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SPARKS: Macho Women With Guns™

Fri, 07/21/2017 - 23:08
 Macho Women With Guns™Publisher: Cumberland Games & Diversions

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Before purchasing this set, please download and enjoy the Sparks: Free For All set at no charge! It includes Sparks from several different sets, to prepare you for what you'll find in this one! Give it a test drive, and you'll like what you see! 

Macho Women with Guns? Yes! "The only roleplaying game in the Vatican Archives" is Greg Porter's tasteless, entirely satirical game of blowing things to smithereens. This classic RPG appeals to our basest instincts by providing sex, violence, and vehicle statistics in one inexpensive package. The Macho Women - and the things they like to shoot - are available as paper miniatures for your gaming pleasure! From punks to rednecks, from giant war robots to undead postal carriers, to lots of babes with implements of death, this is the most unusual set in the Sparks library.

Character Roster

What kind of miniatures do you get? There are 42 in all, 21 in each of two fonts, mapped to each letter from A through U.

Font #1: Macho Women
  • B.W.B. (A/a): The term "Bat-Winged Bimbo from Hell" is a crass generalization, as Tica, here (a Bat-Winged Bimbo from Ogden) clearly demonstrates. Nice wings!
  • Sigourney (B/b): She's all cute and sweaty and grunty and sick to death of the Alienses crawling around under the gratings. (This is, of course, a reference to Sigourney Weiland, little-known karaoke performer, and not to any recognizable movie stars).
  • Terminatrix (C/c): An ultra-tech robotic killer sent back from the future to deliver short one-liners in a very thick accent. Due to a short in her circuits, she is no longer programmed to zip her jacket.
  • Sister Sandra Renegade (D/d): There's nothing sexier than a lapsed Catholic in her underwear.
  • Ninja (E/e): She'd look slick in a superhero campaign; she's both macho and elegant, shown dancing back to avoid a careless spray of submachinegun fire. Don't think you can harm her with simple guns . . . Gotta be clever.
  • Jackbooti Leatheri (F/f): The combination of fashion and fascism might seem passé, but Inga isn't really about politics. She just likes fine black leather, and the feel of a hot gun in her hands.
  • Leana (G/g): Leana really is from Hell, but she keeps an apartment in Redondo Beach.
  • Sister Mary Renegade (H/h): The leader of the Houston Convent of Renegade Nuns, Sister Mary Renegade is as tech-savvy as she is lovely, and dresses more conservatively than many of her fellow sisters.
  • Rumba (I/i): She returned from an unpopular foreign war to discover she got less respect than when she left. That is, until she teamed up with Sirocco . . .
  • Miss Savage (J/j): The Woman of Bronze is more than just a stunning complexion. She's a golden-age superheroine with steel-grey eyes and a shocking capacity for getting her friends killed in deathtraps intended for her.
  • Sirocco (K/k): When she was in her teens, she discovered that she could mentally control the humidity. She uses her powers only for good (which is to say, she uses it to make Rumba look all shiny and sweaty when they're out together kicking tail).
  • Vixen of Vengeance (L/l): They murdered her family and toilet-papered her house, and she's going to make everybody pay. Criminals, beware!
  • Nameless Drifter (M/m): From the obscure "Exploitation Spaghetti Western" sub-subgenre that Sergio Leone and Russ Meyer were secretly planning (but never got off the ground) comes this excellent example of Old West Woman, armed for bear and bare for ratings. She's got a taste for thin Mexican cigars, raw meat, and cordite.
  • Conanne (N/n): She was bringing "faithful shield-maidens" to their doom in prehistoric ruins millennia before Miss Savage lost her first hapless sidekick.
  • Indian Ocean Jones (O/o): The bullwhip is for snapping pistols from the hands of treacherous native guides, swinging across chasms, and wrapping truck axles. The pistol is for fun.
  • Joan Carter of Mars (P/p): She can outwrestle green, bristly aliens with three times her number of arms, but she has to work hard (and wear less) to get a decent tan so far from the sun.
  • Nurse Edna (Q/q): Rrrrrowl. Hot-cha. Hubba, hubba. Well, no. But she is macho, and don't be surprised if she has a gun somewhere, too.
  • Oddzilla (R/r): She's purple. Not in a Jane Austen way, in a what-you-get-when-you-mix-red-and-blue way. What a horribly embarrassing way to die.
  • ZsaZsathoth (S/s): Frequently mistaken for her sister, Evathoth. Possibly the creepiest image ever put on a Spark. And please, if you're printing this one out just to turn it around and look at her backside, don't write to let us know.
  • Yoko Uggoth (T/t): I spoke too soon. If you think her spindly legs and piscine features are horrifying, just plug in the amp, baby, and let that microphone go live.
  • Richard Tucholka (U/u): Obscure game designer Richard Tucholka is not a woman, but he's so incredibly macho he belonged here, among a gaggle of babes that are, collectively, barely enough to satisfy his manly appetites.
Font #2: Macho Targets
  • Chief Executive Sexist (A/a): He plays the sax and smokes marijuana, yet manages to entirely avoid being cool. When he eats a burger, baby, then he inhales. Hail to the chief.
  • Salivating Sexist (B/b): Disco lives on in his heart. Things even more terrible live on in his fridge. He's looking for a woman who can clean as well as she dances. In Macho Women with Guns, that's a quest for high-velocity lead.Suck in that gut, Rufous!
  • Redneck (C/c): Rufous Ludd has always secretly wanted a nickname like "Space Cowboy," but in the meantime, he'll make himself feel better by copping a feel on any chicks that walk by. He knows they want him. Suck in that gut, Rufous. To name his friends (Rednecks are best in hordes), Roll 1d6 on the following table, 1d6 times, per Redneck:

