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June 27, 2017: Visit SJ Games At RTX Austin!

Steve Jackson Games - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 10:25
RTX SJ Games is representing on the home court at RTX in Austin, TX, July 7-9 ! We'll be hanging with our friends from Rooster Teeth, demoing games, selling loot, and giving out swag! Come by booth 713 and get in on the action. 

Rooster Teeth has been making amazing content for years, and RTX showcases that work. It's chock full of awesome video and tabletop games, as well as content creators - and gamers, of course! This year, we'll have a bevy of new and upcoming releases to show off, including Munchkin Spell Skool, Munchkin Booty Guest Artist Edition, and Port Royal. We'll also have games for sale, and may have some early releases, so make sure you have your gold ready. Plus, we will have lots of promos to hand out. Game demos, promos, and cool loot; how can you lose? 

As a bonus, show us a tweet with the hashtag #SJGamesRTX and you'll get a special promo at our booth. We'll see you at RTX! 

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Marvel: Like You've Never Munchkined Before Complete with new Monsters (villains), Allies (heroes), and custom S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Role Cards! Fight your way to the top with this fusion of classic Munchkin and the majestic meta-might of Marvel in Munchkin: Marvel Edition. Fly in and pick up your copy at Warehouse23 today!
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DunJon Poster JPG #141 (Galaxzina)

RPGNow - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 08:02
DunJon Poster JPG #141 (Galaxzina)Publisher: Stainless Steel Dragon

From the pages of DunJon eZine we humbly offer up this cosplay style image as a poster-sized jpg for those who would like to display it on their character sheets, walls, desktop, or as part of a self-made screen saver. (Collect Them All!)

FYI: This image is primarily being offered for those who like it well enough to hang it on their wall. The buyer of this JPG is licensed to create prints for personal use with it. (Such prints may be gifted to a friend, but not resold in any format.) This image is large enough to create a High Definition gallery quality 24x18/18x24 inch print at 250DPI -HD quality.) The cost for doing so is generally around $20 at your local copying center.  Thus for under $25 total you can create your own a gallery quality print that usually sells for twice as much at most generic online galleries and 5-10 times as much in walk-in fine art galleries, conventions and/or famous artist websites. 

  Here is your chance to “legally” own rare quality fantasy art at an affordable price. The perfect gift for the gamer who everything else.  

Price: $0.95
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Rifts® Adventure Guide

RPGNow - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 08:02
Rifts® Adventure GuidePublisher: Palladium Books
Rifts® Adventure Guide™ The ultimate Rifts® reference on creating and running adventures

Over 150 adventure ideas. How to create, design, plot and run role-playing game adventures by Palladium’s top game designers and writers Kevin Siembieda, Erick Wujcik and Bill Coffin. From finding ideas and getting started, to adventure structure and character archetypes. Examples galore. Much of it suitable for any kind of role-playing game.

  • Finding and building on ideas.
  • Approaches to adventure design and running the game.
  • Player tips and suggestions.
  • Tables for generating towns and cities.
  • Tables for generating syndicates and secret organizations.
  • Tables for creating mercenary companies and traveling shows.
  • Creating names and finding the big ideas.
  • The Chi-Town ‘Burbs and more on the Rifts themselves.
  • Post-Apocalyptic Rifts Earth.
  • “101 Adventure ideas” and a more.
  • 192 pages.
Price: $12.49
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Sea of Blood (2e)

RPGNow - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 08:02
Sea of Blood (2e)Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

"Every land to drown in the avenging sea of blood" -Prophecy of the Deep Mother

The deep sea holds many perils - some known, some secret, some merely hungry . and some evil. Those who live on dry land speak in whispers of the dreadful City of Abiding Hunger, where sea devils cavort in the court of their king, awful rites pay homage to a brutal shark god, and desperate refugees from above the waves dream of the sun they will never see again.

In Sea of Blood, adventurers attempt to overcome the mortal threats contained in the City of Abiding Hunger and the Throne of Teeth before finally coming face to face with their true enemy - the Deep Mother. Sea of Blood can be played as a stand-alone adventure, or it can serve as the finale of the sahuagin adventure trilogy that started with Evil Tide and continued in Night of the Shark.

Product History

"Sea of Blood" (1997), by Bruce R. Cordell, is the third Monstrous Arcana adventure for The Sea Devils (1997). It was published in December 1997.

Origins: Continuing the Arcana. Each annual Monstrous Arcana series consisted of a coffee table sourcebook, two 32-page adventures, and one 64-page adventures. "Sea of Blood" (1997) is the 64-page adventure that finishes off the sahuagin arc begun with The Sea Devils (1997).

Adventure Tropes: Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal. In the previous adventure, "Night of the Shark" (1997), the characters were saddled with an NPC who is scheduled to betray them in "Sea of Blood". This a variation of the "necessary failure" trope popular in '90s D&D adventures, which had previously been used in "Night of the Shark". It also leads to the inevitable imprisoned trope. It's rather striking that these classic railroad tropes were so important to the Sea Devils adventures, but the majority of the scenarios are still very open sandboxes.

