Genesys Roleplaying Dice Pack

Fantasy Flight Games - 8 hours 51 min ago
Published 27 June 2017 | Genesys Genesys Roleplaying Dice Pack

Announcing a Dice Pack for the Genesys System

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Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Genesys Roleplaying Dice Pack for the Genesys roleplaying system!

Genesys is a roleplaying game that utilizes the critically-acclaimed Narrative Dice System with a ruleset that can be used in a wide variety of settings. Take to the skies in a Victorian airship, slay an ancient dragon, or explore unknown planets. All this and more is possible with the Genesys system, which uses the specialized dice found in this pack to propel adventures!

Adventure in Your Hands

The Genesys Roleplaying Dice Pack features three Ability dice, three Difficulty dice, two Setback dice, two Boost dice, two Proficiency dice, and two Challenge dice. These dice, combined with the Genesys Core Rulebook, give you everything you need to run a game with infinite possibilities.

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These specialized dice provide dynamic results to every skill check, allowing players to succeed in their task while experiencing a massive setback, or finding some advantage in a critical failure. Not only that, but the dice are easy to interpret, keeping the flow of the game steady and smooth as players and game masters apply the results of the myriad of skill checks.

Buying multiple copies of the Genesys Roleplaying Dice Pack will ensure you always have the proper amount of dice you need to roll even the most difficult of skill checks.

Always Be Prepared

With the Genesys Roleplaying Dice Pack, adventure is in your hands. Craft your own journey with all the tools you need close by!

Always be prepared with the Genesys Roleplaying Dice Pack (GNS02) available at your local retailer in the fourth quarter of 2017.

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Fantasy Flight Games - 8 hours 51 min ago
Published 27 June 2017 | Genesys Genesys

Announcing a New Roleplaying Game Featuring the Narrative Dice System

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Blast hordes of reanimated skeletons with holy fire, explore new worlds in a steam-powered zeppelin, match wits with alien warlords, or invent your own entirely unique world. Unlimited adventure awaits you in a new roleplaying system limited only by your imagination!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Genesys, a new roleplaying game system compatible with any setting, and featuring the critically acclaimed Narrative Dice System.

The Genesys experience begins with the Genesys Core Rulebook, which features an explanation of the narrative dice system and core mechanics of the game, an overview of five different settings in which to place campaigns, and advice for Game Masters to craft a myriad of adventures with unparalleled freedom.

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A Dynamic Dice System

Genesys utilizes the Narrative Dice System which allows for creative storytelling that goes beyond success and failure, and allows every dice roll to impact the story in dramatic ways.

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Every challenge your character faces will have them rolling some combination of Ability and Difficulty dice, known as a dice pool, to determine the results. Ability dice come from your character’s unique skills and characteristics, and provide Success and Advantage symbols. Difficulty dice come from the difficulty of the task your character is trying to achieve, and provide Failure and Threat symbols. Lockpicking an old, rusty door may only provide one Difficulty die, while hacking through a hi-tech firewall designed by a master codesmith may provide many more Difficulty dice. To succeed in whatever task your character is trying to accomplish, a player simply must roll more Success symbols than Failure symbols.

$(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 754, innerWidth: 700 }; $('#79EF').colorbox(opts); }); While this may seem simple, the addition of the Advantage and Threat symbols make the results far from binary. Rolling more Advantage symbols yields some positive side effect, regardless of success or failure of the task. This can include things like finding unexpected cover in a firefight or remaining unnoticed while hacking a computer. Meanwhile, rolling Threat means some negative side effect has occurred. Maybe your character drops their weapon after a successful attack or takes longer than expected to track their quarry through the wilderness.

When your character is an expert in the field, or when a task is truly difficult, Ability dice and Difficulty dice can be upgraded to Proficiency and Challenge dice, respectively. Proficiency dice, like Ability dice, feature Success and Advantage symbols, but also include the Triumph symbol. The Triumph symbol not only represents a Success, but also provides a massive side benefit to your action. This might be inflicting a critical injury on a foe or triggering a powerful ability on a weapon. Inversely, the Challenge die features Failure and Threat symbols, but also includes the powerful Despair symbol. Rolling this icon not only counts as a Failure, but indicates a significant bane or side effect to your action. Your character may fall off the rope they are trying to climb, or run out of ammo in the middle of a gunfight. These effects can drastically impact the course of your game, and make every dice roll an exciting event.

