June 21, 2018: The Fantasy Trip At Origins . . . And Beyond!

Steve Jackson Games - 8 hours 29 min ago
We took a trip to Origins last weekend; specifically, we took The Fantasy Trip! Steve Jackson refereed a game (using a 1977 copy!) with lucky attendees at our room, and folks had a blast beating each other up.

Players tag-teamed for an all-out brawl in Melee, slashing and clubbing their way to victory. Brittanie Boe of BeBold Games called it, "An engaging, fast-paced thrill ride." Unfortunately, her character Cedar met an untimely fate at the hands of the other team. Poor Cedar! However, her sword-brother avenged her, taking out the other side and winning the game!

The Fantasy Trip The Fantasy Trip The Fantasy Trip

These are not our final components - we were playing with the original 1977 printing!

A few of our MIB volunteers will be demoing a new prototype around the country in the coming month, so stay tuned for more details to get your TFT fix closer to home. We'll also have it at Gen Con, our next big convention, in August. Get a sneak peek at our booth, and find out why you need to take a trip with us! 

The Fantasy Trip is easy to learn and provides action for veteran gamers and first-timers alike. Look for The Fantasy Trip on Kickstarter July 23, and make sure you follow us on Kickstarter to get updates when the project goes live!

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Tavern 2018!

Gen Con is just around the corner and with that comes our annual Munchkin Tavern swag! We know not everyone can make it to the Tavern, so we opened up preorders for everything Munchkin Tavern! Get your silipints in four awesome colors, or rock the all new Munchkin Tavern 2018 Shirt! Order fast on Warehouse 23 – these will only be up for a limited time!

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One Page Playbook: Chili Con Carnivore

RPGNow - 8 hours 38 min ago
 Chili Con CarnivorePublisher: Matt Tuozzo 's Magicland

One Page Playbook is a series of short adventures for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game – so short, they only take up one page! Easy to GM and easy to drop into existing campaigns, One Page Playbook can help flesh out your game world with side-quests, or let you take your group on a one-off separate from their main story. And best of all, they're cheap!

In Chili Con Carnivore, the PCs become involved in a local chili cooking contest. It's all fun and games until bizarre events begin to threaten the town – with one of the chili cooks at the center of the trouble! An adventure for four level 6 PCs.

Price: $0.75
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Primitive Indoor Plantation : Stockart Background

RPGNow - 8 hours 44 min ago
 Stockart BackgroundPublisher: Christian Hollnbuchner

With this installment in this product line I continue to work on a palette of original and affordable stockart for personal and commercial projects of publishers and gamers alike.

The image presented here is a simple background featuring a primitive, possibly medieval, indoor plantation.


The Pack contains:

  • 1 PDF with a preview image (75% size) and the license agreement.
  • 1 PNG image. The image is 2550 x 1650 pixels in size at 300 dpi.

Price: $2.95
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War Machines

RPGNow - 9 hours 12 min ago
War MachinesPublisher: WyldFurr

WAR MACHINES - Mecha, Droids, and Robot Tokens

In the not so distant future mankind will create such engines of death and destruction that even the heavens will tremble at their might. Giant walking War Machines such as Battle Mecha, remote controlled combat drones, and cunning robots will take over the battlefield as mankind seeks to wage war at arms length.

This package of virtual tabletop tokens brings to the table a range of 3D rendered battle engines that can be employed to depict character controlled vehicles, or the futuristic technological henchmen of super corporations. Like all Studio WyldFurr token sets, each character set contains the “character” in a number of different action poses.

The package is broken up into two parts. The first part contains a collection of human sized robots and machines. Perfectly suited to depicting human style droids, alien invasion robots, or even a computer controlled sentry gun to blast away at alien hordes.

Inside the second part of the package you will find a collection of large vehicle tokens. These tokens depict large mechanical war engines, that can be used as terrain or mobile vehicles for players to pilot or battle against.

Because of the large size of these vehicle tokens, we recommend importing each token only when necessary.

Deploying the Tokens

When you purchase this token pack you will be given three download options, the first zip file contains the human size tokens as raw image files. While the second zip file contains all of the larger vehicle tokens as raw image files. These raw image files can also be used in Virtual Table-top (VTT) application system such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, Roll20, d20Pro, or any other VTT app that permits the use of PNG images to create tokens (but you will need to consult the FAQ documentation for those programs about how they employ tokens).

The third file is a Fantasy Grounds Module (.mod) file that is specific to the Fantasy Grounds App. The Module file only contains the human size token sets.

