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Dwarven Outpost - Dungeon Map

RPGNow - Thu, 09/22/2011 - 06:04
Dwarven Outpost - Dungeon MapPublisher: Fantasy Map


Explore the dark chambers of this old stronghold.

This map pack contains a
- ready for print DIN A4 multiple-page-.pdf
- ready for print letter size multiple-page-.pdf
- ready for print DIN A4 greyscale multiple-page-.pdf
- ready for print letter size greyscale multiple-page-.pdf
- .jpg files of the map with/without grid for print in one piece 
- MaptTool files for use as VTT

Each square on the .pdf is one inch. Final size is 32 x 40 inches.


Price: $2.99
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OSRIC Players Reference

RPGNow - Thu, 09/22/2011 - 05:24
OSRIC Players ReferencePublisher: Wild Games Productions, LLC

People have asked for it, and now its out. The OSRIC Players Reference book! This book has all the player information ONLY in this book. So its safe for players to have at the table to read! Approved by Stuart Marshall!

Price: $0.00
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D-Percent - 100 Modern Health and Hygiene Items

RPGNow - Thu, 09/22/2011 - 05:02
D-Percent - 100 Modern Health and Hygiene ItemsPublisher: Black Falcon Games LLC

Your players zigged when you expect a zag. They asked you a question you didn't anticipate. You want to add details and avoid being repetitive. You need a ready supply of random generators! Welcome to D-Percent, Black Falcon Games' line of ready-to-use lists of themed items. Simply roll d%, consult the chart, and you have a handy detail right on hand!

D-Percent - 100 Modern Health and Hygiene Items gives you a quick reference when the players are searching for emergency items, medical assistance, long-term health and survival items, and other situations where planned shopping for medical and health supplies is impractical or impossible.

This is perfect for horror or post-apocalyptic games as well as modern games when the search for medical supplies and common hygiene products takes on an essential element or even the focus of an adventure. An antibiotic or insulin injection could mean the difference between life or death. Gathering surgical tools to save a friend's life could be a nail-biting quest. Simple hygiene products like sunscreen and soap makes the harsh lifestyle bearable. Don't let your players face a zombie uprising unprepared!

This product is not specific to any particular game system, instead taking a neutral generic stance.

Look for other exciting Black Falcon Games products that save you time and energy, allowing you to focus on building stories and adapt to your players' ideas and decisions!

Price: $0.75
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The Secrets of the Gunslinger (PFRPG)

RPGNow - Thu, 09/22/2011 - 05:02
The Secrets of the Gunslinger (PFRPG)Publisher: Rite Publishing
You do not aim with your hand. 

The Secrets of the Gunslinger offers 4 new archetypes, 30 new feats and one new monster template so that the vision you have of your gunslinger can easily be obtained an explored.  It offers the Buccaneer of the Black powder, so you can embrace the golden age of piracy; The Fire Artist which embraces the eastern traditon of marital arts and firearms; The Hexslinger bringing you a bit of flavor from the wierd west, and the Wandslinger for those campagin settings that don't have or allow firearms. The Gunslinger Wraith is a new monster template that focuses on an accursed firearm that continues to bring a soul back from beyond the grave, with ammunition that saps the lifeforce from its targets at range. 

Brought to you by the same designer of the critically acclaimed The Secrets of the Luckbringer and The Book of Monster Templates, The Secrets of the Gunslinger gives you a host of new options to create the type of gunslinger you want to play without breaking the game. 

Get yours today!

Price: $3.99
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September 10, 2011: Dinosaurs!

Steve Jackson Games - Thu, 09/22/2011 - 05:00

 Dinosaur Whenever I describe Axe Cop, I inevitably bring up the story of Flute Cop . . . how he was "Flute Cop" for just three panels before becoming Dinosaur Soldier, due to exposure to dinosaur blood. This sudden change may be odd in traditional storytelling, but in the sort of world that both Axe Cop and Munchkin inhabit, it makes perfect sense.

In Munchkin Axe Cop, Dinosaur is a level 3 Power. It's one of the more useful powers in the set, and since you only need to be third level to pick it up, you'll have plenty of time to take advantage of the Big item bonus. Just remember it when you're picking treasure!