Adventure Tropes: The Enemy City. The earlier Sea Devils adventures were all variants of dungeon crawls, but "Sea of Blood" instead focuses on the enemy city trope, where characters must travel incognito through a monstrous city. The idea dates back to D3: "Vault of the Drow" (1977) but appeared several times in the '90s. (When the characters penetrate to the Throne of Teeth, they might have a more typical palace crawl ahead of them.)

Adventure Tropes: Let Slip the Gods of War! "Sea of Blood" is another D&D adventure that ends with the attempted summoning of a god: Angueleusis.

Genre Tropes: Lovecraftian Horror. The spectre of Lovecraftian horror appears once more here in the form of: the anguillians; their rulers, Deep Father and Deep Mother; and their god Angueleusis. It feels a lot like the story of the Deep Ones, with their rulers Father Dagon and Mother Hydra, and their god Cthulhu.

Exploring Neverness. Racial details again lead back to the world previously depicted in The Gates of Firestorm Peak (1996), but the world is only detailed here through the underwater realm of The City of Abiding Hunger.

Monsters of Note. "Sea of Blood" provides the origin story of the sahuagin — how they evolved from the anguillians after the interference of the elder elves.

This largely contradicts the various origin stories proposed in The Sea Devils. It does however build nicely on the hints found throughout this adventure arc and also adds more details on the elder elves who were first mentioned in The Gates of Firestorm Peak, where they created the Vast Gate.

About the Creators. Cordell started working at TSR in 1995 and would stay with Wizards of the Coast until 2013. His major previous work was The Gates of Firestorm Peak (1996). His successful work on the sahuagin adventures would lead to him being picked to write The Illithiad (1998) and the three companion adventures.

About the Product Historian

The history of this product was researched and written by Shannon Appelcline, the editor-in-chief of RPGnet and the author of Designers & Dragons — a history of the roleplaying industry told one company at a time. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to [email protected]

Price: $4.99
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The Bestiary (SAGA)

RPGNow - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 08:02
The Bestiary (SAGA)Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

The Bestiary provides readers with an ultimate guide to the animals and creatures of the DRAGONLANCE Saga - beasts from the classic tales set during the War of the Lance, as well as newer monsters from the Fifth Age of Krynn. This beautifully illustrated reference, penned from the viewpoint of Caramon Majere, a Hero of the Lance, details the habits, diets, lairs, and legends of these fantastic creatures.

Caramon's narrative will inform and enchant all fans of the DRAGONLANCE setting. In addition, players of the DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE game can use the creature descriptions, creature catalog, habitat guide, and dozens of story suggestions within this tome to expand their current campaigns.

Product History

The Bestiary (1998), by Steven "Stan!" Brown is a monster manual for Dragonlance: Fifth Age. It was published in September 1998.

Origins (I): A Deluxe Supplement. The Bestiary was a big change for the Fifth Age line. To date, the line had been published in digest-sized boxes and books that were simply produced. The Bestiary was instead seen as a "special, deluxe" release. It features full-color artwork throughout most of the book and is visually notable for the line.

Wizards designer Steve Miller hoped that The Bestiary would become a core reference book like Atlas of the Dragonlance World (1987) or The Art of The Dragonlance Saga (1987). He said "I personally think it was a successful [release], even if a bit pricey", referencing the fact that the book sold for $25, or about $37 in modern dollars.

Origins (II): Telling the Stories. Author Stan! Brown originally didn't want to work on The Bestiary. He saw himself as a "storyteller" and so he didn't want to write a "monster catalog". Fortunately, Brown's friends talked him into taking the assignment, and he soon discovered it was all about telling stories: the stories of Krynn's monstrous races.

Origins (III): Entering the World. In fact, The Bestiary turns out to be mostly about stories. The front and back of the book addresses the SAGA game rules, but the middle of the book is all in-character descriptions written by Caramon Majere, with help from Bertrem. This would not be the only such in-character Dragonlance reference book: Bertrem's Guide to the Age of Mortals (2000), Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls (2001), and Bertrem's Guide to the War of Souls, Volume Two (2002) would follow.

Expanding SAGA. Dragonlance: Fifth Age had a very minimalistic style for describing monsters. Four characteristics (coordination, physique, intellect, and essence) were supplemented by two combat stats (damage and defense). Special abilities were detailed in generic lists so that individual stat boxes could just cross-reference standard abilities like "musk", "pounce", and "web". These standardized abilities feel like a foreshadowing of the standardized feats of the D&D 3e (2000) system, which was already in development.

As a result of the very simplified monsters stat blocks, the original Dragonlance: Fifth Age (1997) box had already listed most of the Fifth Age's monsters. They're largely repeated here — which makes it all the more obvious that the purpose of The Bestiary is to tell the stories behind these monstrous races, not just to detail their combat abilities.

