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Renewal : 2014 Kotei – Poll 1 Results

Thu, 01/22/2015 - 21:41

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

Below you will find the results of the 1st round of voting for how each Clan chose to spend their Glory Points. Clans who still have an amount of Glory Points available for another prize can go to their Imperial Assembly Accounts to vote on how to spend the remaining available Glory Points.

Crab Clan – 100 GPs: A hero of the Clan defeats a rival in a duel, and has 217 Glory Points left.

Crane Clan – 500 GPs: Crushing Military/Political victory over one of the Clans oldest rivals, and has 243 Glory Points left. The Crane Clan also chose Daidoji Uji to be a Guardian Spirit of the Shrine of the Three Dynasties!

Dragon Clan - 250 GPs: Gain a child hostage to foster from another Clans Daimyo/Champion, and have 147 Glory Points left.

Lion Clan – 250 GPs: Gain a child hostage to foster fromthe Daimyo/Champion of another Clan, and have 174 Glory Points left.

Mantis Clan - 250 GPs: Gain a child hostage to foster from the Daimyo/Champion of another Clan, and have 109 Glory Points left.

Phoenix Clan - 250 GPs: Gain a child hostage to foster from the Daimyo/Champion of another Clan, and have 49 Glory Points left.

Scorpion Clan – 500 GPs: Crushing Military/Political victory over one of the Clans oldest rivals, and have 3 Glory Points left.

Spider Clan - 250 GPs: Gain a child hostage to foster from the Daimyo/Champion of another Clan, and have 57 Glory Points left.

Unicorn Clan – 500 GPs: Crushing Military/Political victory over one of the Clans oldest rivals, and have 72 Glory Points left. The Unicorn Clan will now be voting on the destiny of Moto Chagatai and his role at the Shrine of the Three Dynasties!


Note - For those choices of ‘another/rival Clan‘ in the Renewal prize, please expect future polls (in the coming weeks) to allow the players to choose which other Clan that will be directly impacted by their decision!

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Designing Epic PvP

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 14:18

My Seemingly Obsessive Quest to Bring More Fun to More Tabletops
By Ryan Miller

Back when Magic first came out, I took a stab at my own dueling card game. You had your character card, a bunch of move cards, and lots of cool weapons. My brother was my first (and only) play tester, and we played on handwritten cards I had cut out of index cards.

The game was fun, but flawed – attacks were way too easy to block, causing my beleaguered brother to drop his hand on the table and say “this game is never going to end!” The game was quickly shelved, but the idea is something that has stuck with me for the last 20 years – ever since then I’ve really wanted to make a great fighting card game.

Flash forward a couple of decades, and I’m still kicking around ideas. Last year, I was meeting with Luke for some game design work, and pulled out a game I had been working on. He wrote up the story in the last designer diary, so I don’t want to rehash too much, but I will say that those first playtest were a blast! I had the basic game mechanics down, but as he usually does, Luke instantly had some ideas that made the game far better.

The core mechanic is the aggression system. Each turn, you gain 2 aggression, in the form of two face down cards from the top of your deck. Aggression is the resource of the game, so the more aggression you have, the more attacks you can sling at your opponent. Once you have gained aggression, you may then decide to draw any number of cards – but you must draw them from your aggression! This balance of hope and drama really adds a lot of excitement to the game.

Do you play risky and draw a bunch of cards in the hopes of getting that one card you need to finish your combo? Do you let your aggression pile up until you can drop a massive attack? There are a lot of tactical decisions you must make based on what you’ve got in front of you as well as what’s in your hand. It all combines to make a really fun and fast bashing card game.

ranger5The attack mechanic is also a lot of fun. Most cards are moves, which you use to not only attack your opponent but to block your opponent’s attacks against you. During their turn, your opponent will play one or more moves against you – and you’ve got until the end of your next turn to block them. This becomes a huge part of your decision on how many cards to draw! If they’ve gone wide and played a ton of moves, you may need to draw more cards to defend yourself. On the other hand, if they’ve only got one or two, you might hold back and take some early damage so you can build up your aggression.

