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2015 Spring Kotei Season – Week 1 Results

Fri, 02/27/2015 - 15:03

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

The first weekend of the 2015 Spring Kotei Season results are in, and they are as follows:

Jason Marlis took first place with the Dragon Clan in Montclair, California, USA on 2/21/2015. He chose to have the Niten Style of dueling saved as a Dragon Clan Icon!

Jeff Williams took first place with the Mantis Clan in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on 2/21/2015. He chose the Great Carpenter Wall to be saved as an Icon for the Mantis Clan, as a means to help the cousins of the Mantis, the Crab Clan!

Their decklists, and those of the 2nd place finishers, can be found HERE.

A piece of The Dark Prophecy was revealed over the course of the weekend, and it can be seen here:

“The typhoon rises, and cannot be contained; Imbalance upsets the natural order, and chaos will claim its prize; Revenge begets revenge, and the webs of betrayal ensnare those who thought themselves beyond it; The debt will be repaid in blood.”

Much remains yet to be revealed, and much remains to be saved…

Will you save your most prized Icons, or will you allow the evil on the horizon to wash over all that your Clan holds dear? Will you help your fellow Samurai, or use this as an opportunity to gain advantage over them?

Your choice. Your story.

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Renewal : 2014 Kotei – Poll 2 Results

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 14:48

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

Below you will find the results of the 2nd round of voting for how each Clan chose to spend their Glory Points.

Crab Clan – 100 GPs: A hero of the Clan defeats a rival in a duel, and has 117 Glory Points left.

Crane Clan – 100 GPs: A hero of the Clan defeats a rival in a duel, and has 143 Glory Points left.

Dragon Clan - 100 GPs: A hero of the Clan defeats a rival in a duel, and have 47 Glory Points left.

Lion Clan – 100 GPs: A hero of the Clan defeats a rival in a duel, and have 74 Glory Points left.

Mantis Clan - 100 GPs: A hero of the Clan defeats a rival in a duel, and have 9 Glory Points left.

Phoenix Clan - Have 49 Glory Points left, and no available vote.

Scorpion Clan – Have 3 Glory Points left, and no available vote.

Spider Clan - Have 57 Glory Points left, and no available vote.

Unicorn Clan – Have voted that the spirit of Moto Chagatai will become the Minor Fortune of the Bushido Virtue of Courage (Yu) at the Shrine of the Three Dynasties!


Note - The only options available to vote for are the Spirits at this point, the Crab and Crane only have the option of: “100 GPs: A hero of the Clan defeats a rival in a duel”. Thus that additional selection has been recorded for them, in addition to their above choices.

The next vote will be the Scorpion Clan determining the destiny of the spirit of Bayushi Yojiro at the Shrine of Three Dynasties, the voting will continue until 3/6 via the Imperial Assembly!


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Long Awaited Secrets Revealed

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 23:03

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan,

The secrets have been revealed! To celebrate the Divine Empress Iweko reaching a decision between her two sons, the Imperial Archives have released the secrets of the Twenty Festivals a week early. These secrets come directly from the Oracle of Void herself and can be found here: Oracle of the Void

Long have the Samurai of the Empire speculated on their contents.

The proclamation concerning the Imperial Heirs can be found here: The Ascendant Son

Go forth Samurai…. Spread these secrets to the farthest corners of the Empire and enjoy the Twenty Festivals.

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Long Awaited Secrets Revealed

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 22:57

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan,

The secrets have been revealed! To celebrate the Divine Empress Iweko reaching a decision between her two sons, the Imperial Archives have released the secrets of the Twenty Festivals a week early. These secrets come directly from the Oracle of Void herself and can be found here: Oracle of the Void

Long have the samurai of the empire speculated on their contents.

The proclamation concerning the Imperial Heirs can be found here: The Ascendant Son

Go forth Samurai…. Spread these secrets to the farthest corners of the Empire and enjoy the Twenty Festivals.

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The Dark Prophecy Revealed

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 17:48

The Dark Prophecy is being revealed throughout the Twenty Festivals, evil portents will be foretold of impending terror upon the Empire.  Each week the Spring Koteis will be sent the text of one of the Twenty pieces of the Dark Prophecy.