Dinosaur, along with the other 167 cards of Munchkin Axe Cop, will be available this fall in game stores everywhere.

-- Paul Chapman

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Variable Villains: General Anarchy

RPGNow - Wed, 09/21/2011 - 23:02
 General AnarchyPublisher: Whittknight Consulting LLC

Variable Villains is a new series of pre-generated Super Criminals for use with the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Editon Hero's Handbook. It uses a story intensive background to set the stage for the unique villain to enter as a one-shot or to be used as a background or support villain for your own mastermind. 

It comes complete with multiple power level adjustments that can be used to scale your villain to your needs.

General Anarchy

The mastermind of terror wanted by NATO and several Intelligence agencies for crimes ranging from the sale of black market weaponry to black ops activites that have resulted in the deaths of important leaders around the world. His organization of operatives, named WetWorx, is available to the highest bidder for any activity, anywhere in the world. He is known to use any means necessary to carry out his contracts, and often has his ow agenda for any operation that he takes. 

This Villain and his WetWorx Officers and Troopers are included.

Price: $0.99
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Tangent: Harvester (PFRPG)

RPGNow - Wed, 09/21/2011 - 22:47
 Harvester (PFRPG)Publisher: Ignitus Innovation

Tangent - digressing suddenly from one course of action or thought and turning to another. Tangents are a line of simple, straightforward and super-awesome mini-adventures for your Pathfinder (or Untold) game! Designed to be easy to slip in between two adventures, in the middle of an existing adventure, or even to be used as the stepping off point for a brand new adventure, Tangents are "plug-and-play", "quick-and-dirty" RPG goodness!

Tangent: Harvester introduces your party to a small farming village that's been experiencing some odd harvesting of their fields amid the mist-filled nights. Only the party can help the beleaguered villagers to discover and then fend off the bizarre nocturnal march of the clockwork Harvesters!


  • One (1) new Pathfinder Creature: the Harvester
  • One (1) new Pathfinder NPC: Buzzsaw (and advanced Harvester "build")
  • A tangent for 5th level characters - complete with Overview, Background, Encounter Setup, and Monster Tactics sections!
  • A section on Expanding the Tangent into a full-fledged adventure
  • 6 pages, brimming with beautiful, full-color art
Price: $1.00
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Hero Happy Hour: Super Shot #1 - Guardian (M&M3e)

RPGNow - Wed, 09/21/2011 - 19:22
 Super Shot #1 - Guardian (M&M3e)Publisher: Rhinotaur



Hero Happy Hour makes its heroic debut for the Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition rule system!

Imagine pulling a stool up to the bar and sipping a frosty pint of our favorite beverage as you listen in on the conversations of the "regulars" that frequent the neighborhood tavern. But, this establishment is unlike any other bar. The Hideout Bar & Grill caters to the super heroes of First City. And, this watering hole serves as more than just a place to wash away a rough day of protecting and serving society as crime-fighting crusaders. For these "regular heroes" it is "a place where everyone knows your name," secret identity or not.

Each Hero Happy Hour: Super Shot focuses on an individual super hero or super villain from the fan-favorite comic book and webcomic, Hero Happy Hour--which showcases familiar super hero archetypes in a unique and humorous fashion. Besides a character write-up specifically “super powered for M&M”, each Hero Happy Hour: Super Shot also features a detailed origin, an explanation of powers and skills, their relationship to the Hideout Bar & Grill, and an Adventure Shot.

Hero Happy Hour: Super Shot #1 features Guardian--First City’s intergalactic crime fighter and the Hideout Bar & Grill’s number one customer. When not serving with the Sentinel Squad, or serving as Ambassador of Earth, Guardian, a.k.a. Joseph “Joe” Johnson, can likely be found at the “super tavern” for Hero Happy Hour.

Hero Happy Hour ©2011 Dan Taylor & Chris Fason, published by Rhinotaur in partnership with GeekPunk.