The module file will need to be placed in your Fantasy Grounds Modules folder within your Fantasy Grounds Data Folder. With the module installed you can activate or deactivate the War Machines token collection from within the Modules window within Fantasy Grounds itself.

Compatible with...

The tokens are designed for use with online role-playing software such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, d20Pro, etc. Because of the special nature of Apps such as Roll20 we have included tokens saved as square images, so that they scale correctly in such apps that prefer to use a square image.

The token artwork was not designed for printing.

Token Scale

The tokens have been rendered and scaled to match one inch to every three on screen pixels (1:3). This scale matches all of the Studio WyldFurr maps from our Compass Points mini-adventure packs, our range of Map Tiles, plus our full range of Virtual Table-top Tokens.

Price: $9.95
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The Beast

RPGNow - 11 hours 28 min ago
The BeastPublisher: Rowan, Rook & Decard

You are a low-rent vagabond monster hunter in the arse end of Eastern Europe, working for the Baron (who you hate) to hunt the Beast that’s been taking people from their homes and tearing them to shreds. Learn what you can about it and its minions, and stick together, because if you go in alone and unprepared you’re going to go mad and die.

Download files include the hand-written version and a text-only version, for ease of reading. Art graciously donated by Galen Pejeau.

Price: $1.00
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Skryba Konca Swiata archiwum I

RPGNow - 12 hours 58 min ago
Skryba Konca Swiata archiwum IPublisher: Legacy of the Empire

W tym promocyjnym zbiorze znajdziecie wszystkie dotychczasowe numery Skryby Konca Swiata (do czerwca 2018 roku). Czyli połowę rocznika 2018 i dodatkowo trzy bumery z roku 2017! To oznacza przeszło 300 stron materiałow, wsród których znajduje się:

  • szęść przygód prezentujących dostępne Rody i liczne pomysły na kolejne;
  • blisko 100 stron powieści w odcinkach oraz baśni z Imperium;
  • kilkadziesiąt esejów poświęconych graniu w renesansowym świecie;

... oraz wiele wiecej.

Price: $6.00
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Banshee Bundle [BUNDLE]

RPGNow - 15 hours 42 min ago
Banshee Bundle [BUNDLE]Publisher: Banshee Games
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Adventurer and Troll
Regular price: $5.00
Bundle price: $4.00
Format: PDF
ONE IS ADVENTURER: ADVENTURER IS WARY OF TROLLS BECAUSE THEY EAT PEOPLE ONE IS TROLL: TROLL IS WARY OF ADVENTURERS BECAUSE THEY HUNT TROLLS This is a nano-sized storygame about negotiation in the context of power imbalance. A single regular die counts down the game and moves toward the final scene. It is meant to play quickly while encouraging both players to tell short tales, and reach the conclusion of their shared story in about 20-30 minutes. ...

Dark and Moonlit
Regular price: $5.00
Bundle price: $1.00
Format: Watermarked PDF
Inspired by slasher flicks and diceless roleplaying games, spend an evening with a 3+ friends throwing unsuspecting characters into their worst nightmares. The only way out is by escalating the stakes then slipping through death's jaws!...

Poe's Law
Regular price: $5.00
Bundle price: $1.00
Format: Watermarked PDF
“Poe's law is an Internet adage which states that, without a clear indicator of the author's intent, parodies of extreme views will be mistaken by some readers or viewers for sincere expressions of the parodied views.” - Wikipedia Gather 2+ friends and join the ranks of those online who clearly can't be serious. Create over the top personas, find a forum as the location (or Aunt Judy's Facebook comments), rally your strawmen, and try to figure out who's the real knucklehead vs who just plays one on TV....

Total value:$15.00Special bundle price:$6.00Savings of:$9.00 (60%)Price: $15.00
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D.W.A.R.Vs Conversion: The Stars are Falling

RPGNow - 16 hours 25 min ago
 The Stars are FallingPublisher: TaleSpinner Holdings


Being a genetically-engineered super-soldier from Deep Warfare Assault Recon Fifth Section and waking up after countless time in hypersleep is bound to bring a few surprises... like a world of monsters and magic at your feet. There’s a few months’ gap in your memory, seems a lot of time has passed, and a really not-all-together AI named O.D.I.N. says that they have emergency orders for you: discover the lost history of this world while claiming it as your own. If that means you need to sweep and clear dungeons with massive firepower or extract damsels from secure locations, well, that’s part of the mission. Along the way, you can also piece together just what happened between the Lost Times and now, understanding where your former Galactic Confederacy went and find a place you can call home.

