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Toys for the Sandbox 17: High Keep

Mon, 04/30/2012 - 14:30
 High KeepPublisher: Occult Moon

Toys for the Sandbox is not a module, it is not a campaign setting, instead it is a framework for GMs to use to reinforce their own imaginations. Sometimes players zig when you expect them to zag, other times they take your plot point into a back alley and leave it penniless and bleeding. Each week we present a new location with a map and some flavor text. In addition we add 4 NPCs with a bit of history and a few simple thoughts on how to stat them for whatever game you are playing. There are also 6 plot hooks each with 3 ways to twist them. Added to that there is usually a table or two filled with rumors and encounters.

This issue we visit High Keep, an elven watchtower on the increasingly active border with the northern orcs. There is a bit of politics and the possibility of a rescue mission. Also the keep may have an evil god imprisoned in the basement.

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Book of Beasts: Legendary Monsters 1 (Legend/RuneQuest)

Mon, 04/30/2012 - 14:01
 Legendary Monsters 1 (Legend/RuneQuest)Publisher: Jon Brazer Enterprises

Every Legendary game requires new Legendary Monsters for players to fight or befriend. you do not have time to come up with them all. Book of Beasts: Legendary Monsters 1 bring you 7 fully fleshed out monsters that you can torture your players with. These monsters, initially posted free on are bundled up together for easy reference for your and your players. Each includes strategies and unique abilities for you to surprise and challenge.

Grab these Legendary Monsters today and make your game Legendary.

Price: $2.99
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Battlemap : Beach 1

Mon, 04/30/2012 - 10:44
 Beach 1Publisher: Christian Hollnbuchner

This full color battlemap is the seventy sixth of a series featuring various terrains. This installment features a short strip of a beach.

The map is 20 x 42 squares in size, with each 1 inch square scaled to represent 5 feet. It is provided in 12 segments, which need to be assembled, in a single PDF using the letter format.

Parts of this map can be, to some degree, printed multiple times to seamlessly create a much longer stretch of beach.

Price: $1.38
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Horror Unleashed [BUNDLE]

Mon, 04/30/2012 - 10:29
Horror Unleashed [BUNDLE]Publisher: Library of Ancient Scroll

High School Horror
Regular price: $3.99
Bundle price: $2.99

15 adventures in high school. For mature readers only!

It seems that high school and horror themes just have to be mixed. Pop culture has easily assimilated the school corridors full of nerds, lonely „emo-black-metal-listeners”, football team players and cheerleaders, as well as tutors, headmasters and, of course, janitors. 

The next pages contain ideas for adventures, locations and characters, for use by a GM who wants to create a story full of horror, terror and revulsion – which are, according to Stephen King, the three essential keys to a good Horror story – connected with high school. 

We Wish You a SCARY Christmas by Lans Macabre
Regular price: $2.49
Bundle price: $1.99

Christmas - a magical time. The time of Christmas trees, ornaments, carols and gifts. The time you usually spend with your loved ones, and try to forget about everydays' sorrows and problems. A joyful time. 

Unless, of course, the game master decides otherwise. 

In this book you will find more than a dozen ideas for adventures, which are Christmas-themed. Some of the stories told here are bloody, some terrible, some just strange, and certainly all will spoil the character's holidays. These game ideas been prepared for modern-time rpg game masters. 

After minor mod...

Total value:$6.48Special bundle price:$4.98Savings of:$1.50 (23%)Price: $6.48

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Fantasy Art Bundle 15 [BUNDLE]

Mon, 04/30/2012 - 08:41
Fantasy Art Bundle 15 [BUNDLE]Publisher: Postmortem Studios

CAC225 - You'll Have Someone's Eye Out
Regular price: $4.00
Bundle price: $2.00

A piece of 300 dpi .tif clipart for you to use in your personal and professional projects, subject to the attached license. 1575 x 2901 px.


Clipart Critters 220 - Behind Every Great Man
Regular price: $4.00
Bundle price: $2.00

A piece of 300 dpi .tif clip art for you to use in your personal and professional projects, subject to the attached license.

3349 x 3261 px


Clipart Critters 224 - Manbearpig...croc, cat, eagle, scorpion, demon
Regular price: $4.00
Bundle price: $2.00

A piece of 300 dpi .tif clipart for you to use in your personal and professional projects, subject to the attached license. 1329 x 2121 pixels.