We believe in the Samurai of Rokugan to not only reveal the Prophecy but to also help the Empire overcome any threat.  You will need to be fully prepared as Rokugan faces a danger like never before and this time everything is vulnerable the darkness.

Check the link below each week to see what has been revealed by the players of the previous Koteis.

The Dark Prophecy Revealed

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L5R Community Organizer

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 17:38

The L5R Team is pleased to announce the addition of our new Community Organizer. We had many great candidates apply for this position and we are happy that John Akey will be joining our team.


John Akey


My name is John Akey, although most call me simply Akey because there is never a shortage of guys with the name John. I am a long time, die hard Phoenix player both in the CCG and RPG. In both areas I have used the name Isawa Akei for forums and characters alike. Some of you may have interacted with me over the years in one format or another. I am pleased to be a part of the community in my new role.

I started with L5R nearly 20 years ago. I was shopping for games at my local comic and game store when I saw these guys playing this card game and having fun. “Hey I wanna give that a try.” So I asked the store owner about it and he pushed me into the cards that had just released at that time, Naga from the Shadowlands Expansion. “Sure why not.” Well after learning to play the game I decided Naga were not for me. Made me think I am playing the villains in a bad Conan the Barbarian movie and while James Earl Jones is very cool, the appeal was just not there. “Time to find a new clan.” So I asked around got the general idea of what each clan represented and how they played. One Imperial Phoenix starter later and I was set. Of course getting all my friends to play took a bit more time.

By the late 90s I was working in that game store and we were cramming 20-30 L5R players into the store tables and everyone having a good time. Thinking back the space was barely bigger than my living room, but no one seemed to mind. We had a 7th Seas night and a L5R night. I gave Warlord a try. I ran and played in several more L5R RPG games at home. Needless to say L5R was a huge part of my life. When L5R went over to Wizards, I stepped back from the game. I played dozens of other cards games in the mean time and would come back to L5R every so often for a Kotei or a set release. It was not until Samurai that I came back to the game full time.

During the last several arcs I played in a multitude of Kotei and Gen Con. Including the one in my own home town where I brought the wrong Stronghold and had to play dishonor Phoenix out of the Shiro Shiba box. I am a rather average player. I have made the cut and not made the cut in any number of events. I never won a Kotei or played on Sunday in the main event. Despite my card performance in years past, I am devoted to the L5R. I love the Phoenix and attend weekly Phoenix Player Support Groups.

In one form or another, I have been very active in L5R related work for the last few years. I was the TO for several Kotei events and helped staff several others. I worked the GenCon card team a couple times was a GM for Heroes of Rokugan during the HOR1 era. I was added to the L5R Event Team as a regular member by Dan Dineen this last year and probably spend as much time asking him questions as the rest of the players.

When I interviewed for my new position, one of the main features that stuck out was “I am here to advocate for the players”. A major part of my job is to make sure the community is being heard. Not just getting specific answers to specific questions, but also to helping the L5R Team understand the concerns of the community. I want to thank both the community and the L5R Team for this chance to work together. I look forward to doing my small part to improve the game we all love.

Thank you

John Akey

L5R Community Organizer

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Floor Rules Update: February 15th, 2015

Tue, 02/17/2015 - 02:51

Greetings Samurai of Rokguan!

The Floor Rules for Legend of the Five Rings Tournaments have been updated HERE.

There have been some minor wording changes, cascading seeds are explained, and the Format section has been updated for the 2015 Spring Kotei Season!

If you have any questions, as a Player or a Tournament Organizer, please send an email to:

For the 2015 Spring Kotei Season, please do not forget that Decklists are required, and HERE is the form if you’d like to print it out in advance.



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Election Day Slaughter – ON SALE NOW

Mon, 02/16/2015 - 22:16

Tragedy strikes the mayoral race. Can Sloane and her gang escape Gomorra with the Sheriff ’s deputies and Morgan’s security on their heels? And what purpose does the Fourth Ring have with a stolen artifact?

Doomtown: Reloaded is a fast‐paced expandable card game set in the DeadlandsTM universe of gun slingin’, spell slingin’ and mud‐slingin’! Use poker hands and card pulls for everything from gunfights to summoning abominations.