1. Ray
2. Bob
3. Billy
4. Dean
5. Bubba
6. Joe

  • Congressional Subcommittee (D/d): This would have been much harder to do in pewter. Sparks rule!
  • Mental Midget (E/e): They travel in hordes, eager to bust either kneecaps or unions - whichever is making them feel inadequate at the moment.
  • Puppy of Tindalos (F/f): More than ordinary puppies, the Tindalos pups are confused by rooms without convenient corners to be naughty in.
  • Televangelist (G/g): Your soul is TEMPTED by the wiles of SA-tan, and he must SAVE you. Visa/MasterCard accepted with a self-righteous smile.
  • Zombie Mailman (H/h): Because no game of mayhem is complete without the restless dead. Rod here was taken down by a pack of mad hounds when trying to deliver a C.O.D. to a little old lady on Cedar Avenue, but they didn't get his bones, by god. Nobody will ever get his bones. He's a little fixated, and we don't just mean the stare.
  • HunterBot (I/i): A TGK-Series assassin android, the HunterBot can be dressed in a variety of SimuFlesh sheathes for covert operations. This one's mostly naked, since the girls in the first font are, too. It's only fair.
  • Lawyer (J/j): Judge him not by size, for his ally is divorce. Print the front of this Spark with the back of HunterBot for a "disguised" assassin.
  • Alienses and Alienses2 (K/k and L/L): They scuttle; they bleed acid; they crawl; they squeal. They annoy the living hell out of Sigourney. They like to smile, just to give the ol' facial slime a good stretch.
  • Isaac Azathoth (M/m): A popular keynote speaker at the annual convention of Extradimensional Aliens Who Want To Eat Our Souls, "Dr. I" is prolific, witty, and a sneaky teleporting hell-fiend. Responsible for over 400 occult grimoires, and well-renowned throughout the seventh dimension for his off-the-cuff cocktail speeches and bawdy humor, he's the only living entity who's ever groped ZsaZsathoth for fun.
  • Bambo (N/n): A deer with a bazooka.
  • Killer Rabbit (O/o): A fanged hell-bunny with no need for a bazooka.
  • Crow with a Machine Gun (P/p): You really can't trust animals in Macho Women with Guns. This kind of thing is why most Macho Women have no qualms about wearing fur, leather, or (in this case) feathers.
  • Drunken Frat Boy (Q/q): His knowledge of Greek is limited to the three letters on his T-shirt, but his knowledge of porn stars, cheap beers, and football trivia are impressive.
  • Soccer Hooligan (R/r): Brits have cooler punks than we do, damn their eyes.
  • Hellkitten (S/s): Leather, feathers, or kitten fur, especially. Even if they weren't so deadly, they'd be worth shooting just to rid the world of the quart or so of oily cuteness they seem to exude.
  • BatttleWarMechBot (T/t): The most versatile, practical combat machine since the invention of the electric hair dryer in 1902. On the other hand, it's still no fun if one falls on you.
  • Bthulhu (U/u): In sunken Q'lyeh, dread Bthulhu sits crocheting. He's batwinged, baby, but he's no bimbo. Run.

