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Physical Appearance Generator

RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 18:43
Physical Appearance GeneratorPublisher: Metal Turtle Games

With this simple generator you can create character descriptions on the fly.

This product should be used when:

  • you are writing a scenario or worldbuilding.
  • you have to create a NPC during your game but don't want them to be just a name without a face.
Price: $0.50
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Character Folio - ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG

RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 18:16
Character Folio - ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPGPublisher: Grim & Perilous Studios

Record your Character's grim & perilous tale using the official Character Folio for ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG!

Beautifully illustrated by Dejan Mandic and gloriously lain out by Ken Duquet, this adventuring journal not only allows you to catalogue the exploits - and eventual death - of your Character, but also collects commonly-referenced tables you'll need as you play the game.

The Character Folio comes in at a relatively inexpensive price point for print-on-demand, so you can have a folio for every Character you play. Or, purchase one POD, remove the binding and photocopy it for your fellow players. If that doesn't suit your fancy, simply purchase the PDF alone and print out as many as needed. Best of all - the PDF is form-fillable for use with Roll20, Twitch gaming and other online mediums as you play ZWEIHÄNDER virtually with others around the world!

We also future-proofed the Character Folio by including all manner of awesomeness from our second hardback coming later this year - MAIN GAUCHE!

The 20-page Character Folio includes the following:

  • Page 1: a beautiful cover, illustrated by Jussi Alarauhio
  • Page 2: a literal gallery of villains, serfs and contrarians who contributed to both ZWEIHÄNDER and the Character Folio
  • Page 3: a helpful table of contents of the most commonly-referenced rules in ZWEIHÄNDER
  • Pages 4 to 5: a role-playing aid that breaks down all the helpful details about your Character
  • Pages 6 to 7: all the damn dirty details of your Character in mechanical format
  • Page 8: all the lucre and goods you've bought, lost and stolen during your adventures
  • Page 9: a place to record all your Magick spells
  • Pages 10 to 11: a place to record the people you've met (or killed), places you've been (or raided) and things you've stumbled across
  • Pages 12 to 14: every weapon, armor, shield and related Qualities found in both ZWEIHÄNDER and the upcoming MAIN GAUCHE supplement!
  • Page 15: a quick reference guide - and official sneak peak - at Vehicle Combat, an all-new subsystem meant to plug into normal combat found in MAIN GAUCHE!
  • Page 16: a combat reference guide for every Action In Combat, Condition Effect and Cone/Burst/Explosion Templates
  • Page 17: a quick guide to Fortune Points, Fate Points, casting Magick, Channeling Power and room to record Houserules
  • Pages 18 to 19: a place to record notes about your adventures that won't fit on the other pages
  • Page 20: a death certificate - a living record of how your Character perished during their grim & perilous adventures.

Grab your official ZWEIHÄNDER Character Folio today, and prepare yourself for a world of grim & perilous adventure!

Price: $1.99
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Paul's Portside Pawn a Planet Archipelago supplement

RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 18:05
Paul's Portside Pawn a Planet Archipelago supplementPublisher: Planet Archipelago

A waterfront pawn shop a good place to get a loan to buy a new ship or a new set of armor. A place where all types of items can be bought or sold by adventurers with an shop owner who is egar to do business.  Includes 5 NPC characters.

Price: $2.00
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Farmhouse Bedroom : Stockart Background

RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 17:35
 Stockart BackgroundPublisher: Christian Hollnbuchner

With this installment in this product line I continue to work on a palette of original and affordable stockart for personal and commercial projects of publishers and gamers alike.

The image presented here is a simple background featuring a bedroom for two as it might be found in a fantasy setting's farmhouse.


The Pack contains:

  • 1 PDF with a preview image (75% size) and the license agreement.
  • 1 PNG image. The image is 2550 x 1650 pixels in size at 300 dpi.

Price: $2.95
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Interview With An Artist: Cursed Court's Lee Moyer

Atlas Games - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 17:00
Ozma of Oz by John NeillDistinctive art and design are a major factor in a person's choice to pick a game off the shelf. Artist Lee Moyer created the compelling look of Atlas board game Cursed Court, so I talked with him about his choices and inspirations.