Election Day Slaughter is Doomtown: Reloaded’s third Saddlebag Expansion. Featuring a complete playset of cards, Election Day Slaughter will introduce new deck concepts for all four factions in the game. Get yours and get in the fight today!

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L5R Story Team Additions

Wed, 02/11/2015 - 15:21

It is with great excitement that we present to you our newest Legend of the Five Rings Story Team members!  After reviewing hundreds of applications and interviewing dozens of potential candidates we have selected the following three writers to join or team so they can help enrich and expand upon the colorful world of Rokugan.  We are moving into an extremely exciting time for all of Rokugan and it’s citizens, with the help of the Story Team and the players we are looking forward to creating the unwritten future of the L5R world.

* * * * *


Hi Everybody!

My name is Christopher Hand, but you can call me Chris. Or Hand.  Or hey you!  Some of you might know me as Doji Azai on the AEG forums, but more may recognize me as the Crab GM for Winter Court IV under the handle Shi-Tien Yen-Wang.  In the real world, I fancy myself a writer, but the US Air Force pays me to be an officer. Your world is safe in my hands.  As you will notice, I am wordy, but I will try to keep this short(ish).

I grew up around the Nashville area and I came to L5R via other games at my local store in Dickson, TN.  My friends and I were one day fed up with a different game and seeking to get rid of all our cards.  The store owner of Blackthorn Games and Comics told us he’d take all of our old stuff if we wanted to try out this new, fancy game called Legend of the Five Rings.  We bought a few starters of the Ruined Fortress of the Scorpion and the Shadowlands strongholds and we were hooked!  It was less than a few months later when my friend Jason’s mom saw us drooling over the 1st Edition RPG book, took pity on us, and bought it.  You can thank Kathy for my being here now! Over the years, I have played nearly every faction in the CCG, but keep coming back to Crane as a default.  I tend to be the one GMing the RPG and have developed a beautifully neutral liking of every single faction. I attended a few early GenCons, saw John Wick dressed as Bayushi Yojiro reading a story, Ree Soesbee in a Warlord costume, and was in attendance when Rich Wulf and Shawn Carman took over.  In fact, not a year or so later, I was able to wrangle a freelance position working on 2nd Edition Secrets of the Clans books!

Like many of you, I have come and gone from the game based around my own life. I helped run multiple Nashville, TN Koteis, play the game on Skype with my friends, and within the past few years, I have managed to regain a position as a writer for the RPG.  I have worked on everything in 4th Edition from Secrets of the Empire to the pending Atlas and I love it!  In fact, part of my intro fiction to get THIS job was my fiction for Sword and Fan – I did the chapter header fiction before each section in a long multi-story.

You will soon read my work on the Winter Court fictions (it may be up before this and I will join Max as [Redacted]) and likely Mari’s as well.  If you come out to the Greeley, CO Kotei, you will see me there. And of course I MUST attend GenCon this year!  I am excited about joining the L5R Story Team…it feels like coming home.  I know Max, Mari, and I will take on the best you can give us in tournament wins and help shape the future of this game into something you will continue to love.

Thanks to Shawn, Fred, and all of L5R for giving us the chance to do this beautiful work.  I told you I’m verbose, but I, for one, welcome our new Story Overlords!

Christopher Hand

* * * * *


Hello samurai of Rokugan! My name is Maxime Lemaire, but some of you may know me as Daigotsu Max on the AEG forums and many other other ones. As the name might indicate, I am French, but I’ve been living in Ireland for over 5 years and consider it my home at this point. I’m delighted to join the Story Team, and hope we get to have some FUN all together.

My personal history with Legend of the Five Rings the starts in 2000, when after reading about the RPG in a French magazine, I decided to give it a try and purchased a 1st edition core book, and Way of the Minor Clans. I can still remember one of the deciding factors which led me to choose the game was the beautiful cover of Way of the Dragon, but I picked up the Minor Clans book to open up character options from the get go. Interestingly, I believe Way of the Minor Clans was the first book Shawn Carman ever wrote for. And now he’s invited me to join his team, so we’ve gone full cycle!