The set also includes six additional "extras" (three per font) - random bits of Macho Women art from the BTRC library!

  • Macho Women Trio (1,2,3 in the Macho Women font): A stack of Cosmos (a valuable treasure-item; sprinkle counters made of this glyph around a combat and watch the hissing start!); an overhead Macho Woman (with both gun and knife), and another picture of Richard Tucholka, because you can never have too many.
  • Macho Targets Trio (1,2,3 in the Macho Targets font): The first two are for map-making - overhead views of a park pool/fountain, and a park bench. The third is another picture of ZsaZsathoth, to demonstrate how easily you can have too many. Ideal for use in those custom greeting-card programs.

Like this set? There's more:

Price: $4.99
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Rifts Secrets of the Atlanteans Sneak Preview

Fri, 07/21/2017 - 21:34
Rifts Secrets of the Atlanteans Sneak PreviewPublisher: Palladium Books

This is a sneak preview of Rifts® Secrets of the Atlanteans™.

This sneak preview includes the front cover, credits, contents, intro, and portions of the following: Atlantean Society, Atlantean Clans, True Atlantean O.C.C.s, The Sunaj, the Sunaj Shadow Mage, Shadow Magic spells, the full Atlantean Crystal Mage, the Stone Master Revisited, New Power Tattoos, Atlantean Pyramids, and the Shadow Dimension, including part of the Shadow Wraith.

Secrets of the Atlanteans™ will be available from Palladium Books in August, 2017. For more information, please visit our website.

Price: $0.00
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Fri, 07/21/2017 - 20:19
CarcèrePublisher: Batro Games

Carcère est un jeu de rôle onirique et surréaliste, idéal pour :

  • Des parties courtes, chaotiques et rapides
  • Un nombre de joueurs flexible (2-20)
  • Jouez debout !
  • Une ambiance cauchemardesque et originale inspirée des Surréalistes et de la Beat Generation
  • Les meneurs de jeu aimant l’improvisation et l’expérimentation
  • Des règles très simples et customisables

Requiert deux dés à 8 faces, de quoi écrire, un stroboscope, de la musique et une quinzaine de billes.


Il n’y a pas de putain de mode d’emploi, pas besoin de tout expliquer, il faut miser sur l’émergence et l’URGENCE du jeu l’URGENCE de jouer et de l’incompréhension peut survenir autre chose

L’objectif est de reproduire l’effet des drogues hallucinogènes mais sans effets secondaires.

IL n’y a pas de putain de système CENTRAL. Il n’y a que des systèmes périphériques et j’espère bordéliques


Et je crois que les joueurs doivent jouer debout, être toujours sous tension, perturbés.

Ca doit être gratos. Accessible pour tous car FUCK leurs éditions deluxe

Je veux le CHAOS

Je veux que vous vous perdiez

Price: $0.00
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Hybrid Class: The Hermit

Fri, 07/21/2017 - 19:27
 The HermitPublisher: Purple Duck Games

Ever wanted to get away from it all?  Introducing… the Hermit hybrid class from Purple Duck Games!