My favorite aspect of the game is the character building. Early on, Luke and I discussed ways to make the game have more of an RPG feel. My initial idea was to have class and race cards that you could mix and match. These cards would then give you some base abilities that would alter how the standard deck played, but wouldn’t alter the deck itself. Eventually the idea of having one standard deck, and then class and race “boosters” of about 15 cards each came up – you would shuffle those cards together and have your character’s deck.

After lots of brainstorming, we finally decided to just do race and class decks. That way, we could make the cards much more tailored to the characters. And we knew from Paul Peterson’s brilliant Smash Up that shuffle building was something players enjoy. Since our game mechanics are miles away from Smash Up, we felt like if we could make this work, we could offer players a very different shuffle-building experience. We did some quick mockups, and the idea was a winner!

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Epic PvP – A Basic Card

Fri, 01/16/2015 - 15:53

While each race and class in Epic PvP contributes many varied abilities that make each combination unique, everyone has to have some basic punches and kicks in there, just to get the fight done. Today we’re going to look at a basic strike.


In the upper left of the card, you’ll see a set of white cards with a number, this is the amount of Aggression you need to play the card. Your Aggression will wax and wane through the game, allowing or restricting what you can do. Good Aggression management is important!

GoblinIn the gold shield at the top you’ll see the Block value of the card. This card, functioning as a block, can stop an attack of 3 or less.

At the bottom of the card in the red spiked circle (of course it’s spiked!), is the Power value. When played as an attack, your opponent would have to have a Block of at least this value or you’d successfully smack the mess out of them. As you do…

In the bottom left is a reminder that this card is part of the Goblin deck, so you don’t mix up how many each Basic Strike each race deck contains.

This, along with some really exciting cards with special attack actions such as Hidden Knife, Go For the Knees, and Skitter Away will make any Goblin a slippery opponent to deal with!

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Journey’s End

Fri, 01/16/2015 - 11:00

To the fans of L5R, in any form,

It is with sadness that I announce my resignation as Community Organizer for the Legend of the Five Rings brand, effective Jan. 31, 2015. This change was rendered necessary by some very positive changes in my full time employment which will affect my ability to do the job as it stands. While I could have attempted to make it work and struggled through, AEG, the L5R Brand Team, and you, the players, deserve better. Rather than continue to perform my duties at less than peak performance, I’m choosing to step down.

The last year and a half has been an awesome ride. When I started with the brand, I was a relative unknown, but the L5R Community has shown me, time and time again, the warmth and friendliness that it has come to be known for. I thank each and every one of you who has embraced me since I started and given me an opportunity to help build the community of this amazing game.

We’ve faced challenges as well as having built new bridges and connections. I can honestly say that I feel my tenure has been beneficial for the game and that player communication has improved. I did my job to the best of my ability and I hope that has been reflected as we’ve moved into a new age of L5R.

Special thanks go out to the L5R Brand Team and to John Zinser, who gave me the opportunity to work at the best small games company in the world. AEG has been, and will always remain, an amazing company that will continue to get my support.

Goodbye and farewell, my friends. May your games be enjoyable and your Clan victorious!


Seth Anthony

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The Story of Epic PvP, Part I

Thu, 01/15/2015 - 18:09

by Luke Peterschmidt,

Early last year, I met Ryan Miller in Baltimore for a day of gaming and a night out to see my nephew DJ SYLO spin at a local club (SYLO was just voted Philly’s best new DJ!). As Ryan is quite the DJ too, it seemed like an excellent excuse to get together.

As always, Ryan had several game designs to show me and I had a one or two to show him as well. Ryan and I have always worked well together and are happy to chip in with some seasoned feedback whenever we can.

One of the games Ryan brought was the game that ended up becoming Epic PvP. What we played that day looked very little like what the final game became. It was a game where both players used the same deck, there were no words on the cards (not even names), and all each card had just a single number on them.