Price: $0.99
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Mutants & Masterminds Threat Report #38: Mosquito (PDF)

Green Ronin - Wed, 09/21/2011 - 18:18

Mutants & Masterminds Threat Report #38: Mosquito (PDF)Arthur Mossberg was a small man who just wanted to live to see retirement, until the looming threats of age, illness, and unemployment drove him to take desperate measures. Now, thanks to the diabolical Doctor Shock, Arthur is a "small man" in more ways than one, a tiny, buzzing figure feeding on the bio-electricity of others in order to survive. Anyone who thought he was a bother before hasn't reckoned with the sting of ... the Mosquito! This product is for Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition.

Mutants & Masterminds Threat Report #38: Mosquito (PDF)

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The Seventh Execution--Chapter Three: The Fettered Freed

Paizo - Wed, 09/21/2011 - 17:00

The Seventh Execution

by Amber E. Scott

Chapter Three: The Fettered Freed

The moon was a yellow bruise in the sky as I hurried through the streets of Edme. Sweat poured off me as if I raced through a furnace. I ran without seeing, navigating the streets by long practice. I felt I had left part of myself back at home, as if I had lost a limb.

I stopped, panting, when the cobbled road spilled into a flagstone-plated quadrangle. Prickly weeds, trampled flat by the mobs that congregated there, sprouted from cracks in the stones. The gray walls of Torvin Academy bounded the opposite size of the plaza. A few lights burned in upper windows, but the plaza was full of moonshadows.

Razor Jenni stood in the center of the quadrangle, atop a wooden platform braced with heavy timbers. I shuddered when I saw the final blade, her thirsty edge held aloft atop a scaffold. A set of stocks at the base of the scaffold snapped around the prisoner's neck. A groove cut through the yoke allowed Razor Jenni's blade to slip through and take the prisoner's head with her.

I spied movement at the base of the platform. Bradach stood concealed in the shadow of the scaffold. When he saw me, he took a step forward and beckoned. I scanned the quadrangle a final time to ensure no one watched, then hurried to meet him.

“It's good to see you,” Bradach said. He wore a heavy, dark cloak and stood with his hands deep in his pockets, shoulders hunched against the chill. “Did you succeed?”

“I spoke to my... I spoke to Mirford.”

Bradach looked alarmed. “You told him our plan?”

“No.” I shook my head. “I asked about the executions. I wanted to prove to you that the guilty, the traitors, are the ones who are executed.”

Bradach sighed and crouched to face me. “And what did you find?”

When you are a halfling, you get used to living in a world unsized for you. Yet it always seemed to me that I was the proper height, and everything else overlarge and exaggerated. In that moment, though, I felt small. “He implied that the evidence used—” My voice broke. I cleared my throat. “The evidence might not be as ironclad as I would prefer.”

“It's hard to admit that the things we fought for weren't worth our dedication,” Bradach said. “It's taken me a long time to reach the place I am now, and I took many wrong turns along the way. But what we do here can make up for many sins of the past. You see that, don't you?”

I nodded.

“Then do you have the medallion? Hand it to me and we can set about freeing these poor souls.” He stretched a hand out.

I have said before that halflings must remain alert to survive. We have learned to carefully read the humans who run the cities in which we live, attuning ourselves to their whims and desires to remain useful, and thus safe. Bradach's words sounded well enough, but the way he thrust his hand toward me was a shade too quick, too eager. It unnerved me for reasons I couldn't articulate.

“Tell me more,” I said. “What led you to undertake such a selfless mission?”

“We are exposed here. I'd be happy to answer your questions afterward, but we can't delay. You did get the medallion, didn't you?”

“Even the most desperate looter would hardly stride up to the doors of Torvin Academy. We have a few minutes.” I met Bradach's gaze. “I spent most of my life allowing myself to work for a man whose intentions were not wholly admirable. Forgive me if I make more certain this time. What spurred you on your mission?”

He looked away as if weighing my question. When he spoke, his voice was low and sad. “Someone I care about is trapped in there. Do you need to know more than that?”

But I had seen a flash of annoyance in his eyes before he looked away. My sense of unease deepened.

“How did she come to this?”

He gave me a lopsided smile. “It is that obvious that she's a woman? We worked together in Mivon. She hated injustice as much as I did, and we undertook several missions together. Six months ago she traveled to Edme in an attempt to free a prisoner awaiting the blade. She failed, and was executed herself.”