It is the privilege of the gods to want nothing, and of godlike men to want little.


Buddha, Father Sergius, Gregory the Illuminator, Ben Kenobi, Peter the Hermit, Zarathustra… hermits of many faiths have been examples of how self-privation and withdrawal from society has brought secret power and enlightenment.  When this collected wisdom is shared with others, who knows what might be accomplished?  Find out with the new Hermit Hybrid Class by Aaron Hollingsworth and published by Purple Duck Games.  A hybrid of the druid and witch classes, the hermit displays interesting powers and abilities that will add new twists and turns to your tabletop RPG game!  The hermit uses both the druid and witch spell lists, and augments her spells with illuminations, brought forth with her lantern, which shows all to those who would see…  The hermit can also withdraw from the world and contemplate what is before her, and eventually impart wisdom upon those who know what questions to ask, communing with the philosophical powers of the universe itself. 

If you like spellcasters with a touch of mystery and sense of self, try out the new Hermit Hybrid Class from Purple Duck Games.  We are sure that you will not suffer any symptoms of withdrawal… from the solitary simpletons at Purple Duck Games, where our games are what you want!

Price: $2.99
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1KWA-2: The Coin Purse's Strings

Fri, 07/21/2017 - 19:16
 The Coin Purse's StringsPublisher: Total Party Kill Games
1000 Word Adventures

1000 Word Adventures are a system agnostic line of adventures that give the GM enough ideas to run a short adventure on the fly.  Just add dice and players.

No prep, no fuss, no problem.  

1KWA1 - The Coin Purse's Strings by Brian Berg

In the town of Reyston, criminals have been shaving coins for illicit profits.  When the players are found unbeknownst with shaven coins, they are arrested and tried for attempting to pass off the illegal coins.  The town constable hears their pleas, but requires they serve some restitution--in the form of hunting down those responsible for the coin shaving operation in this fun urban adventure.

Check out all of our great dark fantasy adventures and sourcebooks!Price: $1.49
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Squaddies: The USE-Akurran War

Fri, 07/21/2017 - 19:16
 The USE-Akurran WarPublisher: Astronautilus Productions

Squaddies: The USE-Akurran War is a system agnostic setting and background for military science fiction RPGs. The accompanying series of Squaddies scenarios have deliberately had a certain amount of this setting pared out of them, so you can slot them into your own campaign setting. If however, you need a setting for your military science fiction RPG, then here is a guide to that universe, and to the second USE-Akurran war.

It is hard-ish science fiction - think bullets and body armour, not lasers and forcefields. The PCs will be assumed to be firing bullets, shells, missiles, grenades, calling on artillery support and hoping for air cover from craft which behave like shinier versions of modern military aircraft. Really big spaceships cannot land on planets – they sit in orbit and use shuttles or space elevators to get people and stuff to and from the ground.

The good guys and the bad guys are humans, not aliens. Planets with life on them (biosphere worlds) are rare and worth fighting over. Humanity has encountered a few intelligent alien species, but those have really only just got the hang of the Stone Age, so are no threat to mankind.

There are no spoilers in this book! Players and GMs alike can read everything in here.

Resources in this book include:

  • A guide to both sides in the war and the history of their conflict.
  • The technology level, including battlefield communications, and bits of kit the PCs are assumed to be familiar with.
  • Bios and story seeds for a whole platoon of NPCs for the players to interact with.
  • Replacement NPCs – to bulk out your party or to replace the regular NPCs when they get horribly killed.
  • Star maps for the areas of space colonised by humans, and a few snippets of information on each star system.
  • Planetary maps for three biosphere worlds and data on each of these planets.
  • Aliens - the biology and psychology of the sentient alien species, the Swampies, Yitteral and Lifim.
  • Character creation notes – hints and guidance on fitting this setting to your chosen RPG system.
  • Background information for any players who opt to play genetically engineered ‘cannon fodder’: the gennys. 
Price: $5.00
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Fri, 07/21/2017 - 19:10
KayokenPublisher: Know Direction

Combining the subtle dancing fingers of an arcane caster with the sledge fist of a martial artist, when the kayoken throws a punch, it strike like lightning. 

