two mammals could act with such coordination he did not know, but it troubled him.

My death will not save you, the voice came again. Death will never stop me.




The Sleepless One looked at the human standing before him, her expression one of unwavering contempt. Furtively, he glanced around to confirm that none of his fellow Naga were present. His thoughts he had long since learned to conceal, but if one so much as overheard him, his mission would be imperiled. “Please, there is no reason to fight,” he told the human in a low voice. “I bear you no ill will. Surely you must agree that there has been too much death already.”

Matsu Misato blew a lock of her graying hear from her eyes, her grip on her sword never lessening. “I am Lion. I am no stranger to death,” she said, “but the death you smell on me is that of your kin that I have slain.”

“Yes,” the jakla agreed. “The loss of life in this senseless battle has been of tragic proportions. Let us end it now. Retreat and I will not reveal your presence.”

“Retreat?” Misato scoffed. “You slay my brothers and insult me, and expect me to be grateful? To slink away like some common wave man?”

The Sleepless One frowned. “I do not mean insult,” he assured her. “Your cultural oddities are something of a mystery to me, I am afraid. I am not like the others…”

“That is fortunate,” the Lion sensei snarled. “They won’t mind when I spill your entrails on the cobblestones.”

“If they knew the truth,” the jakla admitted mournfully, “they would likely save you the trouble.”

The sensei said nothing, but rushed forward, springing off of an overturned and partially burned noodle cart to fly through the air. “Matsuuuuuu! “she screamed as she flew, her blade held aloft to cut down her enemy.

“I am sorry!” the Sleepless One insisted, then released a torrent of pearlescent energy, summoning it from his taloned hand and unleashing it almost without thought. The energy struck Misato at the apex of her leap, obliterating all but her shadow within the greater field of pearl-colored energy. When it faded, no trace of her remained.

A shard of the warrior’s katana spiraled through the air, having survived the magic storm that consumed its wielder. The steel embedded itself in the jakla’s shoulder, causing a bestial cry of pain.

“Foolish, proud human,” the Sleepless One said, pulling the steel from his arm. “I did not wish this to be the outcome.”




Shinjo Ajasu wiped the blood from his face with the back of his hand. Reflexively, he made a mental note to visit a torii arch and be purified later, but of course there was not going to be a later. The thought made him laugh, and fresh blood cascaded from his mouth down his chin and onto his chest.

The monstrosity he had tried and failed to kill looked at him with curiosity. “What is it that amuses me, creature?” the Riddiqesh demanded.

“I am Shinjo Ajasu,” the Unicorn warrior said. “I held the title of Topaz Champion, as my father did before me. I traveled to the Colonies, as my father always wished to do but never was able to. Here, I successfully found a place within the officer corps of the Second City Guardsmen.”

The Riddiqesh sneered. “You cannot possibly be fool enough to imagine that I care about your pitiful lineage.”

“My point,” Ajasu said, considering trying to get to his feet and promptly deciding that it was a bad idea, “is that I go to the next life knowing that I have honored my family and my clan.”

“Wretched thing,” the Riddiqesh said.

“And from what I know of your people,” Ajasu continued, “which is quite a bit, given the writings of Akasha-sama, I know that you are a Constrictor.” He gestured to the massive coils that surrounded him. “I know how sacred your bloodline is among the Naga. I know how few of you remain.”

“A few scraps of knowledge and you think yourself a scholar.”

“What I know is this,” Ajasu continued. “When I reach the fields of Yomi, I will be welcomed. When you die, and your soul returns to the Akasha, the disgust and shame that the others of your race feel toward you will be like living a thousand lifetimes of unending torment.” He looked up through a haze of blood. “I pity you, wretched thing.”

The fallen constrictor’s eyes blazed, and his coils began to constrict.




The Temple Distract was burning in many quarters, but others had been relatively untouched. Their survival was not a goal that had been achieved without sacrifice. Shinjo Yoshie exhaled shakily and looked around at how few of her comrades remained. Everywhere she looked, purple and other colors dotted the ground. Warriors, honorable men and women who would not rise again. They had fallen in defense of their city and their honor, and for that she was grateful. In battle, it was those who lived who would experience the greatest regrets.

Yoshie walked over to where the Naga command unit, such as it was, had finally fallen. The creature that had led them was hideous even by the standards of the Naga as Yoshie understood them, which was admittedly not particularly well. The creature was hooded, which was uncommon among their kind, and its face was a strange mixture of humanoid and snake, making it somehow seem even less civilized than those among its kind whose features bore no resemblance to a man at all. She believed that creatures such as these were called cobras, but she was not completely certain that was correct. The fatigue of battle was already settling in, and she could no longer trust her own thoughts.

The creature moved slightly, causing Yoshie to draw her blade once more, having finally returned it to its saya only moments ago after what seemed like hours of battle. The creature’s head rolled to face her, and she was struck by the baleful hatred in the creature’s eyes. “I should thank you,” it rasped.

Yoshie frowned, hesitating for a moment. “What?”

“This pitiful body dies, and I shall rejoin the Akasha,” the Quelsa said, somehow summoning the energy to laugh. “I will be first among the Dark Naga’s chosen there. I will reign in the world of spirit until such time as a new body is born for me to inhabit. I shall see the demise of all your kind from a perfect vantage point! I will miss none of it.”

“If it is you death for which you thank me,”the Unicorn samurai-ko licked her lips, “then you are most assuredly welcome.”