There's a lot of Art Nouveau influence on your Cursed Court art. Why did you choose that style?

"Art Nouveau combines richness and theatricality in a clear recognizable style. I grew up admiring John R. Neill's illustrations of the Royal Court of Oz, but it's the poster work of Alphonse Mucha that best defines the style."

Mucha poster
for LorenzaccioThe costumes don't conform to any one time period, but they each suit the character very well. How did you decide to focus on the look rather than historical accuracy of some kind?
Character image: The Merchant
"I think we ascribe a conformity to European courts and cultures that is drastically oversimplified. My goal with this court was to create characters that were archetypal, not specifically historical. This allowed me greater latitude than 'simple' Elizabethan or Venetian fashion. In this case, the Duke's costume is based on a real courtier (though radically different in color); the Jester is wearing motley that was sewn for me many years ago by the brilliant Yvonne Parham (though much toned-down); the Merchant's clothes come straight from a Mucha magazine cover. The rest are pretty much made up from whole cloth."

You feature a diverse group of races, ages, genders, and ability among your characters. Was that important to you?

"Absolutely. Games have a huge and diverse audience, and representation is crucial. And while this group of characters may seem atypical to some, history offers far more unusual examples, like Poland's female King Jadwiga and Pocahontas in London."
Period depiction of Pocahontas at the English Court

Do you have a favorite character? Do you bet on them more often when you play?

"So many of the models I chose for this game are friends. So asking me about favorites is asking whether I prefer Della over Baize, Kira over John, or Jay over Saamanta. I just love seeing them when I play, and imagining how they'll strike people I'll never meet."
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Eric Lofgren Presents: Mermaid

RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 15:02
 MermaidPublisher: Misfit Studios
Eric Lofgren Presents: Mermaid

Eric Lofgren Mermaid Eric Lofgren SignatureThis stock art image by Eric Lofgren depicts a determined Mermaid speeding across the water, playing or racing a school of flying fishes. Where is she headed and why?

This color purchase includes one JPG and a TIFF version, both at 300 dpi. Dimensions are 7 x 5.5 inches.

All art files are bundled in a ZIP file.

Work from Eric Lofgren aside from Mermaid

Eric Lofgren is a well-known industry professional whose talent has appeared in various projects, across numerous genres, for companies such as Paizo Publishing, White Wolf, Alderac Entertainment Group, Neca Online, Privateer Press, Monte Cook Games, Fantasy Flight Games, and Catalyst Labs are probably the biggest to date. He was also one of the first artists Misfit Studios worked with.

Eric Lofgren Stock Art License Summary

All stock art is licensed for use in professional publications. Eric Lofgren retains ownership of the work, meaning you cannot resell the art in your own art packs or the like, and may be required to post an artist credit. There are limits regarding how this art may be edited for use.

You must include the artist's copyright statement in all publications using the art under certain terms and conditions. You obtain a license to use the art, but do not own any rights to it beyond that.

Price: $10.00
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Publishers Pick Fantasy Stock Art #1

RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 14:51
Publishers Pick Fantasy Stock Art #1Publisher: Peter Saga

Publisher's Pick Stock Art Series.

Stock art by Peter Saga featuring an old-school black and white illustration of a Goblin's Head in a high res digital format.

NOTE- Frame depicted on the cover is only for display and not incorporated into the final artwork.

Line art specifics, 8" (w) 11 (h) inches @ 300dpi.

Purchase includes one of each file format -PSD & PNG-(No Background) 

* Royalty Free License usage guidelines enclosed in the attached ZIP file allowing the purchaser to alter or modify any illustration in this set, in addition to rules on crediting, etc.

Price: $1.50
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Shadowrun: Im Herz der Dunkelheit

RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 14:02
 Im Herz der DunkelheitPublisher: Pegasus Press

Ein Schrei in der Nacht!


Hast du den Schrei gehört? Es ist wichtig, dass du dich an ihn erinnerst. Manchmal hörst du etwas dort draußen, in den Straßen, das du nicht identifizieren kannst. Du denkst, es wäre etwas anderes, du redest es schön, du ergibst dich der Illusion einer heilen Welt.