Exploring Krynn. The Bestiary has the occasional explicit reference to the people and places of Krynn, but it's most valuable for laying out the ecologies of many of its races.

Monsters of Note. The bestiary of Krynn turns out to be mostly a bestiary of D&D monsters, from aarakocra and basilisks to purple worms and zombies. However, it contains classic Dragonlance monsters too, like draconians, spectral minions, and thanoi. There are also Fifth Age monsters like daemon warriors, fire dragons, and dragon spawns and even extremely new races like the brutes. The Bestiary even contains largely unknown creatures like nature elementals and the wyndlass.

Blowing Up the Canon. One of the problems with having Caramon narrate the book is that it introduces canon questions about whether he could have been certain places at certain times. As a result, the book is filled with possible canon problems — but they're not particularly important to the usage or understanding of this book.

About the Creators. Brown got his start in the gaming industry writing for White Wolf and acting as an editor for West End. When he came to TSR, most of his work went to the Fifth Age line, starting with Heroes of Sorcery (1997). He'd author four different SAGA books in 1998.

About the Product Historian

The history of this product was researched and written by Shannon Appelcline, the editor-in-chief of RPGnet and the author of Designers & Dragons - a history of the roleplaying industry told one company at a time. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to [email protected]

Price: $9.99
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The Smuggler's Seal

RPGNow - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 08:02
The Smuggler's SealPublisher: Legendary Games

Counterfeits and Contraband

A windfall of a potential inheritance drops in your lap but before you can claim it you must sneak into the City Archives to plant the forgeries that cement your claim to this illicit legacy. Your sudden gift comes with hidden strings attached, however, leaving you entangled with a web of smugglers and dodging the city guard and an array of the rich and powerful. When a nefarious rival sabotages a lucrative deal and confiscates your goods, you must take matters into your own hands to get back what you have rightfully stolen, and only the mark of a ministerial seal can make it happen. Are you clever and daring enough to purloin The Smuggler’s Seal and secure your fortune and fame in the underworld?


The Smuggler’s Seal is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for a 2nd or 3rd character. It can be easily expanded for a small or standard group of PCs, but is ideally suited for use as a one-on-one adventure with a single PC and GM. It can be run as a standalone adventure or side trek, as an accompaniment to the “Red Queen Adventure Path,” or to continue the tale started in Orphans of the Hanged Man as the first full-scale one-on-one adventure saga, the Guildmaster One-Player Adventure Path! However you use it, this daring urban escapade will help Make Your Game Legendary!

Price: $9.99
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The Sylvan Veil (2e/SAGA)

RPGNow - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 08:02
The Sylvan Veil (2e/SAGA)Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

For centuries, the Silvanesti elves remained aloof from the rest of Krynn. Many times they retreated to their sacred forest, taking no part in world events until some outside force invaded their sanctum. Soon after Chaos ascended to power on Ansalon, the Silvanesti took extreme measures--magically shielding themselves from humans, dwarves, dragons, and even other elves.

As the years passed, those outside the Silvanesti Shield wondered what was going on behind it. Some even attempted to penetrate the barrier or bring it down. But the shield never yielded.

Let your heroes be the first to set foot into lands newly exposes by the mysteriously retracting shield and find out secrets of the Silvanesti Forest heretofore known only to the elves. Life has not been idyllic for those inside the sylvan veil. In fact, your heroes find themselves on a desperate quest to save an elven city from extinction.

More than just an adventure, this book also details Silvanesti culture and politics, geography and places of interest, important individuals, and elven magical items and artifacts. Players can use The Sylvan Veil to flesh out their Silvanesti heroes, while Narrators will find an abundance of ideas for further adventures in the forest and its environs.

Discover the Mysteries Behind the Veil!

Featuring a story concept by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Product History

The Sylvan Veil (1999), by William W. Connors and Miranda Horner with Stephen Kenson, is the first Battle Lines adventure for the Dragonlance: Fifth Age RPG. It was published in February 1999.

Sources. The authors aren't hesitant in listing their prodigious sources, which reveal a wealth of knowledge about the elves of Krynn. They include: the Elven Nations trilogy (1991); DLS2: "Tree Lords" (1991); "The Sacrifice" in The Second Generation (1994); and The Dragons (1996). DL10: "Dragon of Dreams" (1985) isn't mentioned, but as the primordial reference for the Silvanesti it was clearly another reference.

Origins (I): A Line of Chaos. The June 1998 Dragonlance Summit changed everything. It solidified the idea of a new Dragonlance event called the "War of Souls", leading the Fifth Age team to revamp their line, moving it away from its early Fifth Age setting.

The first sign of that was Seeds of Chaos (1998), the first new AD&D Dragonlance book in five years, set during the Summer of Chaos. Now The Sylvan Veil appeared as a new Fifth Age supplement, but it was trending in the opposite direction: it moves beyond the "Dragons of a New Age" novels (1996-1998) and adventures (1996-1998) to what comes next.