“Wretched beasts,” the cobra snarled, its muzzle wet with its own life’s blood. “How can you have grasped so much with so little knowledge of how the universe truly works?”

“I am no scholar, but I understand how the universe works.” Yoshie lifted her blade and held it before the creature. “Are you ready to see?”

“Do it, filth!”

Yoshie obliged, and plunged her blade into the creature’s skull.




Shinjo Tselu lifted his blade and cut through the abdomen of a dark Naga warrior, only the creature’s spine keeping it in a single peace. The Ivory Champion’s shoulder was screaming in pain and he could no longer feel his arm, but he could not rest. He shouted the battle cry of the Second City Guardsmen, listening for the responses. There were fewer each time. He wiped a mixture of sweat and blood from his face and checked this ties he had used to bind his sword to his wrist. They too were wet with blood, but he had no time to be concerned with how unclean it was. “Where are our reinforcements?” he bellowed, unsure even if any of his subordinates were still alive to hear him.

“There are none, commander!” an unfamiliar voice called out to him. “The entirety of our forces are committed to defending the Military District! There are none to spare!”

Tselu cursed explosively, mentally condemning Iweko Seiken with a tirade that he would never and could never give voice. If the Imperial heir had not conscripted so many of the Second City Guardsmen and the Ivory Legion, the situation would be vastly more manageable. But the past could not be changed. The dead could not be restored, and the city could be nothing but rebuilt, assuming that any survived the battle and conflagration to do so. “We will have to be the reinforcements, then,” he said, his face grim. “We finish the next charge, then half of you follow me to the gatehouse!”

“Tselu-sama!” A man appeared on horseback, his face a terrible mixture of blood stained flesh and gray ash. “The wall to the Imperial District has been breached! The battalion holding the region has been slain to a man.”

A dagger of fear was thrust into Tselu’s chest. The governor! He could not allow the wretched beasts to get their hands on her. To allow a personage of her status to fall into their hands would be a disgrace the likes of which could never be removed, potentially for his entire family or even his entire clan. “Fall back to the governor’s estate!” he ordered.

“My lord,” one of his officers said, “if we fall back from this position it will allow the beasts to breach the wall again.”

Tselu grimaced. “I do not see that we have any choice.”

One man, a Hida by his armor, stepped forward. “I will hold this position, my lord.” Two others stepped forward to take positions at his side, the three of them standing resolutely.

Tselu looked at the man frankly. “Kazado, you cannot survive an attack of this nature. Not with so few.”

“What I cannot do, my lord,” the Crab countered, “is surrender.”

Slowly, the Ivory Championed nodded. “May the Fortunes guide your blade, and your ancestors welcome you.” He turned to the others and gestured deeper inside the city. “To the governor’s estate!” he shouted. “None shall cross its threshold while we live, men!”




On the eastern wall of the Military District, the monstrosity once known as the Shakash roared in sheer frustration and barely-controlled, primal rage. “I am Naga!” he bellowed, the very stones of the wall quaking with the force of his cry. “You are nothing! You are meat! I will not be forestalled by vermin!”

Other Naga had fallen back and formed a semi-circle, writhing in eagerness to join the fight, but ordered by their commander to stay back. It was his right to claim the prey and finally breach the wall, but the battle was not going as anticipated. Many of them glanced sidelong at one another, uncertain what to do. The uncertainty emanated from them in waves, so much so that the Shakash turned and snarled at them, causing them to draw back a half-step. The massive warrior turned back to face the individual that was, inexplicably, barring his entrance from to the next level of the human’s nest. “Stand aside! Submit and die cleanly!”

The diminutive monk tilted her head to the side slightly, a quizzical expression. “Are you accustomed to your enemies simply permitting you to kill them?” Togashi Korimi asked. “It is most strange that you have such a reputation, if it is built upon slaughtering the surrendered.”

The Shakash released a sibilant scream of raw fury and lunged forward. The soot-streaked monk waited until the last moment, then casually stepped aside. A blade longer than she was tall slipped through the air inches from her former position. The cloth of her monk’s robe was sliced cleanly, leaving a long tattered remnant. Two more strikes followed, neither connecting with her flesh but exacting a toll on her wardrobe. The Shakash withdrew to glower at her, his expression a mix of hate and confusion. Korimi slipped the ruined remnants of her robe off, leaving her wearing only a hakama, her tattoos standing revealed by the absence of her robe. “At least you are free of the disgusting sense of shame that afflicts your species,” the Shakash said. “It seems a shame to kill you.”

“You won’t be killing me, so the point is irrelevant,” Korimi said. “As a Dragon, I have lived with tales of the Naga for much of my life. I must say, I find the accounts of your prowess grossly exaggerated.”

The Shakash lunged forward suddenly, no hint of his previous bluster or rage apparent. The ploy was nearly successful, as Korimi managed to evade his strike only by the barest of margins, and with a deep gash along her ribs for her trouble. She countered with an open palm strike. Her tiny hand seemed only to lightly tap the Naga’s flesh, but waves of force rippled along his skin and there was a sound like a tree splitting in a storm. The Shakash roared in agony and reeled from the strike, one of his arms hanging uselessly at his side. He turned with his blade, a massive weapon that had claimed hundreds of human lives, held at the ready. His eyes widened in surprise as the tiny monk ran up the sword, leaping the last third of its length to land arrive in the vastly larger warrior’s face. Korimi leveled a blow at him, striking him squarely in the face.