Price: $0.00
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Uphold Your Games

Fantasy Flight Games - 17 hours 29 min ago
Published 20 June 2018 | Fantasy Flight Supply Uphold Your Games

Announcing New Plastic Stands from Fantasy Flight Supply

Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce new and improved Plastic Stands from Fantasy Flight Supply! You can pre-order your copies of these Plastic Stands at your local retailer today.

No matter what kind of game you’re playing, you’ll want to see all of the pieces in play. Plastic Stands from Fantasy Flight Supply are the perfect tool to elevate important tokens or standees so they can be easily seen from anywhere around the table. Now, with the new and improved design of our Plastic Stands, you can be certain that your game components will be safely and securely held.

Whether you’re protecting our world from elder gods in Eldritch Horror, commanding a fantasy army in Runewars Miniatures Game, or battling for the fate of the galaxy in Star Wars™: Rebellion, you can take advantage of Plastic Stands to easily and clearly display some of your most important pieces of your game.

Pre-order your copy of the Plastic Stands (FFS81) at your local retailer today!

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Twilight Imperium, Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Arkham Horror, Midnight, and Red November are © and ™ and/or ® Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. Lord of the Rings LCG, Call of Cthulhu LCG, A Game of Thrones LCG and DungeonQuest are © Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. Living Card Game, LCG and LCG logo are ® of Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. The Lord of the Rings is ™ The Saul Zaentz Co. d/b/a Middle-Earth Enterprises. Call of Cthulhu is ™ Chaosium, Inc. A Game of Thrones is ™ George R.R. Martin. DungeonQuest is ™ Scanditoy AB. Pandemic is ™ Z-Man Games. Warhammer: Invasion LCG is © and ™ and/or ® Games Workshop, Ltd. Star Wars is © and ™ and/or ® Lucasfilm, Ltd. Fantasy Flight Supply is a trademark of Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc.


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Clipart Critters 481 - Serpent Man

RPGNow - 18 hours 52 min ago
Clipart Critters 481 - Serpent ManPublisher: Postmortem Studios

Snakes.. it had to be snakes. A full-page image of a Serpent-headed man, perfect for horror, fantasy, urban fantasy, or even a sci-fi setting with genetic manipulation. 

Subject to the included license information. Printed size will be up to 2902 x 4000 pixels (6.5" wide by 8.9"tall) at a resolution of 450 PPI. Included is a lo-rez version for easy online advertising.

This artwork is copyright (C) 2018 Bradley K McDevitt. You can use this image in commercial or fan projects, however you may not publish it as clip art. Any company that uses images from 'Clip Art Critters' is required to place the artist's name amongst the credits.

Price: $5.00
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Volcanic: Legends - Free Fantasy RPG

RPGNow - 20 hours 25 min ago
 Legends - Free Fantasy RPGPublisher: Cracked Monocle

Take a risk, become a legend!

Gather your friends and fellow adventurers, don your armor, and take a seat at the gaming table. Volcanic: Legends is an RPG designed for brisk combat, exciting decisions, and heart-racing action. We have designed a complete RPG toolset for you to jump straight into a fantasy narrative. Create the fantasy saga of your dreams.

Volcanic: Legends is a fantasy RPG showcasing the Volcanic RPG Engine. The Volcanic RPG Engine uses a dice pool of up to five d12s and d20s. The game designers at Parlor wanted to make an RPG engine that was built for escalation; combat is fast, social interactions flow, and players are in the pilot seat as they adventure through a story crafted by their Narrator.

This book has everything you will need for characters from levels 1 through 4. This is a generic fantasy setting. We provide you with some flavor and a full system, but it’s up to you to flesh out the world and let your creativity flow. This book was created to playtest the Volcanic RPG Engine, so we want your feedback!

This PDF is completely free! In exchange, we just ask that you go to our Discord and tell us what you think.

Price: $0.00
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A Tuesday of Telekinetic Terror!