"Razor Jenni claims both heads and souls."

It was a good story. Yet if Bradach had known what function I truly performed for Mirford, he would have used a different cover. My life revolved around executions, and I knew well enough that there was only one woman to die in Razor Jenni's arms in the last few months. I took a step back, anger replacing the nausea in my gut.

“You had nothing to do with her,” I said, harshly, foolishly.

Bradach straightened. “I choose to keep my motivations private. I may be guilty of misleading you in that sense, but I wanted to make sure you understood how important this is. It's all that matters. Now we can argue about this all night or you can tell me whether you got the medallion.”

I took another step back. “I couldn't get the opportunity. You'll have to give me more time.”

We stared at each other. Branach looked me over from tip to toe, tapping his chin. After a long silence, he spoke.

“I think you're lying.”

“That makes two of us.”

He gave me an ugly smile. “Then I won't waste any more words. Give me the medallion or I'll take it off your corpse.”

He reached for me and I stumbled back, flailing my arm to keep him off. My little knife leaped into my hand.

“Get away from me!”

He put a finger to his lips as he advanced. “Voice down, slip. Do you want to bring the whole city down on us?”

My heart thudded. The fiery anger inside me turned in an instant to icy rage.

“Chelaxian!” I dropped my voice to a shaking whisper. “I've sent more than one of your kind to their deaths.”

“And now you'll help one of my kind release those souls.” He darted forward and grabbed for me again. I ducked under his arm and skipped out of his reach. “They'll be invaluable in my rituals. Perhaps I'll even find a use for your corpse.”

I darted to the left. Bradach rushed forward and caught hold of my wrist. A soundless explosion of cold shot up my arm and numbed me all the way to my shoulder. I bit my tongue to keep from crying out. I flailed, kicking and scratching, and threw myself back. Bradach lost his grip. I tucked into a roll as I fell. My numbed arm threw me off. The roll broke apart and I sprawled on my stomach.

For an instant I felt a terrible weakness grip my limbs, but I shook off the lassitude and scrambled to my feet. I kept as quiet as I could. If I cried out, someone was bound to hear. The guards at the Academy would simply arrest us both, and I had just stolen from my master. Looters would cut us down.

Bradach loomed over me. My knife lay on the ground to my right. I dropped to my knees when Bradach swung at me. His arms whooshed overhead. I snatched up the knife and stabbed him in the thigh.

Bradach stumbled back with a muffled cry. His heavy cloak blunted some of the impact, but the edge of my knife came away wet with blood.

I leaped to my feet again as Bradach took another run at me. He had his own knife out now. I dove forward and to one side of him. His knife scored my back as I rolled past. The cut stung, but not badly. I kicked up to my feet a dozen paces past him.

“I get worse than that chopping carrots.”

He threw his knife at my head. I ducked down and raised my hands for cover. Too late I realized that Bradach's throw was careless, meant only to distract me. I tried to back up but he had already charged. As I scrambled back, Bradach caught me in the chest with a sharp kick.

I flew back and slammed into the cobblestones. Bradach twisted his hands together. Blue light built between them.

I had hoped our forced silence might keep him from casting, but no words accompanied his intricate gestures. Light shot from his hands and streamed toward me like ethereal arrows. I rolled away. The missiles followed my movements. I bit my fist to keep from screaming as the bolts slammed into my side.

My body shrieked with pain, but my heart bled with regret. To conspire with a Chelaxian, even unwittingly—I could think of no greater ignominy. I had paid for my betrayal, and paid dearly.

Bradach twisted his hands together again. I bounced to my feet and sprinted for cover. I whipped around the edge of Razor Jenni's platform and crouched behind one of the timbers. I heard Bradach's quiet curse.

I panted, trying to regain my breath. I blinked in surprise to see I still held my knife. Instinct must have kept it in my hand. I could hear Bradach circle around Razor Jenni's frame. I waited until he had almost rounded to my side, then ran the other way.

Bradach reversed direction. I'd expected that. I raced up the stairs onto the execution platform and cut across it. Bradach heard me coming and tried to back away. I threw myself off the platform and crashed into him, burying my knife in his shoulder.