Aber in Wahrheit ist es der Schrei des blanken Terrors. Denn hinter der Fassade der Schatten lauern noch schwärzere Schrecken, als du dir vorstellen kannst. Insektengeister infiltrieren Megakonzerne. Shedim lassen Tote auferstehen und nutzen die Metamenschheit für ihre finsteren Zwecke. In den hintersten Winkeln des Astralraums und der Matrix lauern Kreaturen, die du dir nicht vorstellen solltest. Sonst zerfrisst dich der Wahnsinn.

Im Herz der Dunkelheit ist ein Katalog der versteckten Schrecken der Sechsten Welt. Es präsentiert grausige Geheimnisse, Plot-Updates, Critter-Werte und Kampagnenhintergründe für Shadowrun 5. Für den Spieltisch bietet es Informationen für den Kampf mit dunkelsten Mächten – doch aufgepasst: Der Schrei, den du hörst, könnte bald dein eigener sein.

Die Print Version könnt ihr hier im Pegasus Shop bestellen.

Price: $24.71
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Pages from the Lost Grimoire - A Curse Upon You / Spoiling the Broth

RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 13:47
Pages from the Lost Grimoire - A Curse Upon You / Spoiling the BrothPublisher: Dan Coleman Productions
Do you dare open the Lost Grimoire?

Each installment of Pages from the Lost Grimoire provides something new to add to your GM toolbox. It might be a new monster, NPC, city or town, or sub-class. It might be a new set of spells, downtime activities, magic items, or poisons. Whatever it is, the content is intended to be flexible enough to be used by any Game Master, regardless of setting. Additionally, each Page is accompanied by an encounter you can use to introduce the new item to the game world. These encounters are provided in the Dungeons on Demand format.

Issue 3 - A Curse Upon You / Spoiling the Broth

This issue of Pages from the Lost Grimoire features:

  • A Curse Upon You, a collection of new curses you can assign to magic items, or use on their own.
  • Spoiling the Broth, a new encounter to introduce one or more of the new curses.
  • Digital maps for both GMs and Players, including gridless option.
This product is made possible by supporters on Patreon. If you're kind enough to support the new content I create, please consider becoming a patron! You can find a link inside this product to the Patreon page.

Dungeons on Demand Logo

Price: $0.99
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March 15, 2018: Dr. Stephen Hawking

Steve Jackson Games - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 13:09
Dr. Stephen Hawking has died.

It seems impossible that anyone reading this might not know who Dr. Hawking is and what he has meant to the world of science over the last half century. The number and scope of his discoveries cannot adequately be summarized in this space, but his work revolutionized the fields of cosmology and astrophysics, among others. Dr. Hawking was also a highly skilled writer and spokesperson; A Brief History of Time is still considered a classic book about science, making highly abstruse concepts accessible, even entertaining. Dr. Hawking also has the rare distinction of portraying himself on an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Perhaps most astonishingly, he did all this while enduring the extreme degeneration caused by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also called motor neuron disease. Dr. Hawking was diagnosed with ALS at age 21 and given two years to live. We're fortunate that this diagnosis was so very wrong. Stephen Hawking died Wednesday at age 76.

Warehouse 23 News: Double-Duty Booster Set

Munchkin Marked for Death is a double-duty booster set! This pack contains 17 all-new cards, including Anvil, Recalculate Your XP, and the horrifying effervescence of the Soap Golem. And they're balanced to let you use them as a quick rigged demo for your friends, to get them into the madness that is Munchkin! Order now on Warehouse 23!
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Kahli, The Queen Of Ghouls

RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 12:49
Kahli, The Queen Of GhoulsPublisher: Mad Hermit's Emporium

This stock art illustration provides a high resolution, colored artwork of a sensuous vampiress and her pet ghouls, hand painted by artist Anderson Maia digitally. You can use it as a cover or splash art on your game, book or any other way you need!