Legendary Games - 20 hours 30 min ago
Sometimes your brain just gets way too full of awful, terrible, dastardly, and dangerous ideas, and that’s what this week is all about. Legendary newcomer Matt Daley has been hard at work on a number of Starfinder projects, but he also took a deep dive into the darkest recesses of the mind to bring us the latest installment in […]
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The Fires Within

Fantasy Flight Games - 20 hours 30 min ago
Published 20 June 2018 | Legend of the Five Rings LCG The Fires Within

Preview the Third Dynasty Pack of the Elemental Cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game

“I need not understand the Elemental Masters' wisdom, so long as it remains safe with them.” 
   –Chikai Order Protector

Order your own copy of The Fires Within at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Illuminating Rokugan, Fire is an element of passion, love, and obsession. In moderation, this element is vital to the Emerald Empire, inspiring creativity and ingenuity across the land. However, when stretched beyond its boundaries, Fire can turn into a raging inferno, destroying all in its path. It is a difficult balance to maintain, and the scales are beginning to tip.  

The Fires Within explores the explosive element of Fire with new Spells and Shugenja focusing on the element, as well as a new card for the Mantis and a new ancient Creature to aid the Unicorn. Join us today as we preview The Fires Within, the third Dynasty Pack in the Elemental Cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Strange Allies

While the Unicorn are known for their fearsome cavalry, their battle maidens, and their meishōdō wielders, they sometimes must rely on other, stranger allies—ancient creatures who have long called Rokugan their home. As the Elements fall out of balance, these elder beings take up arms to assist the Great Clan.

The Shiksha Scout $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#144EA').colorbox(opts); });  (The Fires Within, 57) enters the game as a conflict character who aids the Unicorn Clan in their time of need. This strange Creature may be unlike anything a samurai has ever seen in Rokugan before, and it offers a similarly unnatural effect: while the Shiksha Scout is participating in a conflict, you are considered to control an additional character in the conflict.

While this may appear to do very little on its own, the Unicorn receive new support in the Elemental Cycle that encourages them to control more participating characters than their opponent. For example, the Shiksha Scout can be used to activate the ability of Shinjo Shono $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#74DB').colorbox(opts); });  (Breath of the Kami, 11), boosting your number of characters and raising the political and military skill of your Cavalry. While you may be outnumbered at the start of a conflict, Shiksha Scout can easily even the odds and provide a surprise boost to your forces. Even if you don’t outnumber your opponent, a balance of military and political skill makes the Shiksha Scout a flexible warrior who can slot into any conflict.

The Unicorn have other ways to increase their numbers as well. As an inexperienced warrior,  Battle Maiden Recruit $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#958D').colorbox(opts); });   (The Fires Within, 50) has zero military skill and zero political skill, but she can also be placed on the field for free. While the Battle Maiden Recruit is untested, she is still a Cavalry character, meaning she can be boosted by effects like Shinjo Shono’s. Furthermore, she can grow on her own as she learns. If you have claimed the Water or Void Ring, the Battle Maiden Recruit gains two military skill, allowing her to hold her own in military conflicts. This conditional skill boost, along with her traits and ability to help you outnumber your foe makes the Battle Maiden Recruit a great investment for zero fate.

Fire and Brimstone

Creativity and individuality is the domain of the Dragon Clan, and they often harness the element of Fire to disorient their foes and gain unique advantages in their conflicts with the other Great Clans.

Smoke $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#6AD6').colorbox(opts); });  (The Fires Within, 54) is a one-cost attachment Spell that raises the military skill on one of your characters. Furthermore, while the attached character is participating in a conflict, you may bow and sacrifice Smoke to reduce the military skill of each non-unique participating character until the end of the conflict! Smoke is a powerful tool, but it doesn't discriminate in its targets, and even your own characters will be affected by the skill reduction if they are not unique.

Obviously, Smoke works best when you have built up a named character like Agasha Sumiko $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#9193').colorbox(opts); });  (The Chrysanthemum Throne, 65) with a variety of attachments. That way, Smoke simply hits your opponent’s characters, greatly impacting their skill value, and potentially allowing you to break a province with a single character. Smoke is also a great defensive tool—the more characters your opponent sends at you in a conflict, the more effective Smoke becomes, and it may singlehandedly save you from losing a province.

A second Dragon card in The Fires Within can also help you defend your lands. The Wrath of the Kami $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#937C').colorbox(opts); });  (The Fires Within, 45) is a holding that's limited to one per deck, and as an Action during a conflict at that province, you may lose one honor to boost the province's strength until the end of the turn. The kicker is this ability is unlimited! This means that if you're willing to lose your honor, you can ensure this province is nearly unbreakable. As with all things, this must remain in balance. Playing too far into The Wrath of the Kami can lead the Dragon to the brink of disaster if you're not cautious.