But there was something awesome in this game that struck me right away. It had this elegant new twist on some classic card game mechanics. In particular PvP tweaked with card draw. Card draw is usually a fixed thing in a game – “draw a card at the start of your turn” etc… In Epic PvP, how many cards you draw is your choice, but you draw them from your “aggression pile” which is kind of like your “mana.” So the more cards you draw into your hand, the less power you have to play them. It sounds like a small thing, but it really sang the way Ryan implemented it. It’s elegant, very easy to understand, and still allowed for meaningful choices. I don’t see ideas that good come along very often.

I couldn’t get the game out of my head. So while we were there we tested out a few tweaks, busting out the sharpies and going to town. And it just kept getting better. When the core of a game is that solid, it provides a lot of freedom for expansion and development. I was hooked and I knew I wanted Fun to 11 to publish it, and as a designer, I really wanted to explore what could be done with the core system – but there were some real big challenges.

human#1With just the little bit of development we did that day, I felt like it had to be a game with a variety of characters to play. It was similar in that way to another game Ryan designed – UFS for Sabertooth games. My first thought was to do a South Park school yard brawl game, and then add other properties that could play in the same ruleset, but Fun to 11 really doesn’t have the money to license big properties. So then we thought of the “free licenses” – things that bring value without needing to pay a license fee – things like: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Shakespeare, etc…

Fantasy felt right thematically, and that’s when the idea of mixing the Race and Class decks came up. At first it was honestly kind of a hack. By mixing Class and Race decks, Fun to 11 would only have to make 8 half-decks to allow the players to have 16 different characters to experience! We both have seen how well that can work with Paul Peterson’s excellent Smash Up as well, which added a lot to our confidence that customers would accept the idea as well – even if some of the Race/Class combos were odd, like the Goblin Paladin. As big CCG guys who don’t have much time to make decks, this idea of customization without a lot preparation really appealed to us as well.

After we sort of had this rough direction it was on to developing and playtesting and bringing the game to gatherings of other designers and players for feedback. It was real well received by designers and players alike, which gave us a lot of confidence. But what I’m most happy about is that even after a year of development and lots and lots of card designs, the game still retains the key fun points of that very first game we played in a bar in Baltimore.

Next, I’ll look at some specific design decisions made along the way.

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Epic PvP Announced!

Wed, 01/14/2015 - 20:07

We are pleased to announce Epic PvP!  This new game comes from Fun to 11 and AEG and will launch on Kickstarter March 21st!  Visit the new product page to learn all about it!

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Overview of a L5R Release Schedule – Twenty Festivals Tournament Legality

Tue, 01/13/2015 - 23:09

For all our our loyal fans of L5R, I’d like to take a moment a pull back the shroud that masks the product delivery and release schedule.  With Twenty Festivals nearing release, the announcement of the Spring 2015 Kotei Season, and everyone eagerly awaiting the release date so they can plan to participate in events or just ad to their collection, I thought this would be a great time to have this conversation with everyone.

Twenty Festivals is a product we are excited about for the meaning it has to the Legend of the Five Rings CCG.  Twenty years for a card game to remain as a key player in the gaming industry is no small task, it’s a very short list to be on.  That is something we are all very proud of as a team.  Twenty Festivals has had it’s own set of unique challenges to bring it to fruition, but every set does.

I thought I would discuss the known difficulties that any set faces, let alone specific problems that may crop up during the process.

Many factors go into being able to accurately announcing release dates for our products.  While we strive to make the most accurate predictions possible we are presented with a plethora of potential obstacles during the process.  We try to provide players with the most accurate information regarding release, which has meant that we have waited until we have more specific information to share.  Getting the date right the first time we announce it our goal, instead of moving dates around during the lead up because of delays beyond our control.  The L5R team will be providing more updates to the players for all sets moving forward.