Origins (II): The Battle Lines. When The Sylvan Veil was first envisioned in Spring 1997, it was probably seen as the next incremental step in the story of the Fifth Age. After the June 1998 Summit it instead became a "prelude to the War of Souls novels". This can be seen in its new branding: "Battle Lines". Probably, it was intended to suggest that "The Battle Lines are being drawn for the War of Souls."

Origins (III): Supporting the War of Souls. Steve Miller says that Wizards wanted the "Battle Lines" adventures "to make DL gamable instead of just a backdrop for novels". Thus this supplement takes a major plot device of the Fifth Age, the Silvanesti Shield, and writes a whole adventure about it.

This was also a strong setup for the first War of Souls novel, Dragons of a Fallen Sun (2000), which is largely about the Silvanesti Shield (and its fall).

Origins (IV): The AD&D Line. Though The Sylvan Veil isn't a full AD&D supplement like Seeds of Chaos, it does include AD&D conversions. This was a big change for the Fifth Age line. A TSR staffer explained, saying, "Pre-orders on 'Seeds of Chaos' were such that we're looking into supporting both systems in all future products", suggesting that the AD&D book had done better that the Fifth Age supplements of recent years.

The trade dress heavily promotes this dual-statting, with the AD&D logo big and at the top and the SAGA logo small and at the bottom. The words "Fifth Age" don't appear at all — which was pretty much false advertising, as the AD&D conversion was clearly an afterthought for what's predominantly a SAGA book.

Origins (V): An RPGA Prelude. As with many of the supplements of this time period, The Sylvan Veil received support through an RPGA "Adventurer's Guild Module", available only at tournaments in stores. "The Spawn of Sable: A Prelude to the Sylvan Veil" (1999) was a 16-page adventure by William W. Connors, Duane Maxwell, and Steve Miller.

Adventure Tropes. Like most of the Fifth Age adventures, The Sylvan Veil is carefully divided into Acts and Scenes, resulting in pure episodic encounter play. However, there's a bit of a change from the older adventures: though the Scenes are still carefully organized, the sections for Actions, Atmosphere, and Characters are now gone!

The adventure itself is a MacGuffin Quest for an artifact; in fact, the players have to track down the Heart of Irda twice!

Ages of Krynn: 417 AC (34 SC). The Silvanesti Shield has been raised for twenty years but now is contracting, a major change in the area.

Exploring Krynn: The Silvanesti Forest. The Sylvan Veil contains some of the best details ever on the Silvanesti Forest, including its peoples, its houses, and its geography, especially the city of Silvanost.

NPCs of Note. The Sylvan Veil is full of notable NPCs. Alhana Starbreeze is featured in the adventure, while other important elves appear in the source material, including Kiryn Starbreeze, Military Governor Konnal, and Rillion Dawnbringer. Finally, Dalamar can be found wandering the forest.

On the adversarial side of things, the evil green dragon Cyan Bloodbane is back, while the dragon overlord Onysablet appears through some of his minions.

About the Creators. Connors was an experienced member of the Fifth Age team, with previous works including Dragonlance: Fifth Age (1996) and A Saga Companion (1998). Horner worked more extensively as an editor at TSR, but had also contributed to Citadel of Light (1998).

About the Product Historian

The history of this product was researched and written by Shannon Appelcline, the editor-in-chief of RPGnet and the author of Designers & Dragons - a history of the roleplaying industry told one company at a time. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to [email protected]

Price: $9.99
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100 Oddities for an Enchanted Forest

RPGNow - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 07:40
100 Oddities for an Enchanted ForestPublisher: Skirmisher Publishing

Welcome to "100 Oddities for an Enchanted Forest," the eighth entry in Skirmisher Publishing’s popular "Oddities" series! This publication includes 100 unique things characters might encounter in a sylvan setting and includes guidelines for introducing the Wild Hunt into your game sessions. 

Your players are traveling from one region to another, such as from the keep they call home to a distant ruin, a frontier outpost, a battlefield, or the like. Making their way through the forest that lies between their point of origin and destination can be a simple matter of a couple of nights camping out and an encounter with a wandering monster ... or it could be so much more. 

Oddities are intended to aid GM creativity, turning possibly bland areas or gaming episodes into something more, and the goal of this publication is to make things more fun and to take your imagination in directions it might not otherwise have gone. They fill in the corners of a bookshelf, a room, a level, a scenario, with all the sorts of things that add interest but take loads of time to come up with. 

Price: $1.99
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Rats & Rabbits

RPGNow - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 07:32
Rats & RabbitsPublisher: Nine Dragons

This is a very simple tabletop RPG designed to be played by 5-7 year olds with an adult supervising.

Al that is needed to play is a set of 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20 sided dice and some note paper.

The players are either a rat or a rabbit with 5 core skills.  The children assign a dice to each skill, the d20 to the skill they wish to be most proficient in and d6 to the skill they wish to invest the least in.

The children then choose a fear for their character, a name and a background story and they are ready to go.