His howl of pain eased the ache in my heart. We fell together. I tried to pull the blade free but Bradach rolled to the side and threw me off. I had always supposed wizards to be weak and frail, but Bradach was no pale scholar. His strength and size far outstripped mine.

My knife stayed buried in Bradach's shoulder. I scrabbled for a weapon but came up with nothing but a chunk of broken flagstone. Bradach rose to his feet, panting. I clutched the flagstone to my chest and crawled under Razor Jenni's platform.

She was a presence, that blade. I could feel her weight above me, pressing down, waiting hungrily for her next victim. I shuddered and forced myself to remain in the shadows, half-hidden behind a timber pile.

“Come out of there you rotten little slip,” Bradach whispered. I could hear the faint rasp of his boots as he circled the platform, trying to spot me. “Or throw me the medallion and I'll let you go.”

Halflings survive by reading human intentions. I knew Bradach was lying.

Bradach finally got on his hands and knees to peer under the platform. I summoned all my strength and flung the flagstone chunk. The rock struck Bradach above his eyes. He whimpered and collapsed.

I waited for a minute to catch my breath. My heart beat crazily and would not calm down. I crawled out from under the platform and rolled the wizard over. He was unconscious, but still lived. I went through his clothes and removed a case of scrolls and a pouch half-filled with gold and silver coins.

Then I dragged Bradach up the stairs to the platform. My side ached. Blood dripped from the cut on my back, but not much. I used all my strength to pull the wizard's warm, heavy body along. My sense that Razor Jenni was alive—was watching me—grew stronger as I dragged Bradach across the platform and onto the chopping block.

Six traitors I had sent to their final rest. Six that I was certain of.

That night I made it seven.


Her or me, I'd said. I had saved myself by condemning her. In truth, though, I had condemned both of us. When she made the march to Razor Jenni, I'd walked beside her, though I hadn't known it then. A part of my soul stays trapped in that blade, too. I believe it always will.

Galt is no longer home to me. I am armed, though, and I have money in my purse and new courage in my heart. I'm told the River Kingdoms hold freedom for all, even servants. The road there is a dangerous one, but halflings have learned to survive. I travel when the roads are empty and sleep in ditches when I can. My sleep is untroubled. The nightmares have gone.

Coming Next Week: Varisian scoundrels in the streets of Magnimar in Bill Ward's "The Box."

Amber E. Scott is the author of "The Swamp Warden" and several chapters in "The Compass Stone: The Collected Journals of Eando Kline," as well as numerous Paizo RPG products such as Heart of the Jungle and Halflings of Golarion. She writes from her home in Canada, where she lives with her husband, Jason, and her two cats, Dabu and ZugZug.

Art by Mike Capprotti.

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The Supplicant - a new class for Aruneus and Pathfinder

RPGNow - Wed, 09/21/2011 - 16:01
The Supplicant - a new class for Aruneus and PathfinderPublisher: Troll in the Corner

Edit: I'm aware of the issue with the cover - as soon as it's fixed (and if you have email from publishers enabled) I'll contact you all so you can download the corrected PDF!

Forged from the resolve of a single tortured soul, the Supplicant is willing to give up everything to become that which they are devoted to destroy. They are a force of divine power bent on the destruction of the zombie hordes which plague Aruneus and have sworn a sacred oath to themselves to fight until the last of the undead are destroyed.

The Supplicant is a new character class designed for the World of Aruneus but usable in any Pathfinder/d20 game.

Supplicants use divine power to fight the undead scourge that has plaged Aruneus for the past century.  They are adept at combat against the undead, going so far as to slip into the Undead creature type for short times to gain the abilities of their enemies.

Price: $0.99
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New on e23: Art & Academe in PDF

Atlas Games - Wed, 09/21/2011 - 14:13
The latest addition to our online bookshelf is now available for sale: the Ars Magica sourcebook, Art & AcademeVisit e23 to buy yours today!
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Harker Asylum - Virtual Boxed Set©

RPGNow - Wed, 09/21/2011 - 12:35
Harker Asylum - Virtual Boxed Set©Publisher: 0one Games

Harker Asylum was founded by professor Abraham Harker, an eminent scientist known for his revolutionary studies about the human mind. Professor Harker inherited his wealth from his father, John Harker, an adventurer become famous for successfully fighting an ancient Evil. Abraham turned his father’s estate into an Asylum. For years the Asylum was the best institute of the country in curing mental diseases. But a day something mysterious happened...