Expansion Release Process:

  • We select a target release month for the product.
  • Product art and design is completed and approved for print submission.
  • Product scheduled to go to print 6 months before our intended release date.
  • We book a container – Container delivery times range from 6-12 weeks depending on port traffic.
  • Product arrives in port and takes 3-14 days to clear customs.  (Screening, paperwork, etc.)
  • Then it is delivered to AEG – Only at this time can we truly be certain of a  final release date and we need to take into account a few other things.
  • It usually takes 3 weeks for product to reach ALL distribution partners.
  • Product is then able to be shipped to stores, Stronghold Stores receive product two weeks prior to general release.

So you can see from time the product is done until the time we can deliver the product there is a wide variance that is out of our hands.  As the product gets closer to us we can give a better window of time and then we can lock down the actual dates when the product is actually in our warehouse.

So where is 20 Festivals right now?

Yoritomo Matsuo


February 16th, 2015 – Date expected to arrive in port.  Currently in transit via ship.

February 27th, 2015 – Date expected to arrive in our warehouse, pending customs clearance

Middle March, 2015 – Expected for Stronghold Store Release

Late March, 2015 – Expected for General Release

March, 27th 2015 – Tournament Legality

What we can and will do better.

Starting with this post we will keep you updated on each step of the process as we get closer to the final actual release date so you can make plans and prepare for events around these dates.  We hope that by providing this information you understand that it is all based on things out of AEG hands and we cannot make promises until the product has landed but we work every day.

We hope this helps in the understanding of how these things work and why release dates cannot be firmed up.  We understand that even though dates are not yet final we can and will provide more frequent information regarding this and future set releases.


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Ivory Arc Boosters Buy One Get One Free Promotion

Fri, 01/09/2015 - 18:40

Beginning in January and ending February, 14th 2015 we have a special promotion for our wonderful fans!

The stores listed below are taking part in a special promotion to kick off 2015, Ivory Arc Legal Boosters are Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

Supplies are limited, contact or visit your favorite local participating shop today.