A new Pathfinder compatible magus/monk hybrid class.

Price: $4.00
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A Gnome In Need

Fri, 07/21/2017 - 19:07
A Gnome In NeedPublisher: Know Direction

Whatever happened to the Gnome On The Go? 

When Milinarsted, famed chatterbox and adventure journal scribe went silent, suddenly went silent, for some it was a cause for celebration. For others, deep concern. Investigate her disappearance, enter eight demiplanes within an ancient artifact, and do all you can to save A Gnome In Need.

A Pathfinder compatible adventure for four 5th level PCs, written by Ryan Costello, Savannah Broadway, Adam Daigle, Alex Greenshields, Robert Kendzie, and Mark Moreland. 

Price: $21.00
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1879 RPG Game Master's Screen

Fri, 07/21/2017 - 18:45
1879 RPG Game Master's ScreenPublisher: FASA

Smooth out the sometimes treacherous path of gamemastering! Included in this packet is a four-panel cardstock screen that displays commonly used charts and tables for easy reference, and also provides a place to conceal adventure notes and dice rolls. Also included is a 64-page booklet with a gallery of pregenerated GMC character sheets, with the stats set up for four character advancement ranks; an adventure generator that provides foundational information and guidance to quickly build a session or a campaign, with examples; and a short adventure, Rabbit Run, in which retrieving a missing bunny gets complicated when it crosses into Samsut territory.


1879 RPG Game Master's Screen
Format: 6"x9"
64 B&W pages
FAS52102GMSPrice: $4.99
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Genesis of Heroes (W&W)

Fri, 07/21/2017 - 18:24
Genesis of Heroes (W&W)Publisher: Laughing Bard Games

Welcome to the lands of Dragatha, a frontier region steeped in history and conflict. Where factions struggle for power and dominance. Where the civilised races have either fallen or are struggling to retain control of the lands they claim as theirs. 

Genesis of Heroes is the first instalment of the Shadows of Knightsfall. An adventure path designed to introduce players to the lands of Dragatha. Here, in the war-weary settlement of Knightsfall, the local people are crying out for a band of brave adventurers to step forward and right the wrongs that haunt their lands. Will you have the courage to embark on such a perilous path? 

Designed for the Wyverns & Walocks roleplaying game, this module is designed to start a group on their careers as adventurers, as they embark on a multitude of quests that will eventually take them across these dangerous lands. 

Please Note: This is the Wyverns & Warlocks version of the adventure. For the 5E version of the adventure go here

    Price: $2.99
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    1879 RPG Game Master's Guide

    Fri, 07/21/2017 - 18:21
    1879 RPG Game Master's GuidePublisher: FASA

    This isn't your great-great-grandfather's London!

    1879 is a roleplaying game set in the late Victorian era of an alternate history, with low-level magic, high-level adventure, and vast possibilities as the Age of Steam gives way to the Age of Electricity. The 1879 Gamemaster's Guide describes the game world in depth, with details of the alternate history of the game world Earth and of colonization in the Gruv. The Bestiary chapter provides descriptions, game mechanics, and artwork of creatures from Earth and the Gruv. Guidelines for story and campaign creation, suggestions for designing Adventure Point and in-character rewards for players, and advice for running an entertaining game deliver everything needed to be a successful gamemaster! 


    1879 RPG Game Master's Guide
    Core Rulebook
    Format: 6"x9"
    515 B&W pages
    FAS52101Price: $22.75
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    Die Laughing

    Fri, 07/21/2017 - 18:18
    Die LaughingPublisher: NerdBurger Games

    Die Laughing is a short-play, GM-less horror-comedy story game. The mechanics function as a countdown to your character's death. But there are ways for you to remain involved in and influence the story. It plays in 1-2 hours. No significant prep required other than reading the rules. 