Welcome to Harker Asylum, and get ready to lose your sanity! This gorgeous Virtual Boxed Set© contains maps, tiles, battlegrounds and room templates of a ruined Asylum rendered in beautiful detail. 0one Games is proud to present its first product suitable both for fantasy and horror-themed games.

Harker Asylum Virtual Boxed Set Content

• 5 Maps (8,5"x 11" each)

• 84 Tiles (6"x6" each)

• 3 Battlegrounds (42"x24" each)

• 66 Room Templates

• All maps, tiles, battlegrounds are customizable through Rule the Dungeon exclusive feature
• Tiles are compatible with Tile Designer products
• Fully Bookmarked and hyperlinked

WARNING: you must use Adobe Acrobat 6+ in order to use all the features of this product




Price: $19.99
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Iron Dynasty: Kesshi Tales #7

RPGNow - Wed, 09/21/2011 - 12:18
 Kesshi Tales #7Publisher: Reality Blurs

Kesshi Tales #6: The Bones of Borudaa

Ato is a dangerous land where few men go willingly. Exiles from Ikusa Kokoro, adventurers, and enterprising merchants are by far the most common visitors to this island, which was once the cultural center of Konoyo. The once civilized Atons have reverted to a perverse barbarity hidden behind a thin facade of civility. The kesshi have come on a quest to bury the bones of the oni-kaji, Borudaa, but what secrets will they unearth in the process?

For use with Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin from Reality Blurs.

Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin is a setting for the award-winning Savage Worlds system.


Price: $3.00
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Koku Update (Before the Dawn)

AEG - Wed, 09/21/2011 - 10:44

The Imperial Bank of Rokugan would like to inform its honorable customers that a new list of Cards for Koku will be made available this coming Friday (September 23rd) at 6 PM PST.
This list will feature rare cards from the ‘Before the Dawn’ expansion so don’t miss out on the opportunity to order Emperor legal cards with your Koku for the first time!

Seppun Ujifusa
Imperial Bank of Rokugan

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SciFi20 Player's Guidebook

RPGNow - Wed, 09/21/2011 - 07:57
SciFi20 Player's GuidebookPublisher: QuikLink Interactive, Inc.

TAKE YOUR CAMPAIGNS INTO THE FUTURE! The SciFi20 PDF series is designed to give you all of the tools you need to get your sci-fi campaigns moving at light speed! In this series you will find rules covering alien races, numerous character classes, combat, psionics, equipment listings, vehicle and starship design and construction, world-building, as well as campaign and adventure design tips.

Book 1 - Player's Guidebook
This volume covers everything you need to know about creating characters developing. Within you will find details for 16 different possible character classes, as well as a detailed 'Prior History' system that allows you to more easily flesh out the background of your characters while also providing them with real previous experience. Also presented are complete  weapon, armor, and equipment listings to finish out your characters and get them ready to play.

The books in this series comprise the official SciFi20 (SF20) rules set and are based on the original T20 rules.

Price: $5.00
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Oathbound Bestiary

RPGNow - Wed, 09/21/2011 - 07:52
Oathbound BestiaryPublisher: Epidemic Books

Hail stranger, dare you come and lay your eyes on your doom? Step inside if you can and bear witness to the foulest compendium the Forge has to offer! From across the seven domains, beasts and horrors have been gathered, dissected, and brought into the light of day. From the battle tactics of the colossal Sand Strider to the mating habits of the lowly Death Moss, all the knowledge you need to keep your thread of life intact is here for your taking. Come experience the bloodthirsty rage of the Karnos and the twisted machinations of the Palethian. No mortal danger required... except for maybe paper cuts.

The Oathbound Bestiary is the official monster compendium for the new Oathbound for Pathfinder. It is a companion to the core book (Oathbound Seven), and includes over 200 monsters: three distinct, re-envisioned, and revitalized versions of each of the classic Oathbound monsters, plus many entirely new creatures and tons of updated art, ideas, and stats.