Clipart Critters 227 - I'll Make you a Star
Regular price: $4.00
Bundle price: $2.00

A piece of 300 dpi .tif clipart for you to use in your personal and professional projects. Subject to the attached license. 1057 x 1353 pixels.


Clipart Critters 228 - Rat Knife > Rat Flail
Regular price: $4.00
Bundle price: $2.00

A piece of 300 dpi .tif clipart for you to use in your personal and professional projects, subject to the attached license. 1879 x 936 px.


Total value:$20.00Special bundle price:$10.00Savings of:$10.00 (50%)Price: $20.00
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Clipart Critters 228 - Rat Knife > Rat Flail

Mon, 04/30/2012 - 08:40
Rat Flail" title="Clipart Critters 228 - Rat Knife > Rat Flail" align="left" hspace="3" vspace="3">Publisher: Postmortem Studios

A piece of 300 dpi .tif clipart for you to use in your personal and professional projects, subject to the attached license. 1879 x 936 px.

Price: $4.00
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The Intervention: The Official Series Bible

Mon, 04/30/2012 - 05:02
 The Official Series BiblePublisher: Asparagus Jumpsuit

The Official Series Bible™ for Greek Myth inspired, super-heroic soap opera roleplaying. There is a Greek god or titan in your ancestry, which has given you great power. It has also given you an incredibly complicated family and social life. You will battle powerful villains to save the world while trying to keep your personal life in order. All information is presented without rules system information, so you can adapt it to the system of your choice.

The Series Bible™ is a format for roleplaying game campaigns. Each setting is called a Pilot, like the first episode of a television series, providing enough information to get started and offering hooks for future adventures, be leaving things open enough for gamemasters to take things in their own direction. All information is presented without rules system information, so you can adapt it to the system of your choice.

Price: $1.00
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War of the Dead: Chapter Four (Week 9)

Mon, 04/30/2012 - 05:02
 Chapter Four (Week 9)Publisher: Daring Entertainment

The characters have come a long way since the outbreak of the Living Dead consumed the world. From their first encounter with the creatures aboard the Pinnacle cruise ship; to their confrontation with Hell Fuerrie in North Carolina, they have faced harsh opposition. They've discovered the Living Dead can appear as Shamblers, Sprinters, Generals, and Infected Newborns. They've uncovered a plot by UniMed and factions within the Federal Government that mistakenly created a new breed of monster: Ragers. Along the way, they've made enemies, met allies, and suffered losses.

In the Week 9 adventure, the characters continue on their way to infiltrate Helltown. Locked into a race against time to save their allies, the characters find themselves going to war sooner than expected.

Price: $1.99
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Shadowlands Conversion Guide

Sun, 04/29/2012 - 23:20
Shadowlands Conversion GuidePublisher: BlackStar Studios

Enter an enormous, ancient fantasy gaming world as rigorously realistic as ours, replete with dark, gritty, manipulative personalities and cultures – a place where racial and religious tensions are as real as any! In the Shadowlands, players will interface with ancient technologies, navigate byzantine layers of intrigue and survive just long enough to maybe achieve the power of the Old Gods themselves!

Explore the world of Saemyyr! Dare the dangerous streets of the decadent and imperialistic Tar Sequin Empire or delve into the cold north, where the fierce and independent northmen of Valgaard hold the most brutal courts! Enter the mystical forest of Sylvænyr, where the Dætholayn still stand guard against all outsiders. Or journey to the wild dangerous steppes of Torán, whose brave riders value nothing as much as a loyal mount and strong sword and the courage to face the encroaching Shadowlands! Or, brave the jungles outside Tarina, where ancient evils still stir!

A step-by-step outline aimed at helping players build characters that are suitable for any Shadowlands campaign setting adventure, including how each class and race from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game are treated in the Shadowlands!

Price: $0.00
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Challenger RPG Character Sheet

Sun, 04/29/2012 - 23:17
Challenger RPG Character SheetPublisher: Superior Games Books

Here is the Challenger RPG Character Sheet. Enjoy.

For up-to-the-minute news on Challenger, cool free products, random twitter tweets, goofy gaming pictures, and more; please check out:

Thanks for your support everyone!