Store Address City, State / Province Country

Kaissa Monokeros 3rd September 118 Athens Greece 13th Dimension 451 Swift Street Albury, NSW Australia Alternate Worlds Unit 11/13 Malvern Street Melbourne, Victoria Australia Cyber Room Not Provided Not Provided Brazil El Calabozo del Robot – Concepcion Orompello 555, 2º Piso, Edificio Plan B Concepción Chile Evil Inc. Calzada Tecnologico 13999-A110 Avenida De Las Brisas Tijuana, Baja California Mexico Gamers Guild Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided Kuroneko AnimeStore 18 de Julio 1710 loc 34 Montevideo Uruguay Lions Den Books and Games Calle Pineiro #55 A Mayaguez Puerto Rico Magic Sur Seminario 507, Providencia Región Metropolitana Chile Master Games 24 Calle 12-70 Zona 17 Guatemla Guatemala Multiverse 6a Av 9-80 Edificio Plaza Vivar, 3er nivel, Local 12-3 Guatemala City Guatemala Paladin Books and Games 7508 Avenida Agustín Ramos Calero Isabela Puerto Rico Second City Not Provided Not Provided Chile The Hideout 15 Avenida 6-01 Zona 13, Centro Commercial Century Plaza Guatemala City Guatemala Warriors Hall Ave. Luis Munoz Marin #20 APt. B-1 Caguas Puerto Rico Good Games – Box hill G1/975 Whitehorse Road Box Hill, VIC Australia Good Games – Hurstville Unit 213, 7-11 The Avenue Hurstville, NSW Australia Good Games – Melbourne Level 1, 365 Lonsdale Street0 Melbourne, VIC Australia Skyhaven Games 3458 Tilticum Victoria, BC Canada The Adventurer’s Guild 15211 Stony Plain Road Edmonton, Alberta Canada The Gameshelf 920 Memorial Ave. Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada The Sentry Box 1835 10th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta Canada Tramp’s Music & books – Regina 1828 Scarth Street Regina, Saskatchewan Canada Untouchable Sports Coll & Gaming 377 Burnhawthorpe Road Mississauga, Ontario Canada Dreamstrands Comics & Such 115 N 85th St Seattle, WA USA Phoenix Fire – Meridian 44 E Fairview Ave Meridian, ID USA Above & Beyond 1010 West 104th Ave Northglenn, CO USA Boardwalk 11175 Woods Crossing Road, #6 Greenville, SC USA Dragons Lair Wargames 1240 Shreveport Barsdale Hwy Suite 105 Shreveport, LA USA Generation X Comics 3504 Harwood Rd Suite #304 Bedford, TX USA Gerards One Stop Gaming Shop 349 El Dorado Blvd. Webster, TX USA Gnome Games 2160 Ridge Road Green Bay, WI USA The Troll’s Den 3815 2nd Avenue Kearney, NE USA 7th Dimension Games 491 York Road Jenkintown, PA USA All in One Collectibles 540 New Jersey 10 Randolph, NJ USA Game on AZ 1957 Commerce Center Circle Prescott, AZ USA Game on Prescott Valley 7025 E Florentine Road Prescott Valley, AZ USA Ronin Games & Hobbies 19601 Center Street Castro Valley, CA USA Victory Comics Group 86 South Washington Street Falls Church, VA USA Flights of Fantasy 381 Sand Creek Road Albany, NY USA Castle of Games 660 Main Street Springfield, OR USA Pop Culture 66 New Hampshire 27 Raymond, NH USA A Hidden Fortress Sequoia Commercial Plaza, 1960 Sequoia Avenue Simi Valley, CA USA Game On 220 Westview Plaza McCook, NE USA Game On 5012 3rd Avenue #140 Keamey, NE USA Game Parlor Sully Place Shopping Center, 13936 Metrotech Drive Chantilly, VA USA Nine Dragons Den 1010 W Coliseum Blvd Fort Wayne, IN USA Your Hobby Place 77 Monroe Street Martinsburg, WV USA Atomic Empire 3400 Westgate Dr #14B Durham, NC USA Mr Sweets 435 East 3rd Hobart, IN USA Grand Slam Sports Cards 1730 West Eisenhower Boulevard Loveland, CO USA Dragon’s Lair West Anderson Plaza, 2438 West Anderson Lane B1 Austin, TX USA Dragon’s Lair Oak Hills Center, 7959 Fredericksburg Road San Antonio, TX USA Little Shoppe of Games Shartel Shopping Center, 5109 North Shartel Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK USA Book Stan 204 North Fort Hood Street Killeen, TX USA 8th Dimension 8475 Highway 6 North #2 Houston, TX USA Y 2 Komics 5276 Trail Lake Drive Fort Worth, TX USA Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics 075 Northwest Buchanan Avenue, Corvallis, OR USA MattCave 425 Jackson St. SE Albany, OR USA Game Hub 9800 California 53 Lower Lake, CA USA Phoenix Fire Games 44 East Fairview Avenue Meridian, ID USA Phoenix Fire Games 225 1st Street South, Nampa, ID USA North Coast Roleplaying 1846 Broadway Eureka, CA USA HypnoComics 1803 East Main Street Ventura, CA USA Louisville Game Shop 925 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, KY USA Game Master Games 954 South Broadway Hicksville, NY USA The Wizards Wagon 6372 Delmar Blvd, University City, MO USA Gameuphoria 539 E 5th St. Washington, MO USA Dizzy Dugout 121 E Main Street Collinsville, IL USA Hobbytown Pioneer Woods 4107 Pioneer Woods Dr.  Ste. 108, Lincoln, NE USA Allen Variety Store 105 S Easton, Allen, OK USA Geeks and Nerds Quarter 215 S Maple Eldon, MO USA Game Master Games Dave 959 South Broadway Hicksville, NY USA Legendary Realms 1163 old contry Rd Plainview, NY USA Comic Encounters #102 – 4435 Lakelse Ave Terrace, BC Canada Highlander Games 3952 Central Ave NE Columbia Heights, MN USA Sandbox 23A Washington Street West Cork Ireland Kaiju Games LTD. 8-290 The West Mall Etobicoke, ON Canada


Each store received a minimum of 5 full booster boxes for this promotion.