Blood erupted in a fountain from the Shakash’s ruined visage. Fragments of broken teeth flew in every direction, and the warrior collapsed into the street, his ragged breath bubbling with the blood flowing from his serpentine features. He did not move.

Togashi Korimi turned toward the other Naga. Her side was covered in a sheet of her own blood, flowing freely from her wounded ribs. Her robes were gone, her tattoos were illuminated by the streaks of sunlight that emerged from the clouds of soot and ash that blocked much of the sky. Her face did not betray fear or concern.

“Who among you will be next?” she asked calmly.




The debauchery of the humans was without limit. The so-called Imperial District, seat of the humans’ power in this land of future serpentine rule, was fraught with places of eating, drinking, and entertainment. What did such trivialities matter? That the samurai of this land had concentrated their attention on such meager things while ignoring the threat represented by the Naga reborn merely reaffirmed that they were unfit to hold dominion over this or any land. They were unfit to exist at all, and the Dark Naga would be the force that ended the universe’s embarrassment once and for all.

Around the Dark Naga, its elite guards cut down anything and everything in its path. Males, females, hatchlings… it did not matter. Their very lives were an offense that could not be allowed to continue, and would not.

In the chaos and confusion, the Dark Naga spied a fleck of color amid the ash-choked air. A pair of samurai was looking at it fearfully, the male attempting to lead the female away. Her thoughts were clear, however, and remarkably focused, for a mammal. Her status and importance were obvious in her thoughts, and the Dark Naga wondered if the female was perhaps the leader of these people, or merely one of those who sat atop their byzantine structure of lords. One of the others hissed aggressively and moved toward the pair. No, the Dark Naga thought, its thoughts causing the other one to recoil in pain because of their sheer magnitude. This one will be mine.

The speed of the creature belied its massive size as it darted through the street. One taloned hand reached out and eviscerated a human and the horse it rode upon, the other tearing the second story from a human food place. The two humans fled before him, as they should, disappearing into a larger structure, one of stone instead of wood. The attempt at permanence was appreciable, at least; such a structure would be more at home in the Naga ruins than in a city of humans, but it would not stand before him. The creature ducked down, the edges of the large doorway crumbling as it forced its bulk inside. Within, the structure was much larger, and reeked of human concoctions. This was one of the places they created their elaborate clothing, a pitiful attempt to conceal their own physical weaknesses. It disgusted the Dark Naga that they did such a thing. It disgusted him far more that many of its own people partially adopted the practice, even among those that were loyal to it. Once this city was in ashes, that would change. A great many things were going to change.

The female was near. Her thoughts were pure, difficult to conceal. The male was close by, but his were clouded. Hunting for him would be time-consuming, and the Dark Naga had no interest in drawing this hunt out longer than necessary. As a diversion, as a symbol of victory, it had meaning, but that was all.

“You are as horrible as everything we have heard,” Kakita Kae said, emerging from behind a vast rack of cloth near a small window. “So many times, such things are exaggerated, but you are every bit the monster the rumors claimed. Perhaps more so.”

Your kind fears strength, the Dark Naga thought, drawing a wince from the human. I am power. What does it matter how terrifying your wretched race finds my appearance?

The courtier shrugged. “A diversion, nothing more. A means to engage your selfish ego until it was too late. Tobei, now please.” For a moment, the female hesitated. Her expression was wistful, almost pained. “Fortunes,” she muttered. “What an incredible waste. Such sacrifices the universe demands of us.” Then Kae turned and leapt from the window, an act that caught the Dark Naga completely off guard. The female’s thoughts were such that he could not imagine her taking such a risk, even if filled with fear, and strangely, he did not detect fear among her thoughts. It was almost as if…

The acrid stench of burning powder filled the air. The Dark Naga did not recognize the smell, but it caused instincts to come to the fore, demanding that it flee the building at once. It turned to do so, but there was a loud popping sound, and the stone of the building collapsed the doorway through which the creature had entered. It lunged forward and began tearing at the stones with its incredibly powerful arms, but it would take precious moments to clear the path, and the increasingly heady scent of the powder suggested no such time was to be had.

No! the Dark Naga roared within its mind. I will not die this way! Not at the hands of an animal!

The Spring Blossom Silk Works, the most valuable holding of the Crane Clan within the Second City, perhaps within the entirety of the Colonies, erupted in fire as a large supply of firework-grade gaijin pepper was detonated around its edges. There was a wave of heat, a groaning sound, and the tons upon tons of stone that comprised the building began to shift and collapse. The mass of the Dark Naga, huge though it was, could not sustain the level of damage that was inflicted upon it. Its flesh was torn, then crushed, then pulverized by the falling stone.

The Dark Naga could not speak, for its body was twisted in such a way that human speech was impossible. Nevertheless, as its body died, as its mangled and malevolent spirit, so far removed from the physical component of the akasha, finally died, it screamed. The sound tore through the souls of the Naga enslaved to its will, many of them perishing in that instant. The sound resonated throughout the Second City, causing nosebleeds and headaches among the survivors that would last for many days. And it resonated so far that even some hint of it, some spiritual echo, reached the depths of the Shinomen Mori in the Empire of Rokugan.

In the darkest depths of the forest, more than one hundred thousand serpentine souls heard, and awakened from their slumber.




By Fred Wan

This week’s fiction is primarily focused on resolving the story prizes and choices from Gencon 2014, but a few additional things are worth pointing out:

Hida Kazodo is a character found in the late Dan Moore’s RPG work.