So with 15 years of L5R, this year will mark the point at which the game has literally been with me for half of my life. Over the years I aggressively collected the books, first the French editions then the original ones when I couldn’t wait for translations anymore. I only periodically dabbled in the CCG at different times, just enough to know that I am pretty bad at it, but I plan to get back into it! I’ve been a game master for the RPG almost constantly since I bought my first books, and followed the story quite avidly through the weekly fictions. During the Race for the Throne, I started supporting the fledgling Spider Clan, and manage to score a few points by winning the ‘design an oni’ contest. As Shawn found my one page of context nice enough to be published, I later figured he might want more and asked if there was any chance I could write more for the RPG. As chance would have it, this was right around the time 4th edition was being finalize, and although I didn’t get to contribute to this masterful tome I had my first chance with Enemies of the Empire. Since them I’ve contributed to every RPG publication, except Emerald Empire and Book of Air (for which I am erroneously credited!). I’m perhaps most proud of my work on the Naishou Province, which was done entirely by myself and master Rob Hobart, and on the Second City, where I wrote three chapters in two weeks – only for the Story Team to lay waste to the City a few months later! I would complain, but now I’m part of the team, so I’ll shut up instead.

So now, after going through the recruitment process and being selected by Shawn and Fred, I am part of the team. In fact, you’ve already been able to read my work – the ‘Corruption’ piece which was my submission for my application, and the nezumi scene of the latest Scenes from the Empire. But there is plenty more to come, as Shawn definitely intends to put us to work! I’ve peaked behind the curtain to see what’s coming in the next few years, and I’m excited at the epic stories I will be able to write. My fellow newcomers Mari Murdock and Chris Hand seem equally excited, so I think this year will be full of great L5R fiction. L5R has quite literally changed my life, as without one Scorpion player I probably wouldn’t live in Ireland right now, so this is the culmination of a long love for the setting, the game, and not least of which the people. I plan to attend GenCon 2015, and would love to meet all of my fellow fans there, but I’m easy to contact on the forums as well. In the meantime, keep your sword sharp and your jade handy!

Maxime Lemaire

* * * * *


Aloha, everyone!

My name is Mari Murdock. I live on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, and I’m a writer. I’m really excited to be on the Story Team, and working alongside my new, illustrious colleagues on L5R is really a dream come true.

When I was twelve, my mother gave me a book with a samurai on the cover. I thought it was the coolest book I had ever seen, and I read it in one day. The picture on the cover was of Bayushi Shoju, and the book was The Scorpion by Stephen D. Sullivan, the first novelization of the Clan Wars. I immediately begged my mother to buy another one, and to my surprise, there was a whole set of these amazing samurai books! After reading them all, I fell in love with the characters, the world, and the lore, and I knew I was Scorpion Clan for life. I’ve been hooked on Rokugan ever since. As a funny side note, my husband Scott has been playing the CCG for over a decade, and our common interest in Rokugan is actually one of the reasons we decided to get married. Call it fate. He’s Lion Clan though…

I graduated in 2012 with a degree in English literature with minors in Creative Writing and Japanese. I am half Japanese, so I love the Japanese culture and language, and I lived there for about a year and a half. My hobbies include writing, drawing, going to the beach, and gaming. I’m a pretty avid tabletop gamer, having a long, and hilarious, history with games like Dungeons and Dragons and the Call of Cthulhu, and I am currently working through the L5R RPG. I GM for my friends quite often, so I’ve definitely learned how to turn a tale or two. I am extremely excited to work with Max and Chris, and I feel very lucky to be interacting with people like Shawn Carman, Fred Wan, Rob Denton, and the other greats! I hope to contribute a strong female voice in Rokugan as we all work our craft to bring you all some amazing stories! Maybe I’ll see you guys at GenCon this year!

Mari Murdock

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Twenty Festivals – Twitter Contest Winners!

Tue, 02/10/2015 - 15:25

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Twenty Festivals Booster Pack Promotion.  We had a great response and we are pleased to announce the winners of the contest.

We will be contacting you directly via the email address you provided during the contest to gather more information so we can mail your packs out as soon as possible.  We want you to open those packs and show everyone what you get!