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Your dice pool can further be modified by Boost and Setback dice. Boost dice feature Success and Advantage symbols, and are added to your roll when the circumstances around the task you are trying to achieve are beneficial. Maybe your character has hacked a computer like this before, or they have ample time to complete the task; your GM will likely add Boost dice to your pool. Setback dice, on the other hand, feature Failure and Threat symbols, and represent complications to the task at hand. Maybe your character is trying to act in the dark, or they don’t have the resources they need.

With the variance provided by these clever Advantage and Threat icons, the possibilities of results are limited only by you and your GM’s creativity.

Unlimited Adventure

From science fiction to fantasy to steampunk, the Genesys Core Rulebook features everything you need to both craft and partake in adventures of all kinds. Providing character templates, equipment, and foes for five wildly different settings, the Genesys Core Rulebook is a pathway to any roleplaying adventure you can imagine. The settings detailed in the book are as follows:


$(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 655, innerWidth: 700 }; $('#324A').colorbox(opts); }); Magic, monsters, heroic warriors, and evil overlords—fantasy has all the makings of a good adventure. There’s a reason it’s the basis for so many games and central to the roots of roleplaying.

Despite being instantly recognizable and familiar, fantasy is an incredibly varied genre, with numerous subdivisions. However you decide to style your fantasy game, Genesys’ customizability makes it perfect for tailoring to the game you want. 


Although the term "steampunk" originated in the 1980s, the foundations of the genre go back much further. As is often the case when it comes to defining and categorizing fiction and its genres, opinions differ. But a strong argument can be made that the origins of steampunk lie in what are more commonly considered the earliest science fiction stories. The fantastic science and contraptions shown in the works of Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, and Mary Shelley are based in the technology of the 1800s, but go far beyond what was possible at the time. This advance beyond this historical realism is the core of steampunk.

Weird War

$(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 266, innerWidth: 700 }; $('#7A5D').colorbox(opts); }); Weird war settings are alternate-universe historical settings where one or another of humanity’s global wars spun out of control and changed history as we know it. Rooted in historical fiction and war stories, weird war settings combine real-world history and alternate history, liberally sprinkling them with horror and sci-fi elements to create unique and exciting stories.

Weird war settings can take place in any historical era. You can fight werewolves with the Roman legions, chase ghost ships during the Napoleonic Wars, or protect villagers from packs of ghouls in the mountains of Afghanistan. 

Modern Day

Modern day settings are a catch-all that encompass several sub settings including, but not limited to, modern horror, spy thrillers, detective stories, and military adventures. These settings are home to countless action movies, video games, spy novels, and a host of police procedurals and hard-boiled detective stories. In modern settings, hard men and women battle against crooked bureaucrats, vicious killers, terror cells, and the mob as a departure from elves, zombies, and aliens.

Science Fiction

Science fiction is, as the name implies, a genre that merges scientific theory and accuracy with fictional stories. People often use the term to describe so-called “hard sci-fi” and “soft sci-fi” interchangeably. Hard sci-fi focuses more on grounding the story with scientific realism, while soft sci-fi worries less about scientific accuracy and generally has many more fantastical elements.

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One thing you should keep in mind about hard and soft science fiction is that these aren’t rigorous denotations. Each is one end of a broad spectrum, with most works of science fiction falling somewhere in between. Most of the science fiction you read or watch will have elements of realism alongside fantastical inventions, but will probably trend toward one end of the spectrum or the other. Fantasy Flight Games' own Android setting is the perfect example of grounded sci-fi. If you choose to explore the Android Universe in Genesys, you'll enter a not-so-distant future where mega-corporations run sprawling cities, and runners explore the digital frontier of a network linking every electronic device on the earth.

The science fiction setting found in the Genesys Core Rulebook is further broken down into more grounded science fiction and space operas, offering a wide swathe of tropes, equipment, and adversaries. 