The image goes a .png file, 2000 pixels in its largest dimension and 300dpi, bundled in a .zip file. Inside the .zip also goes the advertising for the illustration and a .pdf read me file with the terms and conditions for the stock art.

To sum up the terms and conditions: all the Mad Hermit's Emporium stock art are licensed for a one time use in commercial projects and unlimited use for personal projects. The artist (Anderson Maia) retain ownership of the artworks, thus you cannot edit resell or distribute the art as your own stock art and is required to post an artist credit wherever and whenever you use it for commerial projects. You must include the artist's copyright statement in all publications using the art. You can crop, scale and/or rotate the images but can not make any other changes to them. You obtain a license to use the art, but do not own any rights to it beyond that. 

You can find a more detailed version of the terms and conditions on my website, just look for the link on the right.

Price: $30.00
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Food Fight - One-Page Chef RPG

RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 12:47
Food Fight - One-Page Chef RPGPublisher: John Battle

You ever wanted to be a Monster Chef and challenge your friends to a cook off? 

Well, here you go. 

Price: $0.50
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Return to the Stars! quickstart edition

RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 12:42
Return to the Stars! quickstart editionPublisher: Festive Ninja

In dark times, games can fill us with joy and hope.

Return to the Stars, a tabletop science fiction role playing game, helps players create their own stories in an optimistic space opera setting.

Return to the Stars is designed to allow the creation of characters that evoke the best elements of geek culture. In the far future hyperspace travel gave easy access to countless worlds, and humanity sorted itself into like-minded communities.  One such society was the Convention Authority, founded to celebrate the now classical arts of science fiction, fantasy, and gaming.

One day, without warning, the stellar beacon that illuminated hyperspace went silent rendering galactic travel impossible. The systems of the Convention Authority stayed connected thanks to a replica fleet of early starships. Now, after more than a century of effort, a long-range exploration craft has been built. Its purpose: to return to the stars and reconnect with lost civilizations of humanity.

The characters of Return to the Stars are a new generation of geeks — makers, cosplayers, scientists, and pop culture enthusiasts setting out on an adventure of exploration and discovery. A complete introductory scenario, Bringing Fire, is included.

If you enjoy tales filled with optimism and hope, where players can paint a better future in bold primary colors, then you should prepare to Return to the Stars!

Price: $1.99
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Hunting The Leviathan

RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 12:27
Hunting The LeviathanPublisher: Fifth Gate

The Outer Dark is a plane beyond the ken of mortals - a sea of nothingness through which creatures of nightmare swim. It is home to massive horrors of aberrant biology, whose alien minds defy understanding, sowing madness in those who even attempt to understand them. Where the essence of the Outer Dark touch other planes, realty breaks apart and aberrations spawn. These creatures are the merest shadow of the Outer Dark’s denizens and give a glimpse at what those beings may resemble. The truth is, of course, far, far worse. The Outer Dark is outside the bounds of reality. Some learned sages dedicate themselves to understanding the Outer Dark, hoping to be able to track the places where beings from beyond draw close - and watch them.


This adventure is designed for a group of four to five 7th level characters. It is designed to fit into any Dungeons & Dragons world with only a slight adjustment to cosmology. It’s most appropriate for games that involve high magic but could be fit into any game where fantastic elements fit. It involves five medium to hard encounters and could be played through in 4-6 hours.

This purchase includes a PDF of the adventure, a weapon card, .jpgs of a map and tokens to play the adventure. 

Price: $10.00
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HAGGIS Printable Fantasy Miniatures Set 1

RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 12:26
HAGGIS Printable Fantasy Miniatures Set 1Publisher: Fez Sinister Games

Figures in this set are 30mm in scale. They are intended for use with the HAGGIS fantasy golf miniature game from Fez Sinister Games but they could also be used with other tabletop miniature games and RPGs. Multiple copies of the miniatures are provided in different color variations for your convenience.

Paper miniatures are an affordable alternative to metal or plastic miniatures. You can print as many as you like as often as you like.

Included in this set:

Male Orc
Male Warrior
Male Elf
Male Dwarf
Male Halfling

Price: $2.50
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RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 12:21
Swordfight!Publisher: Lazaro Izaguirre

A Simple Card Game of Dueling Sword Masters

A standard deck of 54 cards is required for this 2-player game.