Offer valid while supplies last at participating locations.

Does not apply to AEG Store.

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2015 Fall Kotei Season Event Page

Mon, 01/05/2015 - 16:00

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

You will find the 2015 Fall Kotei Season Event Information Page HERE.

Players and Tournament Organizers, please bookmark that page as it will be continuously updated with information pertaining to the 2015 Fall Kotei Season.

The L5R Team is dedicated to making the 2015 Kotei, both the Spring and Fall seasons, the best you have ever participated in!


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The Currency of War General Release

Mon, 01/05/2015 - 13:40

Monday, January 5th 2015, marks the general release for The Currency of War Learn to Play Set for the Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game.  Contact your local game store to get yours and join the exciting world of L5R.

Jump into the game as a member of the deadly and elegant Crane Clan or the fierce and adventurous Mantis Clan. Join the ranks of the samurai of the Emerald Empire of Rokugan, discover its rich history.  The storyline of this learn to play set revolves around a trade caravan dispute between the Mantis and Crane Clans and how the implications of their feuding will impact the future of Rokugan

You are the hero, the choice is yours!

The Currency of War includes:

  • 2 Ivory legal and ready-to-play L5R CCG decks (one Crane, one Mantis).
  • 4 Ivory legal boosters to improve your deck (2 Ivory Edition, 2 The New Order).
  • A 16-page storybook detailing the events of the conflict opposing both clans.
  • A fully illustrated rulebook that includes a step by step walkthrough of how to play.
  • An exclusive vote that will allow you to shape the future of Rokugan


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2015 Spring Kotei Season Event Information Page

Sat, 01/03/2015 - 16:41

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

The L5R Team hopes that your Holiday Season was a grand one for you and your families!

You will find the 2015 Spring Kotei Season Event Information Page HERE.

Players and Tournament Organizers, please bookmark that page as it will be continuously updated with information pertaining to the 2015 Spring Kotei Season.

The L5R Team is dedicated to making the 2015 Kotei, both the Spring and Fall seasons, the best you have ever participated in. With that said, we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and welcome you to the 20th Anniversary of Legend of the Five Rings!



Note: A list of the 2015 Fall Kotei Season TOs/Locations will be go live in the coming days. Final dates have not been assigned as yet, but the information of the general area/location of the 2015 Fall Kotei Season will be made available!

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A 2014 Thank You

Thu, 01/01/2015 - 02:06

We at AEG would like to take a moment to thank the many people who made 2014 an amazing year. We can’t possibly name everyone, but we appreciate each and every person who has helped us along this last year.

First, and foremost, the players. We have seen unprecedented success with our games and we love to see people playing and talking about them online and in stores. Your enjoyment of the games is our greatest reward.

We want to thank our new friends at Steve Jackson Games and Cryptozoic Entertainment. Each has opened doors for Love Letter to grow and reach new audiences. Working with each of them has been a real joy, and we look forward to future endeavors.

We want to thank the many retail game store owners who have taken part in our fun in-store promotions, brought our games to new customers, and been with us as we grow.

We also want to thank Bryan Stout and the Smash Up playtest teams he has organized for us. Bryan’s dedication and professionalism has set a new standard for playtest in our board games. You’ll see the fruits of his work with Pretty Pretty Smash Up next year and beyond.

The Doomtown: Reloaded team of volunteer developers and story writers helped to bring back a classic as a smashing success. The game wouldn’t be near where it is today without their hard work. Also the hard work from old fans in growing the new game has been a major part of the success the game has had since the release at Gen Con.

The L5R volunteer teams continue to take the game to new levels. Our L5R Vanguard team are running demos in over 200 stores during the “Winter Warfare campaign” right now!