The Genesys system isn't limited to the settings found in the core rulebook, either. Keep your eyes out for future supplemental material that will provide in-depth guides to additional settings!

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Choose Your Path

Race into a blazing inferno as a firefighter, fight demons on a space station, or stop a mystical ritual—with Genesys, any story can be told. One book, unlimited adventures.

Tell your own stories and pick up the Genesys Core Rulebook (GNS01) when it releases in the fourth quarter of 2017.

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Mapping Cards Bundle - Files 1-33

RPGNow - 8 hours 58 min ago
Mapping Cards Bundle - Files 1-33Publisher: Flynnkd Games

This is a combined file of the 33 existing Mapping Cards sets - only one download.

Mapping Cards are a simple way of quickly constructing a random ‘dungeon like’ adventure area using a card deck mechanic. Using a set of standard sized cards with simple words or symbols the players/GM can draw cards and line them up as they chose.
The GM controls what is present by what cards are in the deck. They can control the order of the cards as well, with the ENTRY card always being the first card in the deck. The Exit card will often be the last card.
GMs may more rigidly control the layout of the cards by placing them in a set format, face down on the table, so the players cannot see what they are until they move onto the card.
You can require that the cards be laid with solid contact along their edges, or not. You can limit playing of cards into a defined area (like your tabletop for starters). You can prevent overlapping or not, that’s your choice.
The single important thing to remember with this tool is that the card merely represents an area the players are entering, and is not the detail of the location. The detail should be evoked by the name of the room and whatever other narrative descriptions you wish to apply to it (the GM can assign aspects to the room).
If you use a tightly controlled grid in your game then these cards probably wont suit you style of play. If you use a narrative free form style, or an area based system then they are ideal.
The card is a symbol of the journey, not an accurate physical entity. A corridor in a Secret Base, or a Space Station, or an Ocean Liner or in a Dirigible is just a space with a floor, connecting two points.
Combine this deck with the others I intend to create and I hope you find them as useful in your games as I have in mine.

Price: $1.00
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Pro RPG Audio: The Count's Castle

RPGNow - 9 hours 31 min ago
 The Count's CastlePublisher: Plate Mail Games

From: Non-KS

Genre: Fantasy

Format: Mp3 (320 kbps) and FLAC.

Length: 10 minute loop

The grandfather clock ticks away as the rain pelts the windows and the sounds the tortured wisp by your ears. He knows your in his lair, he's playing with you.  

Professional Golden Reel and Emmy-nominated sound designer Wes Otis brings you richly detailed audio for your tabletop games. They’re mixed to be played in the background, adding ambience to your storytelling, LARP or board game without being a distraction. Wes has taken his 30 years of game mastering experience and 15 years of post production experience to craft each location. Plate Mail Game professional audio tracks are the best background loops for your adventures. Combine them with our other tracks to score your entire campaign. Check out our other audio and PDFs by simply searching Plate Mail Games.

Below is a demo of Wes' professional work.

Price: $1.25
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Minimal GM Companion Pack

RPGNow - 10 hours 15 min ago
Minimal GM Companion PackPublisher: Sentinel Sheets

This is my ongoing attempt to make the average GMs life a lot easier! This consolidates the most common info into one convenient booklet, with some handy minimal handouts to give to players. Please provide feedback, suggestions, and reviews here or on the Dungeon World Discord server ( (@Sentinel Greg)

included - 

- GM Companion booklet: an 8 page minimal booklet containing GM principles, moves, damage info, basic moves, special moves, tags, weapon & gear info, hireling info, and NPC creation tools (names, knacks, and instincts)

Player Handouts: Answer their questions before they need to ask them! Tags, gear & weapon info, basic and special moves!

Minimal Mapping: B&W map printouts with both Hexgrid and dot matrix layouts.

  - GM Workbook: A foldable minimal notebook with space for - Player notes, World and Location notes, NPC & Monster notes, 2 Fronts with 2 Dangers apiece, space for 7 monsters / NPCs and stats / moves, 1 page of dot-matrix grid, which can be used for many purposes (one favorite of mine: outline squares equal to a monsters HP. Damage gets colored in, giving a quick visual reference and keeping it quantifiable) I plan to heavily update this in the future based on your feedback! Please let me know how you use it / don't use it.