The play is relatively structured, adventures are a series of complications which the children overcome through communication and collaboration.

We shall be releasing quick and easy expansion sheets regularly.

Price: $1.00
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Broken God's Pain: Labyrinth Lord Edition

RPGNow - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 02:14
 Labyrinth Lord EditionPublisher: Unbalanced Dice Games

Labyrinth Lord vs The New God.  Another dusty tome dusted off the shelf and rewritten for the Labyrinth Lord enthusiast.  The old description is still true:

"The Old God has awoken.  He feels the pain of being broken and wants to be free again.  He has cursed the party to find his body and make him whole again.  They must venture into the caves and face foes who will thwart their every move.If the party has the wits and the will they will succeed.  The Old God demands success!Broken God's Pain, a low level OSR adventure brings challenge to your players.  No Orcs or goblins will they face.  Will they let the cult of the new god defeat them?  The old god thinks not!"

But now it has stats in Labyrinth Lord style, fresh maps, new art, some more text stuff.   It's The Labyrinth Lord Edition! Just as bad and nasty as before but a little prettier. Ha ha heh.  Onward Labyrinth Lordians! Price: $6.00
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The Locust Horde

Fantasy Flight Games - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 01:25
Published 26 June 2017 | Runewars Miniatures The Locust Horde

Announcing the Uthuk Y'llan Army Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game

'Tis a broken land of rock and bone, of poisoned dust and choking smoke. Nothing grows in the Ru Darklands save evil, and nothing dwells there but death.

Long ago, the Uthuk Y’llan ravaged the land like locusts, consuming everything in their path, leaving only destruction in their wake. After the horde’s defeat at the end of the First Darkness, the Uthuk disappeared and their memory faded into legend. But the Ru Darklands begin to stir again as the demonic warbands emerge from the Black Citadel to spread chaos and destruction once more.

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce the Uthuk Y’llan Army Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game! Build your swarming ranks with the twisted creatures of the Uthuk Y’llan as you hunger to bring Terrinoth to its knees.

Uthuk Berserkers

No tribesman of the Uthuk Y’llan is weak after surviving the crucible of life in the Darklands, but only the truly mighty can survive long in the front ranks of a Berserker warband. These fearless assailants make up the infantry of the Locust hordes. Infamous for the unearthly scream they unleash as they run frenzied into battle strikes panic into the hearts of their enemies. Any soldier who hears their cry knows that their opponent is the embodiment of evil and, while they appear close to human, they have no sense of compassion and offer no mercy.

In battle, the Berserkers are whipped into a frenzy by witches of the Blood Coven. This powerful and encompassing insanity ensures a Steadfast nature, making them very resistant to any fear effects. The Blood Coven’s mind control also causes the Berserkers to lose all regard for their own lives, as their only cause becomes to destroy their enemies. As such, when the Berserkers engage in combat, they may choose to suffer one wound to gain Lethal 1 for the duration of the attack. But this frenzy cannot last forever; Berserkers can only use this ability twice during a combat.

Flesh Rippers

The Uthuk Y'llan’s cavalry is filled with fearsome Flesh Rippers. These demons, summoned from the depths of the Ynfernael itself, hunt the enemies of the Locust horde whether they be hounds, scouts, or saboteurs. Powerful Uthuk chieftans and sorcerers choose these steeds as their battle mounts for their swift movement and unholy ability to smell the blood beating in the hearts of their foes. However, the demons are nearly impossible for even their Uthuk handlers to restrain. Before the player who controls the Flesh Rippers reveals their command tool, they must perform a speed-1 maneuver.

This relentless, erratic speed is what lends the demons power while engaging foes. When the Flesh Rippers are locked in combat, surges are the creature’s greatest asset. After rolling one red die and two blue dice, they have the ability to inflict damage on their enemy equal to each surge icon revealed. The demons tear flesh from bone before defenders can counter or even attempt to protect themselves.

Even the Uthuk Y’llan fear these creatures and keep them constantly caged and guarded when they are not used in battle. Flesh Rippers spawn quickly from the Ynfernael and a player may have up to nine trays of these fell beasts on the battlefield at a given time.

Ravos the Everhungry

One of the most revered of the Uthuk Y’llan’s ranks is their mighty and imposing hero, Ravos the Everhungry. The brutal Ravos embodies the ideal of the Locust Horde with his undying bloodlust as he consumes everything in his path. The perfect soldier, Ravos the Everhungry has three keywords: Brutal 1, Precise 1, and Steadfast [Fear 2].

That's hardly the end of his savagery though. There is no escape from the dread commander’s wicked curved blade that extends his attack range. During a combat, Ravos the Everhungry can spend a surge icon to inflict a wound on every enemy within range of one. What's more, despite his elevated rank, Ravos the Everhungry is as reckless as any Berserker. Before the End Phase, the player who controls Ravos must choose a unit at range one to suffer one wound. This attack does not discriminate between sides, and can affect enemy units or another member of the Uthuk Y’llan army.