    Price: $2.00
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    The Enhancer's Handbook Hero lab Files

    Fri, 07/21/2017 - 18:10
    The Enhancer's Handbook Hero lab FilesPublisher: Drop Dead Studios

    These are the Hero Lab files for the Enhancer's Handbook.

    The Enhancer's Handbook is an expansion to the Enhancement sphere from the Spheres of Power magic system. Inside these pages you’ll find new talents, new archetypes, new magic items, new incantations, and more to help a caster bring out the best in himself and his allies.

    The Enhancer's Handbook is book 5 in a multi-part series.

    Price: $3.74
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    The Enhancer's Handbook Hero Lab Files

    Fri, 07/21/2017 - 17:40
    The Enhancer's Handbook Hero Lab FilesPublisher: Drop Dead Studios

    These are the hero lab files for the Enhancer's Handbook.

    The Enhancer's Handbook is an expansion to the Enhancement sphere from the Spheres of Power magic system. Inside these pages you’ll find new talents, new archetypes, new magic items, new incantations, and more to help a caster bring out the best in himself and his allies.

    The Enhancer's Handbook is book 5 in a multi-part series.

    Price: $3.74
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    The Googly Eyed Primetime Puppet Show Role Playing Game

    Fri, 07/21/2017 - 17:23
    The Googly Eyed Primetime Puppet Show Role Playing GamePublisher: Barking Alien Productions

    Have you ever wanted to be a Puppet? The kind that sings, dances, tells jokes, and makes people happy? No? Well, blatant disinterest has never stopped us before!

    Welcome to the pen, paper, and dice role playing game that answers the burning question, 'What is it like being a dog, pig, chicken, monster, or unnameable creature made of foam, and fleece running a tv show out of an old vaudeville theatre!' We here at Barking Alien Productions ask ourselves that all the time. Seriously. It's become tedious.

    Gather some friends, pick a Director, get some 6-Sided Dice, and tap dance in a vat of lemon gelatin to the tune of Flight of the Valkyries! You know you want to.

    Price: $6.95
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    Handy Handbag or Pointless Purse?

    Fri, 07/21/2017 - 16:41
    Handy Handbag or Pointless Purse?Publisher: Dire Rugrat Publishing

    Much like the fictitious bag of holding, a woman's purse potentially holds just about anything one can imagine, but that's not helpful for a GM put on the spot when a PC gets their hands on a stranger's handbag.

    Inspired by a GM's lack of familiarity with a women's handbag, Handy Handbag or Pointless Purse contains more than 10 pages dedicated to the description of assorted handbags and their potential contents. With over 100 items, assorted tables, and numerous premade purses, GMs can be sure they have detailed information at their fingertips when their PCs scavenge the apocalyptic wastelands or start purse snatching.

    Price: $0.99
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    Earl Geier Presents: Monster Soldier

    Fri, 07/21/2017 - 15:32
     Monster SoldierPublisher: Misfit Studios

     Earl Geier Presents Monster SoldierEarl Geier LogoThis stock art piece from Earl Geier depicts a Monster Soldier from the head up. Clearly inhuman and wearing a menacing helm, who does this monster work for?

    The image is 6 x 6.5" in dimension.

    This purchase includes a JPG and a TIFF version at 300 dpi, along with an EPS vector version.

    All art files are bundled in a ZIP file.

    Earl Geier Stock Art License Summary

    All stock art is licensed for use in professional publications. Misfit Studios (or, in some cases, the third-party artist) retain ownership of the work, meaning you cannot resell the art in your own art packs or the like, and may be required to post an artist credit.

    You must include the artist's copyright statement in all publications using the art under certain terms and conditions. You obtain a license to use the art, but do not own any rights to it beyond that.