Edit: Check 'full preview' for what it actually looks like. Much cleaner.

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Battle Board: Battle field

Sun, 04/29/2012 - 20:10
 Battle fieldPublisher: PWORK Paper Wargame

The PDF provides all the parts necessary to build a paper battle mat! Stop playing you favorite wargame on the floor or on a tablecloth: now in a couple of hours, a printer, some cardboard, glue and a cutter you can make a beautiful table! The setting of the battle board is compatible with all major wargames and sci-fi boardgame. The board's size is 120x180cm. Full color.

On PWORK site is possible to buy the same battle board in a whole piece, ideal for a "plottage" or a pvc print! here the link!

Price: $6.58
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Armada: Expanded Sea Combat and Rules Sourcebook (PFRPG)

Sun, 04/29/2012 - 18:29
 Expanded Sea Combat and Rules Sourcebook (PFRPG)Publisher: LPJ Design

In roleplaying games, there are no two words that go together better than pirates and ships. A motley crew of piratical archetypes, abilities and equipment have been rounded up in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and with the release of the Skull & Shackles Player’s Guide, naval combat has sailed to the forefront of gaming. To add to the great work done in that player’s guide, LPJ Design presents Armada: Expanded Sea Combat and Rules Sourcebook. This sourcebook offers new possibilities to players and game masters alike engaged in naval-based adventures and battles. This sourcebook contains:

  • Five All new Ship types including Catamaran, Khemetic Barque and Steamboat
  • Two New Propulsion Methods including Elemtal Furies and Steam Engine
  • Four All New Propulsion Mechanisms including Stern Paddlewheel and Screws
  • Ten All New Ship Templates including Corvette, Elf –crafted, Galleon Merchant and Ironclad
  • Over 25 All New Ship Modifications including Bilge Pump, Crow’s Nest, Excellent Sickbay, Flagship, Trawl Nets and Whaling Mount.
  • Three All new New weapons including Whaling Harpoon and Enchanted Cannonball.
  • Five new Traits for Pirates and Sea dogs
  • 15 All New Feats including Brigand’s Tattoos, Lovers in Every Port and Tideborn Mariner
  • Four new Diseases including Dysentery and Mutiny’s Wind.
  • Glossary of Nautical Terms
  • And Nautical & Underwater Equipment
Price: $4.99
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Build-a-Brawl Set D2: Dravakor Adventurers

Sun, 04/29/2012 - 18:11
 Dravakor AdventurersPublisher: Reality Cheque

Even on the peril-soaked world of Hausek, adventurers are a rare breed. Rarer still are
adventure-seekers from among the ranks of the dravakor; the Emperor Malveesh's
monstrous elite troops. Their normal lives are already so fraught with danger that actively
looking for life-threatening situations would seem redundant. Of course, not all
adventurers follow their lifestyle out of choice: those renegade dravakor who find
themselves cut off from the love of Malveesh find themselves thrown into danger with no
hope of respite.
These colorful cardstock miniatures (illustrated by Nathan Winburn) are specifically
designed for use with the Dravakor role-playing setting, but they can be used with any
game that requires monstrous adventurer characters.

Included in this set are:
1 Abregar (winged demonic-looking warriors) Paladin
1 Abregar Captain of the Ranmesch (the Imperial Home Guard)
1 Drega (enormous hulking brutes) Monk
1 Drega Sergeant in the Ranmesch
1 Schaidil (lethal aquatic terrors) saboteur
1 Schaidil Fighter
1 Schaidil Sailor
and 1 Weapons Rack, 2 Benches, 10 Tankards

Price: $3.49
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Inked Adventures Stock Art Trolls playing an RPG

Sun, 04/29/2012 - 16:58
Inked Adventures Stock Art  Trolls playing an RPGPublisher: Inked Adventures

Trolls playing an RPG preview

Trolls, humanoids, possibly an orc and a troll ... playing a tabletop game with scenery and dice. 

Colour and greyscale JPGs and PNGs for your publication.

Ideal for filler and spot art, especially in tutorials. 

Line art hand drawn by Billiam Babble.

ZIP File 11 MB

300DPI  Dimensions:  1768 x 1440
Formats: JPG, PNG
Colour, Greyscale, line art with shadow. 
Transparent background versions included.