Ravos the Everhungry is one of the most terrifying beings that has ever engaged in battle upon the fields of Terrinoth. Merely being in the presence of the demonic Locust Horde commander is enough to shake the bravery of even the bravest soldier. To represent this, Ravos the Everhungry’s Ynfernael Presence ability inflicts one panic token on every single enemy after setup. A player commanding the Uthuk Y’llan can harm his enemy even before the battle begins!

The bloodthirsty Ravos the Everhungry’s command dial bears two melee icons that allow him to attack either early or late within the round. A player can use him to front an attack and weaken their enemy, or wait until the demonic swarm has tired the Realm’s defenders and bring in Ravos for a final devastating blow. Ravos can either engage in direct combat or also use fear as his weapon of choice to inflict not one, but two panic icons on an enemy. Then, the commander may choose to leave his enemies to the Spined Threshers who thrive on the fear of their enemies.

Spined Threshers

The Uthuk’s demonic army would not be complete without the monstrous beasts known as the Spined Threshers. In ancient legends, these creatures were summoned to the mortal realm by the river of blood left in the Locust Horde’s wake. The twisted crab-like demons rend flesh, armor, and even fortified stone with their monstrous claws, and strike fear into all who behold their twisted shape. Once a Spine Thresher has been activated, each enemy who does not bear a panic token within Range 1 to the number of unstable runes on the battlefield receives a panic token.

In battle, a Spined Thresher is fear and chaos incarnate. Their enemies’ panic enhances their combat ability which states that if the defender has a panic token, the player controlling the Threshers may reroll one die. This increases the odds of a Spined Thresher tearing down bulwarks set against it and making meals of the all-too-brave or stubborn to flee. With five wounds and two stolid defense, the Spine Threshers are too resilient for anything less than a full military deployment to have a hope of stopping its rampage.

Of course, Spined Threshers are difficult for the witches of the Blood Coven to summon. Each beast has a cost of eighteen, making it among the highest cost units in the game. Yet savvy commanders will quickly find that these monsters are well worth their cost for how much chaos they can sow on the field of battle. With even one Spined Thresher and an army of well-composed chaos, the Locust Horde can become unstoppable.

Overrun the Realm

Offer yourself to darkness and unleash the chaos of the Ynfernael upon Terrinoth with the mighty Uthuk Y’llan!

Look for the Uthuk Y’llan Army Expansion (RWM22) in Q4 of 2017!

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TM & © 2016 Fantasy Flight Games.

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Shadowcraft: Mission Folio

RPGNow - Mon, 06/26/2017 - 23:57
 Mission FolioPublisher: Reroll Productions

Featuring a unique mission development system, the Shadowcraft: Mission Folio is an excellent Fate Core supplement, even if you don't use it for the Shadowcraft setting.

Inside, you'll find:

  • An easy-to-use mission template that works for any game you'll ever play.
  • Random rolling tables for mission elements to help make your Shadowcraft missions unique every time.
  • 20 pre-designed missions to run your Shadowcraft mission team through.
The system used in this supplement has changed how the Reroll Productions crew sets up and plays games, and we know it'll be just as revolutionary for you, too. If you don't have Shadowcraft: The Glamour War yet, check it out today!Price: $4.99
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Blood and Bone - Campaign Setting

RPGNow - Mon, 06/26/2017 - 23:13
Blood and Bone - Campaign SettingPublisher: Arcana Games

The Blood and Bone campaign setting focuses on the dark and gritty land of Ossura. In a world bereft of gods and magic, armies and intrigue shape the fate of the world.

  • 12+ complex human civilizations, unique to the world they inhabit. They break the mold of fantasy tropes and cheap historical reimaginings. 
  • 30+ Detailed cities
  • Fully Illsutrated
  • World Map
  • Gods, lanugages, names, and more!
  • For the core rules, click here

This title includes:

  • Blood and Bone Core Rules
  • Ossura Campaign Setting
  • Introductory Adventure: The Red Road

Price: $9.99
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(G-Core) Stairs of the Immortal: Homegrown Heroes (Modern FASERIP)

RPGNow - Mon, 06/26/2017 - 20:35
 Homegrown Heroes (Modern FASERIP)Publisher: Dilly Green Bean Games

It's the Summer of 2017 and that means another wave of Summer Specials from Dilly Green Bean Games!

First up is Stairs of the Immortal: Homegrown Heroes! Create non-TIER heroes and send them out into the lands to make a name for themselves or take your TIER hero and retire them into a world where heroes are hard to come by.

This product requires: Stairs of the Immortal.

Price: $1.25
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The Lakota Terror: A BLACK HACK Adventure

RPGNow - Mon, 06/26/2017 - 20:02
 A BLACK HACK AdventurePublisher: Michael Brown

Red Storm began the sacred chant. Beginning quietly, he sang the words of power, ancient when his people were still wide-eyed with wonder at this new land. The land that had now been taken from them by the pale interlopers with their strange tools and stranger ideas. The old medicine man had seen too many of his kinsmen die at the hands of the intruders. Victims of the thunder sticks, or strange plagues, or the peculiar-tasting beverage that caused more braves to fall under its spell every year, leaving them uselessly lying in camp, wetting themselves in their endless cravings.