With Smoke and The Wrath of the Kami, the Dragon receive several new tricks in The Fires Within that make their provinces difficult to take down—giving them the opportunity to strike at their foes in a balanced and focused manner.

Playing with Fire

The Elements are out of balance. Fire can provide: it can be warm, it can stoke creativity. But when a lingering passion turns into a blazing inferno, will Rokugan be safe? And who will rise to protect it?

Find your fire with The Fires Within (L5C11) available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website!

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Restless Dead

Fantasy Flight Games - 20 hours 30 min ago
Published 20 June 2018 | Runewars Miniatures Restless Dead

Preview the Wraiths Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game

Order your own copy of the Wraiths Unit Expansion at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Stories of the undead are as old as Terrinoth itself. Some scholars of Greyhaven believe that Wraiths are the manifestations of tragic or violent ends which invoked dark emotions so powerful that death itself could not still the hate. So, they say, such spirits rise after the corpse falls, now ghastly flowing forms more destructive than they ever were in life. These shades especially turn their vengeful eyes towards any who would disturb them as they haunt decaying deathbeds or other places that perhaps bore special meaning to their lives.

Now, the dead rise from their graves in Runewars Miniatures Game, the game of rank-and-file fantasy warfare set in the rich world of Terrinoth. As four factions battle for control of the realm, Waiqar the Undying tasks his necromancers with drawing forth the restless wraiths, otherwise deemed too dangerous for even the undead to utilize. Today, we are pleased to offer you a closer look at the bone-chilling specters of the Wraiths Unit Expansion, now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!

Tormented Souls

Minor spirits are normally unable to summon the energy necessary to manifest in the physical plane. However, the magic-weilders of Mennara are able to thin the veil and summon what lies beyond to take shape in their world. Once they enter the land of the living, these horrific spectral creatures conjure fear in even the most stouthearted Daqan knights as they glide over swamps without disturbing the waters and pass through walls as if they were nonexistent, bringing with them the icy touch of the grave.

For the low cost of 24 points, you can summon a deadly unit of Wraiths, three trays wide, offering a potent threat without sacrificing their supernatural maneuverability. The key to the Wraiths’ power comes from their unit card ability, which enables them to move through solid objects as if they were air. During a march or a shift action, the ghosts can ignore any number of units and terrain, enabling them to stand toe-to-toe with even the swift Latari in a way that has never been seen in the Mistlands.

Rather than spending time maneuvering around an obstruction, the Wraiths may move straight through, ready to flank their enemies with a reform action before they have a chance to defend. A unit who thinks themselves safe behind a crumbling wall or protected by a fortification of spikes will be frightfully surprised when your specters pass through the structure and strike on their open flank.

Even beyond their unit card ability, the Wraiths feature some of the best tools for flank charges in all of Runewars Miniatures Game. With four march actions, as well as a shift and a reform, these specters are able to glide across the battlefield like mist over the marsh. This creates the unique opportunity for you to construct new strategies within your ranks as the Wraiths offer you more flexibility on the battlefield, able to turn and adjust their movements readily. When your reanimate hordes march, it may be wise to ensure that your Wraiths stand beside them to surround your living enemies and exploit their terror.

Haunt their Dreams

The Wraiths Unit Expansion provides you with four unpainted Wraith miniatures for your undead army, which you can customize to either bear the tattered colors of your army or to reflect the tragic tale that led your specters to their current state. One of the most famous of these stories is that of the lord of Bluestone Keep, whose madness drove him to slay his servants one by one until his loyal bodyguard was forced to plunge a sword in his back. Undeterred by the killing blow, the lord rose again as a Wraith, followed by his murdered servants, now bound to serve him for eternity in death as they wander the halls of Bluestone Keep and kill any who approach. Others in the Land of Steel spread the tale of a garrison stationed on the edge of the Mistlands that fell, not to the forces of the dead, but to betrayal from within. When confronted by the army of the undead, the frenzied soldiers slew one another in their desperation to escape. Now as punishment, they vigilantly guard their ancient charge against the living or any who do not belong in the accursed place.


In addition to the beautifully sculpted figures, this expansion includes a new condition card, five new upgrade cards, and a collection of tokens to bolster the strength of your forces. When they take to the battlefield, the Wraiths are bidden by their necromantic masters to destroy the enemy’s morale, sapping their will to live with upgrades like Unhallowed Wind $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 465, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#13210').colorbox(opts); }); that enable them to draw from the power of the stable energy runes to inflict panic on their enemies. Knowing no mercy, these cruel spirits will even force their enemies to stare into the vacant eyes of their fallen comrades with the Wraith-specific upgrade Faces of the Fallen. $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 465, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#16A3D').colorbox(opts); }); This upgrade allows them to add a morale icon during a melee, so long as an enemy has died during this game. Once they have annihilated your enemies’ forces, the Wraiths retreat back into the mists, lying in wait until their masters call for them once more.