Every monster in the book is presented as three distinctly different variant creatures designed for different power levels, giving them an incredible flexibility and utility for all sorts of situations. These levels are not simply upgrades, but versions, each with new tricks up its sleeve. Pay for 68 monsters, get 204!

Note: This book is for all gamers. As this book is fully Pathfinder compatible, it can be easily incorporated into any Pathfinder-based campaign. Is not necessary to play Oathbound to get a full use out of this compendium (though we are certainly hoping you'll take a look at the larger setting if you like the Bestiary).


Price: $8.99
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September 9, 2011: <i>Munchkin The Guild</i> Cover

Steve Jackson Games - Wed, 09/21/2011 - 05:00

Munchkin The Guild Cover One of the first pieces of art we received from Len Peralta for Munchkin The Guild was the cover. We kept it hidden for a few days so we could spring it on our PAX Prime audience, to their delight. Felicia Day liked it -- which is a very good sign.

Munchkin The Guild will be a 15-card booster, and is scheduled for release in spring of 2012.

-- Paul Chapman

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The Perfect Storm

RPGNow - Wed, 09/21/2011 - 01:50
The Perfect StormPublisher: Fat Goblin Games

The Perfect Storm

Presented within the following pages are rules that govern the variety of
weather hazards that your group will face during the exploration of the
realms. This supplement is also full of new monsters and other ways in
which to challenge your players and game. These threats include a
legendary Lightning Treant, Storm Angel, Storm Wraith, and many more…
So, sit back and try to shelter yourself against the promise of the Perfect
Storm found within.



Price: $2.99
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Ultimate Spell Decks: Ultimate Books (PFRPG) [BUNDLE]

RPGNow - Wed, 09/21/2011 - 01:05
 Ultimate Books (PFRPG) [BUNDLE]Publisher: LPJ Design

Ultimate Spell Decks: Magus Spell Cards (PFRPG)
Regular price: $2.99
Bundle price: $2.00

Wish you didn't have to flip through books or searching PDFs every time you want to cast a spell? You can't see to remember the range, duration or Save of a spell off the top of your head? Wish you could introduce unique and new spells to your campaigns in an easy format. Help is coming for you in the form of Ultimate Spell Decks: Magus Spell Cards. For use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game players and GMs! Ultimate Spell Decks: Magus Spell Cards are printable forms for players and GMs alike which makes managing a spellbook simple and easy. Now your storehouse of magical power will fit right in the palm of your hand with these easy to use, convenient spell decks. Each card contains the significant and relevant rules and description of a different spellcaster's arsenal for use wi...

Ultimate Spell Decks: Ultimate Combat Spell Cards (PFRPG)
Regular price: $2.99
Bundle price: $2.00

Wish you didn't have to flip through books or searching PDFs every time you want to cast a spell? You can't see to remember the range, duration or Save of a spell off the top of your head? Wish you could introduce unique and new spells to your campaigns in an easy format. Help is coming for you in the form of Ultimate Spell Decks: Ultimate Combat Spell Cards. For use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game players and GMs! Ultimate Spell Decks: Ultimate Combat Spell Cards are printable forms for players and GMs alike which makes managing a spellbook simple and easy. Now your storehouse of magical power will fit right in the palm of your hand with these easy to use, convenient spell decks. Each card contains the significant and relevant rules and description of a different spellcaster'...

Ultimate Spell Decks: Ultimate Magic Spell Cards (PFRPG)
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Wish you didn't have to flip through books or searching PDFs every time you want to cast a spell? You can't see to remember the range, duration or Save of a spell off the top of your head? Wish you could introduce unique and new spells to your campaigns in an easy format. Help is coming for you in the form of Ultimate Spell Decks: Ultimate Magic Spell Cards. For use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game players and GMs! Ultimate Spell Decks: Ultimate Magic Spell Cards are printable forms for players and GMs alike which makes managing a spellbook simple and easy. Now your storehouse of magical power will fit right in the palm of your hand with these easy to use, convenient spell decks. Each card contains the significant and relevant rules and description of a different spellcaster's ...

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