Red Storm sang his anguish into the words, giving them extra potency. After what seemed like hours, he finished his rite with a final shout. The area fell deathly silent. Red Storm looked up at his companions, weary but satisfied. "It is done," he said with a slight smile. "The strangers will soon feel the wrath of the People."

On the distant horizon, a storm cloud tinged the hue of blood took form…

The Lakota Terror is an Old West/Horror adventure, set in the American west in the late 19th Century, and for use with David Black’s The Black Hack. The heroes find themselves opposing a Lakota medicine man's plot to exact vengeance for his people by awakening an ancient evil.

Although intended for use with The Black Hack, the GM should have no trouble adapting The Lakota Terror to other game systems.

Price: $3.00
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Victory's Vault, Volume 2, Issue 9 (Space)

RPGNow - Mon, 06/26/2017 - 19:36
Victory's Vault, Volume 2, Issue 9 (Space)Publisher: Dakkar Unlimited
"Every Item Touched by Victory!"

The "good" Miss Cindy Wondderra claims to be the keeper of the vaults of a Corporation that deals solely in Victory, and in the pages of Victory's Vault, she offers these items to adventurers and villains alike at remarkable prices!  Each installment of Victory's Vaults includes...

  • A fine selection of weapons of the Era
  • A unique item of armor
  • A vehicle to suit the needs of hero and/or villain
  • A "white elephant," such as a new animal, a playable Package, some new Special Abilities, or a place to explore and perhaps purchase!

Also includes some notes on how Miss Wonderra pitches these fine items, and the potential benefits (or consequences!) of haggling.  Want more stuff? You can't do much better than to look in Victory's Vault!

This is a supplement for the Victory System; you will need the Core Rulebook to play.  We will also be using material from our supplement Beasts of Victory, you may want a copy for reference.  As always, the items (and/or abilities) in this book can be modified and adapted to your specific needs with the use of the Victory System Equipment Manual.

Also compatible with Hot Chicks: The Roleplaying Game!

Price: $2.50
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Victory's Vault, Volume 2, Issue 9 (Space)

RPGNow - Mon, 06/26/2017 - 19:36
Victory's Vault, Volume 2, Issue 9 (Space)Publisher: Dakkar Unlimited
"Every Item Touched by Victory!"

The "good" Miss Cindy Wondderra claims to be the keeper of the vaults of a Corporation that deals solely in Victory, and in the pages of Victory's Vault, she offers these items to adventurers and villains alike at remarkable prices!  Each installment of Victory's Vaults includes...

  • A fine selection of weapons of the Era
  • A unique item of armor
  • A vehicle to suit the needs of hero and/or villain
  • A "white elephant," such as a new animal, a playable Package, some new Special Abilities, or a place to explore and perhaps purchase!

Also includes some notes on how Miss Wonderra pitches these fine items, and the potential benefits (or consequences!) of haggling.  Want more stuff? You can't do much better than to look in Victory's Vault!

This is a supplement for the Victory System; you will need the Core Rulebook to play.  We will also be using material from our supplement Beasts of Victory, you may want a copy for reference.  As always, the items (and/or abilities) in this book can be modified and adapted to your specific needs with the use of the Victory System Equipment Manual.

Also compatible with Hot Chicks: The Roleplaying Game!

Price: $2.50
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Blood and Bone

RPGNow - Mon, 06/26/2017 - 19:32
Blood and BonePublisher: Arcana Games

Blood and Bone is a dark and gritty fantasy roleplaying game.

Play as a ragtag company of sellswords, a savage band of raiders, or a gang of outlaws and thieves in the unique and deadly world of Ossura.

Create rich characters, driven by human desires in stories fueled by war, intrigue, and exploration.

This title includes:

  • Blood and Bone Core Rules
  • Ossura Campaign Setting
  • Introductory Adventure: The Red Road

Price: $19.99
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Synthicide Ship & Character Pack 1: The Knife's Edge

RPGNow - Mon, 06/26/2017 - 19:03
 The Knife's EdgePublisher: Will Power Games

A mysterious, ancient ship. A crew with secrets and lost memories. What adventures are in store?

This is a ship & player character pack for use with the sci-fi game Synthicide. Use and modify the ideas contained to inspire your next campaign.

To preview Synthicide's rules with a short adventure and other characters, check out the premade adventure:

To buy the full rules and start playing, go here:

Price: $0.00
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Meet the Iconics: Quig

Paizo - Mon, 06/26/2017 - 19:00

Meet the Iconics: Quig

Monday, June 26, 2017

The countdown to Starfinder is on, and to celebrate, we're continuing to delve into the backstories of the iconic characters that appear in illustrations throughout the Starfinder line. Today we meet Quig Dexel, the iconic mechanic!