Raise the Dead

Summon the forces that exist beyond the veil and add them to the ranks of your undead legion. Wield the power of the Wraiths Unit Expansion and watch as your enemies freeze in fear before you!

Pre-order your copy of the Wraiths Unit Expansion (RWM25) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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TM & © 2016 Fantasy Flight Games.

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RPG Review: Conan Player's Guide (2017)

RPGnet - 21 hours 30 min ago
Playtest Review by Antonios S (4/3): A supplement that reproduces almost verbatim the player-related rules of the Core Book of Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of.
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RPG Review: Conan the Mercenary (2017)

RPGnet - 21 hours 30 min ago
Playtest Review by Antonios S (4/4): The fighter's and warrior's handbook for Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of.
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DG0E Universal Adventures Adventure Module The Ruins of Grimhold Keep: Tower of Wizardry

RPGNow - Wed, 06/20/2018 - 23:44
 Tower of WizardryPublisher: New Realms Publishing

For current sales and specials visit our publisher page.

Eldritch energy radiates from the mysterious tower that looms over the ruins.  But what awaits those that enter this arcane edifice none can say.  Rumors become legends whisper of gold and jewels, halls of gem stones, and enchanted objects, but what hazards guard these treasures none can say.  A bold band of adventurers, experienced and well equipped, may have the means to enter this site and return to tell the tale.

The Ruins of Grimhold Keep: Tower of Wizardry brings you everything you need to explore the the tower, including introductory material, an Adventure Record and 9 Adventure cards, 9 Encounter cards, 9 Event cards, 9 Search cards, 18 Treasure cards and 45 Custom Encounter cards.  This super-sized adventure module brings you numerous unique encounters, settings and hazards to test your adventurers and unique treasures to reward their success.  The ruined tower can be used as an independent adventure site or as part of the Ruins of Grimhold Keep.

Like all Universal Adventures Adventure Modules, The Ruins of Grimhold Keep: Tower of Wizardry is a generic adventure, suitable for use with any fantasy rpg, and can be played solo or with a group, with or without a GM. The adventure is highly re-playable and the cards can be combined with other cards in the series, or with other Universal Adventures products, to create additional adventures.

Also look for DG0 The Ruins of Grimhold Keep, DG1 The Dungeons of Grimhold Keep, Level 1, DG2 The Dungeons of Grimhold Keep, Level 2, and more!

For more Universal Adventures products visit the Universal Adventures product page.

For more Adventure Modules visit the Adventure Module page.

Price: $10.95
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New Scenarios: Renkroda Heartlove!!!

Paizo - Wed, 06/20/2018 - 23:00

New Scenarios: Renkroda Heartlove!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Whew! With Origins 2018 only days behind us, I wanted to take some time to talk about the scenarios that just had a pre-release at that event and will be coming out this month. Unlike most releases, this month consists of three new Starfinder Society products, although one of them is a unique event and isn't available for open play just yet.

Illustration by Nicolas Espinoza

Starfinder Society #1-16: Dreaming of the Future is comes to us from four distinct and skilled new authors. This quest pack contains a set of four quests taking place throughout the Pact Worlds. The PCs travel to Aballon, the Diaspora, Verces, and even the moons of Liavara in search of a hidden repository of lost knowledge. Each quest runs about an hour and can provide shorter gaming experiences for local groups looking for ways to introduce new players to Starfinder. As mentioned, we have some new authors involved in these projects and I'd like to be the first to welcome Natalie Kertzner, Nate Wright, Sasha Lindley Hall, and Tineke Bolleman into our growing family of Starfinder Society freelancers! We're also pleased to feature excellent art by Donald Crank and Nicolas Espinoza, the latter who depicted this enterprising ikeshti to the right.

This scenario has the Quest, Repeatable, and Starship tags.

Our next release is something special for players who've been following the ongoing Scoured Stars season storyline. Veteran freelancer Larry Wilhelm brings us another epic entry into the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild with Starfinder Society #1-17: Reclaiming the Time-Lost Tear. As our first Tier 5-8 scenario, you can expect a lot of challenging encounters and exploration of heightened threats—including those illustrated by Graey Erb. I suspect many a player will be uttering the dreaded line, "it could be worse."