If you do not receive an email by 23:00 PST Wednesday, February 11th 2015 please contact us directly at

Watch for more exciting contests!


Name Twitter Eoin Burke @HidaOWin Ricky @VanDanteGamer Angel Torres @coquilegion Thiago Façanha @LordElfo Nick Kalagias @Volrath1979 Daniel Steil @DanOfFreedom Ricardo Morales @MonoGrande3 Christopher Cureton @cscuretonwriter Kyle Porter @The_Gekko_State Owen @OwenRawion Jean-Baptiste Perrin @alphast Paula Estrada @hey_garrett Daniel Carr @Chuckachu Caelan Mayberry @Firenight13 Mike Steele @MikeFSteele Yeshin Hariparsad @hayesdusid Devon Balas @Shaemas Clark Coston @GrumpyTesko Zaida Marlene Pulzoni Cabrera @ZPulzoni Daniel Martins Magalhães @SentrySoul Clare Illing @Harley26879664 Guillaume Robert-Demolaize @gyom39 Jeffrey Gates @ozora85 Mario Gómez Ortega @MarioElJonson Daniel Philpin @DanPhilpin1 Jeff Hollingsworth @TinyKingJeff Varapol Mapunya @panayjon Adam Lincoln @PedoBearSaysNo Albert Mialet @albert_mialet Bid Hanging @Hanging_Nine Jamie Vann @SCZhuge13 Ryan Edwards @dingulusmaximus James Self @Datrixzero Burnice Dean Coleman @Lordkodath Vladimir Orellana @seniorwatashi Patricia Chodyna @TheMadameB
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New Career Opportunity

Mon, 02/09/2015 - 13:04

As part of the growth of the company, AEG is looking for a bright, fun and motivated individual to take on project leading for its New Games Team on a fixed term contract basis.

If you are interested in applying, please send your application (CV and accompanying letter) to before end of day (Pacific Standard Time) on March 1, 2015 with the following subject line: [Recruitment] Associate Project Lead NGT Position.

For more information, please consult the advert and the specification available for this position on

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2015 Spring Kotei – Twenty Festivals – Kolat Edition

Fri, 02/06/2015 - 18:06

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

With the knowledge of the impending delay in Twenty Festivals product being in the hands of the players, announced HERE, the L5R Team has decided that any Kotei that had Twenty Festivals as it’s chosen format will be able to allow it’s players to use printed proxies.

This means Kotei from 3/28/15, until the general release, will have Twenty Festivals printed proxies allowed. Kotei prior to 3/28/15 will remain in the Ivory formats that have already been chosen.

These proxies are only for the Twenty Festivals Base Set, and not for any previously released Ivory Edition legal expansions or promos. These proxies will need to be clearly printed, and fit fully within the card sleeve that a player uses for their deck. The Tournament Organizer will have the final authority to make judgement on if a particular proxy will be acceptable at their event.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email:



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Legend of the Five Rings 2015-02-05 13:53:31

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 20:53
Legend of the Five Rings: Twenty Festivals Shipping Update –  February 5th, 2015

For all our our loyal fans of L5R, we have recently received an update on the transit of the upcoming Twenty Festivals set.  We were projecting the set’s release for the middle of March, 2015.  However, that is not logistically possible with the latest development.  The terrible Pacific Dragon of Water has struck not one, but two of our ships with product to be delivered.

AEG was informed last week that the vessel carrying Dark Seas, an upcoming board game release, had engine trouble and was forced to return to make port at Busan, South Korea.
To make matters worse, the vessel carrying Twenty Festivals was directed back to Busan, South Korea to assist this vessel.

This has compounded an existing situation regarding port congestion (see the article link below). Shipments are being diverted to other ports and causing delays there as well.

19+ ships anchored off Port of LA / Long Beach

Here’s an excerpt:
Nineteen container ships were anchored outside the congested ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach Saturday morning, according to the Marine Exchange of Southern California.
The tally of anchored container ships has been in double digits every day but one since Jan. 14 amid monumental backlogs at the ports, which handle more than 40 percent of U.S. containerized cargo.
The total number of ships at anchor was 22, including two bulk carriers and a general cargo ship, the Marine Exchange said. That was up by three from Friday.