Rights granted for use within downloaded or print-on-demand role-playing publications.  Please email with queries regarding other uses.  Not for resale as stock art.  (c) Billiam Babble / Inked Adventures

Thanks for browsing!

Price: $3.50
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All Black Seals to Date revised [BUNDLE]

Sun, 04/29/2012 - 13:47
All Black Seals to Date revised [BUNDLE]Publisher: The Black Seal

The Black Seal #1
Regular price: $4.75
Bundle price: $3.33

The theme of THE BLACK SEAL's first issue is Strange Britain. Inside, we expose the bizarre and mysterious landscape of these haunted isles; - the ancient and forbidden knowledge of antiquity; the secrets of the modern-day conspiracy; the forgotten, dangerous places of power and mystery. THE BLACK SEAL is your guide to the Secret Country behind the mundane facade of everyday life in Britain.

Issue contents include:

'Unusual suspects' - Sermon Grant, occultist; and Michael Scrimgoer, city analyst. 'Mental Health in the United Kingdom' - a factual introduction to modern mental health laws. 'Let Sleeping Gods Lie' - PISCES section 'H' 'Dangerous Places' - The Devil's Rings. 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' - procuring illegal firearms in the UK. 'The Further Fil...

The Black Seal #2
Regular price: $4.75
Bundle price: $3.33

Who watches the Watchmen? The second issue of THE BLACK SEAL delves into the secret history of the deadliest branch of Britain's security apparatus, the Paranormal Intelligence Section for Counter-Intelligence, Espionage and Sabotage - better known as PISCES. We examine the Hidden Agenda of Britain's secret chiefs and the geography of the Captive State they have laboured to create.

Issue contents:

PISCES: Her Majesty's Watchmen A Brief Summary of known Great Old One-worshipping Cults and Independent Agents in the British Isles Missing Persons...: PISCES' Magonia Facility Unusual Suspects: Wilbur Bromley The Avengers: Off-beat espionage in the Swinging Sixties Dangerous Places: RAF Hobwood Perfidious Albion: PISCES Operations in the United States A Stylish Death: A ...

The Black Seal #3
Regular price: $4.75
Bundle price: $3.33

There are still, depend upon it, quaint, undiscovered countries and continents of strange extent. - Arthur Machen, The Three Imposters

Alien cultures. Strange things and even stranger places. The third issue of THE BLACK SEAL embarks on a whirlwind world tour of the weird and the not-so-wonderful; offering a terrifying glimpse into the darker corners of this strange, mad planet we all live on, and the bizarre things we share it with. Prepare yourself, quite literally, for a Holiday in Hell.

Featured Articles

'A Road Less Travelled: Or The Rough Guide To Fighting Evil In A Hot Country' by Jonathan Turner 'Resolution Zero: The United Nations and the Starkweather-Moore Conspiracy ' by Daniel Harms, with David Conyers and Adam Crossingham 'False Mythologies: ...

Total value:$14.25Special bundle price:$9.99Savings of:$4.26 (30%)Price: $14.25
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Neo-City Archives: Corporate Profiles 2040, Q1

Sun, 04/29/2012 - 06:40
 Corporate Profiles 2040, Q1Publisher: Alternate Realities Publications

Welcome to Neo-City, the City of the Future!

The City of the Dark Future, that is.

Before you invest in stocks, you should know a little about the company you're considering. More importantly, before accepting a sketchy job offer, you should know something about the company hiring you or the business you'll be targeting. This quarterly dossier will give you the basics.

These quarterly corporate profiles provide basic information regarding corporations with operations or influence in Neo-City or companies that happen to be traded on the Neo-City Stock Exchange.

By quarterly, we're referring to time in the setting, not the real world. Each issue will detail 15 to 20 major business entities within the game setting. Many of the businesses profiled will eventually receive significantly expanded individual corporate reports.

The entire setting will be produced as small, rigidly organized modular components from which you can pick and choose for use with any cyberpunk style setting you might be using.