Character Creation Handouts: These are meant to be printed, double sided, then cut in half and passed around. I scoured the DW & RPG community for Name, Look, Drive, Flag, Bond, and Background suggestions, then consolidated them into these handouts! This is somewhat of an experiment, so if you use these, please please report back to me on the pros, cons, and any other observations!

I plan to keep updating this with tweaks and new content! Here are some potential ideas (let me know if any strike you! Note that some of these may get a seperate release, so no promises that they will be included in this pack)

- Perilous Wilds: Travel, Steading, Discovery, and Follower minimal Cheatsheet

- Revamped Monster Creation

- Adding Steading rules and creation to workbook

- Popular community made Custom moves

- Booklet of GM FAQs and Advice

- Alternate Rulesets for Damage, HP, etc.

- Revamped Loot Tables (I’m probably going to replace the one here, cuz it’s a little boring)

If you like this product, check out my other stuff!

Minimal Core Playbooks

Minimal Alternate Playbooks

Minimal Compendium Classes

(My general philosophy is to provide content Pay What you want, as long as it is simply re-formatting others work! I do think these are helpful improvements, and they take time to do well, so I appreciate payment for whatever you feel that these are worth! The Minimal Core and Alternate Playbooks are based heavily off of others work, so I match their price point to not undercut their sales :)

Price: $5.00
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Your Personalized Armory

Paizo - 10 hours 18 min ago

Your Personalized Armory

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I had the pleasure of working on this month's highly anticipated Pathfinder Player Companion release, Adventurer's Armory 2. It had been a few years since I developed a player companion, and I was excited for the chance to tackle the follow-up to the most popular product in the line to date, Adventurer's Armory. No pressure, right? Luckily, I wasn't going it alone. As discussed last week, the inimitable Ron Lundeen did a thorough pass on the book before it ever hit my desk, leaving me that much more time to really delve into the most exciting elements of the project.

My favorite is the armor and weapon modifications system that appears in the Implements of War section. This system allows a player to customize his or her weapons and armor in more versatile and less expensive ways than adding magical enhancement bonuses and plus-based special abilities, and first appeared in Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Faction Guide back in 2010.

We expanded on the handful of modifications that appeared in that book, with six weapon modifications and eight armor modifications, allowing a player to increase a suit of armor's maximum Dexterity stat, treat a weapon as belonging to a different fighter weapon group, or grant a weapon a new special quality like brace, disarm, nonlethal, or trip, among many other customizations.

Each of these modifications comes with a drawback in addition to the cost of adding the modification to the piece of equipment. A modified weapon requires a level of proficiency one level higher than normal to wield, turning a simple weapon into a martial weapon and a martial weapon into an exotic one. This means that characters with automatic proficiency with all martial weapons will get the most out of the system, and it further lets fighters, cavaliers, rangers, and paladins customize their load-outs to fill more specialized narrative and tactical niches. Each armor modification comes with its own unique drawback, such as increasing the armor check penalty or adding extra weight to already heavy armor.

In both cases, however, a variety of new feats allow player characters to ignore drawbacks, more quickly apply modifications on the fly, or add more than one to the same piece of equipment.

What weapon or suit of armor are you most excited to apply a modification to? What new weapons and armor from Adventurer's Armory 2 do you think will lend themselves best to this new subsystem? Let us know in the comments below, and maybe if we ever do an Adventurer's Armory 3 we'll take them to even finer levels of customization.

Smiths the world over are prepared to customize your favorite gear.

Mark Moreland

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Elemental Village: Print and Play 2D Terrain - Earth/Arcane

RPGNow - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 17:51
 Print and Play 2D Terrain - Earth/ArcanePublisher: Dicey Ventures Studios

The Elemental Village is going flat!

Now you can print, cut out, and play with the Elemental Village terrain any time you want to, with the new Print and Play 2D Terrain sets. 

Each set contains over two dozen 2D models for use in tabletop wargames, RPGs, skirmish games, and board games.

The Earth/Arcane set includes Elemental Village models from the Earth and Arcane elements as well as nature pieces like trees, rocks, hills, ponds, and more. 