This scenario has the Faction (Second Seekers [Luwazi Elsebo]) tag.

Illustration by Graey Erb

While far from the final installment in our ongoing Scoured Stars storyline, this tale of adventure and exploration leads directly into our final preview product.

Starfinder Society #1-99: The Scoured Stars Invasion, by well-known Paizo freelancer Mikko Kallio, saw its worldwide debut at Origins. This event is big, as in we're talking trinary star system big. While describing much of this scenario would be a spoiler-ridden minefield, I am pleased to say that it's an event that helps shape the future of the campaign and begins to pivot the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild's (extended) first season. As a fan of modern television, I'd refer to this event as a strong "mid-season finale" that pays off many of our ongoing story threads, while also seeding some serious new plotlines into the campaign. For those interested in playing it soon, don't fret! There will be additional exclusive runs of this this event at PaizoCon UK and Gen Con 2018. Following Gen Con, this event becomes open for wider release at all qualifying events. If you're concerned about future scenarios spoiling the events of this interactive, we've got you covered—don't expect any major follow-ups to this event until the September releases!

This scenario has the Exclusive, Faction (Second Seekers [Luwazi Elsebo]), and Starship tags.

Well that's it from the Starfinder Organized Play team! We'd like to take an opportunity to thank the hard working staff, volunteers, and everyone who played Starfinder (or Pathfinder) game at Origins 2018 (and the fans who voted at the Origins Awards, naming Starfinder RPG the Fan Favorite RPG). While convention season is hectic and filled with long-nights, going to a convention always reminds me about what I really enjoy in our industry: the fans. Getting to talk to people all throughout the convention about Starfinder has re-energized me to get more done. I and the rest of the team renew our dedication in making the Starfinder Roleplaying Guild the best living science-fantasy campaign around.

Until next time,

Thurston Hillman
Starfinder Society Developer

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War Chest Designer Diary

AEG - Wed, 06/20/2018 - 21:50

Designer Diary

By Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson, War Chest Designers

We have been developing games together for a few years now, and this is what we’ve learned. We both love sleek, modern euro-inspired wargames (affectionately called “waros” or “weuros”). We both love deckbuilding games. And most importantly, we both love trying to mesh these two things together. War Chest is the successful output of this shared passion.

Having said that, let’s get two things straight. War Chest is not really a wargame, and it’s not really a deckbuilding game. Instead, War Chest is a lean, almost abstract, medieval battlefield game built around multi-use “coins” (beautiful, chunky poker chips in the final version) and a “bag management” system reminiscent of Orleans. Each coin in your bag shows a military unit on one side (an Archer, a Knight, etc.). You play these coins in order to command the depicted unit (move, attack, etc.) or to add new coins to your bag. But you also play these coins onto the board to become the units themselves. This core “play and command” mechanic has been with War Chest since its inception, but, as is often the case, it took quite a while to find the best way of showcasing this. This diary tracks some of the key stages in this design and development process.

How do you win?

Inspired by the theme, and by other abstract-ish war games (chess, we’re looking at you!) the initial goal of War Chest was to capture your opponent’s king. We quickly realized the game needed some focal points on the board, so we added strategic locations and a second alternative victory condition based on controlling them. As it turned out, the Kings caused all kinds of problems, so we dumped them, leaving the single, control-based victory condition. This worked much better but took us quite some time to get right. For ages, the goal was to control 5 of the 8 strategic locations on the board. The problem was that it was too easy to get 4 but nearly impossible to get 5. We spent weeks, and countless clunky mechanics, trying to hit this mythical sweet spot of “four and a half” points. We added differential values to the control points, we added tracks to accumulate points over time, we (re-)introduced other ways of getting points, etc. Luckily, we eventually stumbled on the most obvious solution. We increased the number of available control points from 8 to 10 and the victory target from 5 to 6. It worked a treat! Lesson learned – try twiddling existing knobs before creating new ones.  

How do you play?