Price: $1.00
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The North Seat - Book Two

RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 12:13
The North Seat - Book TwoPublisher: Ethan Hudgens

The continuing adventures in the North Seat*! Discover the source of omen and calamity in six adventures spanning across the isles of Norrsate. Fight off creatures of nightmare and those changed by mysterious stones.
Includes full color battlemaps and tokens for each of the new monsters and NPCs included!

*This adventure continues from the plot of book one, but the episodic nature of the adventures would allow you to take them and place them in a setting of your own!

Price: $10.00
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Fists and .45s!

RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 12:10
Fists and .45s!Publisher: Paper Dragon Productions

Before there were Comic books there were the Pulps. Before Batman, Superman, and Captain America, there was Doc Savage, The Shadow, and Tarzan. Pulps in the literal sense are not a genre, but derived their moniker from the cheap “pulpy” paper the stories were printed upon. The stories found on those pages ranged from Sci-Fi and Fantasy to Mysteries, Romance and Westerns.

Over time, the term “Pulp Adventure” has evolved and narrowed its focus to the time between the great wars while still bearing the markings of the spectacular stories of the pulps, often where larger than life heroes would set forth to stop the sinister plot of a diabolic and mysterious villain in some exotic location.

Everything needed for those kind of adventures is located on the pages of Fists & .45s! just add dice!

Price: $0.00
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7te See Das Netz und andere Abenteuer

RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 09:26
7te See Das Netz und andere AbenteuerPublisher: Pegasus Press

Jedes Land und jede Stadt verbirgt dunkle Geheimnisse. Hinterhältige Schurken lauern überall, drängen sich mit Gewalt oder Intrigen an die Macht und unterjochen die Menschen. Théah braucht Helden, die für Freiheit und diejenigen kämpfen, die sich nicht wehren können und dabei weder vor furchtbaren Monstern, Hexenwerk oder ganzen Armeen zurückschrecken.

Seid ihr bereit?

Die Burg führt die Helden in einen verfluchten und abgelegenen Flecken der Eisenlande, wo sie auf die Spuren der längst vergessenen Baronie der Nachkommen Baderbaaschs stoßen, in der es nicht so ruhig ist, wie es zu sein scheint.

Das Weinen der Kinder bringt die Helden auf La Bucca zur Suche nach verschwundenen Kindern und lässt sie das dunkle Geheimnis dieser Pirateninsel lösen.

Das Begräbnis einer alten Kameradin führt die Helden zurück in die Eisenlande, wo sie auf finsteres Hexenwerk, einen Spazierstock stoßen und das Geheimnis um die Die -Caliberi Briefe lüften müssen.

Ein Zufall verwickelt die Helden in Das Netz aus Intrigen zwischen vodaccischen Adligen, wo sie zwischen Spionen, Kurtisanen und illegalen Duellanten eine schwierige Entscheidung treffen müssen.

Das Netz und andere Abenteuer enthält vier Abenteuer für 7te See: Zweite Edition und bietet einer Gruppe von Helden viele Stunden Spielspaß. Die Abenteuer sind völlig eigenständig und voneinander unabhängig spielbar. Sie enthalten die nötigen Regelwerte in Abhängigkeit von der Gruppengröße, variabel einzusetzende Spielleiterinformationen und setzten nur den Besitz des Grundregelwerkes 7te See: Zweite Edition voraus.

Achtung, dieses Kauf-PDF ist in Farbe. Der zugrunde liegende Print-Band ist schwarz-weiß

Die Print Version könnt ihr hier im Pegasus Shop bestellen.

Price: $12.32
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Intermediate Matrix Game Rules

RPGNow - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 08:02
Intermediate Matrix Game RulesPublisher: Hamster Press

If you've ever wondered how a Matrix Game works now you can find out. This two page document covers the basics. You will need to make up your own characters and scenario as well as a plot track (the steps you recommend the players take to tell a story - which they will ignore!) After that it is just arguing and dice rolling. 

Price: $0.00
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