Full PDF includes 8 printable pages of models.

Price: $4.99
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Straight Outta’ the Explorer – Deadlands: Knights With No Armor

Pinnacle Entertainment Group - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 16:00

Knights_With_No_Armor_Cover900Eager to get your mitts on a brand new Deadlands Savage Tale PDF for your posse?

Ripped from the pages of the premiere issue of Savage Worlds Explorer, Knights With No Armor by Matthew Cutter is a Savage Tale for Deadlands: The Weird WestIt’s a one-two punch of a story: What starts out as a simple rescue soon turns into a peek into the machinations of one of the Weird West’s most wicked and corrupt villains. Knights With No Armor requires the Savage Worlds core rules and the Deadlands Reloaded setting books to play.

Knights With No Armor was first published in the premier issue of Savage Worlds Explorer. Steer your steam wagon over thisaway to grab a Print+PDF copy of the entire publication!


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Straight Outta’ the Explorer – Weird War I: Hellfighters

Pinnacle Entertainment Group - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 15:59

WWI_Hellfighters_Cover900Are you ready for an all-new Plot Point Campaign PDF for Weird War I?

Hellfighters by Teller is a Plot Point Campaign that originally appeared in the premiere issue of Savage Worlds Explorer. It follows the exploits of the American 369th Infantry Regiment from the time the unit is attached to the French army until shortly after the Second Battle of the Marne. The campaign covers a period of five months and focuses on a wide geographic area of the Western Front. Hellfighters requires the Savage Worlds core rules and the Weird War I setting books to play.

Hellfighters was first published in the premier issue of Savage Worlds Explorer. For a Print+PDF copy, go here, soldier!


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Fantasy Grounds – 2017 Summer Sale

Pinnacle Entertainment Group - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 15:58

fantasy-grounds-logoFantasy Grounds, the most supported virtual tabletop available, is having their 2017 Summer Sale and now is the perfect time to stock up on everything you need to make your virtual games pop, Pop, POP!

Head over to their store and check out the incredible deals on everything from core licenses to add-ons to complete bundles (like the Deadlands: Reloaded Complete Bundle) offering bonus items and an additional 20% savings! You’ll also find links for some Savage Worlds licensees and discounted supplemental packages for a few of our other favorite roleplaying games!

Fantasy Grounds also offers system-neutral add-ons like map packs, token packs, and other adaptable setting materials, and with these current sale prices, get ’em all while they’re hot!

Check out all the discounted Savage Worlds products for Fantasy Grounds and start building up your virtual tabletop collection today!


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A Little Update on Sara

Pinnacle Entertainment Group - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 15:57

saraFor those who may not have been following along, one of our own, Pinnacle webmaster Sara Quinn, was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. After Sara and her husband Brendan (collectively known as Squid & Crow) worked out all the deets with their insurance company (and raised additional funds thanks to the generosity of so many of you in the Savage community), Sara underwent surgery over the weekend.

So far it looks like everything went extremely well (Sara has actually posted a few updates online) and we couldn’t be happier for her!

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone for your support and we all look forward to Sara making a quick and full recovery!


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Beasts & Barbarians Is Heading Into the Home Stretch

Pinnacle Entertainment Group - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 15:56

steeleditionAlready over 200% funded, the third, Steel Edition, of Beasts & Barbarians from our friends with GRAmel has just a little over a week left in its Indiegogo campaign.

Designed to evoke the feel of the pulp fantasy stories of the 1930s, Beasts & Barbarians is a roleplaying game of untamed swords and sorcery for Savage Worlds.

The full-color Steel Edition includes streamlined rules, an extended timeline, new lore, an expanded setting, gear, adventures, monsters, and much more.

Head over to the Beasts & Barbarians Indiegogo page now to check out sneak peeks of upcoming products as well as info about all the amazing perks including custom dice, playing cards, art prints, and Bennies!


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Handing Over the Keys to Motobushido

Pinnacle Entertainment Group - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 15:55

motobushidoA couple years back, Pinnacle Entertainment Group‘s Prez, Shane Hensley, discovered a unique tabletop RPG from designer Nathanael Cole. Titled Motobushido: The Motorcycle-Samurai Roleplaying Game and described as Seven Samurai meets Sons of Anarchy, this game of cycle-riding samurais lets players fight for justice and honor against the new Dominion that lords over the Crimson Isles with a chrome gauntlet.