The many designers, developers, and artists we have worked with on all of our games deserve a huge thank you. They brought to life such hits as Valley of the Kings, Seventh Hero, Sail to India, Lost Legacy, Cypher, Trains, Planes, and so many more.

We have even more planned in 2015, with new games from Japan, Greece, Germany, and right here at AEG HQ. Again we cannot thank you enough on a single post for all you’ve supported us through the year. We hope to see you at shows, stores, and tournaments in 2015!

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2015 Kotei Season Update: Tournament Organizers

Thu, 12/18/2014 - 13:58

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

We want to take a moment to thank all the Tournament Organizers around the world for taking the time to apply to host a 2015 Kotei for our players! We have received over 70 applications for the 2015 Kotei Seasons. In light of that the L5R Team has decided to extend the decision date for Tournament Organizers from today December 18th, 2015 until early next week.

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L5R RPG Reprints Inbound!

Tue, 12/16/2014 - 19:32

Citizens of Rokugan we are pleased to announce the upcoming reprint of many of the L5R 4th Edition RPG books. The great demand for this product has been heard and we are please to announce that we plan on having these available for Q1 2015.

The Imperial Cartographer is also working on another special project, an Atlas of Rokugan. This will be designed to be an independent reference for anyone interested in the world of Legend of the Five Rings. More details about this product will be announced in the future.

Whether your are preparing to start your Rokugan adventure or you are looking to fill in missing pieces of your collection, we look forward to providing you with the resources to experience the rich colorful tapestry that is the living world of Rokugan!

The following is a list of the items being reprinted:

4th Edition Core Rules
Enemies of the Empire
The Great Clans
Emerald Empire
Imperial Histories
Imperial Histories 2
Sword and Fan
Secrets of the Empire
Book of Earth
Book of Air
Book of Fire
Book of Water
Book of the Void

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2015 Kotei Applications : Reminder

Fri, 12/12/2014 - 13:37

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

The L5R Team wanted to take a brief moment to send out a reminder that the deadline for 2015 Kotei Applications is Sunday, December 14th, 2014. If you have any questions pertaining to a already submitted application, or questions about submitting a application, please send an email to and include any questions you may have.

The application information can be found HERE.

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Regarding Fan Site Content

Wed, 12/10/2014 - 18:10

It’s come to our attention that some fan created websites have posted content that is offensive in nature.

As a company, we find it repellent that sexual violence would be mentioned in a lighthearted way when writing about one of our games. It is our policy to make sure that this material, or direct linking to it, is not allowed on our web forums or in official communications. However, when a site contains such material in an indirect link, we cannot realistically police the entire content of any sites linked to. In situations like these, we look to the fan community to join together and express their displeasure directly to the site / author or through other channels.

If you have any questions or concerns on this matter, please feel free to contact me directly at

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2015 Kotei Season: Icons

Wed, 12/10/2014 - 18:00

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

The most iconic aspects of your Clan will be available for you to choose from during the 2015 Spring Kotei Season. These include the most iconic locations, items, and schools/teachings of your Clan.

The winner of a Kotei will choose which Icon of his or her clan they believe to be most worth perpetuating. This Icon will become a card in a future L5R set, and will feature prominently into the story of the Clan once Onyx Edition begins. If a Clan chooses an Icon not of their faction, they will be given a choice when submitting their pick. The TO of the event will ask the winner whether the Icon that is chosen be used to bring their respective Clans closer, or will it be used only for the strengthening their own Clan and cause a rift between the two factions?

If s Spider Clan player wins a Kotei, they will have the additional option of being able to choose an Icon that has not yet been chosen by another Clan. That Icon will become corrupted. This will also remove it from future eligibility to be chosen.

Below you will see a list of examples for all the Clans of iconic locations, items, and schools/teachings that are available to them. These were collected from posts on the respective Clan forums, social media, and messages the L5R Team received from the players. As stated before, these lists aren’t final, and players are welcome to make thier own choices, which, as usual, will require approval from the L5R Team.