Kakita Kae, chosen by Gencon winner Case Kiyonaga, was created as a result of Giovanni Aviles’ work over the 2011 Kotei season, culminating in a highly successful charity auction at MageCon in 2011. Kae also appears in our RPG supplement, Unexpected Allies 2.

During the time period in which this fiction occurs, Kae has a great deal of influence over the state of fashion in the Second City. Some of the clothes she orders burned in the fiction are likely either her work, or outfits that she personally endorsed.


Discuss the events of this fiction in our Story Forum!


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Winter Court IV Player Deadline Reminder

Mon, 08/25/2014 - 14:17

A reminder that the deadline for Player Applications for the Winter Court IV online role playing game (RPG) event is fast approaching. You have until midnight, Pacific Daylight Time, on August 31 to submit your application. ANY APPLICATIONS RECEIVED AFTER THAT TIME WILL BE DELETED UNREAD!

So, if you want to apply, make sure you do so before the deadline! We’re doing well for applications, but more is always better!

The application itself, and the explanation around it, is available at

If you have any questions, check out the FAQ for Winter Court IV at You can also post any questions of your own there.

Go with the Fortunes!

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2014 Gen Con Wrap Up!

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 12:40

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

Another Gen Con has come to a close, and we want to take a moment to thank everyone who attended the convention or took the time to via the stream of events courtesy of the Sixth Ring!

To begin the AEG staff in the dealer hall and in the CCG hall did a splendid job during a hectic environment. It is never an easy thing to set up, run, and then break down a GenCon convention, but we were proud to serve the playerbase to the best of our abilities.

At this time we’d like to offer our congratulations to all the winners of the varied tournaments, and storyline events, which were run at the 2014 Gen Con Event:

2014 North American Champion – Case Kiyonaga – Crane - “The Field of Battle”

2014 Second Chance Event – Adam Carey – Scorpion - “The Final Disgrace”

2014 Invitational Winner – Greg Wong – Dragon - “The Last Vestige of Madness”

2014 Big Deck Tournament Winner – Chris Justice - “A Tale from the Past”

The Peasant District – Mark Armitage – Spider – Chose: Goju Sawaki

The Artisan District – Aaron Barto – Lion – Chose: Matsu Misato

The Merchant District – Josh Bow – Unicorn – Chose: Shinjo Ajasa

The Temple District – Paul Germain – Unicorn - Chose: Shinjo Yoshie

The Military District – Corey Beahon – Dragon - Chose: Togashi Korimi

The Imperial District – Case Kiyonaga – Crane - Chose: Kakita Kae

2014 Siege: The Heart of Darkness Winner – Rokugan and the Naga Clan (2016!)

The Legend of the Five Rings RPG sessions culminated in the Crab Clan petitioning the Emperess to wage war on the Spider Clan, and the Divine Emperess granted their request!

Finally we want to once again offer a simple, and heartfelt, thank you to everyone who made Gen Con happen and who attended. We look forward to seeing you all throughout the coming and year at events around the world!

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AEG Forum Update

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 00:29

The AEG Forums are experiencing some issues. We suspect the Dark Naga are trying to interfere with our communications. We hope to have the forums back online soon, just as soon as we get the snakes out of the lines!

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2014 Stronghold Store Events: Level 10/15/20

Thu, 08/21/2014 - 18:17

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

It is time for your local Stronghold Store to hold the yearly event(s) it has earned by you playing there and supporting your favorite local gaming store!

Any Stronghold Store that qualifies for a Level 10/15/20 and has not been yet directly contacted,  please submit a request to schedule an event via the form at the bottom of this page. If you’d still like to submit a form even if you have already been emailed, please do so as it will make the record keeping cleaner.

And without further ado here is what the winner of a the Stronghold Store Events can choose upon their victory…

Level 10 Stronghold Store Event:

The winner of this level event may select ANY Flavor Trait they desire for a future personality of the Clan they played with. This Flavor Trait must be approved by the Story Team and the Design Team. Thus the winner will work with Story/Design to come up with a satisfactory result.

Level 15 Stronghold Store Event:

The winner of this level event may select a name for a future card to be printed in an upcoming set for L5R. The type of card (example: A personality of the Clan the player won with), and the name, must be approved by the Story Team and the Design Team. Thus the winner will work with Story/Design to come up with a satisfactory result.

Level 20 Stronghold Store Event:

The winner of this level event will work directly with the Design Team to create a brand new card for an upcoming set of L5R. This encompasses all the previous event level rewards along with the ability to work on the exact mechanics of the card itself! Everything must be approved by the Story Team and the Design Team. Thus the winner will work with Story/Design to come up with a satisfactory result.

Note: Winning an event at the Stronghold Store Level does not guarantee a individuals name on the card itself, that remains the province of the L5R Team to decide.

Event Request Submission Form:


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A Line in the Sand Released in Stronghold Stores

Mon, 08/18/2014 - 14:21

This is just a reminder that A Line in the Sand, the latest expansion for the L5R CCG, is now available at Stronghold Stores. Stop by your local shop and pick some up!

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Gen Con Recap: Day 2

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 22:42

Gen Con Day 2 is in the books and it was another exciting day on the Convention floor in the Events Hall.


The Dark Naga did battle all day at the challenge booth with the Rokugani populace winning 2, while the Dark Naga won 2. Currently, the Peasant Districts are still burning, awaiting relief at the 12 PM event on Saturday.


The Big Deck Tournament drew 25 players, with Chris Justice beating John Palmer in the final.


The Qualifiers had 48 players on Friday.