Given that War Chest is a bag-building (or better, bag-management) game, we needed an economic system. From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to keep the game as lean and elegant as possible, so we started with the constraint that all unit chips would cost the same. We managed to keep this flat economy throughout the game’s development, but again it took us time to settle on the final version. Remember the King? In the early days, each player started with three King chips in their bag. You could use these chips either to command your King on the board (move, attack, etc.) or to “recruit” another one of your units, adding a chip it to your bag. This was actually a decent economic system, but we were forced to find an alternative when the King got axed for other reasons. Our next solution was to replace the King chips with “coin” chips whose sole purpose was to recruit (think Copper cards in Dominion). This wasn’t great. Unlike the previous King chips, these coins had very little value late game. And unlike Dominion’s copper, there was no way to remove them from your “pool”. The next (and final) solution came from fellow Cambridge-based designer Matthew Dunstan. Immediately after his first play of the game, he said: “Why not just let any chip be used to recruit?” Boom! That was it. Our old friend the multi-use “card” worked a treat and we never looked back. (Okay, that’s not strictly true. We did re-introduce a “coin” down the line, the “Royal Coin”, in order to combat “small bagging”, but that’s another story…)


War Chest ships with 16 unique units – three mounted units, two ranged units, two battlefield commanders, and a slew of others (Mercenary, War Priest, and so on). This diversity was not our original intent. Once again striving for elegance (and again drawing inspiration from classical games like Chess), we originally gave each player a symmetric set of units—a King (see above), an Archer, a Cavalry unit, and a pair of Footmen. While this played perfectly well and certainly helped in establishing the core systems in the game, we soon realized that the game allowed for, and indeed greatly benefited from, asymmetrical armies drawn from a larger pool of units. The problem then was balance. We wanted the winner to be the player who played better, not the player who drafted (or was randomly dealt) the better army.    


Balancing units is never easy, but we certainly didn’t help ourselves here. Our goal of keeping War Chest as clean and elegant as possible drove us to make core, basic actions in the game “base 1”; all units cost one to recruit; they all move one space; they all attack with the “strength” of one, and so on. Anything which breaks this rule of one, for example, the Light Cavalry’s ability to move two spaces, would be handled as an exceptional case via the unit’s special powers/attributes. This meant we could (largely) keep numbers out of the game (yay!), but it also meant we had very little leverage when balancing units (boo!). Unlike most other combat games, we couldn’t increase the cost of a unit or reduce its stats if it turned out to be too strong. All we could do was tweak the unit abilities themselves and add restrictions to more powerful ones (e.g. Archers can’t attack adjacent units). That being said, one advantage which we did allow ourselves was the number of coins a unit has available in the supply. Most have 5, but a few of the stronger units have only 4.

The Pitch

With the balance ironed out, we turned our attention to pitching the game to a publisher. Essen was approaching, and we studied the list of publishers with whom we wanted to meet. AEG was at the top of the list. We had worked with them in the past, and we knew they would be able to transform our game into an incredible product. We scheduled a meeting with AEG and met with Mark Wootton. The meeting went well, and Mark asked if he could take one of our prototypes back with him to assess. He seemed to be keenly interested in the game, and we were hopeful AEG would decide to publish it.

We were thrilled to receive the news that AEG wanted to move forward with publishing War Chest. Working with them on this project has been an incredible experience and one we would gladly repeat in the future!

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Saga of the Goblin Horde: Countdown Deck

RPGNow - Wed, 06/20/2018 - 21:29
 Countdown DeckPublisher: Zadmar Games

This thematic deck of 56 playing cards is designed to be used with the Saga of the Goblin Horde setting, however it can easily be used for other fantasy games as well. It offers three advantages over a standard deck of playing cards:

1. Four jokers instead of the usual two, and each joker has a suit. This can make the game even more crazy, and ties in better with some of the rules (such as the kickball rules in the Saga of the Goblin Horde campaign, which have a special effect if you draw the joker of clubs).

2. Prominent “countdown numbers” at the top of each card. You can use these for initiative: deal a card to each player and one for each group of NPCs, and count down from highest to lowest to determine turn order. Fast characters can draw multiple cards and keep the highest, while very slow creatures might draw two or three cards and keep the lowest.

3. A “saga symbol” at the bottom of each card. These symbols are improvisational prompts; an “elephant” could represent any sort of herd creature, or just something big, or it could be interpreted as strength, stamina, wisdom, memory, loyalty, etc. Likewise the “torch” might represent fire, knowledge, destruction, heat, light, exploration, etc.

The saga symbols can be used as inspiration for the goblins’ boastful tales and downtime activities, to add flavor to the adventure generator (draw one card for each scene), to flesh out complications during a chase, and so on.

Note: If you want to use the Countdown Deck on a Virtual Tabletop, or simply want to check out the cards before you buy them, you should check out the free VTT Cards and Tokens!

Price: $3.00
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