While a deal was originally struck with Pinnacle to turn Motobushido into an official, fully-realized Savage Setting, the development of various lines and other products in-house had Motobushido waiting patiently on the sidelines for an available production slot.

With so many other projects on the horizon for Pinnacle, Shane has decided that the best thing to do is to release this incredible game back into the creator’s hands with the full support of Pinnacle‘s staff to get it all done right and out into the world. To quote Shane in discussing the future of Motobushido, “I just want to play it!”

We wish Nathanael all the best, and if you want to keep up with its development, visit Motobushido‘s website where you can download content and even sign up to playtest the all-new Motobushido: Crimson Blossoms, a complete Savage reimagining of the original game!


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[SUPERS!] Improbable Tales Volume 2 Compilation

RPGNow - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 15:53
[SUPERS!] Improbable Tales Volume 2 CompilationPublisher: Fainting Goat Games

What Do You Need?
When Do You Need Them?
We've heard demands for more superhero adventures for SUPERS!.

Here at Fainting Goat Games, we love to write adventures - so we're happy to meet that need.

In this compilation edition - you'll find the following adventures:

Lair of the Wrathmaster
Festival of Fear
Belly of the Beast
The Eaters of Steel
Torc of the Blood Kings
Coils of the Medua

Price: $5.99
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GamesOrbit #38

RPGNow - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 15:05
GamesOrbit #38Publisher: Pegasus Press

EDITORIAL GamesOrbit #38:

Liebe Leserinnen, liebe Leser,

Geschafft! Die „Spielwarenmesse“ liegt hinter uns. Wie immer war
das Branchentreffen eine Riesensache für alle, die in Nürnberg dabei
waren. Neuheiten ohne Ende, vieles davon vorher nur Eingeweihten
bekannt. Doch für die aktuelle Ausgabe von Games Orbit haben wir
schon einiges testen können. Attraktiv für Sie, liebe Leserinnen und
Leser, ist dabei ein Aspekt, auf den wir besonderes Augenmerk gelegt
haben: Die Spiele (wie auch Bücher und Filme im hinteren Bereich
des Heftes) sind bereits im Handel – worauf also warten?

Mit spielerischem Gruß
Alexander Kraft

Price: $1.12
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GamesOrbit #38 Sonderausgabe SPIEL 13

RPGNow - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 15:02
GamesOrbit #38 Sonderausgabe SPIEL 13Publisher: Pegasus Press

EDITORIAL GamesOrbit #38 Sonderausgabe SPIEL13:

Liebe Leserinnen, liebe Leser,

„Games Orbit“ kommt mit dieser Ausgabe in einer etwas ungewohnten
Form daher. Erstmals hat sich der Verlag entschlossen, zur „Spiel 13“,
den Internationalen Spieltagen in Essen, ein Magazin als Sonderausgabe
heraus zu bringen. Logische Konsequenz: Das ganze Heft widmet
sich ausschließlich dem Thema Spiele. Von Brett- über Karten- und Würfelspiele
bis zu Rollenspielen reicht die Bandbreite. Bücher, Hörbücher,
Comics sowie Filme und Digitales werden Sie in dieser Sonderausgabe
vergebens suchen. Aber keine Sorge: In der regulären Nummer 38 von
Games Orbit finden Sie die vertrauten Rubriken wieder!
Und noch etwas ist anders bei der vorliegenden Ausgabe von Games
Orbit. Das Redaktionsteam ist neu aufgestellt. Neben den neuen Autoren
und Grafikern bleiben natürlich weiterhin die bewährten Kräfte der
seit zehn Jahren erscheinenden Zeitschrift an Bord. Die gravierendste
Änderung: Erstmals gibt es einen Chefredakteur – und als der würde
ich mich freuen, wenn ich Sie, liebe Leserinnen und Leser, auch in
Zukunft in unserem Spiele-Universum begrüßen darf.