As you can see, these troubles affect not only L5R but other products we as a company are releasing.  Ships are being redirected to other ports and causing congestion in those ports as well.

So where is Twenty Festivals right now?


Artist: Robin Wouters

February 27th, 2015 – Date expected to arrive in port.  Currently in transit via ship.
March 13th, 2015* – Expected to arrive in our warehouse, pending customs clearance.
March 30th, 2015* – Expected for Stronghold Store release.
Mid April, 2015*- Expected for General release, we are working to make this as early as possible.
Tournament Legality Date – Upon General Release.
*Dates will be updated when possible.

That being said, we will keep our preview schedule on track. Just because product is being delayed does not mean we can’t show you the awesome cards in the set!

We plan to release the complete Twenty Festivals set on the Oracle of the Void on Friday, February 27th.

As an added bonus to this, we are running a Twitter contest to put packs into the hand of fans before the release of the set, enter [HERE].

We will also release individual previews on our [Facebook], [Twitter], and new [Instagram] accounts over the next couple of weeks.

We also have some great storyline fiction about the upcoming Kotei Season that will be posted to the Imperial Assembly on Monday February 9th and 16th.

We hope this helps in the understanding of how these things work and provides insight to the daily challenges that we face during this process. We are committed to providing our players a quality experience with L5R, and maintaining clarity with you when issues like these arise. Thanks for your patience and your continued support of L5R!

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Epic PvP: Fantasy – Timing

Mon, 02/02/2015 - 17:22

At Fun to 11, we don’t finish a game before we put it on Kickstarter. For us, Kickstarter is a way to find out if a game is a good idea before we put 100% of the work into it. We do a LOT of work for sure, but not all of it. Luckily, we’ve been doing tabletop games for decades, so we sort of know how to schedule out the last few steps if we get funded.

When Epic PvP: Fantasy funded as fast as it did, we knew exactly what else we had left to do. And the number one thing on my list was to clean up timing (#1 on Jay’s list was order the rest of the art).

Epic PvP: Fantasy is NOT a CCG, but the way Ryan and I designed it, the game has all the same timing issues that CCGs have. And there are lots of them. What’s a timing issue? Something like this…

Player 1 has a card effect that says “Whenever you deal damage, your opponent discards a card and draws a card.”

Player 2 has a card that says “Whenever you take damage, draw a card.”

What happens if Player 2 has no cards in her hand when she takes damage? Which ability happens first? It matters quite a lot, yet the wording on the cards doesn’t make it clear.

human#1This is the type of thing that drives game designers crazy. Both cards are simple and seem like they would be fine, but then they meet each other and they fall apart. So for the last week or so, we’ve been looking over every card and breaking out the various times when things happen in the game. Card text is changing on a near daily basis. The abilities on those cards aren’t changing, we’re just tightening down when the abilities happen.

That work has resulted in a chart that shows exactly when the Active player abilities happen, when the Passive player’s abilities happen, and during which steps both players can play cards from their hand. And even with all of this work, we still need to have a rule that if both players have in-play cards that trigger off of the same event (like taking damage above), the active player gets to decide in what order they will happen.

Cleaning up timing for games like PvP is one of the most challenging parts of the design. It certainly isn’t the fun part, and it often results in overly-wordy cards, but it’s important so that games play smoothly no matter what cards come up. Thankfully, we’ve had some great feedback from our playtesters and from Kickstarter backers who have been playing the Print-and-Play, which has really helped.

If you are at Unpub this weekend, be sure to stop by our table and join us in some games of Epic PvP: Fantasy. Maybe you’ll find some new timing issues for us to fix…

Luke Peterschmidt

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2015 Tournament Format Card Legality Guide

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 16:13
We have created a quick reference graphic displaying the Set Bugs and which formats cards that have those Bugs will be legal to play. Remember to check with your Local Tournament Organizer to find out what format events they are hosting.


Promotional Cards and Special Set cards, such as Learn to Play Box Sets follow these guidelines as well.

Sometimes exceptions may occur and those will be announced on an individual card basis.