    Price: $5.99
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    GM's Maps #25: Modern Police Station

    Fri, 07/21/2017 - 15:07
    GM's Maps #25: Modern Police StationPublisher: Gethsemane Games

    Map making can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating for GMs, especially GMs with limited time to begin with. In our new 'GM's Maps' range, we will be providing a range of pre-made maps for you to use in your games.

    Modern Police Station

    The police are a fact of life in most modern societies, it is their role to enforce the laws of the nation state to which they belong. Policing differs from country to country and from historical period to historical period. British police, for example, are typically not armed with firearms, carrying instead racking batons and CS gas sprays or in some instances tazers. In other nations, the police often carry firearms of various types. One universal constant, however, is that they all need stations from which to operate. A base of operations where they write reports, detain and question suspects and conduct investigations.

    The police station presented here is a medium to large city station with detention facilities, hard and soft interview rooms, civilian administration offices, and facilities for both uniformed patrol officers and plain clothes detectives.

    The Police Station, although based on modern American examples can also be used in near future or SF games as well as post apocalyptic settings and set in most countries around the world.

    The building may provide a base of operations for characters who are police detectives or post apocalyptic survivors who have turned it into their hideout. Alternatively, the PCs may have to break out of or even into the building for some reason. Perhaps some strange, supernatural creature now haunts the building or an unstoppable killer of mysterious origins is stalking it.

    Publisher's Licence
    Publishers wishing to use this map in their own products may do so subject to the following restrictions;

    You may use the map in your own adventures or supplements provided you add your own content.
    This map may not be resold as part of a product that is intended primarily as a map or collection of maps.

    If you use this map please credit the author B F Irving and Gethsemane Games and include the line “Map created with Campaign Cartographer 3 by Profantasy Software”

    Price: $1.00
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    Eric Lofgren Presents: Demon General

    Fri, 07/21/2017 - 14:40
     Demon GeneralPublisher: Misfit Studios
    Eric Lofgren Presents: Demon General

    Eric Lofgren Demon General Eric Lofgren SignatureThis stock art image by Eric Lofgren presents an imposing Demon General with a rather nasty looking sword and an equally deadly shield he has turned into a weapon. Just who does this demon serve and who is his master at war with?

    This color purchase includes one JPG and a TIFF version, both at 300 dpi. Dimensions are 4 x 6 inches.

    All art files are bundled in a ZIP file.

    Work from Eric Lofgren aside from Demon General

    Eric Lofgren is a well-known industry professional whose talent has appeared in various projects, across numerous genres, for companies such as Paizo Publishing, White Wolf, Alderac Entertainment Group, Neca Online, Privateer Press, Monte Cook Games, Fantasy Flight Games, and Catalyst Labs are probably the biggest to date. He was also one of the first artists Misfit Studios worked with.

    Eric Lofgren Stock Art License Summary

    All stock art is licensed for use in professional publications. Eric Lofgren retains ownership of the work, meaning you cannot resell the art in your own art packs or the like, and may be required to post an artist credit. There are limits regarding how this art may be edited for use.

    You must include the artist's copyright statement in all publications using the art under certain terms and conditions. You obtain a license to use the art, but do not own any rights to it beyond that.

    Price: $10.00
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    Titanomachy: Legacy 2nd Edition Quickstart

    Fri, 07/21/2017 - 14:34
     Legacy 2nd Edition QuickstartPublisher: UFO Press

    Welcome to Hekaton - a jungle-covered planet where stranded colonists hide from titanic monsters.

    In Titanomachy, the players are survivors living among the ruins of a colony devastated when colossal titans surged out of the planet's jungle and tore apart their space elevator and advanced infrastructure. Generations down the line, the titan Gigas has just fallen after a monumental battle that devastated your families. Now you know the titans can be stopped, but your families are weaker than ever. How will you build a world where you're safe?

    This document gives you a jumping-on point for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins Second Edition, letting you try out the core game rules and pre-generated player options before breaking open the full suite of options available in the main book.

    Price: $0.00
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