Tonight, we will cap off an amazing weekend with the L5R Experience, so stay tuned for more coverage!


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AEG Games at PAX Prime 2014

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:00

AEG has partnered with PAX to bring our games to Seattle. Many of our newest games have been added to the game library for open play, including the award winning Istanbul. The PAX tabletop room will also be running a pair of tournaments featuring Love Letter and Smash Up.

Day Start End Game Name Max Players Event Description Room Saturday, Aug 30 6:00 PM 8:00 PM Love Letter 32 Legends of the Five Rings edition. Games provided by Alderac Entertainment. Emerald Ballroom I/II Sunday, Aug 31 4:00 PM 8:00 PM Smash Up 24 Heats at 4:00, 5:00; Semifinals: 6:00; Finals 7:00. Test your skill across all of the available Smash Up factions from all released expansions. Games provided by Alderac Entertainment. Emerald Ballroom I/II
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Gen Con Recap: Day 1

Fri, 08/15/2014 - 15:48

The first day of Gen Con 2014 has come and gone. Indianapolis has played host to some great games of L5R. For those of you curious about the events and winners, here’s a recap:

The Invitational Draft Event had a total of 18 players and was won by Greg Wong playing a combination of Crab and Spider.

The Thursday Qualifier had a total of 58 players, with 19 grinding in for Saturday’s main event.

Two 2014 Fall Tournament Season Players Choice side events were run, with Michael Givens winning the first and Corey Beahon winning the second.

The Dark Naga Challenge Booth has played host to many pitched fights, with the Rokugani populace beating out the Dark Naga 3 out of 4 times. The booth remains open through the rest of Gen Con, with the Dark Naga hoping to score several more victories.

Congratulations to all of the winners! If you are at Gen Con, stop by the events hall and say hello!

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Siege: Heart of Darkness Revealed!

Fri, 08/15/2014 - 15:30

We hope that everyone is enjoying our coverage of Gen Con 2014! For those of you following at home, we’ve unlocked the Siege: Heart of Darkness cards in the Oracle of the Void and you can now download the rules document below.

Click here for the .pdf of the rules document.

Also, by popular demand, here are the complete decklists / product contents for Siege: Heart of Darkness. Now, let’s see who can beat the Dark Naga!

Fruitful Port of the Mantis
Gidayu Sensei

2 Abundant Farmlands
3 Bountiful Fields
2 Counting House
1 Deep Harbour
3 Exotic Market
2 House of Exotic Goods
1 Jade Pearl Inn
3 Kobune Port
1 Temple of the Heavenly Crab

3 Moshi Ikako
Moshi Rukia
3 Sasada
Tochiko, Tusk of Death
Tsuruchi Kaito
3 Tsuruchi Taito
3 Yoritomo Dairu
Yoritomo Ichido
3 Yoritomo Teihiko
Yoritomo Yashinko
Yoritomo Yusuke

Ring of Earth
Ring of Void
False Ring of Water

3 Ashigaru Spearmen
3 Sons of Gusai

1 Ensorcelled Longsword
3 Jiramu’s Wakizashi
1 Khalimpeh-jiak
1 Tiger Claw

2 Back to the Front
3 Breaking the Rhythm
1 Casting Aside Honor
2 Chaos in Battle
1 Creating Order
3 Entrenched Position
3 Fall Back
3 Relentless
2 Suffer the Consequences
3 Unholy Strike
1 Way of the Mantis


The Eternal Temple of the Phoenix
Rae Sensei

1x Bamboo Harvesters
3x Carpenter Shrine
1x Deep Harbor
2x Expansive Range
1x House of Exotic Goods
1x Jade Pearl Inn
2x Kabuki Theater Troupe
3x Silver Mine
1x Suana Dojo
1x Temple of Tengen
3x Traveling Market

3 Asako Misora
1x Isawa Kaisei
1x Isawa Genma
1x Isawa Shunryu, the Infinite Eye
3x Isawa Uzuyumi
3x Shiba Eraki
1x Shiba Iaimiko xp
3x Shiba Myoushi
2x Shiba Tsurao
3x Shiba Yuuchi

3x Disciples of Ganesh

2x Blessed Sword
1x Divination Bowl
2x Ominous Armor

1x Blistering Rain
2x Mystical Augmentation
1x Sailor’s Warning
1x Seeking the Way
2x Servitors of Stone
2x Soul of Earth
1x Words of Consecration

2x A Stout Heart
2x Bonds of Service
2x Encircled Terrain
2x Fearless Devotion
3x Final Sacrifice
3x Inspired Devotion
3x The Greater Threat
1x The Turtle’s Shell
1x Thoughtless Sacrifice
3x Unassailable Defense


The Shadowed Estate of the Scorpion

3 Abundant Farmlands
2 Bountiful Fields
1 Counting House
3 Geisha House
2 House of Exotic Goods
2 Nexus of Lies
2 Productive Mine
2 Recruitment Station
1 Temple to Tengen

1 Bayushi Akagi
3 Bayushi Atsuto
1 Bayushi Dijuro
2 Bayushi Masashi
3 Bayushi Meiko
3 Bayushi Mifuyu
1 Bayushi Nitoshi xp2
1 Bayushi Toshimo
2 Bayushi Yasunari
2 Shosuro Kayo
The Sorrow
2 Yogo Nobukai

Ring of the Void

2 Kikage Zumi Initiates
3 Sparrow Clan Aide

2 Aranai’s Armour
2 Tested Blade

1 A Growing Rift
2 Blocked Supply Lines
2 Chaos of Battle
2 Encircled Terrain
2 Entrenched Position
2 Fearless Devotion
1 Inexplicable Challenge
1 Insight
2 Iron and Stone
2 Lost Equipment
2 Not Yet Finished
3 Ramifications
3 Relentless
2 Ruthless Determination
1 Strength in Subtlety
1 The Turtles Shell
1 Victory Through Deference

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Siege: Heart of Darkness – Fiction Preview 4

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 04:45

Here’s our final preview of the fiction included with Siege: Heart of Darkness before the story continues this week at GenCon!