Locations: Shinsei’s Last Hope, Shiro Hiruma, The Great Carpenter Wall

Items: Ancestral Armor of the Crab, O-Ushi’s Dai-Tsuchi

Schools/Teachings: Kuni Witch-Hunter School


Locations: Kakita Dueling Academy

Items: Doji’s Tears, Ancestral Sword of the Crane Clan

Schools/Teachings: Kakita Technique, Doji Courtier School, Daidoji Iron Warrior


Locations: Tomari’s Furnace, The High House of Light

Items: Ancestral Sword of the Dragon Clan, Togashi’s Daisho

Schools/Teachings: Kitsuki Method, Niten Style


Locations: The Kitsu Tombs, The Akodo War College

Items: Ancestral Sword of the Lion Clan, Akodo Dagger

Schools/Teachings: Strength of Purity, Matsu Beastmaster School


Locations: Kyduen Ashinagabachi, Kyuden Kotei, Shrine to Yoritomo

Items: Tsuruchi Longbow, Yoritomo’s Kama

Schools/Teachings: Tsuruchi Archery School


Locations: City of Tears, Shiro Shiba, The City of Remembrance

Items: Isawa’s Last Wish

Schools/Teachings: Elemental Legions, Isawa Ishiken


Locations: Ryoko Owari Toshi, Traitor’s Grove

Items: The Oni’s Eye, The Obsidian Mirror

Schools/Teachings: Bitter Lies Swordsman, Bayushi Technique


Locations: City of the Lost

Items: Porcelain Mask of Fu Leng, Ancestral Sword of the Hantei, Tao of Fu Leng

Schools/Teachings: Shourido, Order of Venom


Locations: Shiro Shinjo, The Utaku Stables

Items: Ancestral Sword of the Unicorn Clan

Schools/Teachings: Moto Priest of Death, Shinjo Magistrate School, Utatku Battle Maiden


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Q1 2015 Organized Play Promos Announced

Wed, 12/10/2014 - 15:44

The Event Support page has been updated with information on the prizes for the Q1 2015 Organized Play events held in Stronghold Stores around the world. Check it out!

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2015 Kotei Season: Multiple Seasons

Tue, 12/09/2014 - 22:16

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!
Today, the L5R Team would like to shine the focus back on the 2015 Kotei Season… or should we say seasons. For the first time in L5R history, multiple Kotei seasons will be run in the same year. The Spring Season, as you know, will focus on the Heir-apparent’s travels throughout the Empire during the Twenty Festivals celebrating his impending coronation. During this time, you – the player – know that something truly dangerous rests on the horizon. The Empire is on the verge of sinking into darkness, and it’s up to the players to secure the most iconic of their Clan’s artifacts, strongholds and the teachings of their samurai ancestors to light the way in the future.

The 2015 Fall Kotei Season will be built off the events that happen in the Spring Kotei Season, and pave the way for the launch of Onyx Edition in 2016. What will this entail for the Empire and the player base as a whole? In the coming months the L5R Team will reveal much more about the 2015 Fall Kotei Season, and how the players will be able to secure their Clan’s place with the turbulent times ahead…

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To Do What We Must: The Empire is Watching

Tue, 12/09/2014 - 14:22

In early May, we announced “To Do What We Must,” the interactive L5R novel slated for 2016, helmed by Robert “Spooky” Denton with input from fans just like you. Since that time, we’ve been looking for interesting ways to tie in what our fans are playing in L5R games into the story of the Novel. Currently, we are knee deep in the 2014 Fall Tournament Series, which is supplying us another point of interaction for the story.

Once the 2014 Fall Tournament Series is complete, we are going to take a look at the number of times each Clan was played during the whole tournament season. This means that each time you play your favorite Clan at one of these events, we add it to the count. At the end of the season, we will review which Clans saw the most table time and which Clans saw the least. This information will be used by Spooky to generate a key plot point in the Novel.

Sometimes those at the top have the most to lose, while those at the bottom have everything to gain. All we can say is that Rokugan will never be the same!

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