Illustration by Remko Troost

Born to a poor family barely eking out a living in the small settlement of Estuar on Akiton, Quig Dexel developed a fascination at an early age with the various water-purification plants that skirted the nearby polar ice caps. Spurred by this curiosity, he taught himself the basics of engineering by stealthily tinkering with valve-control mechanisms and reverse-osmosis regulators until he was old enough to work for one of the shady syndicates that controlled the flow of water out of town. Initially hired as a de-icer, he made sure that the storage tanks' outflow lines didn't freeze over during the cold nights. Though he worked odd hours, he was able to make friends by helping his coworkers when their shoddy flamers malfunctioned.

In his spare time, Quig began constructing the first iterations of what would become his drone companion, Scout, using spare parts he scrounged from Estuar's junk heaps and alleys. One early morning after his shift, as Quig hunted for scraps that he could fashion into an actuator, he was winged by a stray laser blast from a passing firefight waged between a shobhad bounty hunter and her human quarry. Ignoring the pain, Quig dropped the hunk of metal he was holding and chased after the fracas. He arrived on the scene in time to see the bounty hunter tackle the fugitive and slap him in restraints. Flushed with adrenaline, Quig realized then and there that this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

That afternoon, after gathering up all of his belongings and mounting a pistol to Scout's undercarriage, Quig said farewell to his family and set off into the wider world. He eventually made his way to the bustling streets of the Hivemarket, where he signed on as a caravan guard with a group of ikeshti traders. Quig spent the first few hours of the journey questioning the lizardfolk about their society, until several pointed stares gave him the hint that he should keep to himself. He proceeded to valiantly suppress his curiosity and tinker quietly on Scout for much of the trip, pausing only when a flock of hungry norkasa swooped too close to the caravan and gave him the chance to impress the ikeshti with the improvements he'd made to his trust de-icing flamer.

The journey ended in the ancient city of Arl, a haven for blood sports in the coliseum known as the Crimson Forum. After getting paid, Quig explored the city's labyrinthine streets and was promptly ambushed by a gang of street thugs who not only took his money, but disabled and absconded with Scout. Enraged yet already streetwise enough to be suspicious of the city authorities, young Quig began asking around about other gangs or freelancers that could help him get his revenge.

It was there, in one of Arl's seediest dive bars, that Quig ran into Dhareen the Vise, the same shobhad bounty hunter who inadvertently set him on his life's path. As an awestruck Quig launched into his entire life story, Dhareen sighed wearily and told him to forget about his lost drone and head back to his backwater town. But at last Quig said the four words the shobhad lived to hear:

"I can pay you."

Dhareen scoffed, but as the ysoki pointed out a dozen ways she could improve her gear, the bounty hunter reluctantly agreed, and the two planned a raid of the gang's headquarters.

One week later, Quig and Scout had been reunited, and the ysoki was apprenticed to Dhareen, having impressed her with his quick thinking during the rescue of his drone. Quig learned much from the gruff shobhad over the next year as they traveled the system, and though they often butted heads over methods of tracking and capturing their quarries, the two enjoyed a relationship of mutual respect. Upon the completion of a sizeable job where they collected five bounties simultaneously—right under the noses of several competing bounty hunters—Dhareen announced that she was ready to retire and travel with her clan once more. Quig was saddened about the dissolution of their partnership, but also felt ready to operate on his own. The shobhad returned to Akiton to live what she hoped would be a quieter life, while Quig continues to make a name for himself across the Pact Worlds.

Quig is personable and outgoing—often significantly chattier than his comrades would like—and his constant traveling for work has left him with friends and contacts across the Pact Worlds. He prides himself on being a good judge of character, and while he's savvy enough to withhold actual trust until it's been earned, he's not above throwing himself into a fight on behalf of a near-stranger if he's got a good feeling about them. Though fully capable of working alone, he tends to get bored easily without people to talk to, and thus prefers to sign on with teams of adventurers, where he can act as the group's resident tracker and starship engineer. While he still keeps in touch with his family, he doesn't speak about his hometown much, as he's a bit embarrassed by his unglamorous upbringing—when he does mention it, it is with a liberal helping of humor. He's a fan of both taking minor trophies from previous jobs and scavenging spare parts that he's positive may come in handy someday, inevitably turning his cabin or bunk into a riotous nest of cherished junk.

Quig's closest companion is his drone, Scout, and he spends the majority of his downtime puttering about in the robot's systems. He often talks to Scout as way of thinking out loud or voicing his innermost thoughts, attributing them to the drone in a way that can make him seem a bit unbalanced to those who don't know him well. (And in truth, sometimes to those who do.) When he's captured a bounty and is feeling particularly mischievous, he often pretends to consult with the robot about the person's fate, ultimately claiming that he sympathizes and would like to let the target go, but "the robot says otherwise."

Jason Keeley

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