The samurai stood on the wall of the Imperial District, looking out over the Peasant District to the sout. It was quiet, as it usually was, and the mingled scent of laborer’s sweat and the breeze with a dozen different types of incense from the Temple District to the northwest carried along. Together with the heat, the smell created a very sickly sensation in his stomach, but it was one to which he had long since become accustomed. It was not pleasant, but it was manageable. He continued his vigil, constantly scanning the distant southeastern tree line for any movement.

“Has the patrol returned yet?” a voice from his left demanded.

“No,” the guard replied. “They should have returned an hour ago.”

“Scouts,” the other man grunted. “You can never get them to follow a duty schedule. They think everything is fluid. They are little better than children, if you ask me. If something catches their eye they are always running off to see what it is, infatuated as if they’d just seen their first shiny coin. Ridiculous.”

“Wait,” the guard said. “Look.”

The two men peered carefully at the distance as three men on horseback emerged from the trees at a full gallop. They were crouched low over the manes of their steeds, and even from here the guard could see their frantic urging of the horses to move faster. As they watched, one of them fell from his horse to roll over and over on the ground and then lay unmoving. The other men did not stop. “Did… did that man just fall off his horse?” the guard asked, astounded.

“No,” the other man said grimly. “I’ve seen that before, on the Wall. He was struck by an arrow.” As they watched, the second scout was struck down, and then the third almost as quickly. “This… this is very bad,” the second guard said.

“Something is moving in the tree line,” the first guard said. “Can you see it? A shimmering, almost like… like water. I don’t understand what it could be.”

“That is not water,” the second guard said, taking the first step toward the watchtower where the alarm could be raised. “Those are serpents. An army of serpents.”




The army of the Dark Naga collided with the Peasant District of the Second City without warning. The Second City Guardsmen were alerted only moments before the enemy arrived, the last surviving scouts driven before the serpent horde like forest animals fleeing a wildfire. The Temple District was protected by a wall, a much smaller, wooden wall that was a pale imitation of the large stone wall that stood guard over the innermost Imperial District, but the Peasant District did not even have that. There was nothing to impede the massive Naga warriors, and in moments they were in the streets of the Second City, sowing death and destruction everywhere.

The city’s defenders poured forth from the Imperial and Military districts, including Second City Guardsmen, Ivory Legionnaires, and the military forces of the various Great Clans stationed there. The depletion of the city’s forces by Iweko Seiken, having taken place only days earlier, threw what defenders remained into terrible chaos, with many units stripped of half their number or even their commanding officers. The samurai fought with incredible valor and ferocity, but their ranks were grossly depleted, the Naga forces nearly matching their number, and each Naga warrior was the equal of at least two of the most powerful samurai.

Very soon, the streets ran thick with blood.




The Temple of Tengen, the Fortune of Writing, was quiet until the unexpected arrival of a trio of Naga warriors. The three of them, each one a mighty scion of the Asp bloodline, proceeded to slaughter every monk and adherent in their path. “The filthy mammals must perish in the name of the sacred Shahismael!” one of them hissed in stilted Rokugani. “The stain of their occupation can only be cleansed with a river of their blood!”

One of the brother monks, a man whose face displayed no fear despite the horror of his surroundings, sprinted to an altar and opened a hidden door at its base. From within he retrieved what appeared to be jars of incense, and began to run toward one of the side rooms. One of the Asps intercepted him, however, and his head spiraled through the air, trailing behind it a ribbon of blood. “Incense?” the beast roared indignantly. “These mammals face their death and they concern themselves with incense?”

Something moving so rapidly that it seemed little more than a shadow appeared, took up one of the jars, and leapt away before the enraged beast’s massive blade shattered the stone floor where the shadow had lit only a moment beforehand. “Samurai!” the Naga called to his brothers-in-arms. “Samurai here!”

“Too frightened to face me alone?” a soft voice asked. A woman, slight of build and with her features obscured by a translucent silk mask appeared at the edge of his vision. “A weak little mammal like myself?”

The serpent-man snarled in feral rage and lunged, his serpentine length undulating across the floor with astonishing speed. He brought his blade in an arc that cleaved through a two-inch stone abutment near the altar where the black-and-crimson clad woman had been standing, but she was not there. “Fast little rat,” the warrior hissed. “You know what we do with rats?”

“Please,” Bayushi Mifuyu said from twenty feet away, rolling her eyes. “An inattentive beast like you? You don’t even know when you’ve been beaten.”

The beast looked down at the long, smooth cut along its left side. “This?” it asked, gesturing toward it. “This is a scratch. It might kill a pathetic creature like you, but it will not even slow me down.”

Mifuyu tossed one of the containers of incense lightly from one hand to the other. “Perhaps,” she said. “Unless, of course, I am in possession of the knowledge that one of the forms of incense brewed by the monks of Tengen, while sweet smelling, is actually one of the most toxic poisons every discovered by the Shosuro family.”