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Weekend in Rokugan: 2015 – Kickstarter Project

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 13:37

We would like to take a moment to highlight some incredible work being done by a L5R fan, Caitlin Mills, to support the Legend of the Five Rings RPG.  Having an active involved community in L5R is the life blood of the game and we appreciate the hard work that all of our players do to promote the world of Rokugan.

Taken from their Kickstarter Page (Link Below)

Weekend in Rokugan – 2015 About this project

Weekend in Rokugan is the “home” convention for the largest living campaign focused on the Legend of the Five Rings world. This is the third iteration of Heroes of Rokugan, which has attracted thousands of players from around the world to take part in a collaborative storytelling and gaming experience like none other.

However, while the campaign has always been free to play, the costs of running the show have gone up as time has gone on. This year, we’re in a nicer hotel, which is great! But it costs more, which is less great. Normally, samurai would not concern themselves with lowly matters of commerce, but in this case, the cause is worth it!

This is the fifth and final Winter in Rokugan convention for Heroes of Rokugan III. We’d love it if you joined us!

Weekend in Rokugan - Emperor 2014

Weekend in Rokugan 2014 – Emperor 

You can also see more of their great Legend of the Five Rings RPG contributions at Heroes of Rokugan

If you have a project or event you’d like to share with us please contact us and let us know!


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Renewal : 2014 Kotei – Poll 1 Results

Thu, 01/22/2015 - 21:41

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan!

Below you will find the results of the 1st round of voting for how each Clan chose to spend their Glory Points. Clans who still have an amount of Glory Points available for another prize can go to their Imperial Assembly Accounts to vote on how to spend the remaining available Glory Points.

Crab Clan – 100 GPs: A hero of the Clan defeats a rival in a duel, and has 217 Glory Points left.

Crane Clan – 500 GPs: Crushing Military/Political victory over one of the Clans oldest rivals, and has 243 Glory Points left. The Crane Clan also chose Daidoji Uji to be a Guardian Spirit of the Shrine of the Three Dynasties!

Dragon Clan - 250 GPs: Gain a child hostage to foster from another Clans Daimyo/Champion, and have 147 Glory Points left.

Lion Clan – 250 GPs: Gain a child hostage to foster fromthe Daimyo/Champion of another Clan, and have 174 Glory Points left.

Mantis Clan - 250 GPs: Gain a child hostage to foster from the Daimyo/Champion of another Clan, and have 109 Glory Points left.

Phoenix Clan - 250 GPs: Gain a child hostage to foster from the Daimyo/Champion of another Clan, and have 49 Glory Points left.

Scorpion Clan – 500 GPs: Crushing Military/Political victory over one of the Clans oldest rivals, and have 3 Glory Points left.

Spider Clan - 250 GPs: Gain a child hostage to foster from the Daimyo/Champion of another Clan, and have 57 Glory Points left.

Unicorn Clan – 500 GPs: Crushing Military/Political victory over one of the Clans oldest rivals, and have 72 Glory Points left. The Unicorn Clan will now be voting on the destiny of Moto Chagatai and his role at the Shrine of the Three Dynasties!


Note - For those choices of ‘another/rival Clan‘ in the Renewal prize, please expect future polls (in the coming weeks) to allow the players to choose which other Clan that will be directly impacted by their decision!

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Designing Epic PvP

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 14:18

My Seemingly Obsessive Quest to Bring More Fun to More Tabletops
By Ryan Miller

Back when Magic first came out, I took a stab at my own dueling card game. You had your character card, a bunch of move cards, and lots of cool weapons. My brother was my first (and only) play tester, and we played on handwritten cards I had cut out of index cards.

The game was fun, but flawed – attacks were way too easy to block, causing my beleaguered brother to drop his hand on the table and say “this game is never going to end!” The game was quickly shelved, but the idea is something that has stuck with me for the last 20 years – ever since then I’ve really wanted to make a great fighting card game.

Flash forward a couple of decades, and I’m still kicking around ideas. Last year, I was meeting with Luke for some game design work, and pulled out a game I had been working on. He wrote up the story in the last designer diary, so I don’t want to rehash too much, but I will say that those first playtest were a blast! I had the basic game mechanics down, but as he usually does, Luke instantly had some ideas that made the game far better.