Price: $2.00
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Superpowered Dossier: Turnkey

Sun, 04/29/2012 - 05:35
 TurnkeyPublisher: Gamers Haven Publishing

Rick Cameron lost his wife in an alien invasion!  And then justice failed him in the aftermath.  Now, armed with the technology he can understand, it's his job to pick up where the justice system leaves off.  If someone is above the law, it's Turnkey who puts him away in The Labyrinth.  If only he can keep up with his teenage daughter and keep her out of trouble at the same time ...

Turnkey is a PL 8 NPC.

Updated and expanded, now with the support of Lone Wolf Development's Hero Lab software, Gamer's Haven Publishing is proud to begin releasing Superpowered Dossiers.  These Dossiers will completely detail a superhero or supervillain for use in the Superpowered universe, or for use in your personal Mutants & Masterminds setting. Some of these characters can be found on the Justice City United Podcast at

Powered by Hero Lab

This product includes the Hero Lab portfolio file so you can easily adjust and modify the hero or villain to meet your campaign needs!

Price: $0.98
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Avalon Clip Art, Steam Punk

Sun, 04/29/2012 - 02:25
Avalon Clip Art, Steam PunkPublisher: Avalon Game Company

Avalon Games over the years has collected a ton of artwork for use in our games.  Well we got to thinking, why couldn't you use this great art in your products.  So here it is, our newest product, Avalon Clip Art.  Each set within this series will offer you a ton of great art and for a great price.  Each product will focus on a set genre or character type and will offer you great filler art and character art for your gaming products.

Look for new sets to come out all the time, as we have thousands of pictures to offer, so have fun…

Usage Requirements/Limitations:

You may reduce, re-color, or crop any image included here.  You may not resell these images in clip art packets or art collections.

If you use any of these images, in your product, you must include the statement:

Some artwork copyrighted by Avalon Games, used with permission.

By purchasing this product you agree to these terms.

All work has been scanned at 300 DPI.

Price: $4.50
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Avalon Clip Art Characters, Alien 12

Sun, 04/29/2012 - 02:22
Avalon Clip Art Characters, Alien 12Publisher: Avalon Game Company

Over the years Avalon Games has come up with all sorts of characters and art to go along with them.  So why not offer these wonderful bits of character art to you, and for cheap.

Each set will offer you a single character, in three different formats, black and white, grey scale and full color.  All are for use in your personal or commercial products.

Usage Requirements/Limitations:

You may reduce, re-color, or crop any image included here.  You may not resell these images in clip art packets or art collections.

If you use any of these images, in your product, you must include the statement:

Some artwork copyrighted by Avalon Games, used with permission.

By purchasing this product you agree to these terms.

All work has been scanned at 300 DPI.

Why re-invent the wheel when Avalon Games has already done all the hard work.

Price: $1.50
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Zombie Gauntlet-A BIY Board Game

Sat, 04/28/2012 - 23:09
Zombie Gauntlet-A BIY Board GamePublisher: Point of Insanity Game Studio

A few years after the Great Zombie Apocalypse doctors discovered a way to treat the virus that turned men into monsters. This treatment was not a cure, but rather a way to allow an infected person to retain a small amount of intelligence after becoming a zombie. These zombies were then trained to carry out simple tasks, including satisfying humanity’s desire for violent entertainment.  One of these forms of entertainment became the Zombie Gauntlet! In this game teams of modern day gladiators enter specially designed mazes to fight for fortune and fame. Those who survive can come back to fight again. Those who fail might just become a zombie competitor in future events!

So what are you waiting for, brave contestant? Step into the Zombie Gauntlet and get ready to fight for the amusement of the crowds! Will you fight together as a team or will it be every man for himself? That is for you to decide!

Zombie Gauntlet is a Build-It-Yourself board game designed for 2-9 players. The pdf contains almost everything you need to play this fast paced, d12 based game of zombie combat, including:

*140 equipment cards

*200 tokens depicting contestants, zombies, and equipment boxes

*Room and hallway templates that allow you to create custom mazes

*Reference tables

*Contestant character sheet

Zombie Gauntlet can easily be played with a minimal amount of printing by using game materials you might already own (such as miniatures, dungeon tiles, or a dry erase gaming board with 1"x1" squares). The game also includes a table for rolling up random equipment, making it unnecessary to even print out the equipment cards.

What are you waiting for brave contestant? Gather your team, grab your supplies, and get ready for madness and mayhem in the Zombie Gauntlet!

Price: $8.00
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