“I am Naga!” the warrior roared.

“And I am Scorpion,” Mifuyu replied.

The Naga lunged forward again but fell, crashing into the floor with significant force. “What… what…” it sputtered, then went still, its greenish saliva pooling on the floor.

Mifuyu smirked, then freshly coated her blade and disappeared into the shadows to await the beast’s two comrades.




“Death to the mammals!” screamed one of the Naga warriors. He drew a deep breath as if he would add to his battle cry, but the effect was lost when a massive wave of water manifested and crushed the beast beneath it, leaving it disturbingly flat and unmoving on the road leading from the Peasant District toward the Imperial District to the north.

Isawa Kouka, priestess of the kami, slumped to the ground, all strength expended. “I have… nothing remaining,” she gasped weakly. “The kami will not answer me any more today.”

Shiba Myoushi caught her before she fell. In another time, in any other circumstances, the thrill of contact with her delicate frame would have almost overwhelmed him, but now duty was his only concern. “I will protect you,” he promised her quietly. “Rest easily for now.”

Despite the circumstances, Kouka laughed faintly. “Rest easily? I should think that would prove difficult.” She gestured down the street at the group of Naga that had not as of yet noticed them, but which would doubtless do so any moment.

“We shall see.” Myoushi had seen something himself, and he half-helped, half-carried the tiny priestess toward the alleyway that separated two buildings. Wedged within, shivering and clearly panicked, was a mule. The thing started braying wildly at the sight of them, but Kouka reached out a hand and stroked its muzzle. It calmed instantly, but the damage was done. The Naga were now looking in their direction.

Myoushi lifted Kouka atop the mule after yanking it free from the alley. “Do not look back,” he advised her. “I would prefer you remember me this way, not fallen in battle.”

“What?” she demanded. “Ride with me! We can both fit!”

“They are too fast,” Myoushi said. “They will catch us. You may escape if there is a distraction.” He could not trust himself to say anything else, so he merely slapped the beast on the flank and sent it rapidly trotting toward the wall of the Imperial District. Then he drew his blade and turned.

Four Naga were advancing toward the Phoenix yojimbo. He held his blade at the read. “You will not face me and live,” he told them calmly.

“Filthy creature!” one of them snarled. “Such arrogance!”

“It is not that I am arrogant,” Myoushi replied, unperturbed. “Merely that you are craven, cowardly beasts.”

The leader, the one that had spoken, howled with outrage, and the others’ eyes widened noticeably. Their anger would ensure that they did not divide their ranks, but rather focused their energy on him. It would give Kouka time to escape, and that is all that Myoushi cared about. He fixed her in his mind, an image of her meditating peacefully by the lake, a serene smile on her exquisite features, and he smiled. It was a good thing to think of as he died.

The Naga came for him, and Myoushi met them with steel.




Yoritomo Dairu leapt from the cobblestone path to an abandoned merchant’s cart, then to an awning covering one of the few shops that stood in the Peasant District. The cart was utterly destroyed by a massive axe only seconds after he departed it, but by the time his opponents had turned their attention to the awning, Dairu had used his kama to scramble atop the roof. He dropped behind the wooden abutment just as several massive Naga arrows thudded heavily into it. Dairu chuckled. “Powerful, yes,” he observed of his enemies, “but they cannot climb worth a damn.”

As the Mantis warrior caught his breath, absently wiping Naga blood from the blades of his matched kama, he noticed a strange shape in the sky. It coursed up from the street, revolving and radiating a strange energy the likes of which he had not seen before. It was like lightning, but somehow whiter in nature, or to be more accurate it was slightly off-white, like ivory or…

“Oh, Fortunes,” Dairu muttered, and sprang to his feet at once. He ran as if the gates of Jigoku were opening behind him, because for all intents and purposes they might as well be. The gap between the shop’s roof and the roof of the adjacent building was wider than he would have liked, much wider in fact, but there were few options available to him, and none with better chances of survival. Cursing the weight of his armor, an armor that he had thanked the Fortunes for not five minutes ago when it had saved him from a Naga warrior’s backhand strike, Dairu hurled himself between the buildings, hoping desperately that he would make it to the roof and not plummet to the ground below.

He needn’t have worried. At the apex of his leap, the ball of energy behind him struck the shop’s rooftop and detonated with all the force of a lightning bolt striking a warehouse full of fireworks. The shockwave hit him in the back like a kick and hurled him the extra distance he needed to roll in a disjointed heap across the temple’s roof, nearly reaching the other side and slipping down its graded surface. Dairu finally came to a stop and exhaled shakily, groaning at the pain in his ribs as well as the scorched heat on his neck. He considered laying there indefinitely, waiting for the pain to subside.

From somewhere below there was a cry for help, followed by the distinctive, rapid-fire sound of a Tsuruchi bow releasing multiple arrows at some unfortunate target. Dairu considered the matter for a moment, curious about what could be happening. “Well,” he finally said, beginning to crawl to his feet. “I’d better go have a look.”




Shinjo Tselu drew another arrow and placed it in his bow, scanning the city below the wall for targets. “What is the situation?” he shouted.

Next to him, a senior officer of the Second City Guardsmen looked grim. “We are losing ground on every front. The Peasant District is essentially lost.” He pounded his fist against the stone in frustration. “If Seiken-sama had not taken half our men…”

“What is this about?” Tselu wondered aloud. “What can the creatures want?”