The core mechanic is the aggression system. Each turn, you gain 2 aggression, in the form of two face down cards from the top of your deck. Aggression is the resource of the game, so the more aggression you have, the more attacks you can sling at your opponent. Once you have gained aggression, you may then decide to draw any number of cards – but you must draw them from your aggression! This balance of hope and drama really adds a lot of excitement to the game.

Do you play risky and draw a bunch of cards in the hopes of getting that one card you need to finish your combo? Do you let your aggression pile up until you can drop a massive attack? There are a lot of tactical decisions you must make based on what you’ve got in front of you as well as what’s in your hand. It all combines to make a really fun and fast bashing card game.

ranger5The attack mechanic is also a lot of fun. Most cards are moves, which you use to not only attack your opponent but to block your opponent’s attacks against you. During their turn, your opponent will play one or more moves against you – and you’ve got until the end of your next turn to block them. This becomes a huge part of your decision on how many cards to draw! If they’ve gone wide and played a ton of moves, you may need to draw more cards to defend yourself. On the other hand, if they’ve only got one or two, you might hold back and take some early damage so you can build up your aggression.

My favorite aspect of the game is the character building. Early on, Luke and I discussed ways to make the game have more of an RPG feel. My initial idea was to have class and race cards that you could mix and match. These cards would then give you some base abilities that would alter how the standard deck played, but wouldn’t alter the deck itself. Eventually the idea of having one standard deck, and then class and race “boosters” of about 15 cards each came up – you would shuffle those cards together and have your character’s deck.

After lots of brainstorming, we finally decided to just do race and class decks. That way, we could make the cards much more tailored to the characters. And we knew from Paul Peterson’s brilliant Smash Up that shuffle building was something players enjoy. Since our game mechanics are miles away from Smash Up, we felt like if we could make this work, we could offer players a very different shuffle-building experience. We did some quick mockups, and the idea was a winner!

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Epic PvP – A Basic Card

Fri, 01/16/2015 - 15:53

While each race and class in Epic PvP contributes many varied abilities that make each combination unique, everyone has to have some basic punches and kicks in there, just to get the fight done. Today we’re going to look at a basic strike.


In the upper left of the card, you’ll see a set of white cards with a number, this is the amount of Aggression you need to play the card. Your Aggression will wax and wane through the game, allowing or restricting what you can do. Good Aggression management is important!

GoblinIn the gold shield at the top you’ll see the Block value of the card. This card, functioning as a block, can stop an attack of 3 or less.

At the bottom of the card in the red spiked circle (of course it’s spiked!), is the Power value. When played as an attack, your opponent would have to have a Block of at least this value or you’d successfully smack the mess out of them. As you do…

In the bottom left is a reminder that this card is part of the Goblin deck, so you don’t mix up how many each Basic Strike each race deck contains.

This, along with some really exciting cards with special attack actions such as Hidden Knife, Go For the Knees, and Skitter Away will make any Goblin a slippery opponent to deal with!

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Journey’s End

Fri, 01/16/2015 - 11:00

To the fans of L5R, in any form,

It is with sadness that I announce my resignation as Community Organizer for the Legend of the Five Rings brand, effective Jan. 31, 2015. This change was rendered necessary by some very positive changes in my full time employment which will affect my ability to do the job as it stands. While I could have attempted to make it work and struggled through, AEG, the L5R Brand Team, and you, the players, deserve better. Rather than continue to perform my duties at less than peak performance, I’m choosing to step down.

The last year and a half has been an awesome ride. When I started with the brand, I was a relative unknown, but the L5R Community has shown me, time and time again, the warmth and friendliness that it has come to be known for. I thank each and every one of you who has embraced me since I started and given me an opportunity to help build the community of this amazing game.

We’ve faced challenges as well as having built new bridges and connections. I can honestly say that I feel my tenure has been beneficial for the game and that player communication has improved. I did my job to the best of my ability and I hope that has been reflected as we’ve moved into a new age of L5R.

Special thanks go out to the L5R Brand Team and to John Zinser, who gave me the opportunity to work at the best small games company in the world. AEG has been, and will always remain, an amazing company that will continue to get my support.

Goodbye and farewell, my friends. May your games be enjoyable and your Clan victorious!


Seth Anthony

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