Mit spielerischem Gruß
Alexander Kraft

Price: $1.12
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GamesOrbit #39

RPGNow - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 14:58
GamesOrbit #39Publisher: Pegasus Press

EDITORIAL GamesOrbit #39:

Liebe Leserinnen, liebe Leser,

und vielleicht sollte ich in dem Falle hinzusetzen: Liebe Studierende! Denn: Mit der
Ausgabe 39 beginnt für den „Games Orbit“ eine neue Zeitrechnung. Das Spielermagazin
wird von nun an auch an fast allen deutschen Hochschulen zu haben sein
und zusammen mit dem Unimagazin „Unikum“ verteilt. Ich bin mir sicher, unsere
Mischung findet auch dort viele Fans: Vom lockeren Zockerspiel bis zum Strategiehammer
sowie dem Special zur „Role Play Convention“ ist alles drin. Plus viele Termine
sowie Rezensionen von Büchern, Hörbüchern, Comics und Filmen.

Mit spielerischem Gruß
Alexander Kraft

Price: $1.12
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Bree for the One Ring released in PDF

Cubicle 7 - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 14:55

The PDF version of Bree for The One Ring Roleplaying Game is available now at drivethruNOW!

If you pre-ordered check your inbox for your free PDF. It'll be arriving shortly. Remember to check your spam folder just in case your coupon goes there.

You can also get a free PDF version when you pre-order at your local game store, if they participate in the Bits and Mortar programme.

About Bree

Welcome to Bree and The Inn of the Prancing Pony!

Nestled at the foot of the ancient landmark of the Bree-hill, Bree and The Prancing Pony provide a welcome respite from the trials of the road. With a wisdom all of its own, Bree has endured for centuries, minding its own business and serving passing travellers with good food and better beer.

Surrounded by deserted and dangerous lands, and watched over by the mysterious Rangers of the North, Bree is an ideal place to break a journey, or to begin a new one!

Bree includes:

  • Details of the Bree-land, including Bree itself, Archet, Combe and Staddle.

  • Things to do in Bree and new Bree undertakings

  • Maps of Bree-land, Bree and The Prancing Pony

  • Playable culture: The Men of Bree

  • Three exciting new adventures: Old Bones and Skin, Strange Men and Strange Roads, Holed up in Staddle

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GamesOrbit #41

RPGNow - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 14:51
GamesOrbit #41Publisher: Pegasus Press

EDITORIAL GamesOrbit #41:

Liebe Leserinnen, liebe Leser,

das hat es noch nicht gegeben, das „Double“ für einen Verlag: Bei der Preisverleihung
zum „Spiel des Jahres“ und zum „Kennerspiel des Jahres“ gingen beide Pöppel
an Pegasus Spiele. Was die Jury dazu sagt lesen Sie auf Seite 7. Doch viel Zeit zum
Jubeln bleibt nicht, die Spielebranche läuft sich schon warm für einen heißen Herbst
mit der Spielemesse Essen. Und die anderen Verlage werden alles daran setzen, den
Friedbergern im Oktober zu zeigen, was eine Harke ist. Was man bis dahin tut? Vielleicht
unsere Neuvorstellungen testen ...

Mit spielerischem Gruß
Alexander Kraft

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The One Ring - Bree

RPGNow - Tue, 06/27/2017 - 14:50
The One Ring - BreePublisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

Welcome to Bree and The Inn of the Prancing Pony!

Nestled at the foot of the ancient landmark of the Bree-hill, Bree and The Prancing Pony provide a welcome respite from the trials of the road. With a wisdom all of its own, Bree has endured for centuries, minding its own business and serving passing travellers with good food and better beer.

Surrounded by deserted and dangerous lands, and watched over by the mysterious Rangers of the North, Bree is an ideal place to break a journey, or to begin a new one!

Bree includes:

  • Details of the Bree-land, including Bree itself, Archet, Combe and Staddle.

  • Things to do in Bree and new Bree undertakings

  • Maps of Bree-land, Bree and The Prancing Pony

  • Playable culture: The Men of Bree
  • Three exciting new adventures: Old Bones and Skin, Strange Men and Strange Roads, Holed up in Staddle.  

The Pony

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