The old officer glanced sidelong at the younger man. “One of my scouts reports hearing the beasts talking about a Crab armory, my lord.”

The Unicorn looked at him agape. “An armory?” Tselu demanded. “What can they possibly want there? Our weapons and armor are far too small for them!”

“Then they want something else,” the officer said darkly. “And it seems they will burn the city to get it if they must.”

Tselu’s mind raced. “I cannot think of anything that…” his voice trailed off. “Oh no.”

“What, commander?” Tsudoken asked. “What is it they want?”

“The Crab have a weapon,” Tselu said. “They claim it was made from a fang of the Red Hunger. The Dark Naga wants the Red Hunger.”

The older man’s eyes widened. “That monster? If the Dark Naga takes control of that beast then all is lost. Is it possible that he could do such a thing?”

Tselu fired another arrow. “I have no wish to find out.”


Discuss the events of this fiction in our Story Forum!

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New L5R Team Members Announced

Mon, 08/11/2014 - 13:25

With Gen Con upon us, Alderac is pleased to announce the arrival of two new members of the L5R team. Joshua Githens has come on board to serve as Sales and Marketing Lead, while Rob Vaux will serve as L5R’s new Brand Lead.

Joshua hails from South Carolina, where he has tirelessly promoted games of all variety at Boardwalk Games in Greenville. Before joining Alderac, he spent 7 years performing marketing and promotion duties for Hasbro. He’s also worked as a human resources expert for Toys R’ Us and for Walt Disney World’s entertainment division. He’s a lifelong fan of Legend of the Five Rings, and is looking forward to working closely with the existing team.

Rob is returning to Alderac after an extended absence. He was part of the original development team for L5R all the way back in 1995, and has remained a devoted player ever since. He also oversaw the 7th Sea product line for many years, as well as the Stargate and Farscape RPG lines. In the intervening years he has worked as an online film critic, and his reviews continue to appear in Rotten Tomatoes and elsewhere. He’s thrilled to be back home at Alderac and ready to help move Legend of the Five Rings into its second twenty years.

Both Rob and Joshua will be at this year’s Gen Con, along with the rest of the L5R team. Stop by the booth or the AEG Events HQ and say hello!

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Fires of Turmoil

Mon, 08/11/2014 - 00:02

Hello Samurai of Rokugan,

It has come to our attention that many players out there are unhappy with the way a particular card, Fires of Turmoil, interacts within the rules set, specifically that one could use it to bow their opponent’s Stronghold at an early stage of the game when gold production is crucial, and a bowed Stronghold can be devastating. Some players insisted it was a power issue, so our Design Team has gathered information on the subject and after testing, we feel it could potentially create both a power and fun issue, neither of which is good for the game.

Now we would normally avoid erratum this close to Gen Con, however in this particular case, this is a combo that few players, if any, want to actually exist, and the playerbase would be happier, on the whole, if this didn’t exist. It also does not affect the playability of any particular clan or deck.

So effective immediately, Fires of Turmoil is receiving technical erratum to read as follows

Battle: Discard the top card of a Fate deck. Target a card without attachments in a unit. If the discarded card’s Focus Value is odd, bow the target (0 is even). Otherwise, straighten it. Move its unit home if the target has a Madness token.

As it is technical erratum, it should not affect the way the card is played in standard scenarios, and only serves to close an abusive loophole. Thank you.

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2014 Fall Tournament Season: Event Locations

Sat, 08/09/2014 - 21:37

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

Below you will find the Event Locations for the 2014 Fall Tournament Season. These are the locations that winners of the August 15th, and August 16th, Gen Con Side Events can choose to have a Storyline Prize assigned with their victories in those respective tournaments.

The Storyline Prizes can he found HERE.

Information on the tournaments can be found HERE.

The following list of the general Event Location, the event format, and the Tournament Organizer. Further announcements will be forthcoming so keep an eye on for updates!


9/27/2014 – Madrid, Spain – Arc Format – Dimas Muira


10/4/2014 – Dallas/Fr. Worth, Texas, USA – Strict Format – LeAnn LaFollette


10/11/2014 – Tuscon, Arizona, USA – Arc Format – David Hat

10/11/2014 – Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina – Arc Format – Diego Lastorta


10/18/2014 – La Vista, Nebraska, USA – Strict Format – Donovan Burger


10/25/2014 – Toldeo, Ohio, USA – Draft Format – John Hubbard

10/25/2014 – Dublin, Ireland, – Strict Format – Eoin Burke


11/1/2014 – Tampa, Florida, USA – Strict Format – Anthony Padron

11/1/2014 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Arc Format – Eric Chatelois

11/1/2014 – Marburg, Germany – Strict Format – Andre Rinn


11/8/2014 – Killington, Vermont, USA – Arc Format – Benjamin Higgins


11/15/2014 – Jaworzno, Poland – Arc Format – Michael Michalowski

11/15/2014 – Tacoma, Washington, USA – Arc Format – Michael Sturbaum


11/22/2014 – Selangor, Malaysia -Strict Format – Heng Loon Cheah

11/22/2014 – St. Louis, Missouri, USA – Strict Format – Reginald Garth


11/29/2014 – Monroeville, Pennsylvania, USA – Arc Format – Ron Kotwica

11/29/2014 – Besancon, France – Strict Format – Peter Ludovic


12/6/2014 – Charlotte, North Carolina, USA – Draft Format – Stephen Franklin

12/6/2014 – Castro Valley, California, USA – Strict Format, Best Two Out of Three – Jim Chin





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